SAP Goods Receipt Tables

SHP_IDX_ROGRRough Goods Receipts for VendorLE-SHP
BORGR_PROFILEGoods Receipt Automotive: ProfilesLO-SPM
IMEXTEnhancement Fields for Goods ReceiptMM-IM
JITOGRGoods Receipts for JIT Outbound CallsIS-A
VLCGRECEIPTVELO : Material Document / Goods ReceiptIS-A
BORGR_USR_GROUPGoods Receipt Automotive: Groups for UserLO-SPM
FIP_D_WORKLISTWorklist Substitution during Goods ReceiptLE-SHP
BORGR_UGROUPUser Groups Goods Receipt Dialog AutomotiveLO-SPM
BORGR_UGROUPTUser Groups Goods Receipt Dialog AutomotiveLO-SPM
J_1IGRXREFGoods Receipt to Excise Invoice Coss ReferenceFI-LOC
SHP_IDX_GDRCInbound Deliveries: Not Posted for Goods ReceiptLE-SHP
TWIC0110Retail Store GR: Basic Settings for Goods ReceiptLO-SRS
BORGR_GROUP_PROFGoods Receipt Automotive: Profiles for User GroupLO-SPM
TWIC0100General Settings for SAP Retail Store Goods ReceiptLO-SRS
BORGR_PROFILETGoods Receipt Automotive: Descriptions for ProfilesLO-SPM
WGRC_TSETTINGSCustomizing Settings for Goods Receipt Capacity CheckMM-PUR
T437UControl Table for Further Processing of Goods ReceiptsPP-REM
BORGR_DIALOG_PROConfiguration of Multi-Level Goods Receipt per ProfileLO-SPM
BORGR_DIALOG_CFGUser-Specific Configuration: Multi-Level Goods ReceiptLO-SPM
BORGR_PROF_SELGoods Receipt Automotive: Selection Conditions in ProfileLO-SPM
BORGR_DIALOG_TProfile Texts: Configuration of Multi-Level Goods ReceiptLO-SPM
AFRP1Table of planned changes to conf.: Automatic goods receiptPP-SFC
J_1BIV04Goods Receipts Passed to Notas Fiscais via Inv. VerificationFI-LOC
A192Country/Goods Rec./StCla-MatLO
TCCLPayment cards: Point of receipt for the transactionSD-BIL
EIZOFT: Exp/Imp ident. of goods, pres. of goods for cust.declar.SD-FT
KEPHProduct Costing: Cost Components for Cost of Goods MfdCO-PC
EKRSERS Procedure: Goods (Merchandise) Movements to be InvoicedMM-PUR
TVWACustomers: Goods receiving hours (default values)LO-MD
AUFMGoods movements for orderPM-WOC
S196Goods movement: PlantMM-IS
AFWISubsequently posted goods movements for confirmationsPP-SFC
AFWDDeliveries for Confirmation Goods Movements in EWMPP-SFC
A254Customer or Goods Recipient/Equipment/MaterialIS-EC
A264Customer or Goods Recipient/Document TypeIS-EC
A267Customer or Goods Recipient/Equipment Type/MaterialIS-EC
A279ETM Goods Recipient/Material/Activity TypeIS-EC
AFFWGoods Movements with Errors from ConfirmationsPP-SFC
RBKPDocument Header: Invoice ReceiptMM-IV
N000Condition table for free goods determinationSD-MD
DGTMDDG: Dangerous Goods MasterCA-GTF
DGMSDDG: Dangerous Goods Document Table DGMSDEHS
DGTM2DG: Dangerous Goods Master (App. Table)CA-GTF
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