SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - MRA2

DescriptionDelete Archived Invoice Documents
Transaction TypeP
ModuleMaterials ManagementInvoice Verification

The SAP TCode MRA2 is used for the task : Delete Archived Invoice Documents. The TCode belongs to the MRM package.

SAP TCode MRA2 - Delete Archived Invoice Documents

SAP Invoice Verification Tcodes

MR08Cancel Invoice DocumentMM-IV
MIR4Call MIRO - Change StatusMM-IV
MRA2Delete Archived Invoice DocumentsMM-IV
MRBPInvoice Verification in BackgroundMM-IV
MRISSettle Invoicing PlanMM-IV
MR41Park InvoiceMM-IV
MRM3Display Message: Invoice VerificationMM-IV
MRM2Change Message: Invoice VerificationMM-IV
MRA1Archive Invoice DocumentsMM-IV
MRM1Create Message: Invoice VerificationMM-IV
Full List of SAP Invoice Verification Tcodes