SAP Cost Object Controlling (CO-PC-OBJ) Tcodes

OKSIImport Reports for Unit CostingCO-PC-OBJ
OKS3Generate Reports for Make-to-OrderCO-PC-OBJ
OKS2Generate Reports for Repetitive MfgCO-PC-OBJ
OKS1Generate Reports for Int.Ord.: BatchCO-PC-OBJ
OKS0Generate Reports for Sales OrdersCO-PC-OBJ
OKRZHierarchy ID for Process MfgCO-PC-OBJ
OKRWReport Layouts for PPCCO-PC-OBJ
OKRVReport Layouts for Run Sched HeadersCO-PC-OBJ
OKRUReport Layouts for Product CostingCO-PC-OBJ
OKRTReport Layouts for ProjectsCO-PC-OBJ
OKRSChange Report Layouts for Cost CtrsCO-PC-OBJ
OKS4Generate Reports for Process MfgCO-PC-OBJ
OKS5Generate Reports for Unit CostingCO-PC-OBJ
OKS6Generate Reports for Cost Ctr: BatchCO-PC-OBJ
OKSHExport Reports for Unit CostingCO-PC-OBJ
OKSFImport Reports for Process MfgCO-PC-OBJ
OKSEExport Reports for Process MfgCO-PC-OBJ
OKSDImport Reports for Make-to-OrderCO-PC-OBJ
OKSCExport Reports for Make-to-OrderCO-PC-OBJ
OKSBImport Reports for Repetitive MfgCO-PC-OBJ
OKSAGenerate Reports for Internal OrdersCO-PC-OBJ
OKS9Generate Reports for Run SchedulesCO-PC-OBJ
OKS8Generate Reports for Product CostingCO-PC-OBJ
OKS7Generate Reports for ProjectsCO-PC-OBJ
OKRPReport Layouts for Unit CostingCO-PC-OBJ
OKROReport Layouts for Process MfgCO-PC-OBJ
OKR4Report List for Process MfgCO-PC-OBJ
OKR3Report List for Make-to-OrderCO-PC-OBJ
OKR2Report List for Repetitive MfgCO-PC-OBJ
OKR1Report List for Internal OrdersCO-PC-OBJ
OKR0Report List for Sales OrdersCO-PC-OBJ
OKKLTransfer of Cstg Table Entries: 2.1DCO-PC-OBJ
OKGKMaintain Capitalization PercentagesCO-PC-OBJ
OKGDCustomizing: WIP ValuationCO-PC-OBJ
OKGCCustomizing: WIP ValuationCO-PC-OBJ
OKGBCustomizing AssignmentCO-PC-OBJ
OKR5Report List for Unit CostingCO-PC-OBJ
OKR6Change Report List for Cost CentersCO-PC-OBJ
OKR7Report List for ProjectsCO-PC-OBJ
OKRNReport Layouts for Make-to-OrderCO-PC-OBJ
OKRMReport Layouts for Repetitive MfgCO-PC-OBJ
OKRLReport Layouts for Internal OrdersCO-PC-OBJ
OKRKReport Layouts for Sales OrdersCO-PC-OBJ
OKRITable Maintenance for Report LayoutsCO-PC-OBJ
OKRHTable Maintenance for Report ListCO-PC-OBJ
OKRDReport List for PPCCO-PC-OBJ
OKRCReport List for Run Schedule HeadersCO-PC-OBJ
OKRASummarization Hierarchy for OrdersCO-PC-OBJ
OKR8Report List for Product CostingCO-PC-OBJ
OKGAUpdate for WIP CalculationCO-PC-OBJ
OKZ8General Cost Object ProfilesCO-PC-OBJ
OKV7Target Cost Versions for Cost ObjsCO-PC-OBJ
OKV6Target Cost Versions for OrdersCO-PC-OBJ
