SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - 0MEC

DescriptionSettings for B2B Schedule Agreements
Transaction TypeP
ModuleMaterials ManagementPurchasing

The SAP TCode 0MEC is used for the task : Settings for B2B Schedule Agreements. The TCode belongs to the MECR package.

SAP TCode 0MEC - Settings for B2B Schedule  Agreements

SAP Purchasing Tcodes

ME36Display Agreement Supplement (IR)MM-PUR
ME92FMonitor Order AcknowledgmentMM-PUR
ME80FPurchasing Reporting: POsMM-PUR
MEQ4Changes to Quota ArrangementMM-PUR
ME34Lement Supplement"MM-PUR
ME56Assign Source to Purchase RequisitionMM-PUR
ME03Display Source ListMM-PUR
ME49Price Comparison ListMM-PUR
ME1AArchived Purchasing Info RecordsMM-PUR
ME34Maintain Outl. Agreement SupplementMM-PUR
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