SAP Overhead Cost Controlling (CO-OM) Tcodes

OKD6Import Individual ReportsCO-OM
OKB6Generate Cost Center Account g. ReportsCO-OM
OKB2Transfer G/L Account : Maintain DefaultsCO-OM
OKB1Transfer G/L Account : Display DefaultsCO-OM
OKA9Display Primary Posting Price Variant CO-OM
OKA8Change Primary Posting Price Variant CO-OM
OKA2Maintain Cost Center CategoriesCO-OM
OKA1Display Cost Center TypesCO-OM
OK15Maintain authorization group versionCO-OM
OK01Controlling Area: Components/StKFsCO-OM
OCMIImport models cost elementsCO-OM
MFN2Actual Revaluation: PrCst Collective Collective Processing CO-OM
MFN1Actual Revaluation: PrCst Collective Indicator Processing CO-OM
KXH3Display Hierarchy (Hierarchical)CO-OM
OKBATransfer FI Documents to COCO-OM
OKBBTransfer MM Documents to COCO-OM
OKD3Import CO-CCA ReportsCO-OM
OKD1Export CO-CCA ReportsCO-OM
OKCXChange All Currencies IndicatorCO-OM
OKC9Define SubstitutionCO-OM
OKC8Change Currency TranslationsCO-OM
OKC7Define ValidationCO-OM
OKC6Delete Activity TypesCO-OM
OKC5Delete cost elementsCO-OM
OKC4Delete Cost CentersCO-OM
OKC3Delete transaction dataCO-OM
OKC1Display CO TransactionsCO-OM
OKBGPost Down PaymentsCO-OM
OKBFImport Planning LayoutsCO-OM
OKBCTransfer SD Documents to COCO-OM
KXH2Change Group (Hierarchical)CO-OM
KXH1Create Group (Hierarchical)CO-OM
KW3PWWW: Internal Price ListCO-OM
KS30Cost Centers: Change ManagementCO-OM
KS14Delete Cost CentersCO-OM
KS13Cost Centers: Master Data ReportCO-OM
KS12Change Cost CentersCO-OM
KS08Execute list editing of cost centerCO-OM
KS07Execute rough entry of cost centerCO-OM
KS05Cost Center: Display ChangesCO-OM
KS04Delete cost centerCO-OM
KS03Display Cost CenterCO-OM
KS02Change cost centerCO-OM
KS01Create cost centerCO-OM
KRMIRun Schedule Header: Line Items ActualCO-OM
KPRWEvaluate resources usedCO-OM
KPRNCopy Resource PlanningCO-OM
KSA3Actual Accrual for Cost CentersCO-OM
KSA8Plan Accrual for Cost CentersCO-OM
KVBOSales Documents: Commit. Line ItemsCO-OM
KSP4Plan Overhead: Cost CentersCO-OM
KSO9Commitment Overhead: Cost CentersCO-OM
KSI4Actual Overhead: Cost CentersCO-OM
KSH3Display Cost Center GroupCO-OM
KSH2Change Cost Center GroupCO-OM
KSH1Create Cost Center GroupCO-OM
KSBXCost Centers: Line Items (Actl/Plan)CO-OM
KSBTCost centers: Activity pricesCO-OM
KSBPCost Centers: Plan Line ItemsCO-OM
KSBLCost centers: Planning overviewCO-OM
KSB9Planning Report: Cost CentersCO-OM
KSB5Controlling Documents: ActualCO-OM
KSB1Cost Centers: Actual Line ItemsCO-OM
KPRBCO Resources: Display Price StrategyCO-OM
OKE1Display logical databank CRKCO-OM
RPXNCO-OM Information System: SettingsCO-OM
PFM4Period Monitor: Log DisplayCO-OM
PFM2Period Monitor: Log DisplayCO-OM
OX19Controlling Area: Assignment to CCodeCO-OM
ORMIImport models ordersCO-OM
ORK0Configuration menu gen. controllingCO-OM
OPMIImport models activitiesCO-OM
OKP2Display Period LockCO-OM
OKP1Maintain Period LockCO-OM
OKMIImport models Cost Center AccountingCO-OM
OKM2IMG Controlling: GeneralCO-OM
