SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - OKZ4

DescriptionRouting Control Key
Transaction TypeP
ModuleControllingProduct Cost ControllingCost Object Controlling

The SAP TCode OKZ4 is used for the task : Routing Control Key. The TCode belongs to the KK0C package.

SAP TCode OKZ4 - Routing Control Key

SAP Cost Object Controlling Tcodes

OKSIImport Reports for Unit CostingCO-PC-OBJ
OKZ5Cost Object Category: Process MfgCO-PC-OBJ
KKA9Delete RA Data for Sales OrderCO-PC-OBJ
OKSNImport Reports for Run SchedulesCO-PC-OBJ
OKR0Report List for Sales OrdersCO-PC-OBJ
KKA1POrder Results Analysis and WIP Calc.CO-PC-OBJ
OKVFChange Variance Vrnts for Cost CtrCO-PC-OBJ
OKSVMaintain Cost Component StructureCO-PC-OBJ
OKSPImport Reports for Production CtrlCO-PC-OBJ
OKG2Results Analysis VersionsCO-PC-OBJ
Full List of SAP Cost Object Controlling Tcodes