OKV5Maintain Tgt Cost Vers for Cost CtrsCO-PC-OBJ
OKV2Variance Keys for Cost ObjectsCO-PC-OBJ
OKV1Variance Keys for OrdersCO-PC-OBJ
OKV0Variance Keys for Cost CentersCO-PC-OBJ
OKTPCall Summar. Hierarchy for ProjectsCO-PC-OBJ
OKTOCall Summariz. Hierarchy for OrdersCO-PC-OBJ
OKTKImport Reports for Orders, Eng-to-OrdCO-PC-OBJ
OKTJGenerate Rpts for Orders, Eng-to-OrdCO-PC-OBJ
OKVFChange Variance Vrnts for Cost CtrCO-PC-OBJ
OKVGVariance Variants for OrdersCO-PC-OBJ
OKVHVariance Variants for Cost ObjectsCO-PC-OBJ
OKZ7General Cost Object CategoriesCO-PC-OBJ
OKZ6Cost Object Profile: Process MfgCO-PC-OBJ
OKZ5Cost Object Category: Process MfgCO-PC-OBJ
OKZ4Routing Control KeyCO-PC-OBJ
OKZ3Default Values Cost Obj ControllingCO-PC-OBJ
OKZ2Maintain Overhead GroupsCO-PC-OBJ
OKZ1Costing OriginsCO-PC-OBJ
OKVZChange Variance Key in Mat. MasterCO-PC-OBJ
OKVWDefault Values for Varian. Key/PlantCO-PC-OBJ
OKVKMaintain Variance TablesCO-PC-OBJ
OKTICst Elem Group s for Orders, Eng-to-OrdCO-PC-OBJ
OKTHReport List for Orders, Eng.-to-OrdCO-PC-OBJ
OKSTReport Layouts for Summ. ObjectsCO-PC-OBJ
OKSSGenerate Reports for Run SchedulesCO-PC-OBJ
OKSRImport Reports for ProjectsCO-PC-OBJ
OKSQExport Reports for ProjectsCO-PC-OBJ
OKSPImport Reports for Production CtrlCO-PC-OBJ
OKSOExport Reports for Sales OrdersCO-PC-OBJ
OKSNImport Reports for Run SchedulesCO-PC-OBJ
OKSMExport Reports for Run SchedulesCO-PC-OBJ
OKSLImport Reports for Product CostingCO-PC-OBJ
OKSKMaintain Cost Element Group: OrdersCO-PC-OBJ
OKSUMaintain Cost Element GroupCO-PC-OBJ
OKSVMaintain Cost Component StructureCO-PC-OBJ
OKT0EC-PCA: Import ReportsCO-PC-OBJ
OKTEImport Reports for Process MfgCO-PC-OBJ
OKTDGenerate Reports for Process MfgCO-PC-OBJ
OKTCCost Element Groups for Process MfgCO-PC-OBJ
OKTBReport List for Process MfgCO-PC-OBJ
OKTAGeneral Cost Object ReportsCO-PC-OBJ
OKT9Generate General Cost Object ReportsCO-PC-OBJ
OKT8Cost Elem. Groups: General Cost ObjCO-PC-OBJ
OKT7Report List: General Cost ObjectsCO-PC-OBJ
OKT6Cost Comp. Group s for Product CostingCO-PC-OBJ
OKT5Cost Comp. Groups for Repetitive MfgCO-PC-OBJ
OKSJExport Reports for Product CostingCO-PC-OBJ
OKG9Results Analysis Versions for WIPCO-PC-OBJ
KKAKActual Results Analysis: Sales OrdrsCO-PC-OBJ
KKAEResults Analysis: Display WorklistCO-PC-OBJ
KKAFResults Analysis: Delete WorklistCO-PC-OBJ
KKAGWIP: Display WorklistCO-PC-OBJ
KKAIActual Results Analysis: OrdersCO-PC-OBJ
KKAJActual Results Analysis: WBS Elem.CO-PC-OBJ
