SAP Frontend Services - Use subcomponents (see SAP Note 1322184) (BC-FES) Tables

TGPMGraphic control: Platform-specific product controlBC-FES
TBCRRibbon Attributes Generated with Time Scale WizardBC-FES
TCNCProfiles for clusters in network/hierarchy graphicsBC-FES
THLTVarChart Graphics: Color AttributesBC-FES
TGTYGraphic typesBC-FES
TCNGNetwork/hierarchy graphics: graphics profileBC-FES
TCNLNetwork/hierarchy graphics: profile for linksBC-FES
TCNNNetwork/hierarchy graphics: profiles for nodesBC-FES
TCNONetwork/hierarchy graphics: options profileBC-FES
TFATField Attributes in VarChart GraphicsBC-FES
TFMTFormat attributes in VarChart graphicsBC-FES
TGPNGraphic control: Platform-specific product controlBC-FES
TGMFFiles for Inclusion as SymbolBC-FES
TBCOOptions in bar chartBC-FES
TBCLLayer types in bar chartBC-FES
TBCFForm types in Gantt chartBC-FES
TBCAChart types in bar chartBC-FES
TOLEOLE ApplicationsBC-FES
IACRLanguage Resources for Internet Applications (Service, ThemeBC-FES
TBCCColor types in bar chartBC-FES
IACSInternet Application Components with ITSBC-FES
TBCGGraphics profile of bar chartBC-FES
IACTUParameters for HTML Templates (Non-Lang.-Spec.) Prog. NameBC-FES
TFATTVarChart Graphics: Texts for Field AttributesBC-FES
TBCCTText on Color Types in the Bar ChartBC-FES
TFMTTVarChart Graphics: Format Attribute TextsBC-FES
IACXUXML Templates for HTML TemplatesBC-FES
TFRPTVarChart Graphics: Texts on Frame FormBC-FES
TFTBYFont Type in VarChartBC-FES
TCNCTNetwork/Hierarchy Graphics: Texts on Frame ProfilesBC-FES
TFTBTVarChart Graphics: Texts on Font TypeBC-FES
TCNOTNetwork/Hierarchy Graphics: Texts for Options ProfilesBC-FES
TBCGTTexts on graphics profiles of the bar chartBC-FES
TBCOTTexts on options for bar chartBC-FES
TCDIRControl DirectoryBC-FES
TBCFTTexts on form types in the bar chartBC-FES
IACTLParameters for HTML Templates (Non-Lang.-Spec.) Prog. NameBC-FES
TCNGTNetwork/Hierarchy Graphics: Texts for ProfilesBC-FES
TCNLTNetwork/Hierarchy Graphics: Texts for Link ProfilesBC-FES
TBCATText on Chart Types in the Bar ChartBC-FES
TCNNTNetwork/Hierarchy Graphics: Texts for Node ProfilesBC-FES
TBCLTTexts on Layer Types in Bar ChartBC-FES
TGMFTTexts for GMF File for LogoBC-FES
TGPMTProduct management for graphic control: NameBC-FES
TLSU2SAP Structural Graphics: Text Table Page SizeBC-FES
TLSU3SAP Structural Graphics: Text Table Postscript FontsBC-FES
TLSU4SAP Structural Graphics: Text Table Screen FontsBC-FES
TLSU5SAP Structural Graphics: Text Table ColorsBC-FES
TLSU6SAP Structural Graphics: Text Table for FormsBC-FES
TLSU7SAP Structural Graphics: Line TypesBC-FES
TLSUFSAP Structural Graphics: Text Table FormsBC-FES
TLSUISAP Structural Graphics: Text Table Reserved Toolbox EntriesBC-FES
TLSUTSAP Structural Graphics: Text Table for SeparatorsBC-FES
TLTYPLine types in VarChart GraphicsBC-FES
TLTYTVarChart Graphics: Texts on Line TypesBC-FES
TOLETWorkflow Object Types: Texts OLE ApplicationsBC-FES
TPATTPattern type in VarChartBC-FES
TPTTTVarChart graphics: texts on patternsBC-FES
