SAP Payroll (PY) Tcodes

P1H0K32 form correctionPY
P1H1Monthly tax return: self-check sheetPY
P2HMHB2 - Change Personal DataPY
HRREPPLReporting to ZUS and TO (PL)PY
HRPADUAP2Personnel master cardPY
HRPAYUA22Pension Fund. Form 23PY
HRPADUA1PVStatistic forms 1PV, 3PVPY
HRPADUAFCCCluster report data viewerPY
HRPAYUA4FSTemporary disability pay calculationPY
HRPAYUAADNForm Addendum 2, 6PY
HRPAYUAASIForm Average Salary InformationPY
HRPAYUAEXEExecution statementPY
HRPAYUAP49Payroll sheet Form P49PY
HRPAYUAPFDPension Fund DeclarationPY
HRPAYUASLVTemporary disability pay calculationPY
HRPBSHU_JFMonthly reports - file gen. - 2004PY
HRPBSHU_JGMonthly reports - status gen. - 2004PY
PC00_M21_GQuestionnaire on GYED obtainersPY
PC00_M21_NPayroll listPY
PC00_M21_OFamily aid servicesPY
PC00_M21_PFam. serv. file listing and downloadPY
HRPAYHUTR06Check cumulationsPY
HRPAYHUTR07SI component: change pers. calendarPY
HRPAYHUTR08SI component: load pers. calendarPY
HRPAYHUTR09SI component: T5H4A customizingPY
HRPAYHUTR0AAbsences building lost daysPY
HRPAYHUTR0BCheck full contribution basesPY
HRPAYHUTR0CAssign wage type to G/L accountPY
HRPAYHUTR0DList processing classesPY
HRPAYHUTR0EList evaluation classesPY
HRPAYHUTR0FList cumulationsPY
HRPAYHUTR0GImport data of the previous yearPY
HRPAYHUTR0HDelete data in table T558APY
HRPAYHUTR0IChange payroll results of prev. yearPY
HRPAYHUTR0JDisplay and delete records in T5H4XPY
HRPAYHUTR0KImport Hungarian master dataPY
HRPAYHUTR0LChange master dataPY
HRPAYHUTR0MAuxiliary program to set T5H2BPY
HRPAYHUTR0NAbsences as per counter classPY
HRPAYUA521BT521B MaintenancePY
HRPAYUASIP0Request for Reimburs. of SI PaymentsPY
HRPAYUASTATStatistical ReportingPY
HRPAYUAWTR1Wage Type Reporter (Ukraine)PY
HRPADBG_CNUMNumber Range Maintenance: HR_BG_CNUMPY
PC00_M18_PUJLoan listing from IT0045PY
PC00_M21_K32Tax return - form K32PY
PC00_M31_KPCWorking time accountPY
PC00_M18_CALCPayroll-simulation GermanyPY
PC00_M18_CEDTRemuneration statement Internat.PY
PC00_M18_CKTOPayroll account - InternationalPY
PC00_M18_CLJNPayroll journal InternationalPY
PC00_M18_TERMRPPTERT0 - forms for employment off.PY
PC00_M21_BNKHDownload bank transfersPY
PC00_M21_CALCPayroll accounting - HungaryPY
PC00_M21_CALHPersonal calendar generationPY
PC00_M21_CBERWage type journalPY
PC00_M21_CBOSPayroll journalPY
PC00_M21_CBRKHungary-specific payroll accountPY
PC00_M21_CEDTRemuneration statementPY
PC00_M21_CHQHDownload postal transfersPY
PC00_M21_CIMJCertificate for unemployment benefitPY
PC00_M21_CLGAQuery by titlePY
PC00_M21_CLGVWage type divisionPY
PC00_M21_CMIGEmployer's certificatePY
PC00_M21_CPFAData supply to supervisory authorityPY
PC00_M21_CSVMList and download resultsPY
PC00_M21_CTBEList of persons with services over N dPY
PC00_M21_CTBLEnd of maternity leave, GYEDPY
PC00_M21_CTBTIncomplete maternity leave dataPY
PC00_M21_DKARChange personal calendarPY
PC00_M21_DTAHPre-program for el. funds transferPY
PC00_M21_LKIAData sheet of leaving personsPY
PC00_M21_LTAPSick pay orderPY
PC00_M21_LTSKPersonal aid sheetPY
PC00_M21_MLIHList of cash paymentsPY
PC00_M21_TBATData defin. sheet daily SI averagePY
PC00_M21_TEV4Personal aid sheetPY
PC00_M21_UKH0Change quotas of SI modulePY
PC00_M21_UKH2SL and GYAP quota correction 2013PY
PC00_M31_CALCPayroll Accounting - simulation -01PY
PC00_M31_CEDTRemuneration statement Internat.PY
PC00_M31_CIPEPosting to SK accountingPY
PC00_M31_CKTOPayroll account - InternationalPY
PC00_M31_CLJNPayroll journal InternationalPY
PC00_M31_CLS0Adjustment of Re calculation Payroll ResultsPY
PC00_M31_DNPMAuxiliary Calculation of DNPPY
PC00_M31_ISCOConversion of KZAM job code to ISCOPY
PC00_M31_KZAMAssign EMPC to jobPY
PC00_M31_NAT0Exchange citizen./nationality fieldsPY
PC00_M31_RZDUATC data adjustmentPY
PC00_M31_RZZRRecapitulation of HI annual clearingPY
PC00_M36_CALCPersonalabrechnung UkrainePY
PC00_M36_CDTAÜberweisung Vorprogramm DTA UkrainePY
PC00_M36_CDTBÜberweisung Vorprogramm DTA UkrainePY
PC00_M36_CEDTAbrechn.Entgeltnachweis UkrainePY
PC00_M38_AUTOSocial insurance self-assessmentPY
PC00_M38_AVOLVoluntary contributions and AFCOPY
PC00_M38_BAL0Previous period balancesPY
PC00_M38_CALVPayroll - ColombiaPY
PC00_M38_CEDTPayment receipt & final payment rcptPY
PC00_M38_CERTIncome & Withholdings certificatePY
PC00_M38_CLJNPayroll journalPY
PC00_M38_COAVLeave report - COAVAPY
PC00_M38_CONSConsignment Unemployment FundPY
PC00_M38_DIANDIAN magnetic meansPY
PC00_M38_FFOCCheck printout 17PY
PC00_M38_FFOTCreate DME 17PY
PC00_M38_FFOVNotice of payment 17PY
PC00_M38_FIEAActive personnel Integrated formPY
PC00_M38_FIEPPensioners Integrated formPY
PC00_M38_LOA0Loans reportPY
PC00_M38_OFFCLeave Off-Cycle reportPY
PC00_M38_PARAParafiscal contributionsPY
PC00_M38_PROVReserves reportPY
PC00_M38_RETEHalf-year procedurePY
PC00_M38_TRM0Termination ColombiaPY
PC00_M46_CALCPayroll simulation (International)PY
PC00_M46_CDTABank transfer pre.program DME Inter.PY
PC00_M46_CEDTRemuneration statement Internat.PY
PC00_M46_CKTOPayroll account - InternationalPY
PC00_M46_CLJNPayroll journal InternationalPY
PC00_M46_IFT1Tax accounting form IFT-1/IFT-1RPY
PC00_M46_PIT4Tax accounting form PIT-4PY
PC00_M46_PITRTax accounting form PIT-RPY
PC00_M47_CDTABank transfer pre.program DME Inter.PY
PC00_M47_CDTBBank transfer pre.program DME Inter.PY
PC00_M47_IKB3Employee's accident reportPY
PC00_M47_IKB4Employee's accident reportPY
PC00_M47_KIM0Identity Notification ReportPY
PC00_M47_KIM1Identity Notification ReportPY
PC00_M47_KIM2Identity Notification ReportPY
PC00_M58_CALCPayroll accounting - 58PY
PC00_M58_CEDTRemuneration statement CroatiaPY
PC00_M61_CALCPayroll calculation RomaniaPY