KKA7Delete Results Anal. Data for OrderCO-PC-OBJ
KKALResults Analysis: Display LogCO-PC-OBJ
KKANResults Analysis: Delete LogCO-PC-OBJ
KKAOWIP Calc.: Collective ProcessingCO-PC-OBJ
KKAQDisplay WIP - Collective ProcessingCO-PC-OBJ
KKASWIP Calc. for Product Cost Collective CO-PC-OBJ
KKATWIP Display for Product Cost Collective CO-PC-OBJ
KKAVWIP Calculation for Cost Object HierCO-PC-OBJ
KKAWWIP Display Cost Object HierarchyCO-PC-OBJ
KKAXWIP Calculation for OrderCO-PC-OBJ
KKAYWIP Display for OrderCO-PC-OBJ
KKA9Delete RA Data for Sales OrderCO-PC-OBJ
KKA8Delete RA Data for WBS ElementCO-PC-OBJ
KKA6Create RA Data for Sales OrderCO-PC-OBJ
KK16CO-COC Plng: Change Costs/ActyInputCO-PC-OBJ
KK17CO-COC Plng: Display Costs/ActyInputCO-PC-OBJ
KK46CO-COC Plng: Change Statistical Key Fig.CO-PC-OBJ
KK47CO-COC Plng: Display Statistical Key Fig.CO-PC-OBJ
KK65COC Create Planing Layt Cost/ActInputCO-PC-OBJ
KK66COC Change Plnng Layt Cost/ActvInputCO-PC-OBJ
KK67COC Display Plnng Layt Cost/ActvInptCO-PC-OBJ
KK95COC Create Planning Layout Statistical KFCO-PC-OBJ
KK96COC Change Planning Layout Statistical KFCO-PC-OBJ
KK97COC Display Planning Layout Statistical KFCO-PC-OBJ
KKA0Maintain Cutoff PeriodCO-PC-OBJ
KKA1Order Results Analysis and WIP Calc.CO-PC-OBJ
KKA2Project Results Anal. and WIP Calc.CO-PC-OBJ
KKA3Sales Document Item Results AnalysisCO-PC-OBJ
KKA4Create Res. Analysis Data for OrderCO-PC-OBJ
KKA5Create RA Data for WBS ElementCO-PC-OBJ
KKC1Create Cost ObjectCO-PC-OBJ
OKG8Posting Rules for Res. Analysis DataCO-PC-OBJ
KKG3Create Cost of Sales: Sales OrderCO-PC-OBJ
KKPHCollective EntryCO-PC-OBJ
MFI2Actual Overhead: Run Schedule HeaderCO-PC-OBJ
KKPJActual OHead: Cost Obj Collec Procurement CO-PC-OBJ
KKPKCollective EntryCO-PC-OBJ
KKPNMaterial AssignmentCO-PC-OBJ
KKPQCreate Cost Object ArchiveCO-PC-OBJ
KKPVDelete Transaction DataCO-PC-OBJ
KKPZActual Overhead: Cost Obj Individ.CO-PC-OBJ
KOB3Orders: Variance Line ItemsCO-PC-OBJ
KPRFSettings Cost Obj Contr Process MfgCO-PC-OBJ
OKG1Results Analysis KeysCO-PC-OBJ
OKG2Results Analysis VersionsCO-PC-OBJ
OKG3Customizing Valuation MethodsCO-PC-OBJ
OKG4Update for Results AnalysisCO-PC-OBJ
OKG5Customizing AssignmentCO-PC-OBJ
OKG6Number Ranges Results Analysis CO Document CO-PC-OBJ
KKG2Create Cost of Sales: ProjectCO-PC-OBJ
KKG1Create Cost of Sales: OrderCO-PC-OBJ
KKF1Create CO Production OrderCO-PC-OBJ
KKF2Change CO Production OrderCO-PC-OBJ
KKF3Display CO Production OrderCO-PC-OBJ
KKCACost Objects: Variance Line ItemsCO-PC-OBJ