OKM1IMG Controlling: GeneralCO-OM
OKM0Display IMG StructureCO-OM
OKLSMaintain CCA Report TreeCO-OM
PFM5Period monitor - log displayCO-OM
RPA0Info.Sys. Record Ledger: PresettingsCO-OM
RPX0CO-OM Information System: SettingsCO-OM
RPPN Project Info System: Default SettingsCO-OM
RPP0 Project Info System: Default SettingsCO-OM
RPONInfo. System Orders: PresettingsCO-OM
RPO0Info. System Orders: PresettingsCO-OM
RPCNInfo. System CCtrs: PresettingsCO-OM
RPC2Info. System CCtrs: PresettingsCO-OM
RPC1Info. System CCtrs: PresettingsCO-OM
RPC0Info. System CCtrs: PresettingsCO-OM
RPBNInfo.Sys. Procurement : PresettingsCO-OM
RPB0Info.Sys. Procurement : PresettingsCO-OM
RPANInfo.Sys. Record Ledger: PresettingsCO-OM
RPAMInfo. Sys. Record Ldgr: Report CurrencyCO-OM
RPA1Info. Sys. Record Ldgr: Report CurrencyCO-OM
OKLBMaintain ABC Report TreeCO-OM
OKKSSet Controlling AreaCO-OM
OKKPMaintain Controlling AreaCO-OM
OKEGChange Time-Based Fields/Cost CtrsCO-OM
OKEFDisplay Activity Type Matchcode IDsCO-OM
OKEEMaintain Activity Type Matchcode IDsCO-OM
OKEDDisplay Cost Element Matchcode IDsCO-OM
OKECMaintain Cost Element Matchcode IDsCO-OM
OKEBDisplay Cost Center Matchcode IDsCO-OM
OKEAMaintain Cost Center Matchcode IDsCO-OM
OKE9Transport Tool SettingsCO-OM
OKE8Transport Actual Posting SettingsCO-OM
OKE7Transport Planning SettingsCO-OM
OKE6Transport Mater Data SettingsCO-OM
OKE5Transport Organization CustomizingCO-OM
OKE4Display logical databank CPKCO-OM
OKE3Display logical databank CIKCO-OM
OKEHDisplay Time-Based Fields/Cost CtrsCO-OM
OKEIMaintain Time-Based Fields/ Actual TypesCO-OM
OKKAMaintain Controlling AreaCO-OM
OKEZChange Time-Dependent Field/ProcessCO-OM
OKEYDisplay Time-Dependent Field/ProcessCO-OM
OKEXTransport Planning LayoutsCO-OM
OKEVMaintain Versions (CO Area)CO-OM
OKERDefine Component/Switching StructureCO-OM
OKEQMaintain Versions (General)CO-OM
OKEPDown Payment: Maintain Default CElemCO-OM
OKEOChange Standard HierarchyCO-OM
OKENDisplay Standard HierarchyCO-OM
OKEMDisplay logical databank SAKCO-OM
OKELDisplay Time-Based Fields/CElemsCO-OM
OKEKMaintain Time-Based Fields/CElemsCO-OM
OKEJDisplay Time-Based Fields/ Actual TypesCO-OM
OKE2Display logical databank CEKCO-OM
KPRACO Resources: Maintenance Price StrategyCO-OM
KBC3Screen Variants: Statistical Key FiguresCO-OM
KAIDDelete ALE-COEP(L) Line ItemsCO-OM
KAH3Display cost element groupCO-OM
KAH2Change cost element groupCO-OM
KAH1Create Cost Element GroupCO-OM
KABPControlling Documents: PlanCO-OM
KABLOrder: Planning OverviewCO-OM
KAB9Planning Report: OrdersCO-OM
KA24Delete Cost ElementsCO-OM
KA23Cost Elements: Master Data ReportCO-OM
KA18Archive admin: assess., distr.CO-OM
KA16CO Line ItemsCO-OM
KA12CO Totals RecordsCO-OM
KA10Cost Center Master DataCO-OM
KAK2Change statistical key figuresCO-OM
KAK3Display Statistical Key FiguresCO-OM
KBC2Int. Cost Allocation Screen VariantsCO-OM
KBC1Cost Transfer Layout VariantsCO-OM
KBC0Maintain list of screen variantsCO-OM