PC00_M61_CEDTRemuneration statement RomaniaPY
PC00_M61_DELPDelete pernr completelyPY
PC00_M62_CALCPayroll calculation SloveniaPY
HRPADUAP2_1995Personnel master cardPY
PC00_M18_CLSTRPayroll result InternationalPY
PC00_M21_CLSTRPayroll result (international)PY
PC00_M21_LKIA4Data sheet of leaving personsPY
PC00_M21_LKIA6Data sheet of leaving personsPY
PC00_M21_T5HV4Edit T5HV4PY
PC00_M31_DANOSNotice of payment of special taxPY
PC00_M31_RZDZPEmployment premium entitlementPY
PC00_M31_VDSDSStatement for vol.o.a.pension savingPY
PC00_M38_BVAC0Leave bookPY
PC00_M38_CDTA0Data medium exchangePY
PC00_M38_GARBABanco Agrario reportPY
PC00_M38_VALETLeave letterPY
PC00_M46_AWST0Contract of employmentPY
PC00_M46_AWSW0Work statementPY
PC00_M46_CDNT0Not completed deductionsPY
PC00_M46_CL4A0Sickness payment reportPY
PC00_M46_CLSTRPayroll result InternationalPY
PC00_M46_CRMU0ZUS RMUA annual informationPY
PC00_M46_CRT00List RT and CRT from several payrollPY
PC00_M46_CSIC1ZUS contribution reportPY
PC00_M46_HRREPReporting to ZUS and TO (PL)PY
PC00_M46_LBNK0Bank DetailsPY
PC00_M46_PIT40Tax accounting form PIT40PY
PC00_M46_PIT4RTax accounting form PIT-4RPY
PC00_M46_PIT8ATax accounting form PIT-8APY
PC00_M46_PIT8CTax accounting form PIT-8CPY
PC00_M46_RFFODBank transfer pre.program DME Inter.PY
PC00_M46_SKP10ZUS KP-1 formPY
PC00_M46_SRP60ZUP Rp-6 formPY
PC00_M46_SRP71ZUS Rp-7 formPY
PC00_M46_SZ010Z-01 GUS formPY
PC00_M46_SZ060Z-06 GUS formPY
PC00_M46_TJUB1Anniv. calculation for diff. service typePY
PC00_M46_TSEN3Determination of seniorityPY
PC00_M46_TUPD0New absence/attendance record evaluation PY
PC00_M46_UCWT0Comparison of Wage Type ConfiguratioPY
PC00_M46_USCL0Show processing and evaluation classPY
PC00_M46_UTSR0Schemes and rules transportPY
PC00_M46_UTWT0Wage Type TransportPY
PC00_M47_KID01Severance pay calculation report 2PY
PC00_M47_SSK20Insurant account voucherPY
PC00_M47_SSK22Insured missing day notif.formPY
PC00_M47_SSK29Leaving declarationPY
PC00_M58_BMPP0MPP form - Prijava/promjena podatakaPY
PC00_M58_BMPP1MPP-1 form-Prijava/promjena podatakaPY
PC00_M58_BPRODRegistration for health insurancePY
PC00_M58_BPRPERegistration for pension insurancePY
PC00_M58_CBL00Payroll Evaluation Report Bank TransPY
PC00_M58_CBT20Break-down list of paymentsPY
PC00_M58_CBT21Break-down lists - print versionPY
PC00_M58_CEEB2Employee bookPY
PC00_M58_CEMPDBank DetailsPY
PC00_M58_CFINAPayroll Evaluation Report Bank TransPY
PC00_M58_CFINHEmployee annual analytic cardPY
PC00_M58_CHIDDPY Evaluation Report ID Accounted &PY
PC00_M58_CID10ID-1 formPY
PC00_M58_CIP00IP obrazac - data miningPY
PC00_M58_CIP01IP obrazac - report outputPY
PC00_M58_CIPP0IPP form - special tax reportPY
PC00_M58_CKTO0Payroll AccountsPY
PC00_M58_CLJN0Payroll Journal --- InternationalPY
PC00_M58_CMATKEmployee bookPY
PC00_M58_CPDMOPDMO - Voluntary pension insurancePY
PC00_M58_CPOAHPayments certificatePY
PC00_M58_CPUR1Bank DetailsPY
PC00_M58_CPURVBank DetailsPY
PC00_M58_CR1G1RAD 1G Table 1PY
PC00_M58_CR1G2RAD 1G Table 2PY
PC00_M58_CR1G3RAD 1G Table 3PY
PC00_M58_CR1G5RAD 1G Table 5PY
PC00_M58_CR1G6RAD 1G Table 6PY
PC00_M58_CR1G7RAD 1G Table 7PY
PC00_M58_CRADS Statistical report RAD 1M - for Spec. TaxPY
PC00_M58_CRJGQLeave entitlement approvalPY
PC00_M58_CXID0PY Evaluation Report ID Accounted &PY
PC00_M58_CXID1PY Evaluation Report ID Accounted &PY
PC00_M58_CXSOBPayroll Evaluation Report Debit BalaPY
PC00_M58_CYTX1End-year tax calculationPY
PC00_M58_R2BTSPayroll Evaluation Report Bank TransPY
PC00_M58_R2BTXPayroll Evaluation Report Bank TransPY
PC00_M58_RANKAEmployee annual analytic cardPY
PC00_M58_RDVARPayroll Evaluation Report Mag. MediaPY
PC00_M58_RDZAGPayroll Evaluation Report Bank TransPY
PC00_M58_RGRHOEnd-year tax calculationPY
PC00_M58_RGROSEnd-year tax calculationPY
PC00_M58_RHIDDPY Evaluation Report ID Accounted &PY
PC00_M58_RISTMPayroll on mag. media for Istarska bPY
PC00_M58_RM4RKRecapitulation data in M4PY
PC00_M58_RNSPLPayroll Evaluation Report SPL StatisPY
PC00_M58_RNTMPPayroll Evaluation Report TMP StatisPY
PC00_M58_RNYTXEnd-year tax calculationPY
PC00_M58_RODP2Payroll Evaluation Report ODP ContriPY
PC00_M58_RPBZMPayroll on mag. media for PBZPY
PC00_M58_RPK1MPK1 Report on mag. mediaPY
PC00_M58_RPODMPayroll Evaluation Report Mag. MediaPY
PC00_M58_RR1G4RAD 1G Table 4PY
PC00_M58_RR1G8RAD 1G Table 8PY
PC00_M58_RRN04Payroll evaluation report (new M4 foPY
PC00_M58_RRODPPayroll Evaluation Report ODP ReviewPY
PC00_M58_RRSPLPayroll Evaluation Report SPL ReviewPY
PC00_M58_RRW02Bank DetailsPY
PC00_M58_RRW03Payroll review (Tax revision per munPY
PC00_M58_RXBTSPayroll Evaluation Report Bank TransPY
PC00_M58_RXBTXPayroll Evaluation Report Bank TransPY
PC00_M58_RXER1ER-1 - Salary received in the past nPY
PC00_M58_RXID0PY Evaluation Report ID Accounted &PY
PC00_M58_RXM4RPayroll Evaluation Report Annual empPY
PC00_M58_RXPK1Payroll Evaluation Report PK1 AnnualPY
PC00_M58_RXPK2Payroll Evaluation Report PK2 AnnualPY
PC00_M58_RXTHOEmployee annual analytic cardPY
PC00_M58_RXTTSPayroll Evaluation Report Bank TransPY
PC00_M58_RXTTXPayroll Evaluation Report Bank TransPY
PC00_M61_CBT00Payment preparation - rest of payPY
PC00_M61_CBT01Payment preparation - insurance taxPY
PC00_M61_CBT10Payment transfer to FIPY
PC00_M61_CBT20Break down list of paymentsPY
PC00_M61_CBT40External deductionsPY
PC00_M61_CCIPEUpdate payroll results ROMANIA by SIPY
PC00_M61_CDEC0Declaration 100 and 710 of tax and iPY
PC00_M61_CERC0ER Contributions Overview - Data MinPY
PC00_M61_CERD0ER Contributions Overview - DisplayPY
PC00_M61_CERG0Contribution G - Data MiningPY
PC00_M61_CFIS0Fiscal statementsPY
PC00_M61_CFIS1Declaration D205PY
