SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - KKA5

DescriptionCreate RA Data for WBS Element
Program NameSAPMKKAA
Screen Number201
Transaction TypeT
ModuleControllingProduct Cost ControllingCost Object Controlling

The SAP TCode KKA5 is used for the task : Create RA Data for WBS Element. The TCode belongs to the KKAG package.

SAP TCode KKA5 - Create RA Data for WBS Element

SAP Cost Object Controlling Tcodes

KK96COC Change Planning Layout Statistical KFCO-PC-OBJ
OKTJGenerate Rpts for Orders, Eng-to-OrdCO-PC-OBJ
KKA1Order Results Analysis and WIP Calc.CO-PC-OBJ
OKZ7General Cost Object CategoriesCO-PC-OBJ
OKVKMaintain Variance TablesCO-PC-OBJ
KKG1Create Cost of Sales: OrderCO-PC-OBJ
OKS7Generate Reports for ProjectsCO-PC-OBJ
KK67COC Display Plnng Layt Cost/ActvInptCO-PC-OBJ
OKSPImport Reports for Production CtrlCO-PC-OBJ
OKRNReport Layouts for Make-to-OrderCO-PC-OBJ
Full List of SAP Cost Object Controlling Tcodes