SAP Master Data (AP-MD) Tables

IBIBIB: Installed Base/IBaseAP-MD
IBINIB: IBase Components - ConditionAP-MD
IBSPIB: Installed Base Component - Enhancement/SpecializationAP-MD
IBSTIB: Installation Component - StructureAP-MD
TBZ0BDT Object PartsAP-MD
TBZ1BDT Application ObjectsAP-MD
TBZ3BDT Screen SequencesAP-MD
TBZ5BDT: Where-Used List - Structure TableAP-MD
BC001Business Partner: Assign Vendor - PartnerAP-MD
BD001Business Partner: Assignment Customer - PartnerAP-MD
IBIBTIB: Installed base short textsAP-MD
IBINTIB: Component short textsAP-MD
PRREFPermitted Object CategoriesAP-MD
T006ESystem for Units of Measurement (Components, Mapping)AP-MD
T371AIB: Installed Base CategoryAP-MD
T371BIB: Groups of Database TablesAP-MD
T371CIBase: Authorization Group (Not Currently Analyzed)AP-MD
T371DIB: Installation Component - Object TypeAP-MD
T371FIB: Owner-Observer-Object CategoryAP-MD
T371GIB: Installed Base - Structure Reference CategoryAP-MD
T371IIB: Classes for Installation RulesAP-MD
T371PIBase: Assignment Object Type/UI TypeAP-MD
T371SIB: Screens Per UI TypeAP-MD
T371UIB: Permitted Object Types per IBase TypeAP-MD
T371XIB: Function Modules for each IBase Object TypeAP-MD
T371YIBase: Tabstrip ControlAP-MD
T371ZIBase: User Interface TypeAP-MD
TB018BDT Object Usage: VariantsAP-MD
TB030BP authorization typesAP-MD
TB031BP Field Groups for AuthorizationAP-MD
TB040BDT: Database Tables of EvaluationAP-MD
TB041BP: Entry Variants for Evaluation GeneratorAP-MD
TB044(Obsolete!) Business Partner Roles: PropertiesAP-MD
TB045Business Partner: Filter Values for Variants Deletion SelecnAP-MD
TB046BP Bank Details TypesAP-MD
TB047BP Transactions for Finding Bank DetailsAP-MD
TB048BP: Applications for Distributing Time-Dependent DataAP-MD
TB049Appointment Rules: Schedule TypesAP-MD
TB050Screen Config. (Obsolete from Second Edition VCT)AP-MD
TB053BP Mass Update: ClassesAP-MD
TB058BP: Table for Distributing Time-Dependent DataAP-MD
TB060BDT: Transaction EntryAP-MD
TB070Tax Classification: Tax Types per CountryAP-MD
TB071Define Business Partner Tax GroupsAP-MD
TB102SAP BP Field Grouping, Client-SpecificAP-MD
TB103BDT: Field Grouping for each Object PartAP-MD
TB104BDT-Field grouping per external applicationAP-MD
TB105BDT Field Grouping for each Activity CategoryAP-MD
TB109BDT Application Transactions for Appl. Object BUPAAP-MD
TB200BP Addresses: Seq. Numbers for Planned Commun. DataAP-MD
TB201BP: Scheduled Changes for each Role (Time-Dependency)AP-MD
TB210Business Partner: Assigned Objects (Entities)AP-MD
TB400External Key Table for Business Partner FragmentsAP-MD
TB900Field grouping using BP relationship categoryAP-MD
TB902SAP BP Dialog: Layout ModuleAP-MD
TB903SAP BP Dialog: Assignment of Rel. Cat. -> Layout GroupAP-MD
TB930Business Partner: Marital Property RegimeAP-MD
TB991Differentiation Type Element Like Sales OrganizationAP-MD
TB992Diff. Type Element Like Distribution ChannelAP-MD
TB993Differentiation Type Element Like DivisionAP-MD
TB994Differentiation Type Like Sales AreaAP-MD
TBH01Business Partner - Group Hierarchy CategoryAP-MD
TBH03Activating Delta DownloadAP-MD
TBZ0ABDT ApplicationsAP-MD
TBZ0BBDT Applications: TextsAP-MD
TBZ0CAssign BDT Object Part -> BDT ApplicationsAP-MD
TBZ0DBDT Differentiation TypesAP-MD
TBZ0EBDT Differentiation Types: TextsAP-MD
TBZ0FAssign BDT Object Part -> BDT ViewsAP-MD
TBZ0GBDT Object Part GroupingAP-MD
TBZ0HBDT Object Part Grouping: TextsAP-MD
TBZ0IAssign BDT Object Part Grouping-> BDT Object PartsAP-MD
TBZ0JAssign BDT Object Part Grouping -> BDT Screen SequencesAP-MD
TBZ0KBDT Activity CategoriesAP-MD
TBZ0LBDT Activity Categories: TextsAP-MD
TBZ0MBDT ActivitiesAP-MD
TBZ0NBDT Activities: TextsAP-MD
TBZ0OBDT Field Grouping for Each Activity (Control)AP-MD
TBZ0RBDT Data Sets: TextsAP-MD
TBZ0SBDT Object Part -> BDT Data Sets AssignmentAP-MD
TBZ0TBDT Object Parts: TextsAP-MD
TBZ0UAssign BDT Object Part -> BDT Screen SequencesAP-MD
TBZ1BBDT Events: TextsAP-MD
TBZ1CAssign BDT Screen Fields -> BDT Database FieldsAP-MD
TBZ1DBDT Setting TransactionsAP-MD
TBZ1EBDT Application TransactionsAP-MD
TBZ1FAssign BDT Events -> Function ModulesAP-MD
TBZ1GAssign BDT Application Object-> BDT Differentiation TypeAP-MD
TBZ1IBDT-External applicationsAP-MD
TBZ1JBDT-External applications: TextsAP-MD
TBZ1KAssign BDT Direct Input Fields -> BDT Database FieldsAP-MD
TBZ1TBDT Application Objects: TextsAP-MD
TBZ3BBDT Screens: TextsAP-MD
TBZ3DBDT Sections: TextsAP-MD
TBZ3FBDT Views: TextsAP-MD
TBZ3GBDT-Views: Further checksAP-MD
TBZ3HAssign BDT Section -> BDT ViewAP-MD
