SAP Production Planning and Control (PP) Tcodes

RPSPOR1Create VariantPP
RPSPOR2Assign Variant to UserPP

SAP Production Planning Tcodes

PFSECall Process Flow SchedulerPP-MP
PX01Planning Area, External Plan. ToolPP-MP
PX02Planning Tool, Physical SystemPP-MP
PX03Planning ToolPP-MP
PX04External Planning Tool: StartParam. WinNTPP-MP
PX05External Planning Tool: Lock TablePP-MP

SAP Material Requirements Planning Tcodes

MDL1Create Production LotPP-MRP
MDL2Change Production LotPP-MRP
MDL3Display Production LotPP-MRP
MD_MRP_FORCE_CLASSICInclude Material in Classic MRPPP-MRP

SAP Integration with Manufacturing Execution Systems Tcodes

COMES_CAPA_ALLOCAssignment Individual Cap. - Equipm.PP-MES

SAP Production Orders Tcodes

CB85Maintenance Print Control for Procurement OrdsPP-SFC
CO08Production order with sales orderPP-SFC
CO03Display Production OrderPP-SFC
CO07Create order without a materialPP-SFC
CO02Change Production OrderPP-SFC
CO04Print Production OrdersPP-SFC
CO01Create production orderPP-SFC
CN65Change documents order /networkPP-SFC
CO05Collective Release of Production OrdersPP-SFC

Full List of SAP Production Orders Tcodes


LPK1Create Control Cycle for WMPP-KAB
OM14Number Range Maintenance: PKHDPP-KAB
OM13Control Profile: Stock TransferPP-KAB
OM12Control Key; External ProcurementPP-KAB
OM11Control Key; In-House ProductionPP-KAB
OJI3Maintain Time DefinitionsPP-KAB
OJI2JIT Call ProfilePP-KAB
LPK3Display Control Cycle for WMPP-KAB
LPK2Change Control Cycle for WMPP-KAB

Full List of SAP KANBAN Tcodes

SAP Repetitive Manufacturing Tcodes

OSPTRepetitive Mfg Profile AssistantPP-REM
MF36C RM-MAT MD Create Planning IDsPP-REM
MF30Create PrelimCostEst - ProdCost Collective PP-REM
MF27Update Stats for Planned QuantitiesPP-REM
MF26Display Reporting Point QuantityPP-REM
MF23Linking Versions GraphicallyPP-REM
MF22Versions: OverviewPP-REM
MF20REM Cost ControllingPP-REM
MF12Display Document Log (With ALV)PP-REM
MF03Display Run Schedule HeaderPP-REM

Full List of SAP Repetitive Manufacturing Tcodes

SAP Production Planning for Process Industries Tcodes

OPKUMaintain Collective ConfirmationPP-PI
CORYCustomer :Production Scheduling ProfilesPP-PI
CORXCustomer :Scheduling Type Process OrdersPP-PI
CORW Production Scheduling Profiles/BatchesPP-PI
CORPControl Parameters for Procurement OrdersPP-PI
CORNOrder Types Process OrderPP-PI
CORDBatch Record: Type of DMS UsedPP-PI
CORCSearch Procurement for Batch Determ. PP-PIPP-PI
CI12Deviation Record.-Selection VariantsPP-PI

Full List of SAP Production Planning for Process Industries Tcodes

SAP Plant Data Collection Tcodes

CIPVPosting PDC recordsPP-PDC
CB42Initial Download of Orders via CC2PP-PDC
CB40Upload request for CC4PP-PDC
CB39Delta download of activities CC4PP-PDC
CB38Master data download CC4PP-PDC
CB37Initial Download of Activities CC4PP-PDC
CB35Upload request for CC3PP-PDC
CB34Delta Download of Orders via CC3PP-PDC
CB33Download of Master Tables via CC3PP-PDC
CB32Initial Download of Orders via CC3PP-PDC

Full List of SAP Plant Data Collection Tcodes

SAP Flow Manufacturing Tcodes

LDA2Change Takt TimePP-FLW
MDVPCollective Availability Check PAUFPP-FLW
LDE2Work Instruction for Line Hierarchy PP-FLW
LDE1Work Instruction for RoutingPP-FLW
LDD3Display Line BalancePP-FLW
LDD2Change Line BalancePP-FLW
LDD1Create Line BalancePP-FLW
LDB3Display Line HierarchyPP-FLW
LDB2Change Line HierarchyPP-FLW
LDB1Create Line HierarchyPP-FLW

Full List of SAP Flow Manufacturing Tcodes

SAP Information System Tcodes

OMO0Self-Definition Anal.: Standard Settings PP-ISPP-IS
MCPHWork center analysis: DatesPP-IS
MCPFMaterial analysis: DatesPP-IS
MCPDProduction order analysis: DatesPP-IS
MCPBOperation analysis: DatesPP-IS
MCP9SFIS: Select Run SchedulePP-IS
MCP8Goods rcpt analysis: repetitive mfgPP-IS
MCP7SFIS: Work Center Analysis SelectionPP-IS
MCP6Goods rcpt analysis: repetitive mfgPP-IS
MCP5SFIS: Material Analysis SelectionPP-IS

Full List of SAP Information System Tcodes