SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - OMJ6

DescriptionMaintain Number Range for GR/GI Slips
Program NameSAPMSNUM
Screen Number100
Transaction TypeP
ModuleMaterials ManagementInventory Management

The SAP TCode OMJ6 is used for the task : Maintain Number Range for GR/GI Slips. The TCode belongs to the MB package.

SAP TCode OMJ6 - Maintain Number  Range for GR/GI Slips

SAP Inventory Management Tcodes

OMC9BTCI Data Tfr.: Invoice Document /Count/Different MM-IM
OMJWCreate Purchase Order AutomaticallyMM-IM
OMJ1Allow Negative StocksMM-IM
MIAVManage Phys. Invoice Document ArchiveMM-IM
OMBJSuggest Items Preselected GIMM-IM
OMSBC MM-BD Special Stock DescriptionMM-IM
OMT1C MM-BD Consistency Check UpdatingMM-IM
MI39Batch Input: Document and CountMM-IM
MI05Change Inventory CountMM-IM
MB58Consgmt and Ret. Packag. at CustomerMM-IM
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