TBZ3IAssign BDT Screen -> BDT SectionsAP-MD
TBZ3JBDT: Field Groups Additional FMOD2 ModulesAP-MD
TBZ3KAssign BDT Screen Sequence -> BDT ScreenAP-MD
TBZ3LBDT-Screen Sequence CategoriesAP-MD
TBZ3MBDT-Screen Sequence Categories: TextsAP-MD
TBZ3NBDT-Screen Sequence Category -> BDT-Screen Seq. AssignmentAP-MD
TBZ3OBDT Field Grouping Criteria: TextsAP-MD
TBZ3PBP field grouping: BP cat.AP-MD
TBZ3QBDT Field Grouping CriteriaAP-MD
TBZ3RAssign BDT Field Group -> BDT FieldAP-MD
TBZ3SAssign BDT View -> BDT Field GroupsAP-MD
TBZ3TBDT Screen Sequence Variants: TextsAP-MD
TBZ3UBDT Screen ContainersAP-MD
TBZ3VBDT Screen Containers: TextsAP-MD
TBZ3WBDT Field GroupsAP-MD
TBZ3XBDT Field Groups: TextsAP-MD
TBZ3YBDT Field Grouping: Link Rules for Same ObjectsAP-MD
TBZ3ZBDT Field Grouping: Link Rules with ActivityAP-MD
TBZ4ABDT GUI Functions: Active for Each ViewAP-MD
TBZ4BBDT GUI Functions: Active per View/Screen Seq.Variant (Obs)AP-MD
TBZ4CBDT-GUI Functions: Active per View/Screen Sequence Cat.AP-MD
TBZ4TBDT GUI Functions: TextsAP-MD
TBZ5ABDT Object Usage: Assign Context-View VariantAP-MD
TBZ5BBDT Where-Used List: Application ObjectsAP-MD
TBZ5DBDT Setting TransactionsAP-MD
TBZ5EBDT Object Usage: VariantsAP-MD
TBZ5FBDT Object Usage: Variant TableAP-MD
TBZ5SBDT: Where-Used List - Transport Shadow TableAP-MD
TBZ5TBDT: Where-Used List - Structure TextsAP-MD
TBZ6SBDT: VCT Usages (Shadow Table)AP-MD
TBZ7ABDT-DC: Wizard DeclarationAP-MD
TBZ7BBDT-DC: Wizards - Screen DescriptionsAP-MD
TBZ7CBDT DC: Programming ModelsAP-MD
TBZ7DBDT-DC: Templates for Programming ModelsAP-MD
TBZ9BBP relationship cat. -> resp. BP application allocationAP-MD
TBZ9CBDT Differentiation Type ElementsAP-MD
TBZ9DBDT Differentiation Type Elements: TextsAP-MD
TBZ9EAssign BDT Differentiation Type -> BDT Diff.Type ElementAP-MD
TBZ9FBPR: Generic diff.type element per relationship categoryAP-MD
TBZ9GBP Relationship Category->Dyn. Text f. Relationship OverviewAP-MD
TBZ9HBP Relationships: Assign Rel. Category to Database TablesAP-MD
TBZ9IBP relationship cat -> calling application allocationAP-MD
TBZ9JBP relationship cat. -> BP view allocationAP-MD
TBZJ1SAP BP Dialog: Subheader IDs for Additional Header DataAP-MD
TBZJ2SAP BP Dialog: Assignment of Subheader IDs to RolesAP-MD
TBZJ4SAP BP Dialog: Dialog ExtensionsAP-MD
TBZS1BDT Search Help: Tables with Alias NamesAP-MD
TBZS2BDT Search Help: Join ConditionsAP-MD
TBZS3BDT Search Help: ViewsAP-MD
TBZS4BDT Search Help: Search FieldsAP-MD
TBZS5BDT Search Help: Tree of Tables Containing Search FieldsAP-MD
BUT010GP: old, do not use ==> BUT020AP-MD
BUT030BP Where-Used List: UsagesAP-MD
BUT053BP Relationship: Company InterestAP-MD
BUT054BP Relationship (not used yet)AP-MD
BUT0TPSAP BP: Template AssignmentsAP-MD
BUT0VPBP: Business Partner Assignment and LinksAP-MD
BUXPRABusiness Partner: XPRA Management TableAP-MD
IBADDRIBase: Business Address Services ConnectionAP-MD
IBINTXIBase: Text for the InstanceAP-MD
PRREFHPermitted Object CategoriesAP-MD
T006EESystems for Units of Measurement (Entities)AP-MD
T006ETSystems for Units of Measurement (Entities -> Texts)AP-MD
T371STIBase: Status TypeAP-MD
TB003VBP Role Category -> Business TransactionAP-MD
TB018TBDT Object Usage: Variants, TextsAP-MD
TB018VBDT Object Usage: Variant TableAP-MD
TB019ABDT Object Usage: Assign Context-View VariantAP-MD
TB030TBP Authorization Types: TextsAP-MD
TB038BBP Industry Key: TextsAP-MD
TB038TBP Industry Key Systems: TextsAP-MD
TB039BBP ID Types: TextsAP-MD
TB039TBP ID Categories: TextsAP-MD
TB040BBDT: Link Tables for Indirect Join RelationshipsAP-MD
TB040FBDT: Selection and Display Fields of EvaluationAP-MD
TB041TBP: Texts for Variants of Evaluation GeneratorAP-MD
TB044T(Obsolete!) Business Partner Roles: Properties, TextsAP-MD
TB045TBusiness Partner: Texts for Variants Deletion SelectionAP-MD
TB046TBP Bank Details Types: TextsAP-MD
TB047TBP Transactions for Finding Bank Details: TextsAP-MD
TB047UBP Assignment Transaction -> Usage Type for Bank DetailsAP-MD
TB048TBP: Texts of Applications for Distributing Time-Dep. DataAP-MD
TB049TAppointment Rules: Texts for Schedule TypesAP-MD
TB060RBDT: Transaction Entry Via Search Screen for Object PartsAP-MD
TB070TTax Classification: Tax Types per Country, DescriptionsAP-MD
TB210ABusiness Partner: Assigned ObjectsAP-MD
TB210TBusiness Partner: Names of Assigned ObjectsAP-MD
TB400TText Table for Business Partner FragmentsAP-MD
TB902TSAP BP Dialog: Layout Module: TextsAP-MD
TB930TBusiness Partner: Marital Property Regime: TextsAP-MD
