SAP BW Service API (BC-BW) Tables

ROISInfoSources in the source systemsBC-BW
ROISTName of the InfoSourcesBC-BW
ROAPPLBW: Application ComponentsBC-BW
ODQSSNOperational Delta Queue: SubscriptionBC-BW
RSNDPSNDP (New Dimension Products) SupportBC-BW
RODCHABW: InfoObjects / CharacteristicsBC-BW
ROAUTHAuthorizations for DataSourcesBC-BW
ODQTSNOperational Delta Queue: Last Synchronized Replication - TSNBC-BW
ODQREQOperational DeltaQueue: General RequestBC-BW
RSIBUSIBU (Industry Business Units) SupportBC-BW
RODTIMBW: Time CharacteristicsBC-BW
ROSTOPInterruption of Current Load ProcessBC-BW
ROAPPLTBW: Name of the Application ComponentsBC-BW
ROOSGENGenerated Objects for OLTP SourceBC-BW
ROOSSEGSegments of a DataSourceBC-BW
ROISGENGenerated objects for the InfoSourceBC-BW
RODIOBJInfoObjects of the source systemBC-BW
RSFHSELDummy Table for SelectionsBC-BW
ROPROXYObsolete: DataSource ProxiesBC-BW
ODQDATAOperational Delta Queue: Data Store for DeltaBC-BW
RSADMINData import administration settingsBC-BW
AQBWCATInfoSource Catalog (SAP Query) CustomerBC-BW
RSC2QOUTDescription of BW Outbound QueueBC-BW
RSHIEOBJHierarchies: Directory of the contained InfoObjectsBC-BW
ROHIEBASAssignment of hierarchy class / domain for basic character.BC-BW
ROHIEOBJDerivation of hierarchy class and node type -> InfoObjectBC-BW
RODSAPPLDataSource Application ComponentsBC-BW
ROOSATTRDataSource AttributesBC-BW
ROOSGENQGenerated Coding for DS (Only for Delta Queue at Present)BC-BW
AQBWFCATInfoSource Catalog (SAP Query) CustomerBC-BW
ODQADMINParameter for Operational Delta QueueBC-BW
RSCONRELValue table for content releasesBC-BW
ROOSPRMSControl Parameters Per DataSourceBC-BW
RSMVTYPEValue table for value types for reportingBC-BW
RODSEXITDataSource EventsBC-BW
ODQSTATEOperational Delta Queue: Queue StatusBC-BW
ROPC_BORProcess Chains Started (Workflow)BC-BW
ROISIOBJBW: Assignment of InfoSource Fields to InfoObjectsBC-BW
ROPXCONFDataSource Proxy SettingBC-BW
RSSGTBIDExample of BW program generation:GUIDs for tablesBC-BW
ROVERHIEHierarchies in Verification ScenarioBC-BW
RSTVTYPETexts for value types for reportingBC-BW
RSBASIDOCAssignment of source systems to BIW systems incl. IDoc typeBC-BW
ROVERFIEAField Number in Verification ScenarioBC-BW
RSAPETDTLDetail Records from Extraction TraceBC-BW
ROVERHIETHierarchy Texts in Verification ScenarioBC-BW
RSBENFTABBenchmarking: Directory of the callup pointsBC-BW
RSTMETYPETexts for key figure typesBC-BW
RSMREPLEDValue table for reporting ledgerBC-BW
RSMDDELTAAssignment basic characteristic - change pointerBC-BW
RSIOTAB01Table for Setting Up Master Data DeltaBC-BW
RSMVTSTATValue table for statistics indicators per value typeBC-BW
RSSGTPCLABW Generation Tool: Program ClassBC-BW
RSSGTPDIRBW generation tool: Directory of the generated programsBC-BW
RSTREPLEDTexts for reporting ledgerBC-BW
RSTVTDETLTexts for detailing per value typeBC-BW
RSMMETYPEValue table for key figure typesBC-BW
RSFHGENTDGenerated Routines for Extraction of Transaction DataBC-BW
RSTVTSTATTexts for statistics indicator per value typeBC-BW
RSMVTDETLValue table for detailling per value typeBC-BW
ROOSPRMSFControl Parameters Per DataSourceBC-BW
ROOSPRMSCControl Parameter Per DataSource ChannelBC-BW