KKC6Display Cost Object PlanningCO-PC-OBJ
KKC5Change Cost Object PlanningCO-PC-OBJ
KKC4Create Cost Object PlanningCO-PC-OBJ
KKF4Change CO-FA Plan ValuesCO-PC-OBJ
KKF5Display CO-FA Plan ValuesCO-PC-OBJ
KKC2Change Cost ObjectCO-PC-OBJ
KKCVVariant Cost Object Line Items Configuration CO-PC-OBJ
KKG0Display Cutoff PeriodCO-PC-OBJ
KKCPCost Object Line Items - PlanCO-PC-OBJ
KKC3Display Cost ObjectCO-PC-OBJ
FCOSTStart Failure Cost ProcessingCO-PC-OBJ
FCOEXStart Additional Expense PostingCO-PC-OBJ
KKA7PDelete Results Anal. Data for OrderCO-PC-OBJ
KKAIPPlanned Results Analysis: OrdersCO-PC-OBJ
KKAJPPlan Results Analysis: WBS ElementsCO-PC-OBJ
KKG0PDisplay Cutoff PeriodCO-PC-OBJ
KKA0PMaintain Cutoff PeriodCO-PC-OBJ
KKA1POrder Results Analysis and WIP Calc.CO-PC-OBJ
KKA2PProject Results Anal. and WIP Calc.CO-PC-OBJ
KKAKPPlan Results Analysis: Sales OrdersCO-PC-OBJ
KKA3PSales Document Item Results AnalysisCO-PC-OBJ
KKA9PDelete RA Data for Sales OrderCO-PC-OBJ
KKA8PDelete RA Data for WBS ElementCO-PC-OBJ
FCODOCDisplay Failure Cost DocumentsCO-PC-OBJ
FCOVALUValuation of Failure Cost DocumentsCO-PC-OBJ
FCOMENUMenu Tree for Failure CostsCO-PC-OBJ
FCOACTIVActivate Failure Cost ProcessingCO-PC-OBJ
OPR4_FCOCollective Processing: VariancesCO-PC-OBJ
KOT2_PAUFCheck Order Type-Manufacturing Ord.CO-PC-OBJ
FCOREP_REWRework in Failure Cost ProcessingCO-PC-OBJ
KOT2_PKOSACheck Order Type- Production Cst CollectorCO-PC-OBJ
FCOSETTINGSSettings in Failure Cost ProcessingCO-PC-OBJ
FCOREP_NOTIFQuality Notification in FCOCO-PC-OBJ
FCOREP_SCRAPScrap Costs in Failure Cost Procurement CO-PC-OBJ
FCOACTIV_REMActivate Failure Cost ProcessingCO-PC-OBJ
FCOACTIV_SFCActivate Failure Cost ProcessingCO-PC-OBJ
FCOREP_REWCORework Costs in Failure Cost Procurement CO-PC-OBJ
FCOREP_RESPCCResponsible Cost CenterCO-PC-OBJ
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Cost Object Controlling (CO-PC-OBJ) Sub-Module Wise Tcodes

SAP Product Cost by Period Tcodes

KKP1Create Hierarchy Master RecordCO-PC-OBJ-PER
KKF8List Production Cost CollectorCO-PC-OBJ-PER
KKF7Change Production Cost CollectorCO-PC-OBJ-PER
KKSWScrap - Cost by Sales Order (I)CO-PC-OBJ-PER
KKP3Display Hierarchy Master RecordCO-PC-OBJ-PER
KKF6Create Production Cost CollectorCO-PC-OBJ-PER
KKC9Display Product GroupCO-PC-OBJ-PER
KKC8Change Product GroupCO-PC-OBJ-PER
KKC7Create Product GroupCO-PC-OBJ-PER
KK89Actual Settlement: Cost ObjectsCO-PC-OBJ-PER

Full List of SAP Product Cost by Period Tcodes