SAP Outbound Delivery Tables

DLCNOHDDelivery Confirmation for JIT OutboundIS-A
DLCNOCODelivery Confirmation JIT Outbound ItemsIS-A
SHP_IDX_EXOBOutbound Delivery: External IdentificationLE-SHP
DLCNORFReferences for Delivery Confirmation OutboundIS-A
TVDSSProfiles for Subsequent Outbound Delivery SplitLE-SHP
LEDSPD_FLOWDocument Flow for Subsequent Outbound-Delivery SplitLE-SHP
MDRDDelivery Relationships: Recipients per Plant and MaterialMM-CBP
PSLIReference: Delivery from projectPS-MAT
T186Delivery List ProfileLE-SHP
PLPWIndex of the production/delivery plant in the planned orderPP-MRP
LIKPSD Document: Delivery Header DataLE-SHP
TTGRDelivery Scheduling: Transportation GroupsSD-MD
LIPSSD document: Delivery: Item dataLE-SHP
TVLKDelivery TypesLE-SHP
TVDCDelivery Times:CategoriesSD-SLS
EKBZHistory per Purchasing Document: Delivery CostsMM-PUR
PKSDControl Cycle Item/Additional Data for Kanban With DeliveryPP-KAB
TVLRCheck Table - Sequence of Activities in the DeliveryLE-SHP
B502Delivery BlockSD-MD
B501Delivery Type / Shipping cond.SD-MD
B012Sales Organization/Delivery TypeSD-MD
B009Delivery TypeSD-MD
AUVWDelivery Phase for Distribution CenterLO-MDS
AUVTShipping-Specific Data of Plants for Delivery GenerationLO-MDS
AULWDelivery PhasesLO-MDS
T663Delivery interval:Sched.agreements for component suppliersSD-SLS