SAP Stock Tables

A025Info Record for Non-Stock Item (Plant-Specific)SD-MD
MBPRStock at Production Storage BinLO-MD
MCHBBatch StocksLO-MD
LL05Whse Activity Monitor: Critical StocksLE-WM
MCSDCustomer StockIS-AD
MEIKMake-to-Order Stock for Customer OrderLO-MD
MKLKConsignment Stocks and Returnable Packaging with CustomerLO-MD
MSFDSales Order Stock with VendorIS-AD
EKPVShipping Data For Stock Transfer of Purchasing Document ItemMM-PUR
EQBSSerial Number Stock SegmentLO-MD
MKOLSpecial Stocks from VendorLO-MD
EBUBIndex for Stock Transport Requisitions for MaterialMM-PUR
A028Info Record for Non-Stock ItemSD-MD
A518Limit value determination for stock transport orderSD-MD
EBEWSales Order Stock ValuationLO-MD
MSCDCustomer stock with vendorIS-AD
MCSSTotal Customer StockIS-AD
EKUBIndex for Stock Transport Orders for MaterialMM-PUR
MSFSSales Order Stock with Vendor - TotalIS-AD
MSCSCustomer stock with vendor - TotalIS-AD