SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - OVB9

DescriptionCreate Delivery Due Index
Transaction TypeP
ModuleSales and DistributionBasic FunctionsCredit Management

The SAP TCode OVB9 is used for the task : Create Delivery Due Index. The TCode belongs to the VKM package.

SAP TCode OVB9 - Create Delivery Due Index

SAP Credit Management Tcodes

OVFLAssign credit contrl area/sales areaSD-BF-CM
OVBCDocuments Value ClassesSD-BF-CM
OVFHDocument payment guarantee procedureSD-BF-CM
OVADDelivery Type AssignmentSD-BF-CM
OVB7Requ. for Goods Issue of a DeliverySD-BF-CM
OVFFControl for payment guarantee procedSD-BF-CM
OVFJDetermine payment guarantee proced.SD-BF-CM
OVFDForms of payment guaranteeSD-BF-CM
OVB5 Requisition for Creating a Purchase Requisit.SD-BF-CM
OVFIAssign doc. payment guarantee procedSD-BF-CM
Full List of SAP Credit Management Tcodes