SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - OMCH

DescriptionSet Manual Account Assignment (GR)
Program NameROOLMB00
Screen Number1000
Transaction TypeR
ModuleMaterials ManagementInventory Management

The SAP TCode OMCH is used for the task : Set Manual Account Assignment (GR). The TCode belongs to the MB0C package.

SAP TCode OMCH - Set Manual Account Assignment (GR)

SAP Inventory Management Tcodes

MIS3Display Inventory SamplingMM-IM
MI20Print List of DifferencesMM-IM
OMCOSet Cycle CountingMM-IM
OMBISuggest Items Preselected GRMM-IM
MI38Batch Input: Count and DifferencesMM-IM
MBPMManage Held DataMM-IM
OMSBC MM-BD Special Stock DescriptionMM-IM
MI05Change Inventory CountMM-IM
OMBXStock Balance DisplayMM-IM
MIQ1Batch Input: PhInvDocument Project StockMM-IM
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