SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - OKTH

DescriptionReport List for Orders, Eng.-to-Ord
Transaction TypeP
ModuleControllingProduct Cost ControllingCost Object Controlling

The SAP TCode OKTH is used for the task : Report List for Orders, Eng.-to-Ord. The TCode belongs to the KK0C package.

SAP TCode OKTH - Report List for Orders, Eng.-to-Ord

SAP Cost Object Controlling Tcodes

OKR3Report List for Make-to-OrderCO-PC-OBJ
KKCACost Objects: Variance Line ItemsCO-PC-OBJ
OKS0Generate Reports for Sales OrdersCO-PC-OBJ
OKSPImport Reports for Production CtrlCO-PC-OBJ
OKRKReport Layouts for Sales OrdersCO-PC-OBJ
OKT0EC-PCA: Import ReportsCO-PC-OBJ
OKSUMaintain Cost Element GroupCO-PC-OBJ
OKVZChange Variance Key in Mat. MasterCO-PC-OBJ
OKG5Customizing AssignmentCO-PC-OBJ
FCOSTStart Failure Cost ProcessingCO-PC-OBJ
Full List of SAP Cost Object Controlling Tcodes