SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - OBC4

DescriptionC FI Maintain Table T004V
Transaction TypeP
ModuleFinancial AccountingAccounts ReceivableBasic Functions

The SAP TCode OBC4 is used for the task : C FI Maintain Table T004V. The TCode belongs to the FB0C package.

SAP TCode OBC4 - C FI Maintain Table T004V

SAP Basic Functions Tcodes

FD16Transfer customer changes: receiveFI-AR-AR
OBZGReporting Selection: G/L AccountsFI-AR-AR
OB78C FI Maintain Table T048BFI-AR-AR
OB48C FI Maintain Matchcode SAKOFI-AR-AR
OB74C FI Maintain Table TF123FI-AR-AR
OBCQC FI Table T053G MaintenanceFI-AR-AR
OB97C FI Maintain Table T059AFI-AR-AR
OB54C FI Maintain Table T001 (PERIV)FI-AR-AR
OBKAAccount Statement CorrespondenceFI-AR-AR
OBB4C FI Maintain Table TFMCFI-AR-AR
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