PC00_M61_CHIE0Health house - contributionsPY
PC00_M61_CKTO0Payroll Accounts RomaniaPY
PC00_M61_CLJN0Payroll Journal - RomanianPY
PC00_M61_CRECHConfiguration of absencesPY
PC00_M61_CROP0Recapitulation of bank transfersPY
PC00_M61_CROP1Signature list for cash paymentsPY
PC00_M61_CRS10Statistical report - S1PY
PC00_M61_CRS20Statistical report - S2PY
PC00_M61_CRS30Statistical report - S3PY
PC00_M61_CSI10SI - EE Unemployment contributionPY
PC00_M61_CSI20SI - EE Pension contributionPY
PC00_M61_CSI30SI - EE Contribution HPY
PC00_M61_CSIA0SI - ER Unemployment contributionPY
PC00_M61_CSIB0SI - ER Pension ContributionPY
PC00_M61_CSIC0SI - ER Health InsurancePY
PC00_M61_CSIF0SI - ER Commision for ITMPY
PC00_M61_CSIH0SI - ER Sick Leave and AllowancesPY
PC00_M61_CSLV0Sick leaves overview and historyPY
PC00_M61_CUNE0Unemployment EE filePY
PC00_M61_IADVVAdvances for vacationPY
PC00_M61_LREG0Reqister of employeesPY
PC00_M61_LREG1EE register - fill tablePY
PC00_M61_LREG2EE register - create XML filePY
PC00_M61_LREG3EE register - fill tablePY
PC00_M61_LREG4EE register - create XML filePY
PC00_M61_LSEN0Employees Seniority FilePY
PC00_M61_LSLC0ER/EE Sick leave certificatesPY
PC00_M61_LSLV1Sick Leave AnnoucementPY
PC00_M61_UABS0Configuration of absencesPY
PC00_M62_CBLGOBreak down list GOPY
PC00_M62_CBLKPBreak down list KPPY
PC00_M62_CBT00Bank transfersPY
PC00_M62_CBT01Bank transfers for SEPAPY
PC00_M62_CBT10Bank transfers 10PY
PC00_M62_CBT11Bank transfers 11PY
PC00_M62_CBT20Bank transfers 20PY
PC00_M62_CBT3CBank transfers 30PY
PC00_M62_CBT3NBank transfers 30 - netoPY
PC00_M18_ABSENCAbsence namelyPY
PC00_M18_DANJMNList of taxesPY
PC00_M18_DNPJMNDues sick-leave insurance - namelyPY
PC00_M18_DNPSEZList of dues sick-leave insurancePY
PC00_M18_DOBEXTList of incomes and extenal transf.PY
PC00_M18_DOBISRList of incomesPY
PC00_M18_EVISTAStatus for emploeesPY
PC00_M18_EXEKUCList of executionsPY
PC00_M18_GENKONGenerate Absence QuotasPY
PC00_M18_HLAZP2Create medium for HIPY
PC00_M18_KVASTRGraduate structurePY
PC00_M18_MZDLSTStatement remunerationPY
PC00_M18_NAPPPUView about counting data for PPUPY
PC00_M18_PENSAVPension savingsPY
PC00_M18_POCZPSDada for obligatory share ZPSPY
PC00_M18_PODKZLHR Master Data SheetPY
PC00_M18_PODPDBGuard delayPY
PC00_M18_PODPLDSignature document and enumerationPY
PC00_M18_PODPLZSignature document and enumerationPY
PC00_M18_POJIZPList for HI insuredsPY
PC00_M18_PRIRZDConfirmation about taxable incomePY
PC00_M18_RPCPOJView about paid sick payPY
PC00_M18_RPCSLEDiscounts list on SPPY
PC00_M18_SOCPOJSocial insurance - namelyPY
PC00_M18_STATPNStatistics for absencesPY
PC00_M18_TREXIMMedium for ISCP TreximaPY
PC00_M18_VYPINFList data from IT 14, 15, 2001/2/5/10PY
PC00_M18_ZDRPOJSick-leave Insurance - namelyPY
PC00_M21_CIMJH2Certif. for unempl. benefit 2010PY
PC00_M21_CMIGH3Employer's certificate 2010PY
PC00_M21_LN29H0Tax - declaration NY29/NY30PY
PC00_M31_SOCPO1nsurance max.AB"PY
PC00_M31_T7SKRLDelete RC in T7SKRLPY
PC00_M31_UNP101Annual report on total labor costsPY
PC00_M46_CLGA00Wage type statement - InternationalPY
PC00_M46_PIT8ARTax accounting form PIT-8ARPY
PC00_M58_T7HR1RMaintain R-Sm ID numberPY
HRPAYUA_HUAC0267Completeness Check for Payt ResultsPY
PC00_M18_ELDP_CLRELDP to clusterPY
PC00_M18_ELDP_VDExcluded period confirm. for ELDPPY
PC00_M18_HLAZP11Data for HI reportPY
PC00_M18_REGP_CLInsurance Register-stored into CLSTRPY
PC00_M18_RPTRANSTransfer RP/ONZ from external systemPY
PC00_M21_NYE2007Tax - declaration NY29/NY30PY
PC00_M31_IMPODVZRead branch of studyPY
PC00_M31_RZZP_08AA for HI batch 541 - 2008PY
PC00_M46_PIT118BTax accounting form PIT-11/8BPY
HRPAYUA_HRUUC0267Mass Generation of IT 0267 RecordsPY
HRPAYUA_HUACKTO01Payroll Accounts - UkrainePY
HRPAYUA_HUACLJN01Payroll Journal - UkrainePY
PC00_M18_ELDP_CORRELDP - manually correctionPY
PC00_M18_ELDP_DDPELDP - add times for pens.insurancePY
PC00_M18_ELDP_DELELDP since 2004 - records deletingPY
PC00_M18_ELDP_PRIIndividually print RELDPPY
PC00_M18_REGP_CORManual corr.items of Insur.RegisterPY
PC00_M18_REGP_PRISingle print items of Insur.RegisterPY
PC00_M18_REGT_DELONZ - records deleting from clusterPY
PC00_M18_RPCDNPT9Attachment to sick pay request 1/09PY
PC00_M18_RPCTAXT0XML file for income tax settlementPY
PC00_M18_RPUINST0Insolvency registerPY
PC00_M18_RPUTRNT0Data transfer from ext.system to SAPPY
PC00_M21_CALH_OLDGenerate personal calendar (old)PY
PC00_M21_H99CWTR0Wage types reporterPY
PC00_M21_RPBSJUH0Generate anniversary bonusPY
PC00_M21_RPC100H0Form K100PY
PC00_M21_RPC100H1Enter bar code of form K100PY
PC00_M21_RPCAALHAAverage staff on the payrollPY
PC00_M21_RPCBBAH0Fam. serv. file listing and downloadPY
PC00_M21_RPCBBAH1Report on insured persons conc.empl.PY
PC00_M21_RPCBBKH0Insured persons report -- borrowedPY
PC00_M21_RPCBBMH0Nofification of insured other ent.PY
PC00_M21_RPCBBQH0Fam. serv. file listing and downloadPY
PC00_M21_RPCBERH0Wage type journalPY
PC00_M21_RPCBMJH0Report on minimum contributionPY
PC00_M21_RPCBOSH3Payroll journalPY
PC00_M21_RPCBRKH0Payroll accountPY
PC00_M21_RPCDTCH0Pre-program for EFT (incl. mid-month)PY
PC00_M21_RPCEATH0Certificate for tax allowance (GYED)PY
PC00_M21_RPCGLKH0Wage type journal with formPY
PC00_M21_RPCJLKH0Wage type journal with self-checkPY
PC00_M21_RPCLAPH0General document editorPY
PC00_M21_RPCLETH0Garnishment subledgerPY
PC00_M21_RPCLETH1Garnishment journalPY
PC00_M21_RPCLETH2Garnishment subledger - sev. monthsPY
PC00_M21_RPCLGA00Query by titlePY
PC00_M21_RPCLGA09Query by title (incl. mid-month)PY
PC00_M21_RPCLGV00Wage type divisionPY
PC00_M21_RPCLGV09Wage type distrib. (incl. mid-month)PY
PC00_M21_RPCLKKH0Closed incap. cases - quarterPY
