SAP Number Ranges Tables

NKLVNumber ranges in WMLE-WM
TSP0GSpool: Number rangesBC-CCM
CNV_20201_NRIV_NTarget number rangesCA-GTF
CNV_20201_NRIV_OSource number rangesCA-GTF
T003NNumber Ranges for Order TypesCO-OM
TKA04Number ranges for CO documentsCO
T0KBNSDB: Customizing Number rangesCS-CM
AXT_NUMBERRANGENumber Ranges for ExtensibilityCA-GTF
CNV_20201_RNMBConversion rules for number rangesCA-GTF
TMQ1Number Ranges for Quota ArrangementMM-PUR
TCMS_AST_ORGGroup table for Asset Number rangesFS-CMS
CNV_NCE_NRIV_MAPNCE: Mapping data for number rangesCA-EUR
TBKKNUMRGNumber of Number Ranges per Bank AreaIS-B
TCACS_NRRBDContract Bundle: Assign Number RangesICM
TFKBOL_BOLXTBoleto: external Boleto number rangesFI-CA
TKB08Number Ranges for Settlement DocumentsCO-OM
TCACS_NRRBDTContract Bundle - Number Ranges: TextsICM
TFRC1VOFM Cusomizing: Group and Number RangesSD-BF
TCACS_NRRCTTTexts: Commission Contract Number RangesICM
TCACS_NRRCTCommission Contract: Assign Number RangesICM
DFKKORDERRANGE_SAssign Number Ranges to Request TemplatesFI-CA
TFK003BParallel number ranges for FI-CA documentsFI-CA
GLE_BALANC_DEFDefine Account Number Ranges for DocumentsAC-INT
VLCMODELSNRVELO : Assignment of number ranges to modelsIS-A
VLC_MODELSNRVELO : Assignment of number ranges to modelsIS-A
DFKKORDERRANGEAssigning Number Ranges to Request CategoriesFI-CA
TFK003DParallel Number Ranges for Individual PostingsFI-CA
J_1IEWT_CERTNONumber Ranges for Withholding Tax CertificatesFI-LOC
THXC_NR_RNG_ASSNumber Ranges Assignment for P-Hedge AccountingFIN-FSCM
TCACS_CAS_RANGESCommissions: Number Ranges for Commission CasesICM
TCACS_OBJ_RANGESCommissions: Number Ranges for Triggering ObjectsICM
T889ANumber Ranges for Document Types for Local ObjectsFI-SL
J_3GNUMKAUAssignment of Number Ranges to Order Types for CEMIS-EC
TCMS_CAG_ORGGroup table for Collateral Agreement Number rangesFS-CMS
T889BNumber Ranges for Document Types for Global ObjectsFI-SL
AXT_TAB_NRRANGENumber Ranges for Extensibility Logical Object TypeCA-GTF
TCACS_DOC_RANGESCommissions: Number Ranges for Commission DocumentsICM
TCACS_RCP_RANGESComn: Number Ranges for Retroactive Case ProcessingICM
TCACS_SES_RANGESCommissions: Number Ranges for Settlement SchedulesICM
TWGVALEProduct Catalog: Layout Number Ranges for ALE InboundLO-MD
T003RNumber Ranges RE_BELEG (Logistics Invoice Verification)MM-IV
OFNUM_IT_1Official Numbering by Document Class-enabled ranges(IT)FI
RDB_RECNR_SUBRDB: Subobject for Number Ranges (Single Record Number)FIN-FSCM
OFNUM_TW_2Official Numbering by Business Places-enabled ranges(TW)FI-LOC
TCACS_FIT_RANGESCommissions: Number Ranges for Fulfillment Level HeadersICM
TCACS_FHD_RANGESCommissions: Number Ranges for Fulfillment Level HeadersICM
FKKNRRANGEInternal Structure for Lock Object Document Number RangesFI-CA
SFSRFW_NUMBERReplication Framework - Storage for Number Ranges/CounterBC-SRV
TFK2600SDocument Number Assignment: Number Ranges for Indiv. Proc.FI-CA
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