TB990TDifferentiation Type Element Like Company Code: TextsAP-MD
TB991TDifferentiation Type Element Like Sales Organization: TextsAP-MD
TB992TDiff. Type Element Like Distribution Channel: TextsAP-MD
TB993TDiff. Type Element Like Division: TextsAP-MD
TBZ5ATBDT Object Usage: Assign Context-View VariantAP-MD
TBZ5BTBDT Where-Used List: Application Object TextsAP-MD
TBZ5ETBDT Object Usage: Variants, TextsAP-MD
TBZ7ATBDT-DC: Wizard Declaration - TextsAP-MD
TBZ7BTBDT-DC: Wizards - Screen Descriptions - TextsAP-MD
TBZ7CTBDT-DC: Programming Models - TextsAP-MD
TBZJ1CSAP BP Dialog: Sequence and Activation of Subheader IDsAP-MD
TBZJ1TSAP BP Dialog: Texts for TBZJ1AP-MD
TBZJ4CSAP BP Dialog: Dialog Extensions, SequenceAP-MD
TBZJ4TSAP BP Dialog: Dialog Extensions, TextsAP-MD
BUT030GBP Where-Used List: Generic NodesAP-MD
BUT030TBP Object Usage: Application Table, TextsAP-MD
BUT0BKUBP: Bank Details UsagesAP-MD
BUTEORTEnd of Retention Date for Business PartnerAP-MD
BUTP_TPTP common dataAP-MD
BUTSORTSORT Details of Business Partners for each ApplicationAP-MD
BUT_DNCBP: Telephone Numbers of the "Do Not Call" ListAP-MD
IBIBOBSIB: IBase observerAP-MD
IBINOBSIB: Observer of an IBase ComponentAP-MD
IBINOWNIB: Owner of an IBase ComponentAP-MD
IBSTREFIB: Installed Base - Reference to Master Data StructureAP-MD
T371A_TIB: Text table for T371AAP-MD
T371C_TIB: Text Tables for T371CAP-MD
T371F_TIB: Text Tables for T371FAP-MD
T371G_TIB: Text Tables for T371GAP-MD
T371STAIBase: Status TransactionAP-MD
T371STSIBase: StatusAP-MD
T371STVIBase: Status Assignment Database TableAP-MD
T371Z_TIB: Text Table for T371ZAP-MD
TB004_3BP Types Part 3AP-MD
TB004_4BP Types Part 4AP-MD
TB019ATBDT Object Usage: Assign Context-View VariantAP-MD
TB050_SScreen Configuration (Shadow Table) (Obsolete)AP-MD
TB071_TDefine Business Partner Tax GroupsAP-MD
TB102_2SAP BP Field Grouping, Client-Dep. Field Group 1751 - 3500AP-MD
TB102_3SAP BP Field Grouping, Client-Dep. Field Group 3501 - 5250AP-MD
TB102_4SAP BP Field Grouping, Client-Dep. Field Group 5251 - 7000AP-MD
TB103_2BDT: Field Grouping per Object Part Part2AP-MD
TB103_3BDT: Field Grouping per Object Part Part3AP-MD
TB103_4BDT: Field Grouping per Object Part Part4AP-MD
TB104_2BDT Field Grouping per External Application Part 2AP-MD
TB104_3BDT Field Grouping per External Application Part 3AP-MD
TB104_4BDT Field Grouping per External Application Part 4AP-MD
TB105_2BDT Field Grouping per Activity Category Part 2AP-MD
TB105_3BDT Field Grouping per Activity Category Part 3AP-MD
TB105_4BDT Field Grouping per Activity Category Part 4AP-MD
TB108_2Field Grouping BP Role(3501-7000)AP-MD
TBH01_TBP Group Hierarchy Customizing: Hierarchy Categories, TextsAP-MD
TBZ0O_2BDT Field Grouping per Activity (Control) Part 2AP-MD
TBZ0O_3BDT Field Grouping per Activity (Control) Part 3AP-MD
TBZ0O_4BDT Field Grouping per Activity (Control) Part 4AP-MD
TBZ3P_2BP Field Grouping: BP Category Part 2AP-MD
TBZ3P_3BP Field Grouping: BP Category Part 3AP-MD
TBZ3P_4BP Field Grouping: BP Category Part 4AP-MD
TBZ3R_CAssign BDT Field Group -> BDT FieldAP-MD
TBZ9_CDBPR: Control for Reading Change Documents for RelationshipsAP-MD
TFWS_UITFW: Control Table for TFW Object-Specific UI ClassesAP-MD
BUT030GTBP Where-Used List: Generic Nodes, TextAP-MD
BUTEOPFMApplication Function Modules registered for EOP CheckAP-MD
IBSYMBOLIB: Characteristic Value AssignmentAP-MD
TBCALLBYValue table for Call ByAP-MD
TBZ3A_TDBDT Screens Subscreen ContainersAP-MD
TBZ3R_BDAssign BDT Field Group -> BAPI FieldsAP-MD
TBZ3Y_01BDT Field Grouping: Link rules for Different ObjectsAP-MD
TFWS_APITFW: Control Table for TFW Object-Specific API ClassesAP-MD
TFW_TP01TFW: Assignment Templates -> Mini-TemplatesAP-MD
TFW_TP_STFW: Shadow Table TFW_TP (Templates)AP-MD
TFW_TP_TTFW: Template TextsAP-MD
BUTEOPAPPDefine / Store Application Names for EOP check.AP-MD
BUTEOPARVDefine / Store Application Rule Variants for EOP CheckAP-MD
BUTNXTCHKMaintain the Minimum & Maximum Check period/datesAP-MD
BUTP_XMAPMapping table between XML and BAPI structuresAP-MD
BUTRELCHKstore the relationships categoriesAP-MD
COMT_SETTMaster Data of Set Type AP-MD
IBBINDINGIB: Relationship Table Between IBase Event and MethodAP-MD
IBEXTINSTIB: Instance Number for External DisplayAP-MD
TBUPA_BIPInterfaces for External Business Partner ApplicationsAP-MD
TBZ3A_GENBDT Screens to be RegeneratedAP-MD
TFWB_USERUser Settings: Product WorkbenchAP-MD
BUPA_DEBUGSAP BP: Activate Debugging for Function ModuleAP-MD
BUT000_BCSPersistence of a BAS AddressAP-MD
