SAP Material Document Tables

A089SD Document/MaterialSD-MD
PDTC_T_MBLNRMaterial Document NumberLO-MD
A090SD Document/Item/MaterialSD-MD
MKPFHeader: Material DocumentMM-IM
MSEGDocument Segment: MaterialMM-IM
MYSEG_EXTRACTDocument Segment: MaterialMM-IM
MLITMaterial Ledger Document: ItemsCO-PC
J_3RFGTDMATGTD usage in material documentsFI-LOC
MLHDMaterial Ledger Document: HeaderCO-PC
MARIShort document: material movementMM-IM
VLCGMOVEMVELO : Material Documents (Other)IS-A
VLCGISSUEVELO : Material Document /Goods IssueIS-A
MLFGMaterial Ledger Document: Field GroupsCO-PC
A098SD Document/Item/Material Pricing GroupSD-MD
BSIMSecondary Index, Documents for MaterialMM-IV
MLWIPITWIP Document in Material Ledger - LinesCO-PC
BSIM_BAKSecondary Index, Documents for MaterialMM-IV
MLWIPHDWIP Document in Material Ledger - HeaderCO-PC
J_3GBAMTARTAllowed Material Types per Document TypeIS-EC
VLCGRECEIPTVELO : Material Document / Goods ReceiptIS-A
CNV_20551_MBLNRMaterial documents selected for deletionCA-GTF
CKMI1Index for Accounting Documents for MaterialCO-PC
MLITMBMaterial valuation document row informationCO-PC
TCUDB_PRODUCTDocumentary Batch - Product (Material Type)LO-BM
CNVTDMS_05_MDOCFill Header for Material Documents (IS-OIL)CA-EUR
CNVTDMS_05_EXGNOFill Header for Material Documents (IS-OIL)CA-EUR
CNVTDMS_05_LGINVFill Header for Material Documents (IS-OIL)CA-EUR
CNVTDMS_05_NETNOFill Header for Material Documents (IS-OIL)CA-EUR
RBMADocument Item: Incoming Invoice for MaterialMM-IV
MMIM_PREDOC_ORGParked Material Documents, Organizational DataMM-IM
EKPB"Material Provided" Item in Purchasing DocumentMM-PUR
MLCRMaterial Ledger Document: Currencies and ValuesCO-PC
CFIOGMVMT0CFIN Objects for Material Documents (GR-Based IV)FIN-BAC
MLMSTMaterial Ledger Document: Costing Run Header DataCO-PC
VBSPSD Document Item for Models of Material StructuresSD-SLS
CFB_C_RMC_BSARTDocument Types in Raw Material Procurement CockpitMM-PUR
MLCRFMaterial Ledger Document: Field Groups (Currencies)CO-PC
A277Standard Dummy Customer/Document Type/Material GroupIS-EC
QAMBQM: Link Between Inspection Lot and Material DocumentQM-IM
TVINDSales Document: Update of Material and Validity IndexSD-MD
MLCDMaterial Ledger: Summarization Record (from Documents)CO-PC
UAINVDEBCRHDocument for Revaluation Through Material Debit/CreditFIN-BAC
MLPPMaterial Ledger Document: Posting Periods and QuantitiesCO-PC
MLPPFMaterial Ledger Document: Field Groups (Posting Periods)CO-PC
KOTJ012Document Category/Recipient/Material Group/Activity TypeIS-EC
KOT4012Document Category/Recipient/Material Group/Activity TypeIS-EC
MLCOMaterial valuation document account assignment informationCO-PC
A265Standard Dummy Customer/Document Type/Material Grp/MaterialIS-EC
MLWIPCOREFWIP Document in Material Ledger - Reference to CO DocumentsCO-PC
UAINVDEBCRIDocument Item for Revaluation Through Material Debit/CreditFIN-BAC
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