SAP Idoc Tables

EDIFMIDoc: Function modules for creating file namesBC-MID
EDID4IDoc Data Records from 4.0 onwardsBC-MID
EDIDCControl record (IDoc)BC-MID
T327BDefinition of function modules for IDOC setup: Link WM - subLE-WM
EDIDOValue table for IDoc typesBC-MID
TBD10ALE: IDoc fields in ALE objectBC-MID
TBD24ALE: IDOC reduction flagged with positive logicBC-MID
TBD20ALE: data for IDoc projection filterBC-MID
EDIDSStatus Record (IDoc)BC-MID
EDID3IDoc Data Record from 3.0 onwardsBC-MID
EDID2IDoc Data Record from 3.0C onwardsBC-MID
EDE6TIDOC: Text table for process codes for inbound statusesBC-MID
TBD21ALE: IDoc reductionBC-MID
JITEDJIT : Assigned IDocIS-A
EDIQOIDoc: Outbound Queue for qRFCBC-MID
TBD22ALE: mapping IDoc fields to change document fieldsBC-MID
EDIQIIDoc Inbound Queue TableBC-MID
EDMAPDocumentation for R/3 <-> IDOC type assignmentsBC-MID
EDSYNIDoc syntax after 3.0BC-MID
TBD13Organizational units to be converted in IDoc fieldsBC-MID

SAP IDoc Interfaces for EDI Tables

PUMAConversion to External Partner Number (outb.)CA-EDI