SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - KKPZ

DescriptionActual Overhead: Cost Obj Individ.
Program NameSAPLKAZB
Screen Number1000
Transaction TypeT
ModuleControllingProduct Cost ControllingCost Object Controlling

The SAP TCode KKPZ is used for the task : Actual Overhead: Cost Obj Individ.. The TCode belongs to the KKP package.

SAP TCode KKPZ - Actual Overhead: Cost Obj Individ.

SAP Cost Object Controlling Tcodes

KKATWIP Display for Product Cost Collective CO-PC-OBJ
OKV1Variance Keys for OrdersCO-PC-OBJ
OKV7Target Cost Versions for Cost ObjsCO-PC-OBJ
OKRITable Maintenance for Report LayoutsCO-PC-OBJ
OKRUReport Layouts for Product CostingCO-PC-OBJ
OKT9Generate General Cost Object ReportsCO-PC-OBJ
OKSLImport Reports for Product CostingCO-PC-OBJ
OKTBReport List for Process MfgCO-PC-OBJ
MFI2Actual Overhead: Run Schedule HeaderCO-PC-OBJ
OKG8Posting Rules for Res. Analysis DataCO-PC-OBJ
Full List of SAP Cost Object Controlling Tcodes