RODCHABASInfoObjects / basic characteristics in the source systemBC-BW
RODELTAMTBW Delta Process (Text)BC-BW
ROOSGENRTGenerated Objects for OLTP SourceBC-BW
RODSAPPLTTexts for Application Components of a DataSourceBC-BW
ROMDDELTABIW: DataSource Assignment - Change PointerBC-BW
ROMSDIOBJBIW: Assignment of master data attributes to InfoObjectsBC-BW
ROOHIECATAdditional Hierarchy Information for DS in Source SystemBC-BW
ROOSGENQVExtract Structure VersionsBC-BW
ODQTSNLOGOperational Delta Queue: Transaction LogBC-BW
ODQDATA_COperational Delta Queue: Data Storage for Delta Init.BC-BW
ODQSSNREQOperational Delta Queue: Queue Subscription RequestBC-BW
ODQDATA_FOperational Delta Queue: Data Storage for One-Off ExtractionBC-BW
ROOHIECOMCompound Information for Hierarchy DS in Source SystemBC-BW
ODQSSNQUEOperational Delta Queue: Queue SubscriptionBC-BW
ODQREQQUEOperational Delta Queue: General Queue RequestBC-BW
ODQDAEMONOperationale Delta Queue: Daemon Status for Real-TimeBC-BW
ROOSOURCETable Header for SAP BW OLTP Sources (Relevant From 2.0)BC-BW
ODQQUEDESOperational DeltaQueue: Queue Selections f. Extractor DeltaBC-BW
RSBIWBENCHBenchmarking Business Information WarehouseBC-BW
RSBENFTABTBenchmarking: Name of the callup pointsBC-BW
ROOSESRMAPMapping DataSource ESR (Serialized Object)BC-BW
RSSGTPCLATBW generation tool: Texts for program classesBC-BW
ROIDOCPRMSControl parameters for data transfer from the source systemBC-BW
ROEXSOURCEABAP Source Code for BW ExtractorsBC-BW
RODIOBJCMPBW: InfoObjects / CompoundingBC-BW
ROBWQTSTATDelta Update StatusBC-BW
RODCHABGENGenerated objects for the basic characteristicBC-BW
ROOSGENDLMGeneric Delta Management for DataSources (Client-Dep.)BC-BW
ROVERCUBE3Transaction Data for Verification Scenarios (from 4.0B)BC-BW
ROVERCUBE1Transaction Data for Verification ScenariosBC-BW
RORQSTPRMSProtokolltable RequestBC-BW
RORQSTATTRRequest AttributesBC-BW
ROVERCUSTTCustomer Texts for Verification Scenario FABBC-BW
ROPC_WFBORWorkflow Processes StartedBC-BW
ROOSSHORTNDataSource Short NameBC-BW
ROVERCUSTAAttributes for Customers in Verification ScenarioBC-BW
ROOSGENSEGGenerated Objects for OLTP SourceBC-BW
ROVERTABLETables for Verification ScenariosBC-BW
ROVERTYPETTexts for Test Type in Verification ScenarioBC-BW
ROVERREGITTexts for Region in Verification ScenarioBC-BW
ROOSGENDLTGeneric Delta Management for DataSourcesBC-BW
ROVERTYPEATest Type in Verification ScenarioBC-BW
ROVERREGIARegion in Verification ScenarioBC-BW
ROOSGENQVFField Descriptions for Extract Structure VersionsBC-BW
ROVERFIELTTexts for Field NumbersBC-BW
ROVERFIELHHierarchy using Test Fields in Verification ScenarioBC-BW
AQBWCAT_SAPInfoSource Catalog (SAP Query) Used by SAPBC-BW
RSSCM_BWAPOSystem setting within SCM 4.0 systemBC-BW
AQBWFCAT_SAPField catalog for InfoSources (SAP Query) used by SAPBC-BW
RSSGTPDIRSUBBW Generation Tool: Time Stamp Management for SubtemplatesBC-BW
ODQSSNREQQUEOperational Delta Queue: Queue Subscription RequestBC-BW
RSSCM_BWCLNTClient for BW extraction for SCM4.0 applicationsBC-BW
ROOSGENTFSTRTransfer Structure (Character) SegmentedBC-BW
ROREQUESTPRMSRequest Attributes (Source System)BC-BW
RSAOLTP_DSWRITEGenerated Reports for File OutputBC-BW
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