BUT0BK_SHDShadow table for BUT0BK (IBAN only)AP-MD
BUTEOPCONSStore the EOP details of Consolidation system idAP-MD
BUTROLECHKstore the business partner rolesAP-MD
BUT_TDMISSBP Non-Distributable Time-Dependent Data (from BUT_TDTRANS)AP-MD
COMC_APPLTApplication DescriptionAP-MD
COMC_IL_UICustomizing Table for Relationship Type InterfaceAP-MD
COMM_PRCATProduct CategoryAP-MD
IBINVALUESIB: IBase Components - Condition Characteristic EvaluationAP-MD
T371D_TEXTIBase: Text Table for T371DAP-MD
TBUPA_BIPTDescription of External Business Partner ApplicationsAP-MD
TFW_DX_JOBTFW: Schedule Data Exchange Changes to (Mini-) TemplatesAP-MD
TFW_OBJECTTFW: Application ObjectsAP-MD
TFW_TP01_STFW:Shadow Table TFW_TP01 (Template -> Mini-Template Assig.)AP-MD
TFW_TP_T_STFW: Shadow Table TFW_TP_T (Template Texts)AP-MD
BUT_DNC_OLDBP: Telephone Numbers of the "Do Not Call" ListAP-MD
BUT_FRG0010Business Partner: Tax ClassificationAP-MD
BUT_FRG0011Business Partner: Tax ClassificationAP-MD
BUT_HIER_BWSAP BP: Hierarchy ExtractionAP-MD
BUT_TDAPPLIBP Non-Distributable Time-Dependent Data (from BUT_TDTRANS)AP-MD
BUT_TDTRANSBP: Index Table for Distributing Time-Dependent DataAP-MD
COMC_PRVIEWProduct Maintenance Definition ViewsAP-MD
COMC_SCHEMENumbering SchemeAP-MD
COMM_PRCATHProduct Category: HistoryAP-MD
COMM_SCHEMENumbering SchemeAP-MD
COMS_PR_ORGTypes of Organizational DependenciesAP-MD
COMT_SETT_HHistory of Set Type AP-MD
COMT_SETT_XMaster Data of Set Type AP-MD
CRMM_PR_TAXProduct Sales TaxAP-MD
IBINDOMAINSIB: Redundant Design Object Character Domains for InstanceAP-MD
TFW_MTPTYPETFW: Mini-Template TypesAP-MD
BUP_ADDR3_CDBP Relationship: Index Table for Change Document AccessAP-MD
COMC_IL_TYPEDefinition of Relationship Types for Object RelationshipsAP-MD
COMC_PRODUCTGeneral Product SettingsAP-MD
COMC_PRWB_ILProduct Workbench: Assignment of Relship Type to Object TypeAP-MD
COMC_PRWB_SMSearch Methods in Product WorkbenchAP-MD
COMC_PR_TYPEProduct Master Definition of Product TypesAP-MD
COMC_SETTYPEAdministrative Tables for Set TypesAP-MD
COMM_CATFRGRCategory Set-Type AssignmentAP-MD
COMM_PRVIEWHProduct View - HistoryAP-MD
COMM_PRVIEWTProduct View DescriptionAP-MD
COMM_PR_GTINGTIN - Global Trade Item NumberAP-MD
COMM_PR_UNITProduct Unit of MeasurementAP-MD
COMM_SCHEMETNumbering Scheme DescriptionAP-MD
COMS_SETTYPESettings for Generating Set TypesAP-MD
COMT_SETT_MLMaster Data of Set Type AP-MD
COMT_TEMP_MRSet Type TemplateAP-MD
COM_TA_R3_IDR3 IdentificationAP-MD
CRMC_TAX_MAPR/3 to CRM Assignment Table for TaxesAP-MD
CRMM_PR_TAXHProduct Sales Tax - HistoryAP-MD
TFW_METHOD_TTFW: Read Methods, TextsAP-MD
TFW_MINITP_STFW: Shadow-Table TFW_MINITP (Mini-Templates)AP-MD
TFW_MINITP_TTFW: Mini-Templates, TextsAP-MD
TFW_OBJECT_TTFW: Application Objects, TextsAP-MD
TFW_TPTYPE01TFW: Template Types -> Mini-Template TypesAP-MD
TFW_TPTYPE_TTFW: Template Types, TextsAP-MD
TISIS_APPL_TApplication TextsAP-MD
BUTBWCVSYSTATBP: Mapping BW Status/OLTP System StatusAP-MD
BUTBWCVUSSTATCustomizing: Mapping BW Status/OLTP User StatusAP-MD
BUT_HIER_NODEBusiness Partner Hierarchy GroupAP-MD
BUT_HIER_TREEBusiness Partner Group HierarchyAP-MD
BUT_HIER_TYPEBusiness Partner Group Hierarchy Category (GUID)AP-MD
BUT_LOCA_APPLLocator ApplicationsAP-MD
BUT_LOCA_CSAPLocator Customizing: Search ApplicationsAP-MD
BUT_LOCA_CSIDLocator Customizing: Search IDsAP-MD
BUT_LOCA_CSTYLocator Customizing: Search CategoriesAP-MD
COMC_IL_OTYPEDefinition of Object Types for Object RelationshipsAP-MD
COMC_IL_STRUCStructures and Table Types of Relationship TypesAP-MD
COMC_PRVIEW_TDefinition of Views in Product MaintenanceAP-MD
COMC_SCHEME_TNumbering Scheme DescriptionAP-MD
COMM_CATFRGRHAssignment Category - Set Type: HistoryAP-MD
COMM_IL_PRDBPMaster Data of Relationship Type PartnerAP-MD
COMM_IL_SERVIMaster Data of Relationship Type ServicesAP-MD
COMM_IL_SPAREMaster Data of Relationship Type Spare PartsAP-MD
COMM_PRCAT_ILProduct Category - Relationship Type AssignmentAP-MD
COMM_PROD_FRGProduct Type - Set Type AssignmentAP-MD
COMM_PROD_VARAssignment of Product Variants to Configurable ProductAP-MD
COMM_PRSHTEXTProduct DescriptionAP-MD
COMM_PRVIEWTHProduct View Description - HistoryAP-MD
COMM_PR_GTINHGTIN - Global Trade Item Number HistoryAP-MD
COMM_PR_UNITHProduct Unit of Measurement HistoryAP-MD
COMS_ATTR_SETControl Table for the Field Status Depending on Object TypeAP-MD
COMS_ATTR_VALTable for Fixed ValuesAP-MD
COMS_DIFF_BSPAdapter Information for Differentiaton Key SelectionAP-MD
COMS_HELPATTRAuxiliary Attribute TypeAP-MD