KB22IAA via InternetCO-OM
KB17Reverse Manual AllocationsCO-OM
KB16Display Manual AllocationsCO-OM
KB15Enter Manual AllocationsCO-OM
KAVDSend Activity Type GroupCO-OM
KAVCSend Cost Element GroupCO-OM
KAVBSend Cost Center GroupCO-OM
KAVASend Cost Center Totals RecordsCO-OM
KAUMDisplay Conversion MilestonesCO-OM
KANKNumber range maintenance : RK_BELEGCO-OM
KA06Create Secondary Cost ElementCO-OM
KA05Cost element: display changesCO-OM
KA04Delete cost elementCO-OM
CJO9Overhead COMM: Projects Collective Processing CO-OM
CJO8Overhead COMM: Projects Indicator Processing CO-OM
CJN2Revaluation ACT: Projects Collective Processing CO-OM
CJN1Revaluation at Actual Prices : Projects / WBS Elements / NetworksCO-OM
CJIGDisplay PS Cash DocumentsCO-OM
CJ70Maintain Project Settlement LIsCO-OM
BD28Send obj/cost element control dataCO-OM
BD27Send cost center activity pricesCO-OM
BD24Send Cost ElementsCO-OM
0KWDDelete Business ProcessesCO-OM
0KW3CO Variant Maintenance: CO-OM-ABCCO-OM
0KMVList VariantsCO-OM
CJZ1 Actual Int Calc.: Projects Collective Procurement CO-OM
CO42 Actual Overhead: Production Ordr Indicator Processing CO-OM
KA03Display Cost ElementCO-OM
KA02Change Cost ElementCO-OM
KA01Create Cost ElementCO-OM
GRE9Extracts: User settingsCO-OM
GRE8Extracts: User SettingsCO-OM
GRE7Report Writer: Validity of ExtractsCO-OM
GRE6Report Writer: Print ExtractsCO-OM
GRE5Report Writer: Delete ExtractsCO-OM
GRE1Report Writer: Display ExtractsCO-OM
GRE0Report Writer: Extract ManagementCO-OM
CON2Actual Revaluation: Production Ordr Collective Processing CO-OM
CON1Actual Revaluation: Production Ordr Indicator Processing CO-OM
CO43 Actual Overhead: Production Ordr Collective Processing CO-OM
0KM1CO Variant Maintenance: Cost CentersCO-OM
KPR9CO Res.: Display Valuation VariantsCO-OM
KM7VActivity Type Selection VariantsCO-OM
KM5VSelection Variants: Cost ElementsCO-OM
KM1VCost Center Selection VariantsCO-OM
KLH3Display Activity Type GroupCO-OM
KLH2Change Activity Type GroupCO-OM
KLH1Create Activity Type GroupCO-OM
KL14Delete Activity TypesCO-OM
KL13Activity Types: Master Data ReportCO-OM
KL05Activity type: Display changesCO-OM
KL04Delete Activity TypeCO-OM
KL03Display Activity TypeCO-OM
KKBUCost Object: Planning OverviewCO-OM
KOAAArchive Settlement DocumentsCO-OM
KOARArchive CO OrdersCO-OM
KPR8CO Res.: Maintain Valuation VariantsCO-OM
KPR7Maintain CO Resource PricesCO-OM
KPR6Maintain CO Resource PricesCO-OM
KPR3Display Resource Master RecordCO-OM
KPR2Maintain Resources Master RecordCO-OM
KPR1Callup View Maintenance With COAreaCO-OM
KP9SRevaluate CO Resource PricesCO-OM
KON2Actual Revaluation: Int.Orders Collective Processing CO-OM
KON1Actual Revaluation: Int.Orders Indicator Processing CO-OM
KOB8Orders: WIP/Results Anal. Line ItemsCO-OM
KOB4Orders: Budget Line ItemsCO-OM
KL02Change Activity TypeCO-OM
KL01Create Activity TypeCO-OM
KKN2Actual Revaluation: Cost Object Collective Processing CO-OM
KBC5Non- allocation Activity Screen VariantsCO-OM
