SAP Material Master Tables

MSTAMaterial Master StatusLO-MD
J_1AINFMBWMaterial Master - InflationFI-LOC
T130ZUse of material master viewsLO-MD
MAEXMaterial Master: Legal ControlLO-MD
USRMMUser settings: material masterLO-MD
T130AMaterial master field selectionLO-MD
MARCHMaterial Master C Segment: HistoryLO-MD
MOFFOutstanding Material Master RecordsLO-MD
CONT01_MARAContainer Table for Material MasterPS
MAPEMaterial Master: Export Control FileLO-MD
MGVSPECTYPESpecialization types material masterLO-MD
MGVSPECTYPETSpecialization types material masterLO-MD
TMBGMaterial Master: Authorization GroupsLO-MD
J_7LM06REA Article Master: Bills of MaterialIS-REA
T138BMaterial master screen sequence controlLO-MD
T133FField Selection: Material Master (Part 2)LO-MD
J_7LV06REA Packaging Master Data: Bills of MaterialIS-REA
A075Master Conditions for SRV with Material GroupSD-MD
TDG41DG: DG Indicator Profiles for Material MasterEHS
MVGDMaterial master/product group material versionLO-MD
T138AFields for Mass Change: Material Master RecordsLO-MD
TMFPFTDistribution Profile of Material Master - TextsLO-MDS
EHPRCD_GMATGlobal Product Number (without material master)EHS-MGM
DVM01R/2-R/3 Link: R/3 Input Data for Material MasterLE-SHP
TDGC1DG: Output Conditions for Material Master FieldsEHS-DGP
T138VVersions for Mass Change: Material Master RecordsLO-MD
MARDHMaterial Master Storage Location Segment: HistoryLO-MD
J_3RF_PRECMFAPrecious materials content of asset master recordFI-LOC
TPTMMaterials: Item Category Groups in Material MasterSD-MD
TDG42DG: Desc. DG indicator profiles for material masterEHS-DGP
SPCIPFIELDLISTDisplay-fields for creating material master from IPIS-AD
TPTMTMaterials: Item Category Groups in Mat.Master: TextsFI-AR
USRM1Material Master User Settings: Organizational LevelsLO-MD
TWIC1200CLNTCross-Plant Settings for Material Master MaintenanceLO-SRS
MAMTMaterial Master Texts per Unit of Measure and Text IDLO-MD
T130OSAP components for material master record maintenanceLO-MD
TMBGTMaterial Master: Descriptions for Authorization GroupsLO-MD
USRM2User Settings for the Material Master: Logical ScreensLO-MD
USRM0Material Master User Settings: Screen Reference "User"LO-MD
MAPEWGMaterial master: Preference determination: Cross-plantSD-FT
J_7LC49REA Data Filter: Material Master Characteristic ValuesIS-REA
TDG47DG: Text names for DG material-master independent textsEHS-DGP
T131AChange code, selection group, and material master tableLO-MD
WRFMATTEMPLATEReference Values: Core Material Master Data MaintenanceLO-MD
MAW1Material Master: Default Fields and Special Retail FieldsLO-MD
J_7LC48REA Data Filter: Field Definition Charact. Material MasterIS-REA
USRM3Material Master User Settings: Retail Organizational LevelsLO-MD
T130MTransaction control parameters: material master maintenanceLO-MD
DVM02R/2-R/3 Link: R/3 Input Data Material Master Stor. LocationsLE-SHP
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