SAP Factory Calendar Tables

TFACTFactory calendar textsBC-SRV
TFACSFactory calendar (display)BC-SRV
TFACDFactory calendar definitionBC-SRV
TCALSCentral entry for factory calendarBC-SRV
TFAITCalendar: Text for factory calendar intervalsBC-SRV
TBKFKFactory Calendar Identification Using CurrencyFI-BL
THOCPublic Holiday CalendarBC-SRV
T5BV4Factory shutdown fundraising (FFE/FSO)PY-BE
T5ECPGeneration of personal calendarPA-PA
T5ER2Calendar configuration for EREPA-PA
T5G24SSP Qualifying Day Pattern CalendarsPA-PA
T5BP3Responses personnel calendarPY-BE
T5BV8Actives for factory shutdown fund (FFE/FSO)PY-BE
PNFLOPVS Factory Layout Node: AttributesAP-PPE
T011ECalendar of person responsible for unitFI-GL
T554PSymbols for Attendances and Absences (Calendar)PT
T51C1Car factory definition tablePA-PA
T51C2Car factory text tablePA-PA
T011BFI financial calendar - job text tableFI-GL
T011FFI fin.calendar - person responsible for unit text tableFI-GL
T5BVZContribution to factory shutdown fundPY-BE
T5H45Hungarian personal calendar as of 01.01.2013PA-PA
T007ITax Advance Return, Tax Group and Calendar Year Group NosFI
T011ACalendar - task descriptionFI-GL
T011VFI financial calendar task-schedule linkFI-GL
T5BP1Control of Personal Calendar (B)PY-BE