SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - OX16

SAP TcodeOX16
DescriptionAssignment co.code->Internl.trad.ptr
Transaction TypeP
ModuleFinancial AccountingConsolidation

The SAP TCode OX16 is used for the task : Assignment co.code->Internl.trad.ptr. The TCode belongs to the FKC package.

SAP TCode OX16 - Assignment co.code->Internl.trad.ptr

SAP Consolidation Tcodes

OCCCMaintain Group AccountFI-LC
OC77Validate consolidation dataFI-LC
OC99Totals recs: Delete (local values)FI-LC
OC68Interactive consolidation reportingFI-LC
OC62List of OwnershipFI-LC
GC36Transport connection: Cons.Invoice Customer FI-LC
GC4PFI-LC Print Step-Consolidated GroupFI-LC
OCCLFI-LC: Table T880 / readFI-LC
GC19FI-LC: Print SubgroupsFI-LC
OCB9Create setFI-LC
Full List of SAP Consolidation Tcodes