COMS_PR_ORG_TTypes of Organizational DependenciesAP-MD
COMT_EXT_TEMPTemplate for Extension TablesAP-MD
COMT_SETT_XMLMaster Data of Set Type AP-MD
COMT_SETT_X_HHistory of Set Type AP-MD
COMT_TEMP_MRHSet Type History TemplateAP-MD
COM_TA_R3_IDHR3 IdentificationAP-MD
CRMC_TAX_TEXTSales Taxes: CustomizingAP-MD
CVIC_CP1_LINKDepartment Nos of Contact Persons (Customer/Vendor-->BP)AP-MD
CVIC_CP2_LINKFunctions of Contact Person (Customer/Vendor-->BP)AP-MD
CVIC_CP3_LINKAuthority of Contact Person (Customer/Vendor-->BP)AP-MD
CVIC_CP4_LINKVIP Indicator of Contact Person (Customer/Vendor-->BP)AP-MD
CVI_CUST_LINKAssignment Between Customer and Business PartnerAP-MD
CVI_VEND_LINKAssignment Between Vendor and Business PartnerAP-MD
MDSE_CTRL_OBJSynchronization ObjectsAP-MD
MDSE_CTRL_OPTSynchronization OptionsAP-MD
TFKTAXNUMTYPETax Number Categories of Business PartnerAP-MD
TFW_DX_MINITPTFW: Data Exchange of Template ChangesAP-MD
TFW_MTPTYPE_TTFW: Mini-Template TextesAP-MD
BBP_CT_SCMTYPECustomizing: Standard Schema TypesAP-MD
BUTBWSYSTATGRPBP: BW Status Object Group for System StatusAP-MD
BUTBWSYSTATOBJBP: BW Status Objects for System StatusAP-MD
BUTBWUSSTATGRPBP: BW Status Object Group for User StatusAP-MD
BUTBWUSSTATOBJBP: BW Status Object for User StatusAP-MD
BUT_LOCA_APPLTLocator Applications: DescriptionsAP-MD
BUT_LOCA_CSAPTLocator Customizing: Search Application TextsAP-MD
BUT_LOCA_CSIDTLocator Customizing: Search IDs TextsAP-MD
BUT_LOCA_CSTYTLocator Customizing: Search Categories TextsAP-MD
BUT_TODO_PREMOPersonalization: Selected Objects per UserAP-MD
COMC_ALTID_OBJObject Types for Alternative ID TypesAP-MD
COMC_ATTRIBUTEProduct - Additional AttributeAP-MD
COMC_ATTRTYPESProduct Additional Attribute - Attribute TypeAP-MD
COMC_CLEAR_ACTData Cleansing: Indicator per Category and Object ClassAP-MD
COMC_HIERARCHYGeneral Settings for Hierarchies and CategoriesAP-MD
COMC_IL_TYPE_TRelationship Type DescriptionAP-MD
COMC_PRWB_APPLProduct Workbench: Assignment Object Type for TransactionAP-MD
COMC_PRWB_OBJTObject Types in Product WorkbenchAP-MD
COMC_PRWB_SM_DDescription of Search Methods for Objects in Prod. WorkbenchAP-MD
COMC_PR_AUTHGRAuthorization Groups for Product Master MaintenanceAP-MD
COMC_PR_FORMATData for Converting the Product IDAP-MD
COMC_PR_LOGSYSStorage Form in Logical SystemsAP-MD
COMC_PR_TYPE_TDescription of the Product TypesAP-MD
COMM_CATEGORYTCategory DescriptionAP-MD
COMM_CLEAR_DEPData Cleansing: Table of Referencing ObjectsAP-MD
COMM_IL_ACCESSMaster Data of Relationship Type AccessoriesAP-MD
COMM_IL_COMPETAssignment of Own Products to Competitor ProductsAP-MD
COMM_IL_PRDCPNMaster Data of Relationship Type CustomersAP-MD
COMM_IL_PRDCTPMaster Data of Relationship Type Content ProviderAP-MD
COMM_IL_PRDMPNMaster Data of Relationship Type ManufacturerAP-MD
COMM_IL_PRDMRKMarketing MaterialAP-MD
COMM_IL_PRDVNDMaster Data of Relationship Type VendorsAP-MD
COMM_IL_PROREFMaster Data of Relationship Type Reference ProductAP-MD
COMM_PRCATFRGRAssignment Product Category - Set TypeAP-MD
COMM_PRCAT_ILHProduct Category - Relationship Type Assignment: HistoryAP-MD
COMM_PRFS_NRELGroup Table for Number Range Object FS_PRODIDAP-MD
COMM_PRIP_NRELGroup Table for Number Range Object IPIDAP-MD
COMM_PROD_VARHHistory: Assignment of Variants to Configurable ProductAP-MD
COMM_PRPRDCATRProduct - Product Category AssignmentAP-MD
COMM_PRSHTEXTHProduct Description (History)AP-MD
COMM_PRTI_NRELGroup Table for Number Range Object TI_IDAP-MD
COMS_ALTID_VALTable for Alternative IDAP-MD
COMS_PRCATVIEWProduct Maintenance Definition ViewsAP-MD
COMS_PRCAT_RSNProduct Category: Deactivate Moving of CategoriesAP-MD
COMS_PR_CONFIGType of Configurable ProductAP-MD
COMS_SETTYPE_OObject Type of a Set TypeAP-MD
COMT_EXT_TEMPHTemplate for Extension Tables HistoryAP-MD
COMT_SETT_ML_HHistory of Set Type AP-MD
COMT_TEMPLATEHSet Type History TemplateAP-MD
COM_TA_MANUFACManufacturer InformationAP-MD
CRMC_TAX_GROUPSales Taxes: CustomizingAP-MD
CRMC_TAX_TCODEAssignment of Tax Scale Code to a CountryAP-MD
CVIC_CCID_LINKLink Payment Cards ID (BP <--> Customer)AP-MD
MDSE_CMPT_DSETDataset for ComparisonAP-MD
MDSE_CMPT_PROCCompare processAP-MD
MDSE_SYNC_PROGPrograms for Initial LoadAP-MD
MDSM_SYNC_RUNTRuntime Status of Sync. ProcessAP-MD
TCACS_CONTRACTPartner Contract CategoriesAP-MD
TCRMBP_REFCUSTDefault Sample CustomerAP-MD
TFW_MINITP_T_STFW: Schadow Table TFW_MINITP_T (Mini-Templates, Texts)AP-MD
TFW_STRATEGY01TFW: Assignment of Methods to Read StrategiesAP-MD
TFW_STRATEGY_DTFW: Default Read StrategyAP-MD
