SAP Basic Functions (SD-BF) Tcodes

ALO1Determine ASH/DOREX RelationshipsSD-BF
VXLXLegal Control: SLS: Simulation Customer SD-BF
OVH3C RV Tab. THIOZ Organizational assignmentsSD-BF
OVH2C SD Tab. THIZU Account Group AssignmentSD-BF
OVH1C RV Tab. THIT Hierarchy TypeSD-BF
OVBPAssign billing plan typeSD-BF
OVBOMaintain milestone billing plan typeSD-BF
OVBNMaintain Date IDsSD-BF
OVBMMaintain datesSD-BF
OVBLDate Category Proposal for Bill PlanSD-BF
OVBKAssign Bill Plan Type to Item CatgrySD-BF
OVBJMaintain Date Category for BillPlanSD-BF
OVBIMaintain Billing Plan TypeSD-BF
OVBEDefault Values for Display VariantSD-BF
STSTCMaintain times in time segmentSD-BF
STSSCMaintain deadline proceduresSD-BF
STSECMaintain events deadline segmentSD-BF
KOUPDAnalysis Tool for Condition UpdateSD-BF
PRCATAnalysis Tools PricingSD-BF
STSTC_TRAMaintain times in time segmentSD-BF
STSTC_DLVMaintain times in time segmentSD-BF
STSSC_TRAMaintain transportation dline proc.SD-BF
STSSC_DLVMaintain shipping deadline procedureSD-BF
STSEC_TRAMaintain events deadline segmentSD-BF
STSEC_DLVMaintain events deadline segmentSD-BF
S_AL0_96000491Sales activitySD-BF
S_AL0_96000490Billing DocumentSD-BF
S_AL0_96000488Sales DocumentSD-BF
SCHED_ANALYZE_ACTActivate Scheduling AnalysisSD-BF
SCHED_ANALYZE_DISPDisplay Scheduling AnalysisSD-BF
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SAP Pricing and Conditions Tcodes

DL11Create download profileSD-BF-PR
DL12Change condition download profileSD-BF-PR
DL13Display condition download profileSD-BF-PR

SAP Availability Check Tcodes

ACBDDisplay Shared Buffer: ATP CheckSD-BF-AC
ATPSATP Check: Send CustomizingSD-BF-AC
CKAVCheck availabilitySD-BF-AC
CO06Backorder ProcessingSD-BF-AC
CO09Availability OverviewSD-BF-AC
QTSAProduct Allocations: Send QuantitiesSD-BF-AC
QTSPProduct Allocations:Send CustomizingSD-BF-AC
ATP01Cancel/Delete Production Available Requisition SD-BF-AC

SAP Credit Management Tcodes

OVFLAssign credit contrl area/sales areaSD-BF-CM
OVBDAssign Credit Control AreaSD-BF-CM
OVBCDocuments Value ClassesSD-BF-CM
OVB9Create Delivery Due IndexSD-BF-CM
OVB8Criteria for Creating a RequirementSD-BF-CM
OVB7Requ. for Goods Issue of a DeliverySD-BF-CM
OVB6Requirement for Picking a DeliverySD-BF-CM
OVB5 Requisition for Creating a Purchase Requisit.SD-BF-CM
OVADDelivery Type AssignmentSD-BF-CM
OVA8Automatic Credit ChecksSD-BF-CM

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SAP CPE in SD Tcodes

MCPE_MDCommodity Pricing Master Data for MMSD-BF-CPE
MCPE_WBCPE Formula Workbench for MMSD-BF-CPE
MCPE_DOCCommodity Pricing in MM DocumentsSD-BF-CPE
S_AC0_52000886Program RCPE_SD_IMGSD-BF-CPE
S_AC0_52000889Program RCPE_SD_IMGSD-BF-CPE
MCPE_FA_MNTGRP_1CPE: define maint. groups for MMSD-BF-CPE
MCPE_FA_MNTGRP_2CPE: assign maint. groups for MMSD-BF-CPE
CPE_FA_MAINT_GROUPCondition Maintenance Groups for CPE FASD-BF-CPE

SAP Account Determination Tcodes

OVZJDefault Values for AvailabilitySD-BF-ACT
MY12C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Document SD-BF-ACT
MY11C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Document SD-BF-ACT
MY10C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Document SD-BF-ACT
MY09C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Document SD-BF-ACT
MY08C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Document SD-BF-ACT
MY07C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Document SD-BF-ACT
MY06C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Document SD-BF-ACT
MY05C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Document SD-BF-ACT
MY04C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Document SD-BF-ACT

Full List of SAP Account Determination Tcodes

SAP Supplier Managed Inventory Tcodes

SMI_MESSMaintain Customizable Error MessagesSD-BF-SMI
SMI_PROFILE_AActivate planning ProfileSD-BF-SMI
SMI_PROFILE_CMaintain SMI planning ProfileSD-BF-SMI
SMI_PROFILE_DDelete SMI planning ProfileSD-BF-SMI
SMI_PROFILE_SDisplay SMI planning ProfileSD-BF-SMI
SMI_APPLICATION_LOGApplication log for SMI messagesSD-BF-SMI