PC00_M21_RPCLPCH4Change personal calendarPY
PC00_M21_RPCMBAH0Trasfer of payments other entitlem.PY
PC00_M21_RPCMBEH0Payment to other relationship (monthPY
PC00_M21_RPCMBNH0Transfer of ent.periods+contr.basesPY
PC00_M21_RPCNEGH0Fam. serv. file listing and downloadPY
PC00_M21_RPCNEGH2Quarterly GYED report 2009PY
PC00_M21_RPCNEGH3Quarterly GYED report 2013PY
PC00_M21_RPCNETH0Fam. serv. file listing and downloadPY
PC00_M21_RPCNETH2Quarterly TGYS report 2009PY
PC00_M21_RPCNETH3Quarterly maternity pay report 2013PY
PC00_M21_RPCNEVH1Payroll list 2013PY
PC00_M21_RPCNLJH0Daily personnel reportPY
PC00_M21_RPCOPLH0Voluntary fund journalPY
PC00_M21_RPCPFAH0Data supply ..PY
PC00_M21_RPCSTMHGMonthly personnel report 2002PY
PC00_M21_RPCSVBHXXML file creation from NYENYI filePY
PC00_M21_RPISZAH0Leave quota reductionPY
PC00_M21_RPISZBH0Staffing of leave quotasPY
PC00_M21_RPISZGH0Generating leave quotasPY
PC00_M21_RPISZIH0Query years in servicePY
PC00_M21_RPITRFH1Standard pay increasePY
PC00_M21_RPITUMH0Rate reclassificationPY
PC00_M21_RPLAMLH1Data definition sheetPY
PC00_M21_RPLAMLH2Data specification sheetPY
PC00_M21_RPLAMLH4Data specification sheet 2012PY
PC00_M21_RPLHBAH0Fam. serv. file listing and downloadPY
PC00_M21_RPLHBAHKFam. serv. file listing and downloadPY
PC00_M21_RPLHBEH0Fam. serv. file listing and downloadPY
PC00_M21_RPLHBEH2Fam. serv. file listing and downloadPY
PC00_M21_RPLHBFH0Fam. serv. file listing and downloadPY
PC00_M21_RPLHBFH2Fam. serv. file listing and downloadPY
PC00_M21_RPLHBFHKFam. serv. file listing and downloadPY
PC00_M21_RPLHBMH0Fam. serv. file listing and downloadPY
PC00_M21_RPLHBMHKFam. serv. file listing and downloadPY
PC00_M21_RPLHBNHKFam. serv. file listing and downloadPY
PC00_M21_RPLHBSH0Fam. serv. file listing and downloadPY
PC00_M21_RPLHBSHKFam. serv. file listing and downloadPY
PC00_M21_RPLHBXH0Fam. serv. file listing and downloadPY
PC00_M21_RPLHBXHKFam. serv. file listing and downloadPY
PC00_M21_RPLJIGH0Income conf. to determ. health serv.PY
PC00_M21_RPLJIGH2Income conf. to det. health s. 2010PY
PC00_M21_RPLK98H0Solidarity tax 98% - data collectionPY
PC00_M21_RPLK98H1Sp. tax 98% - table and declarationPY
PC00_M21_RPLM30H2Create tax arrear batch-inputPY
PC00_M21_RPLM30HXGenerate M29 XMLPY
PC00_M21_RPLSKFH3September earnings profilePY
PC00_M21_RPLTSKH1Personal aid sheet 2013PY
PC00_M21_RPLVAAH0Monthly return V2, displ. individual dataPY
PC00_M21_RPLVABH0Monthly return V2, delete individual dataPY
PC00_M21_RPLVADH0Monthly Ret.V2 Individual Tax ReturnPY
PC00_M21_RPLVAEH0Monthly return V2, check pr. monthlyPY
PC00_M21_RPLVAEH1Monthly return V2, check pr. period.PY
PC00_M21_RPLVAEH2Monthly return V2, check pr. period.PY
PC00_M21_RPLVAFH0Monthly return V2, upload ext. dataPY
PC00_M21_RPLVAHH0Monthly return V2, selection for adjustm.PY
PC00_M21_RPLVAKH0Monthly return V2, convert decl.dataPY
PC00_M21_RPLVAKH1Monthly return V2, convert K itemsPY
PC00_M21_RPLVAKH2Monthly return V2, conversion checkPY
PC00_M21_RPLVAVH0Monthly return V2, company journalPY
PC00_M21_RPLVAVH1Monthly return V2, displ. comparison jrn.PY
PC00_M21_RPLVAVH2Monthly return V2, data for comparison jrnPY
PC00_M21_RPLVAVHEMonthly return V2, annual comparison jrn.PY
PC00_M21_RPLVAXH0Monthly return V2 - Create XML filePY
PC00_M21_RPSMKFH0Personnel cost entryPY
PC00_M21_RPTABSH0Query absencesPY
PC00_M21_RPTABSH3Query absences 2013PY
PC00_M21_RPU180H1Util.program sick pay base 180 daysPY
PC00_M21_RPU255H0IT0164 25-55 utility program settingsPY
PC00_M21_RPUAITH0Aux. list for tax final settlementPY
PC00_M21_RPUAJOH0Months entitling to tax creditPY
PC00_M21_RPUATVH0Transfer payr. data of sec.
PC00_M21_RPUBBAH0Insurance - post-maring and certif.PY
PC00_M21_RPUFTRH0Downloading file from serverPY
PC00_M21_RPUHBMH1Fam. serv. file listing and downloadPY
PC00_M21_RPUHBMH2Fam. serv. file listing and downloadPY
PC00_M21_RPUHBMHXPost-corrections (type X, Y, Z)PY
PC00_M21_RPUIMGH2Processing classesPY
PC00_M21_RPUIMGH3Evaluation classesPY
PC00_M21_RPUKORH0Upload data from corr. infotypePY
PC00_M21_RPUM30H0Variable list - utilityPY
PC00_M21_RPUNYUH0Return to pension systemPY
PC00_M31_AUTORODMCopyright royaltiesPY
PC00_M31_DAVKAVNZCertificate for Unemployment benefitPY
PC00_M31_KONV0253Change of health insurerPY
PC00_M31_NEMPRIEMAdditions for income comparison DABPY
PC00_M31_RZZP_541AA for HI batch 541PY
PC00_M38_RPCSC000Scheduler for parallel payrollPY
PC00_M18_CALC_SIMUPayroll-simulation GermanyPY
PC00_M18_ELDPTRANSTransfer ELDP from external systemPY
PC00_M21_CALC_SIMUPayroll simulation - HungaryPY
PC00_M31_CALC_SIMUPayroll-simulation GermanyPY
PC00_M31_REG_LISTYPayroll-simulation GermanyPY
PC00_M31_RZZP_2010Annual account of health insurancePY
PC00_M36_CALC_SIMUSimulation Abrechnung InternationalPY
PC00_M38_CALC_SIMUPayroll simulation (CO)PY
PC00_M46_CALC_SIMUPayroll simulation (International)PY
PC00_M47_CALC_SIMUSimulate PayrollPY
PC00_M58_CALC_SIMUSimulation payroll accounting 58PY
PC00_M61_CALC_SIMUPayroll calculation - simulationPY
PC00_M62_CALC_SIMUObraè.plaè - simulacija SlovenijaPY
PC00_M21_MENGENEST1May statisticsPY
PC00_M21_MENGENTBL4Creation of form EB11PY
PC00_M21_MENGENTBL5SI services payment slip v2PY
PC00_M21_MENGENTEV2Child benefit detailsPY
PC00_M21_RPLVAEH0_EMonthly return V2, check pr. monthlyPY
PC00_M36_CDTB_RFFODÜberweisung Vorprogramm DTA UkrainePY
PC00_M18_DEDUCTOOSSZDeductions - base for OSSZPY
PC00_M18_ELDP_P_COLLCollective print RELDPPY
PC00_M18_REGP_P_COLLCollective print items of Insur.Reg.PY
PC00_M18_RPCDNPT9_MNNEMPRI cluster administrationPY
PC00_M21_RPLVADH0SIMMonthly Ret.V2 Indicator Tax Return TestPY
Show More PY Transaction Codes

