SAP Transfer Order Tables

LTAPTransfer order itemLE-WM
VSHIST_ORTransfer history orderPS-SIM
LTAKWM transfer order headerLE-WM
T329DTransfer Order Printer ControlLE-WM
T161WOrder Types for Stock TransferMM-PUR
T329PTransfer Order Print ParametersLE-WM
T312BProfile for Transfer Order SplitLE-WM
LTHUAssignment of Pick-HUs to Transfer OrdersLE-WM
T347AControl of link WM - TRM for Transfer OrdersLE-TRM
T333NControl for automatic transfer order creationLE-WM
COSSPTransfer of the Order COSS Table to the ProjectPS-ST
JITOTORelationship Summarized JIT Call - Transfer OrderIS-A
CURTO_FOCUS_CHGChange Pointer for Order/WBS BOM for PDS TransferLO-VC
T312RSetup Time for Planned Processing in Transfer OrderLE-WM
LL01Whse Activity Monitor: Critical Transfer Order ItemsLE-WM
T329TTexts for Setting Formats for Printing Transfer OrdersLE-WM
COSPPTransfer of the Order in the COSP Table to the ProjectPS-ST
FRE_DOC_SO_SENTRelevant Document Types for Sales Order Data TransferredCA
A036Overhead Type/Order TypeSD-MD
AFFHPRT assignment data for the work orderPP-BD
AFFLWork order sequencePP-SFC
AFFTOrder - Process InstructionsPP-PI
AFFVOrder - Process Instruction ValuesPP-PI
AFIHMaintenance order headerPM-WOC
AFKOOrder Header Data PP OrdersPP-SFC
AFVCOperation within an orderPP-SFC
AFPOOrder itemPP-SFC
AUFMGoods movements for orderPM-WOC
AFBPCIM order: Batch print requestsPP-SFC
B005Sales Organization/Order TypeSD-MD
A037Overhead Type/Order Catg.SD-MD
A066Info record per order unitSD-MD
A067Plant Info Record per Order UnitSD-MD
A185Order no./Item/Configuration no./Material/Preference zoneSD-MD
A518Limit value determination for stock transport orderSD-MD
AUFKOrder master dataCO-OM
AFRUOrder ConfirmationsPP-SFC
AT14Status TransfersFIN-FSCM
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