SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - KXH3

DescriptionDisplay Hierarchy (Hierarchical)
Program NameSAPLKKHI
Screen Number2100
Transaction TypeT
ModuleControllingOverhead Cost Controlling

The SAP TCode KXH3 is used for the task : Display Hierarchy (Hierarchical). The TCode belongs to the KBAS package.

SAP TCode KXH3 - Display Hierarchy (Hierarchical)

SAP Overhead Cost Controlling Tcodes

RPB0Info.Sys. Procurement : PresettingsCO-OM
KBC1Cost Transfer Layout VariantsCO-OM
KRMIRun Schedule Header: Line Items ActualCO-OM
KBC4Transfer Revenue Screen VariantsCO-OM
KPR1Callup View Maintenance With COAreaCO-OM
OKE2Display logical databank CEKCO-OM
OKEJDisplay Time-Based Fields/ Actual TypesCO-OM
KAK2Change statistical key figuresCO-OM
KSB5Controlling Documents: ActualCO-OM
KGO2Overhead Commt: Int.Orders Indicator Processing CO-OM
Full List of SAP Overhead Cost Controlling Tcodes