SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - KAH1

DescriptionCreate Cost Element Group
Program NameSAPLKKHI
Screen Number2100
Transaction TypeT
ModuleControllingOverhead Cost Controlling

The SAP TCode KAH1 is used for the task : Create Cost Element Group. The TCode belongs to the KBAS package.

SAP TCode KAH1 - Create Cost Element Group

SAP Overhead Cost Controlling Tcodes

KS07Execute rough entry of cost centerCO-OM
RPAMInfo. Sys. Record Ldgr: Report CurrencyCO-OM
KXH3Display Hierarchy (Hierarchical)CO-OM
OKB6Generate Cost Center Account g. ReportsCO-OM
OKA9Display Primary Posting Price Variant CO-OM
KPRNCopy Resource PlanningCO-OM
KSB9Planning Report: Cost CentersCO-OM
RPONInfo. System Orders: PresettingsCO-OM
KA04Delete cost elementCO-OM
CO42 Actual Overhead: Production Ordr Indicator Processing CO-OM
Full List of SAP Overhead Cost Controlling Tcodes