SAP Russia Tcodes

PUOC_33Off-cycle Workbench RussiaPY-RU
HRULICO0Flexible Payroll EvaluationPY-RU
HRUTQTA0Generate Absence QuotasPY-RU
HRUCDTF0DME: Cancel TransfersPY-RU
HRULSTATStatistical Data PreparationPY-RU
HRULT530Payroll Sheet (Form T-53)PY-RU
PUOC_33_CEOff-Cycle Workbench Russia CEPY-RU
HRPADRUPFRForms SZV-6-1/2/3 and SPV-1PY-RU
HRPAYRU_CIACard: Individual Account of SI ContribsPY-RU
HRULCALCSENResults of Seniority CalculationPY-RU

Full List of SAP Russia Tcodes

SAP Argentina Tcodes

PC00_M29_CKTOPayroll account 29PY-AR
PC00_M29_CARTThird ART statement 29PY-AR
PC00_M29_CCENANSeS census 29PY-AR
PC00_M29_CLPDSettlement monetary paymentsPY-AR
PC00_M29_FFOTCreate DME 29PY-AR
PC00_M29_CDTAPayroll-transfer to prel.prog.DME-29PY-AR
PC00_M29_CDTBPayment advances Pre-program DME 29PY-AR
PC00_M29_CEDTPayroll remunerations statement - 29PY-AR
PC00_M29_CLJNPayroll journal 29PY-AR

Full List of SAP Argentina Tcodes

SAP Austria Tcodes

PC00_M03_CABFReserves for Severance Pay/Pension03PY-AT
PC00_M03_CALCPayroll AustriaPY-AT
PC00_M03_CBETTax Local Tax Office 03PY-AT
PC00_M03_CBGNSI Contrib. Base Statement for GKKPY-AT
PC00_M03_CBRUWorks Council Contribution 03PY-AT
PC00_M03_CBVASI Contribution Statement BVA (Old)PY-AT
PC00_M03_CBVJSI Contrib. Base Statement BVA 03PY-AT
PC00_M03_CDTAPayroll Transfer Prelim.Prog. DME-03PY-AT
PC00_M03_CEDTPayroll Remuneration Statement - 03PY-AT

Full List of SAP Austria Tcodes

SAP Australia Tcodes

PQLVAustralian Leave ProcessingPY-AU
PQTOTransaction for screen 2000PY-AU
PQTO_CETermination Organiser for AU CEPY-AU
PUOC_13_CEOff-Cycle Workbench Australia CEPY-AU
HRCCEAU_CADVDisplay of Advance pay resultsPY-AU
HRCCEAU_PU01Delete Advance pay results AU (Q4)PY-AU
PC00_M13_LG00Payment summary listing 2000/2001PY-AU
PC00_M13_ADDRAddr. Infotype Validation For IT0006PY-AU
PC00_M13_LEAVLeave ReportsPY-AU
PC00_M13_CG991999/2000 Group certificatesPY-AU

Full List of SAP Australia Tcodes

SAP Belgium Tcodes

PSB0Generation quart.SI declarat.periodsPY-BE
PSB1Generate Tax scales (B)PY-BE
PC00_M12_HDLDocument status managerPY-BE
PC00_M12_NOVSI Notification ViewerPY-BE
PC00_M12_CDTAPrelimin.prog.- Data Medium ExchangePY-BE
PC00_M12_COUFIdentification of Retroactive Different PY-BE
PC00_M12_CLJNPayroll journalPY-BE
PC00_M12_CEDTRemuneration statementsPY-BE
PC00_M12_CSBAAnalyze and Print DeclarationPY-BE
PC00_M12_CLPCDisplay Personal CalendarPY-BE