KK01Create Statistical FigureCO-OM
KJH3Display WBS Element GroupsCO-OM
KBH2Change statistical key figure groupCO-OM
KGP4Overhead Plan.: Int.Orders Collective Processing CO-OM
KBH3Display statistical key figure groupCO-OM
KGI2 Actual Overhead: Int.Order Indicator ProCO-OM
KBH1Create statistical key figure groupCO-OM
KGI4Actual Overhead:Int.Ord. Collective Procurement CO-OM
KGP2Overhead Plan.: Int.Orders Indicator Processing CO-OM
KGO4Overhead Commt: Int.Orders Collective Processing CO-OM
KK03Display Statistical Key FiguresCO-OM
KGO2Overhead Commt: Int.Orders Indicator Processing CO-OM
KKN1Actual Revaluation: Cost.Obj. Indicator Processing CO-OM
KKFBRS Header: Line Items VarianceCO-OM
KKBHPlanning report: Cost objectsCO-OM
KKAASales Document Line Items Res.Anal.CO-OM
KK02Change Statistical FigureCO-OM
KK04 Statistical Key Figures: Master Data ReportCO-OM
KBC4Transfer Revenue Screen VariantsCO-OM
OKKP1Controlling Area: ALE SettingsCO-OM
KOBPNOrders: Plan Line Items NewCO-OM
OKE10Transport Organization CustomizingCO-OM
OKEVNVersion Maintenance in CO AreaCO-OM
KOB2NOrders: Commitment Line ItemsCO-OM
REPP1CO-OM-IS User Settings: CustomizingCO-OM
KOB1LLine Item Monitor Orders (Actual)CO-OM
KSB1NCost Centers: Actual Line Items NewCO-OM
OKEV1Change Valuation in Version 0CO-OM
KSBPNCost Centers: Plan Line Items NewCO-OM
OKENNDisplay Standard HierarchyCO-OM
KSB5NControlling Documents: ActualCO-OM
KOB1NOrders: Actual Line Items NewCO-OM
OKEONChange Standard HierarchyCO-OM
KSB1LLine Item Monitor Cost Ctrs (Actual)CO-OM
OKEQNGeneral Version MaintenanceCO-OM
OKKP2Controlling Area: ALE SettingsCO-OM
BWOM02BCT-CO: Displ/Check Report Row Hierarchy CO-OM
BWOM01BCT-CO: Change Report Row HierarchyCO-OM
RTOHC02Acti Realtime Overh for Business TraCO-OM
RTOHC03Activate Work Date = Document DateCO-OM
KK03DELDelete Statistical Key FiguresCO-OM
ANNETTECheck Archiving DocumentationCO-OM
RTOHC04Special Valuation Date SettingsCO-OM
RTOHC01Realtime customizingCO-OM
RKABSHOWDisplay CO DocumentCO-OM
COINT_TPControlling Integration: RepostingCO-OM
RARCCOA5Simulation of CO line item summariz.CO-OM
COCUSDISDisplay Customizing SettingsCO-OM
RKACSHOWDisplay CO Cost SegmentsCO-OM
RKARSHOWDisplay Follow-On DocumentsCO-OM
CO_ITEM_WRArchive CO Line ItemsCO-OM
ARCU_COIT1Residence Times for CO Line ItemsCO-OM
KCR01_TESTTest Calculation of CO ResourceCO-OM
KCR04_TESTCost Resource: Test EnvironmentCO-OM
COINT_TP_SCO Integration : Reposting - Individual ProcgCO-OM
RTOHC_REPOSTRepost Realtime OverheadCO-OM
COINT_TP_CUSTCO Integration: Link to CustomizingCO-OM
RTOHC_UPGRADERealtime Overhead Upgrade PostingsCO-OM
CCMON_DOC_CALLCall Document Display for CCtr MonitorCO-OM
COINT_TP_MAINTCO Integration: Reposting Maintenance CO-OM
CCMONITOR_RRIFStart Report/Report InterfaceCO-OM
COINT_TP_MAINT_SCO Integration: Reposting Maintenance CO-OM
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Overhead Cost Controlling (CO-OM) Sub-Module Wise Tcodes

