SAP Purchase Order Tables

SDEMO_PO_IPurchase Order ItemBC-SRV
ZIFPORDERPOSPurchase Order ItemsSD
SDEMO_POPurchase Order HeaderBC-SRV
ZIFPORDERPurchase Order HeaderSD
SDEMO_PO_STPurchase Order Header StatusBC-SRV
SNWD_PO_IEPM: Purchase Order Item TableBC-SRV
SNWD_POEPM: Purchase Order Header TableBC-SRV
BBP_PDCONPurchase Order Item ConfirmationSRM-EBP-PPS-GM
T163BPurchase Order History CategoriesMM-PUR
PUROBOriginal Batch for Purchase OrderLO-BM
BLK_REASONBlocking Reason in Purchase OrderMM-PUR
SDEMO_PO_SLPurchase Order Item Schedule LineBC-SRV
LIPSPOLIPS Reference Data Purchase OrderLE-SHP
CFIORPURITM0CFIN Objects for Purchase Order ItemsFIN-BAC
POEXTEnhancement Fields for Purchase OrderMM-PUR
T160DFunction Authorizations: Purchase OrderMM-PUR
SNWD_PO_SLEPM: Purchase Order Schedule Line TableBC-SRV
CONT03_EKPOContainer Table for Purchase Order ItemPS
SNWD_PO_INV_ITEMEPM: Purchase Order Invoice Items TableBC-SRV
SNWD_PO_INV_HEADEPM: Purchase Order Invoice Header TableBC-SRV
OTBPARAM2Parameters for OTB Purchase Order WarningPP-SOP
WRF_APC_PLPOQPurchasing List Purchase Order QuantitiesLO-MD
T163CTexts for Purchase Order History CategoriesMM-PUR
T460DOrder/Purchase order types for planned orderPP-MRP
T460COrder/Purchase order types for planned orderPP-MRP
TEE003Customizing Purchase Order from Easy ExecutionCO-PC
BBPD_OR_PCOObject Link: Purchase Order/Order ConfirmationSRM-EBP-PPS-GM
WB2_C_PO2TCCopy Control Purchase Order to Trading ContractLO-GT
BLK_REASON_TXText Table for Blocking Reason in Purchase OrderMM-PUR
FRE_PO_POINTERChange Pointers Changed Purchase Order DocumentsCA
BBPD_OR_SUSPCOObject Link: SUS Purchase Order/Order ConfirmationSRM-EBP-PPS-GM
TME_TOLOverdraw tolerance for Purchase Order / RequisitionPSM-FM
FINORDPUR01Data Storage for Purchase Order Information - ItemsFIN
FINORDPUR0CData Storage for Purchase Order Information - HeaderFIN
WB2_C_PO2TC_IItem Copy Control Purchase Order to Trading ContractLO-GT
SER08Document Header for Purchase Order Item Serial NumbersLO-MD
T175DP_STATEUpdate Down Payment Requests in Purchase Order HistoryMM-PUR
DRVLOG_TRAILDerivation: Orders / purchase orders in derivation pathLO-BM
FRE_OP_PO_KEYKey-Completion F&R Order Proposal <-> R/3 Purchase OrderCA
L2TC_SETTINGS_PORaw-Exposure Update for Purchase Order: General SettingsLO-INT
FMRE_MM_CATASSPermitted Types of Earmarked Funds in Purchase Order DocsFI-FM
MLBEKEPHML: Cost Comp. Split (Elements) for Purchase Order HistoryCO-PC
TTXZI_WB2Text copy control: from Trading Contract to Purchase orderLO-GT
FIP_D_STAT_POQTable containing the Past Purchase Order Quantity stat. dataMM-PUR
DPR_OBJLINK_SCPOPurchase Order and Purchase Order Item for SRM Shopping CartPPM-PRO
A036Overhead Type/Order TypeSD-MD
AFFLWork order sequencePP-SFC
AFFTOrder - Process InstructionsPP-PI
AFFVOrder - Process Instruction ValuesPP-PI
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