Full List of SAP Belgium Tcodes

SAP Brazil Tcodes

PC00_M37_GPSGuide of Social WelfarePY-BR
PC00_M37_CVTRTransportation ticketPY-BR
PC00_M37_AVFELeave Notice Notification 37PY-BR
PC00_M37_AVPRLeave Notice Notification 37PY-BR
PC00_M37_CALCPayroll for BrazilPY-BR
PC00_M37_CTERPayroll accounting runPY-BR
PC00_M37_CCEDIncome Declaration 37PY-BR
PC00_M37_DIRFWithholding Income Tax Decl. 37PY-BR
PC00_M37_CKTOFinancial File 37PY-BR
PC00_M37_CLJNAnalytical data 37PY-BR

Full List of SAP Brazil Tcodes

SAP Canada Tcodes

PYK0History of year end reporting runsPY-CA
PKG1Copy entries for garnishment CAPY-CA
PCKCConsistency Check ConstantsPY-CA
PAKYAdjustments Workbench (excl. adjust)PY-CA
PAUXAdjustment WorkbenchPY-CA
PYKTConfiguration CopierPY-CA
PAKGAdjustments workbenchPY-CA
PCKYConsistency Check Year-EndPY-CA
PRKEEvaluation ProgramPY-CA
PAUYAdjustment Workbench (retro proc.)PY-CA

Full List of SAP Canada Tcodes

SAP Switzerland Tcodes

PCC1Maintain Swiss Payroll UnitsPY-CH
PCC0Maintnce fam.rltd.bonuses Switz.PY-CH
PC00_M02_CLJNPayroll JournalPY-CH
PC00_M02_CALCPayroll SwitzerlandPY-CH
PC00_M02_FFOPSwiss Payment Medium - /SAD /BADPY-CH
PC00_M02_CKTOPayroll AccountPY-CH
PC00_M02_CEDTRemuneration StatementsPY-CH
PC00_M02_CDTAPreliminary Program for DMEPY-CH
PC00_M02_FFOUSwiss Payment Medium - Bank TransferPY-CH
PC00_M02_LUVGWage type capitulationPY-CH

Full List of SAP Switzerland Tcodes

SAP China Tcodes

PUOC_28Perform Ad Hoc PaymentsPY-CN
GA_CN_PYGolden Audit China - Payroll reportPY-CN
PC00_M28_CSISocial insurance reportPY-CN
PC00_M28_LCTLabor Contract Termination WorkbenchPY-CN
PC00_M28_CFRFlexible Reporter for Legal ReportsPY-CN
PC00_M28_CALCPayroll (China)PY-CN
PC00_M28_CKTOPayroll account - ChinaPY-CN
PC00_M28_CAVGAverage SalaryPY-CN
PC00_M28_CAWSProcess Year End BonusPY-CN
PC00_M28_CCBDPHF/SI contribution base declarationPY-CN

Full List of SAP China Tcodes

SAP Germany Tcodes

OH20Maintain Payroll ConstantsPY-DE
PDA4Object List: Absence EventsPY-DE
PM12Statements - Fast EntryPY-DE
PM10Statements SelectionPY-DE
PM11Statements - Single EntryPY-DE
PM13Statements - PrintPY-DE
RPLSVED0Detailed Display Report RPLSVED0PY-DE
HRESSDE_ATZESS: Semiretirement SimulationPY-DE
PC00_M01_CKTOPayroll accountPY-DE

Full List of SAP Germany Tcodes

SAP Denmark Tcodes

RPDKWorkflow for Danish PayrollPY-DK
PC00_M09_IM2Import New Year's ValuesPY-DK
PC00_M09_CA72Delimit Tax InfotypesPY-DK
PC00_M09_CALCPayroll for DenmarkPY-DK
PC00_M09_CC72Import and Create Tax InfotypesPY-DK
PC00_M09_CCORCreate Correction File Year ValuesPY-DK
PC00_M09_CIMPImport Year-End ValuesPY-DK
PC00_M09_CEDTPayr.accounting remun.statement - 09PY-DK
PC00_M09_CICPCopy wage types for differencePY-DK
PC00_M09_CH22Change training codePY-DK

Full List of SAP Denmark Tcodes

SAP Spain Tcodes

PC00_M04_C11XGenerate employment tax reportsPY-ES
PC00_M04_C190Generate employment tax reportsPY-ES
PC00_M04_CPEFConfirm cash paymentsPY-ES
PC00_M04_CCRIDeductions certificatePY-ES
PC00_M04_CDTAPrepare data exchangePY-ES
PC00_M04_CEDTRemuneration StatementPY-ES
PC00_M04_FFOTPrepare DME trasfersPY-ES
PC00_M04_CTCESocial Insurance formsPY-ES
PC00_M04_CKTOPayroll AccountPY-ES

Full List of SAP Spain Tcodes

SAP Finland Tcodes

PUOC_44Off-Cycle Workbench FinlandPY-FI
PUOC_44_VACOff-Cycle Vacation HandlingPY-FI
PC00_M44_HRFWage Statement with HR FormsPY-FI
PC00_M44_LAIRAccident Insurance ReportingPY-FI
PC00_M44_HPALTransaction for HPA with FI postingsPY-FI
PC00_M44_CALCPayroll driverPY-FI
PC00_M44_HPACUtility report to clean HPA DBtablesPY-FI
PC00_M44_CDTAPrelim.Program Data Medium ExchangePY-FI
PC00_M44_FTUMCreate Trade Union FilePY-FI

Full List of SAP Finland Tcodes

SAP France Tcodes

PAFNDADSU: Number range processingPY-FR
PDFNDUCS : number range maintenancePY-FR
PC00_M06_AEDPreview of AED declarationsPY-FR
PC00_M06_HDLDocument status managerPY-FR
HRTNM00_SNAPTNM Reporting : Snapshot (Obsolete)PY-FR
PC00_M06_CEDTPayroll: Remuneration StatementPY-FR
PC00_M06_CDTAPayroll transfer - pre.prgm DMEPY-FR
PC00_M06_2483Declaration 2483PY-FR
PC00_M06_CALCPayroll FrancePY-FR
PC00_M06_CLJNWage types output - payroll journalPY-FR

Full List of SAP France Tcodes

SAP United Kingdom Tcodes

PTG1Pflegen Krankengeld-Bezahlung (GB)PY-GB
PTG3Display Qualifying Day Pattern (GB)PY-GB
PB2A_GBGB B2A managerPY-GB
PB2A_RTIGB B2A manager for RTIPY-GB
HRGPBS_NFINational Fraud InitiativePY-GB
P08_M08_CMECChild Maintenance DEOPY-GB
PC00_M08_C35CP35 Checklist and DeclarationPY-GB
PC00_M08_CAPMLegislative reporting APM listing 08PY-GB
PC00_M08_CBSMActual company car trips 08PY-GB

Full List of SAP United Kingdom Tcodes

SAP Hong Kong Tcodes

PC00_M27_SSLCreate Statutory Sickness LeavePY-HK
PC00_M27_EOYPrepare End of Year PaymentPY-HK
HRESSHK_IR56BEnd of Tax Year FormPY-HK
HRESSHK_IR56FCeased to be Employed FormPY-HK
HRESSHK_IR56GEmployee Departing Hong Kong FormPY-HK
PC00_M27_CALCPayroll Driver Hong KongPY-HK
PC00_M27_CDTBPrepare Bank Transfer /Extra PaymentPY-HK
PC00_M27_CDTCPrepare Bank TransferPY-HK
PC00_M27_CKJNDisplay Payroll JournalPY-HK
PC00_M27_CKTODisplay Payroll AccountPY-HK

