SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - MB5C

DescriptionPick-Up List
Program NameRM07MCHS
Screen Number1000
Transaction TypeR
ModuleMaterials ManagementInventory Management

The SAP TCode MB5C is used for the task : Pick-Up List. The TCode belongs to the MB package.

SAP TCode MB5C - Pick-Up List

SAP Inventory Management Tcodes

MIMDTansfer PDC Physical Inventory DataMM-IM
MB5BStocks for Posting DateMM-IM
MIV1Batch I.:PhInDoc Customer MM-IM
MI10Create List of Differences w/o Document MM-IM
MB11Goods MovementMM-IM
OMJWCreate Purchase Order AutomaticallyMM-IM
MIW1Batch I.;PhInDoc f. Consigt at Customer MM-IM
MI40Batch Input: Document , Count and Different MM-IM
OMJ2Maintain Phys.Invoice Tolrnce->EmployeeMM-IM
OMC1Goods Receipt/Issue Slip NumberMM-IM
Full List of SAP Inventory Management Tcodes