SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - OMCE

DescriptionDefine Batch Level
Program NameSAPMOMBE
Screen Number100
Transaction TypeT
ModuleMaterials ManagementInventory Management

The SAP TCode OMCE is used for the task : Define Batch Level. The TCode belongs to the MB0C package.

SAP TCode OMCE - Define Batch Level

SAP Inventory Management Tcodes

MI32Batch Input: Block MaterialMM-IM
MN22Change Condition: Inventory MgmtMM-IM
OMBOAssign Forms and ProgramsMM-IM
MI21Print physical inventory documentMM-IM
MBSMDisplay Cancelled Material Documents MM-IM
OLMWIMG Valuation/Account AssgtMM-IM
OMB4Maintain Print Indicator (GI)MM-IM
MI39Batch Input: Document and CountMM-IM
OMWNMM-IM: Account Group. Code for Mvt.TypeMM-IM
OMT1C MM-BD Consistency Check UpdatingMM-IM
Full List of SAP Inventory Management Tcodes