Full List of SAP Hong Kong Tcodes

SAP Indonesia Tcodes

PC00_M34_CALCStart PayrollPY-ID
PC00_M34_FFODPerform Cash PaymentPY-ID
PC00_M34_CANNDisplay Annual Payroll ResultsPY-ID
PC00_M34_CAWSGenerate Annual Wage SupplementPY-ID
PC00_M34_CDTCPrepare Bank TransferPY-ID
PC00_M34_CEDTPrint Remuneration StatementPY-ID
PC00_M34_CJAMRun Monthly Report for JamsostekPY-ID
PC00_M34_FFOTPerform Bank TransferPY-ID
PC00_M34_CKTODisplay Payroll AccountPY-ID
PC00_M34_CLGADisplay Wage Type StatementPY-ID

Full List of SAP Indonesia Tcodes

SAP Japan Tcodes

PC00_M22_CEDTRemuneration statementPY-JP
PC00_M22_CDECCheck estimated amount of Dec. pay.PY-JP
PC00_M22_CIDSLife/accident ins. deduc. ShoyoPY-JP
PC00_M22_CECKCheck Y.E.A. resultsPY-JP
PC00_M22_CHUGGEPPEN form data file (HU)PY-JP
PC00_M22_CIDPLife/accident ins. deduc. monthlyPY-JP
PC00_M22_CEICCertification and Application for CoPY-JP
PC00_M22_CEWGWage ledgerPY-JP
PC00_M22_CHUBShoyo payment form data file (HU)PY-JP
PC00_M22_CHUSSANTEI form data file (HU)PY-JP

Full List of SAP Japan Tcodes

SAP South Korea Tcodes

PUOC_41Off-Cycle Workbench for KoreaPY-KR
PC00_M41_SIP0SI premium deduction listPY-KR
PC00_M41_CALCStart payrollPY-KR
PC00_M41_SEPRWithholding separation tax receiptPY-KR
PC00_M41_NP00Grade Change BDC (SI)PY-KR
PC00_M41_CDTAPrepare Bank TransferPY-KR
PC00_M41_CEDTPrint Remuneration StatementPY-KR
PC00_M41_CKTOPayroll accountPY-KR
PC00_M41_CLJNPayroll journalPY-KR
PC00_M41_CMISList for Health Insurance LostPY-KR

Full List of SAP South Korea Tcodes

SAP Kuwait Payroll Tcodes

PUOC_KWKuwait Off-Cycle WorkbenchPY-KW
PC00_MKW_HRFWage Statement with HR FormsPY-KW
PC00_MKW_CALCPayroll Calculation KuwaitPY-KW
PC00_MKW_CDTABank transfer pre.program DME KuwaitPY-KW
PC00_MKW_CEDTRemuneration statement KuwaitPY-KW
PC00_MKW_CKTOPayroll Accounts (Kuwait)PY-KW
PC00_MKW_CLJNPayroll Journal (Kuwait)PY-KW
PY_KW_HKWPVIS0Visa Request FormPY-KW
PC00_MKW_CLSTRDisplay Payroll Results KuwaitPY-KW
PY_KW_HKWPATR0Attrition ReportPY-KW

Full List of SAP Kuwait Payroll Tcodes

SAP Mexico Tcodes

PC00_M32_CKTOPayroll account 32PY-MX
PC00_M32_FFOCPrint checkPY-MX
PC00_M32_CGRBPrepare evaluationPY-MX
PC00_M32_CALCPayroll - simulation - 32PY-MX
PC00_M32_CDTAPayroll - Pre-prog. DME-32PY-MX
PC00_M32_CSSSIMSS related earnings 32PY-MX
PC00_M32_CFONMonthly bond FONACOTPY-MX
PC00_M32_CLJNPayroll journal 32PY-MX
PC00_M32_CGRHGarnishments 32PY-MX
PC00_M32_CEDTPayroll remuneration statement - 32PY-MX

Full List of SAP Mexico Tcodes

SAP Malaysia Tcodes

PC00_M14_CALCStart PayrollPY-MY
PC00_M14_CANGRun Report for AngkasaPY-MY
PC00_M14_CANNDisplay Annual Payroll ResultsPY-MY
PC00_M14_CASBRun Report for ASBPY-MY
PC00_M14_CAWSGenerate Annual Wage SupplementPY-MY
PC00_M14_CBKIScr for BIK Text and codes: T5LBTPY-MY
PC00_M14_CDTAPayroll-transfer-prelimProg. DME-14PY-MY
PC00_M14_CDTBBT for extra payment 14PY-MY

Full List of SAP Malaysia Tcodes

SAP The Netherlands Tcodes

S_AHR_61008725IMG Activity: OHANAR01PY-NL
S_AHR_61008732IMG Activity: OHANAR02PY-NL
S_AHR_61008739IMG Activity: OHANAR03PY-NL
S_AHR_61008745IMG Activity: OHANAR04PY-NL
S_AHR_61008752IMG Activity: OHANBNI02PY-NL
S_AHR_61008759IMG Activity: OHANBNI03PY-NL
S_AHR_61008763IMG Activity: OHANBNI04PY-NL
S_AHR_61008770IMG Activity: OHANBN06PY-NL
S_AHR_61008776IMG Activity: OHANSP04PY-NL
S_AHR_61008783IMG Activity: OHANWW04PY-NL

Full List of SAP The Netherlands Tcodes

SAP Norway Tcodes

PUOC_20Off-Cycle Workbench NorwayPY-NO
PC00_M20_ACFACF - Document managerPY-NO
PC00_M20_LOGDisplay Stored LogsPY-NO
PC00_M20_CGARNorwegian garnishment reportPY-NO
PC00_M20_CRMBReimbursable payments by absencesPY-NO
PC00_M20_CINDImport tax card 20PY-NO
PC00_M20_CERCTerminrapporten, rep. tax and employPY-NO
PC00_M20_CALCPayroll Driver NorwayPY-NO
PC00_M20_CDTAÜberweisung Vorprogramm DTA 20PY-NO
PC00_M20_CDTBPrel. DME program, separate paymentPY-NO

Full List of SAP Norway Tcodes

SAP New Zealand Tcodes

5NZINumber range maintenance: RP_IRCERTPY-NZ
5NZLLeave View TransactionPY-NZ
5NZTNew Zealand TerminationsPY-NZ
PNZ5Pay Scale Inc. Extended NewZealandPY-NZ
PNZ3Pay Scale Reclassification NZPY-NZ
PNZ4Pay Scale Increase NewZealandPY-NZ
NZLVCONHR New Zealand Leave ConversionPY-NZ
PC00_M43_BTD0Bank Transfer DetailsPY-NZ
PC00_M43_CAD0Holiday pay act reportPY-NZ
PC00_M43_CALCPayroll accounting - simulation - 43PY-NZ

Full List of SAP New Zealand Tcodes

SAP Philippines Tcodes

PC00_M48_13MN13th Month Calculation ProgramPY-PH
PC00_M48_SBRUBank Receipt Updation UtilityPY-PH
PC00_M48_CDTABank transfer pre.program DME 48PY-PH
PC00_M48_CKTOPayroll account - PhilippinesPY-PH
PC00_M48_CMP0Adv pay multiple runs calculation programPY-PH
PC00_M48_NHIPPhilHealth Remittance Report (RF-1)PY-PH
PC00_M48_RHDMHDMF Monthly Remit.PY-PH
S_AHR_61008374IMG-Aktivität: SIMG_OHAPH_525PY-PH
PC00_M48_RSBRUSBR-Utility report for updationPY-PH