SAP Cost Element Accounting Tcodes

KAL1Reconcil. Ledger Follow-Up PostingCO-OM-CEL
KALDReset Reconciliation LedgerCO-OM-CEL
KALCCost Flow MessageCO-OM-CEL
KALBDeactivate Reconciliation LedgerCO-OM-CEL
KALAActivate Reconciliation LedgerCO-OM-CEL
KAL8Generate Reconcil. Ledger ReportsCO-OM-CEL
KALFStart Background Report RKAKALBTCO-OM-CEL
KAL7Overview of Cost FlowsCO-OM-CEL
KAL3Delete Data After ArchivingCO-OM-CEL
KAL2Create Archive for Reconcil. LedgerCO-OM-CEL

Full List of SAP Cost Element Accounting Tcodes

SAP Activity Types Tcodes

OKEWSplitting: Assignment KOSTL -> SCNAMCO-OM-ACT
KSS3Calculate Target CostsCO-OM-ACT
KSS2Actual Cost Splitting: Cost CentersCO-OM-ACT
KSS1Variance Calculation: Cost CentersCO-OM-ACT
KSFXPredistribute fixed costs: cctrCO-OM-ACT
KPASActl. Template - Allocation : CCTR/Acty TypeCO-OM-ACT
KNMATarget=Actual-IAA: cost centersCO-OM-ACT
KM3VSelect. Variants for Business ProcessesCO-OM-ACT
KBK7CO-CCA: Display manual actl priceCO-OM-ACT
KBK6CO-CCA: Manual Actual PriceCO-OM-ACT

Full List of SAP Activity Types Tcodes

SAP Activity-Based Costing Tcodes

BD37Send Business Process PriceCO-OM-ABC
BD36Send Business ProcessesCO-OM-ABC
BD35Send Business Process GroupsCO-OM-ABC
0KWTCO-OM-ABC: Transport CustomizingCO-OM-ABC
0KWPDisplay Search Help for Business Procurement CO-OM-ABC
0KWOMaintain Search Help for Business Procurement CO-OM-ABC
0KWNDisplay Process Category CustomizingCO-OM-ABC
0KWLCO-OM-ABC: Change Process CategoryCO-OM-ABC
0KW9Import Business Process ReportsCO-OM-ABC
0KW7Master Data Report: Cost ObjectsCO-OM-ABC

Full List of SAP Activity-Based Costing Tcodes

SAP Overhead Cost Orders Tcodes

OPTKExclude Cost Elems from Avlbty CntrlCO-OM-OPA
CO99Set Status ClosedCO-OM-OPA
CO8BPresett. Co-Products, Post-ProcessingCO-OM-OPA
CO8APresett. Co-Products, Post-ProcessingCO-OM-OPA
CO88 Actual Settlment: Production /Process OrdersCO-OM-OPA
CJCFCarry Forward Project CommitmentsCO-OM-OPA
CJ9GPlan Settlement: ProjectsCO-OM-OPA
CJ9EPlan Settlement: ProjectsCO-OM-OPA
CJ8GActual Settlement: Projects/NetworksCO-OM-OPA
CJ88Settle Projects and NetworksCO-OM-OPA

Full List of SAP Overhead Cost Orders Tcodes