TISIS_CNT_TYPEContract CategoriesAP-MD
BBP_CT_SCMTYPETCustomizing: Name for Schema TypeAP-MD
BUTBWSYSTATGRPTBP: BW Status Object Group for System Status - TextsAP-MD
BUTBWSYSTATOBJTBP: BW Status Objects for System Status - TextsAP-MD
BUTBWUSSTATGRPTBP: BW Status Object Group - TextsAP-MD
BUTBWUSSTATOBJTBP: BW Status Object for User StatusAP-MD
BUT_HIER_NODE_DBusiness Partner Hierarchy Group - DescriptionAP-MD
BUT_HIER_STRUCTBusiness Partner Hierarchy Group - Hierarchy RelationshipAP-MD
BUT_HIER_TREE_DBusiness Partner Group Hierarchy - DescriptionAP-MD
BUT_LOCA_PSHISTLocator Personalization: Search HistoryAP-MD
COMC_ALTID_PRFLProfile for Alternative IDsAP-MD
COMC_ALTID_TYPEControl Data for Alternative Product IDsAP-MD
COMC_CLEAR_PRIOData Cleansing: Permitted PrioritiesAP-MD
COMC_CLEAR_STATData Cleansing: Status and Transition Can Be SelectedAP-MD
COMC_CRD_RELDIRCRM CRD: Relationship Directions (BP and IL)AP-MD
COMC_EXT_SOURCEExternal Data SourcesAP-MD
COMC_IL_ENQUEUELock Arguments for Objects in InterlinkagesAP-MD
COMC_IL_OBJTYPEDefinition of Object Types for Object RelationshipsAP-MD
COMC_IL_OTYPE_TDescription of Object Types for Object RelationshipsAP-MD
COMC_IL_RELTYPEDefinition of Relationship Types for Object RelationshipsAP-MD
COMC_IO_SYSSTATPermitted System Status per Object FamilyAP-MD
COMC_LOGSYS_MAPAssignment of Logical SystemsAP-MD
COMC_MINITP_REGWrapping of Several Mini-Templates by a Key GUID (REG)AP-MD
COMC_MINITP_RELMini-Template Grouping Without Differentiation Key (REL)AP-MD
COMC_PRODUCT_BWBW Extraction Product: Extract Individual ObjectsAP-MD
COMC_PRVIEW_DEFProduct Workbench Default Setting ViewsAP-MD
COMC_PR_OBJ_SETAssignment of Set Types to Object Family (No Longer Used)AP-MD
COMC_PR_RFCDESTProducts: Assignment of Logical System to RFC DestinationAP-MD
COMC_PR_SYSSTATPermitted System Status of the ALV for Each Product/Set TypeAP-MD
COMC_PR_TEXTOBJText Objects in the Product MasterAP-MD
COMC_SCHEME_SEGNumbering Scheme SegmentAP-MD
COMC_VALAREA_R3Valuation Areas in R/3AP-MD
COMM_CATEGORYTHCategory Description: HistoryAP-MD
COMM_CLEAR_TARGData Cleansing: Target Object ListAP-MD
COMM_EXTENSIONHExtension Table History (Template)AP-MD
COMM_HIERARCHYTHierarchy DescriptionAP-MD
COMM_IL_PRDBP_HHistorical Data for Relationship Type PartnerAP-MD
COMM_IL_SERVI_HHistorical Data of Relationship Type ServicesAP-MD
COMM_IL_SPARE_HHistorical Data of Relationship Type Spare PartsAP-MD
COMM_PRCATFRGRHProduct Category - Set Type Assignment: HistoryAP-MD
COMM_PRFIN_NRELGroup Table for Number Range Object FINANCEIDAP-MD
COMM_PRFREEATTRFree Attributes for a ProductAP-MD
COMM_PRMAT_NRELGroup Table for Number Range Object MATERIALIDAP-MD
COMM_PRPRDCATRHProduct - Product Category Assignment: HistoryAP-MD
COMM_PRSRV_NRELGroup Table for Number Range Object SERVICEIDAP-MD
COMM_PRWTY_NRELGroup Table for Number Range Object WARRANTYIDAP-MD
COMM_PR_FRG_REGProduct-Set Assignment (Gen. Link-Handler)AP-MD
COMM_PR_FRG_RELProduct - Set - AssignmentAP-MD
COMM_SCHEME_SEGNumbering Scheme SegmentAP-MD
COMS_ALTID_CONTContext Fields for Alternative IDsAP-MD
COMS_ATTR_RANGETable for IntervalsAP-MD
COMS_DIFF_BSP_AMapping BSP UI Event to Backend ActionAP-MD
COMS_EN_TYPE_UIControl Table (Field Status) Dependent on Extension TypeAP-MD
COMS_LH_OBJ_KEYObject-Type Differentiation-Key Type AssignmentAP-MD
COMS_PR_ORG_RELSettings for Link TablesAP-MD
COMS_PR_TFW_ORGOrg. Admin. Data for TFW Connection of Product MasterAP-MD
COMS_PR_UPGRADEExisting Classes with Upgrade MethodsAP-MD
COMS_SETTYPE_WZStatus of the Input Fields and Tables in the Set Type WizardAP-MD
COMS_SET_COMP_TComponent Type of a Set Type with DescriptionAP-MD
COMS_SET_DETAILSettings for Generating Set TypesAP-MD
COMS_SET_HEADERSettings for Generating Set TypesAP-MD
COMT_SETT_XML_HHistory of Set Type AP-MD
COMT_TEMP_MR_DBSet Type Template for Multi-Value Set TypesAP-MD
COM_KEY_TAB_TMPMDM: Product - Differentiation Key (Category 0000000000)AP-MD
COM_TA_MANUFACHManufacturer InformationAP-MD
CRMBP_MAP_BUGRPMapping of Business Partner GroupingAP-MD
CRMC_TAX_MAP_BPBP Tax Classification of Conditions: Mapping R/3 <-> CRMAP-MD
CVIC_MARST_LINKLink to Marital Status (Customer/Vendor-->BP)AP-MD
MDMEXTRFLD_PREFMDM Field Table Extractor Metadata (Copy)AP-MD
MDMEXTRGRP_PREFMDM Field Group Extractor Metadata (Copy)AP-MD
MDSC_CTRL_OPT_AActive Synchronization OptionsAP-MD
MDSE_CMPT_ID_FLField names for selectionAP-MD
MDSE_CTRL_OBJ_TSynchronization Objects - TextsAP-MD
MDSE_SYNC_ID_FLField Names for SelectionAP-MD