Full List of SAP Philippines Tcodes

SAP State of Qatar Tcodes

PUOC_QAQATAR Off-Cycle WorkbenchPY-QA
HRPAQAVIM_NODefine Number Range of Visa QuotaPY-QA
PC00_MQA_CALCPayroll Calculation QatarPY-QA
PC00_MQA_CDTABank transfer pre.program DME QatarPY-QA
PC00_MQA_CEDTRemuneration statement QatarPY-QA
PC00_MQA_CKTOPayroll Accounts (Qatar)PY-QA
PC00_MQA_CLJNPayroll Journal (Qutar)PY-QA
PY_QA_HQAPABV0Application for Business VisaPY-QA
PY_QA_HQAPWIS0Work Injury StatisticsPY-QA

Full List of SAP State of Qatar Tcodes

SAP Sweden Tcodes

PUOC_23Off-Cycle Workbench SwedenPY-SE
PC00_M23_CKU0Annual tax statementPY-SE
PC00_M23_CKU1Annual tax statementPY-SE
PC00_M23_CSPPConversion Report for AlectaPY-SE
PC00_M23_CSTAemployer´s contrib. and tax cumulatePY-SE
PC00_M23_CVACVacation and Compensation debtPY-SE
PC00_M23_CXMLPayslip in XML FormatPY-SE
PC00_M23_IABSCorrect absencePY-SE
PC00_M23_ICS0Sickness Statistic for Annual ReportPY-SE
PC00_M23_ISIFBatch input yearly update from SIFPY-SE

Full List of SAP Sweden Tcodes

SAP Singapore Tcodes

PUOC_25International Off-Cycle WorkbenchPY-SG
HRCLM0001Claims processing data entryPY-SG
HRCLM0002Record ClaimsPY-SG
HRCLM0010Jump from IMG to maintenence viewsPY-SG
HRCLM0015Display Entitlements and ClaimsPY-SG
HRCLM0020Enroll into Benefit Claims PlanPY-SG

Full List of SAP Singapore Tcodes

SAP Taiwan Tcodes

PC00_M42_CALCPayroll Driver TaiwanPY-TW
PC00_M42_CTXMRun Yearly Tax Certificate ReportPY-TW
PC00_M42_CAWSProcess Year End BonusPY-TW
PC00_M42_CDTAPrepare Bank TransferPY-TW
PC00_M42_CDTBPrepare Bank Transfer /Extra PaymentPY-TW
PC00_M42_CDTFCancel Bank TransferPY-TW
PC00_M42_CEDTPrint Remuneration StatementPY-TW
PC00_M42_CKTODisplay Payroll AccountPY-TW
PC00_M42_CLJNDisplay Payroll JournalPY-TW
PC00_M42_CMP0First payment in Monthly Payroll 42PY-TW

Full List of SAP Taiwan Tcodes

SAP Thailand Tcodes

PC00_M26_CALCStart PayrollPY-TH
PC00_M26_FFOMPerform Bank TransferPY-TH
PC00_M26_CAWSGenerate Annual Wage SupplementPY-TH
PC00_M26_CDTBPay in AdvancePY-TH
PC00_M26_CDTCPrepare Bank TransferPY-TH
PC00_M26_CEDTPrint Remuneration StatementPY-TH
PC00_M26_CKTODisplay Payroll AccountPY-TH
PC00_M26_CLJNDisplay Payroll JournalPY-TH
PC00_M26_LVA0Create Leave EntitlementPY-TH
PC00_M26_CINS1Insurance ReportPY-TH

Full List of SAP Thailand Tcodes

SAP USA Tcodes

PUU1BSI Test Tool 5.0PY-US
OTR2Number Range for Control NumbersPY-US
OTR3Number range for log numbersPY-US
PA07Number Range Maintenance: RP_GARNEMPY-US
P0G1Copy entries for garnishmentsPY-US
PUU2transaction of sapmpuu2PY-US
OGS6Load zip codesPY-US
OGS7Generate schemaPY-US
OGS8Delete tax table entriesPY-US
OGS9Generate ADP number rangesPY-US

Full List of SAP USA Tcodes

SAP Venezuela Tcodes

PC00_M17_CKTOPayroll accountPY-VE
PC00_M17_FFOVNotice of payment 17PY-VE
PC00_M17_FFOCCheck printout 17PY-VE
PC00_M17_TRM0Termination VenezuelaPY-VE
PC00_M17_CEDTPayslip and severance payslipPY-VE
PC00_M17_FAOVMovements and payments to FAOV infoPY-VE
PC00_M17_INT0OC payroll accntng for interest pymtPY-VE
PC00_M17_FFOTCreate DME 17PY-VE
PC00_M17_CLJNPayroll journalPY-VE

Full List of SAP Venezuela Tcodes

SAP South Africa Tcodes

PC00_M16_BLKESouth African Tax Certificates : UpdPY-ZA
PC00_M16_CALCPayroll Driver South AfricaPY-ZA
PC00_M16_CTCATax Certificates - Administration 16PY-ZA
PC00_M16_CDTAPayroll-transfer-prelimProg. DME-16PY-ZA
PC00_M16_CDTBAdvance Payment Run - South AfricaPY-ZA
PC00_M16_CEDTPay.accounting remun. statement - 16PY-ZA
PC00_M16_CFUSDeduction Schedule Create 16PY-ZA
PC00_M16_CKTOPayroll account 16PY-ZA
PC00_M16_CTCFTax Certificates - EE Accepted IRP5PY-ZA

Full List of SAP South Africa Tcodes

SAP Non Profit Organizations Tcodes

PUOC_UNOff-Cycle Workbench United NationsPY-NPO
HRPADUNCSRCost Simulation ReportPY-NPO
HRPADUNEVEEntitlement Validation EnginePY-NPO
HRPADUNEDGREducation Grant MaintenancePY-NPO
HRPAYUNJSPFUN Joint Staff Pension FundPY-NPO
HRPAYUN_PU30UN: wage type maintenancePY-NPO
HRPAYUN_OH11NPO: wage type maintenancePY-NPO
PC00_MUN_HRFRemuneration Statement with HR FormsPY-NPO
PC00_MUN_PSRNPO: PS ReclassificationPY-NPO
PC00_MUN_CDTABank transfer pre.program DME NPOPY-NPO

Full List of SAP Non Profit Organizations Tcodes

SAP Payroll: General Parts Tcodes

OH21Supply Parameters for PE51PY-XX
OH19Access Transaction OH20PY-XX
OH02Call View Cluster with Subset ViewsPY-XX
OH04Conversion of third party remittancePY-XX
OH11Copy Wage TypesPY-XX
OH12Access View for T512WPY-XX
OH13HR Customizing: Wage Type GroupingPY-XX
OH14Access Subset View for Check TablePY-XX
OH16Call RPUCTF00 with Variant SAP_OH16PY-XX
OH17HR Customizing: SI Contrib.StatementPY-XX

Full List of SAP Payroll: General Parts Tcodes