TFKTAXNUMTYPE_CCustomer Selection: Business Partner Tax Number CategoriesAP-MD
TFKTAXNUMTYPE_TName: Business Partner Tax Number CategoriesAP-MD
BUPA_IFC_CALL_FUDetermining Function Modules for Data Exchange: BPAP-MD
BUT050_ADGUID46CBP Rel Addr Display -> AddrGuidAP-MD
BUT0ID_BIP_NOHITBusiness Information Provider: Logging of non identified BPAP-MD
BUTREGSYS_REMOTERFC Dest. of systems connected to the Master SystemAP-MD
BUT_HIER_NODE_BPBusiness Partner Hierarchy Group - Bus. Partner AssignmentAP-MD
BUT_HIER_NODE_DUBusiness Partner Hierarchy Group - DescriptionAP-MD
COMC_ALTID_CNFLDSpecify Context Data for ID TypesAP-MD
COMC_ALTID_FIELDData for Alternative Product ID FieldsAP-MD
COMC_ALTID_PRFLTProfile for Alternative IDsAP-MD
COMC_ALTID_PR_ODSequence of Alternative IDs in a ProfileAP-MD
COMC_ALTID_TP_ODSequence of Alternative IDsAP-MD
COMC_ALTID_TP_SCShort Form for Alternative ID Types in PC UI Quick SearchAP-MD
COMC_ALTID_TYPETDescription of Alternative ID TypeAP-MD
COMC_ATTRIBUTE_TProduct Additional Attribute - DescriptionAP-MD
COMC_ATTRTYPES_TText Table for Logical Attribute TypesAP-MD
COMC_CLEAR_PRIOTData Cleansing: Permitted PrioritiesAP-MD
COMC_CRD_GEN_BW0CRM CRD: Relevant Fields of the Link and Master Data TableAP-MD
COMC_CRD_GEN_BWACRM CRD: Applications for the Extractor-GenerationAP-MD
COMC_CRD_GEN_BWBCRM CRD: Objects for the Extractor-GenerationAP-MD
COMC_CRD_GEN_BWCCRM CRD: Compound for Fields from Product ExtensionsAP-MD
COMC_CRD_GEN_BWDCRM CRD: Generated Text DataSources for DomainsAP-MD
COMC_CRD_GEN_BWECRM CRD: Relevant Fields of the Object TablesAP-MD
COMC_CRD_GEN_BWGCRM CRD: Object Uses for the Extractor GenerationAP-MD
COMC_CRD_GEN_BWICRM CRD: Relevant Fields of the Link and Master Data TableAP-MD
COMC_CRD_GEN_BWKCRM CRD: Join-Conditions of the Object TablesAP-MD
COMC_CRD_GEN_BWLAPD MD: Extendable BW Standard ObjectsAP-MD
COMC_CRD_GEN_BWOCRM CRD: Generated Objects for Attribute-DataSourcesAP-MD
COMC_CRD_GEN_BWSCRM CRD: Selection Fields for Generated Attribute DataSourceAP-MD
COMC_CRD_GEN_BWVCRM CRD: Join-Conditions of the Link and (Master) Data Tab.AP-MD
COMC_EXT_SOURCETText Table for External Data SourcesAP-MD
COMC_IL_TYPE_SFWDefinition of Switch per Relationship Type and Product TypeAP-MD
COMC_IL_TYPE_TXTRelationship Type DescriptionAP-MD
COMC_KEYTYPE_CSTSAP Control Table for Key Assignment GenerationAP-MD
COMC_KEYTYPE_PCUSAP Control Table for Key Assignment GenerationAP-MD
COMC_LINK_PART01General Settings for Time-Dependent Relationship to PartnerAP-MD
COMC_MINITP_DATAMini-Template Data for Set Types (Generic Store)AP-MD
COMC_MINITP_DATHMini-Template Data History for Set Types (Generic Store)AP-MD
COMC_MINITP_DATSShadow Table Mini-Template Data for Set Types (Generic)AP-MD
COMC_PRD_TFW_OBJProduct Master: Objects with TFW ConnectionAP-MD
COMC_PRT_ALTIDPRAssign ID Profile to Product TypeAP-MD
COMC_PRWB_OBJT_DDescription of Object TypesAP-MD
COMC_PRWB_SM_NEWAssignment: Locator Search Type <--> Product TypeAP-MD
COMC_PR_AUTHGR_TAuthorization Group DescriptionsAP-MD
COMC_PR_OBJ_FAM1Client-Dependent Settings for Object FamilyAP-MD
COMC_PR_OBJ_FAMTObject Family DescriptionAP-MD
COMC_PR_TEMPLATEProduct Template for Configurable ProductsAP-MD
COMC_PR_TOOL_REGRegistration for Auxiliary/Correction/Reset ProgramsAP-MD
COMC_PR_TYPE_GENGeneral Settings for Product TypeAP-MD
COMC_PR_TYPE_NRONumber Assignment ControlAP-MD
COMC_PR_TYPE_UPLProduct-Type-Specific Settings for UploadAP-MD
COMC_PR_UPG_DONECompleted UpgradesAP-MD
COMC_SETTYPE_EXCProduct Master Set Types: Connection for TFW ConnectionAP-MD
COMC_SETTYPE_SFWDefinition of Switch per Set Type and Product TypeAP-MD
COMC_SETTYPE_STRNames of Structures for SAP Set TypesAP-MD
COMC_SETTYPE_TFWProduct Master: Set Types with TFW ConnectionAP-MD
COMC_SETTYP_ATTRAdministrative Table for Set Type Attribute InformationAP-MD
COMC_SET_OBJTYPEObjects Using Set TypesAP-MD
COMM_APPLCATGRPRApplication Area of a HierarchyAP-MD
COMM_ATTR_DB_TMHTemplate for Database Tables of Multi-Value AttributesAP-MD
COMM_ATTR_DB_TMPTemplate for Database Tables of Multi-Value AttributesAP-MD
COMM_CATEGORYDELCategories To Be Deleted (Temporary) in DownloadAP-MD
COMM_HIERARCHYTHHierarchy Description: HistoryAP-MD
COMM_IL_ACCESS_HHistorical Data of Relationship Type AccessoriesAP-MD
COMM_IL_PRDCPN_HHistorical Data of Relationship Type CustomersAP-MD
COMM_IL_PRDCTP_HHistorical Data of Relationship Type Content ProviderAP-MD
COMM_IL_PRDMPN_HHistorical Data of Relationship Type ManufacturerAP-MD
COMM_IL_PRDMRK_HMarketing Material HistoryAP-MD
COMM_IL_PRDVND_HHistorical Data of Relationship Type VendorsAP-MD
COMM_IL_PROREF_HHistorical Data of Relationship Type Reference ProductAP-MD
COMM_PME_CAT_MAPMapping of a Category or Product to PME ClassesAP-MD
COMM_PME_PRD_MAPMapping of CRM Products for PME ClassesAP-MD
COMM_PME_SET_MAPMapping Set Types for PME ClassesAP-MD
COMM_PRAPPL_HIERProduct Type-Specific Application Area of a HierarchyAP-MD
COMM_PRARCVERIFYTable of Selected Non-Archivable/Non-Deletable ProductsAP-MD
COMM_PRFREEATTRHFree Attributes for a Product - HistoryAP-MD
COMM_PRODUCT_IDXIndex Table for ProductsAP-MD
COMM_PRWBIL_USERUser Settings for Interlinkages in the Product WorkbenchAP-MD
COMM_PRWB_USERTAUser Settings: Locator TabAP-MD
COMM_PRWB_USER_2User Settings: Product WorkbenchAP-MD
COMM_PR_FRG_REGHProduct-Set Assignment History (Gen. Link-Handler)AP-MD
COMM_PR_FRG_RELHProduct - Set - Assignment HistoryAP-MD
COMM_PT_FT_CREATWhich Sets May Be Created for Which Product TypeAP-MD
COMS_IL_GEN_EXCLExcluded Field Names for Relationship Type AttributesAP-MD
COMS_KEYTYPE_PCUSAP Control Table for Key Assignment GenerationAP-MD
COMS_LH_OBJ_KEYDDefault Values for the GenerationAP-MD
COMS_LH_OBJ_KEYGSystem-Dependent Information for GenerationAP-MD
COMS_LH_OBJ_TYPEObject Types Which Use the Differentiation KeyAP-MD
COMS_PRCATVIEW_TDefinition of Views in Product Category MaintenanceAP-MD
COMS_PRODUCT_UPDIndicator for Conversion ReportsAP-MD
COMS_PR_COMP_ORGTypes of Organizational DependenciesAP-MD
COMS_PR_COPY_RELPermitted Product Copy RelationshipsAP-MD
COMS_PR_ORG_KEYGComponents of Differentiation Key (Gen. Link-Handler)AP-MD
COMS_PR_ORG_KEYSKey Fields of Organizational UnitsAP-MD
COMS_PR_ORG_RELGAdditional Settings for Link Tables (Gen. Link-Handler)AP-MD
COMS_PR_TYPE_UOMProduct Type-Specific Settings for Units of MeasureAP-MD
COMS_SETTYPE_CONParameter Table - Generation of Set Types and AttributesAP-MD
COMS_SETTYPE_DATSettings for Generating Set TypesAP-MD
COMS_SETTYPE_GENSettings for Generating Set TypesAP-MD
COMS_SETTYPE_O_TDescription of the Object Type of a Set TypeAP-MD
COMS_SET_COMPTYPComponent Type of a Set TypeAP-MD
COMS_SET_GEN_DATObjects for Generating Set TypesAP-MD
COMS_SET_GEN_DEFCOMC_SETTYPE Entries for the Set Type GenerationAP-MD
COMS_SET_GEN_D_TObjects for Generating Set TypesAP-MD
COMS_SET_GEN_KEYVariants During Generation of Set TypesAP-MD
COMS_SET_GEN_K_TVariants During Generation of Set TypesAP-MD
COMT_EXT_TEMP_DBTemplate for Extension TablesAP-MD
COM_BUPA_CALL_FUDetermining Function Modules for Data Exchange: BPAP-MD
CRMC_BUT_APP_MNTAppointment Rules: Dialog FormAP-MD
CRMC_BUT_CALL_FUDetermining Function Modules for Data Exchange: BPAP-MD
CRMC_TAX_GROUP_TSales Taxes: CustomizingAP-MD
CRMC_TAX_TCODE_TDescription for Assignment of Tax Scale Code to a CountryAP-MD
CRMM_BUT_FRG0060Business Partner Business HoursAP-MD
CRMM_BUT_FRG0061Business Partner Business Hours IntervalAP-MD
CVIC_CUST_TO_BP1Setting for Numbering for Customer According to BPAP-MD
CVIC_CUST_TO_BP2Role Assignment for Customer According to BPAP-MD
CVIC_LEGFORM_LNKAssign Legal Form to Legal Status for Customer IntegrationAP-MD
CVIC_MAP_CONTACTAssign Contact Persons in CVIAP-MD
CVIC_VEND_TO_BP1Setting for Numbering for Vendor According to BPAP-MD
CVIC_VEND_TO_BP2Role Assignment for Vendor According to Business PartnerAP-MD
CVI_CUST_CT_LINKConnec. Between Relationship + Activity Partner for CustomerAP-MD
CVI_VEND_CT_LINKConnec. Between Relationship + Activity Partner for VendorAP-MD
MDMEXTRHEAD_PREFMDM Header Table Extractor Metadata (Copy)AP-MD
MDM_PR0000000000MDM: Product - Differentiation Key (Category 0000000000)AP-MD
MDM_SEL_TRANS_PRMDM: Storage of Selections and Transfer Segments (Copy)AP-MD
MDSC_CMPT_DSET_AActive Datasets for Compare processAP-MD
MDSC_CTRL_OBJPPOActivation of the PPOs in the Dialog for Platform ObjectsAP-MD
MDSC_PPO_WF_USERRecipient for Postprocessing Work ItemsAP-MD
MDSE_CMPT_CTOBJTComparison Object - TextsAP-MD
MDSE_CMPT_DSET_MMap DataSet IDs to Dynpro IDsAP-MD
MDSE_CMPT_DSET_TDatasets for Comparison - TextAP-MD
MDSE_CMP_MAP_FLDExisting field mapping for synchronized objectsAP-MD
MDSE_CMP_PREP_UIImplementing class for preparing data to display on UIAP-MD
MDSE_SYNC_PPOOBJPPO Objects for Synchronization ObjectsAP-MD
MDSE_SYNC_SELTABTable Names for SelectionAP-MD
MDSM_SYNC_HIST_FSelection Conditions for Load HistoryAP-MD
TCACS_CONTRACT_TPartner Contract CategoriesAP-MD
TISIS_CNT_TYPE_TContract Category TextsAP-MD
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