TSTRKVarChart Graphics: Strike-Through-TypeBC-FES
TSTRTVarChart graphics: texts on strikethrough typesBC-FES
TWCOLPossible colors (W lib)BC-FES
TLSU1SAP Structural Graphics: Text Table Export FilterBC-FES
THLTTVarChart Graphics: Texts for Color AttributesBC-FES
TGPNTName in product management for graphic controlBC-FES
TGSU0SAP Structural Graphics: Log DescriptionBC-FES
TGSU1SAP Structural Graphics: Check Table for Export FilterBC-FES
TGSU2SAP Structural Graphics: Check Table Page SizesBC-FES
TGSU3SAP Structural Graphics: Check Table for Postscript FontsBC-FES
TGSU4SAP Structural Graphics: Check Table for Screen FontsBC-FES
TGSU5SAP Structural Graphics: Check Table for ColorsBC-FES
TGSU6SAP Structural Graphics: Check Table for FormsBC-FES
TGSU7SAP Structural Graphics: Check Table for Line TypesBC-FES
TGSUFSAP Structural Graphics: Check Table for FormsBC-FES
TGSUISAP Structural Graphics: Check Table Reserved Toolbox Entr.BC-FES
TGSUOSAP Structural Graphics: User-Specific SettingsBC-FES
TGSUSSAP Structural Graphics: User-Specific Task SizesBC-FES
TGSUTSAP Structural Graphics: Check Table for SeparatorsBC-FES
TGSUVSAP Structural Graphics: User-Specific SettingsBC-FES
TGSUXSAP Structural Graphics: User-Specific Task SizesBC-FES
TGTYTGraphic types: NameBC-FES
TWCOTTexts on ColorsBC-FES
IACFLFeature in ITS Plug-InBC-FES
IACMLParameters for MIME Objects (Language-Specific) File & Rel.BC-FES
IACRTWAB: Texts for ThemesBC-FES
IACSTShort Text for Internet ServicesBC-FES
TFRSPFrame Form in VarChartBC-FES
IACMUParameters for MIME Objects (Non-Lang.-Specific) File & Rel.BC-FES
IACXUTWAB: Texts for XML Templates for HTML TemplatesBC-FES
IACS_CParameters for service descriptionBC-FES
IACR_CEntries for language resourcesBC-FES
IACFLOWINDX file for HTML templates (cross-language)BC-FES
IACHTMLObsolete:INDX File for HTML Templates (Language-Independent)BC-FES
IACHTRCObsolete: Language Resources for Internet ApplicationsBC-FES
IACJSCRObsolete: INDX File for MIME Objects (Language-Independent)BC-FES
GFWCUPOGFW Customizing: PointBC-FES
IACMIMEObsolete: INDX File for MIME Objects (Language-Independent)BC-FES
IACMU_CContent of MIME Objects (Language-Independent)BC-FES
IACML_CContent of MIME Objects (Language-Independent)BC-FES
GFWCUVAGFW Customizing: Value SeriesBC-FES
W3JSCRTWAB: Texts for JavaScript FilesBC-FES
W3HTRCTWAB: Texts for ThemesBC-FES
BDSRE14BDS: Relationship InstancesBC-FES
CNTLREMremarks to controls --> see table CNTLWARNBC-FES
GFWCUAXGFW Customizing: AxisBC-FES
GFWCUDAGFW Customizing: Plot AreaBC-FES
GFWCUDCGFW Customizing: Display ContextBC-FES
GFWCUDIGFW Customizing: ChartBC-FES
GFWCUDSGFW Customizing: Data sheetBC-FES
GFWCUGRGFW Customizing: GridBC-FES
GFWCUITGFW Customizing: ItemBC-FES
GFWCUSCGFW Customizing: ScaleBC-FES
OLELOADOLE type Information loadBC-FES
IACTL_CContent of HTML Templates (Language-Dependent)BC-FES
IACTU_CHTML Templates (Language-Independent) for Version ManagementBC-FES
W3MIMETWAB: Texts for MIME ObjectsBC-FES
ITS_POScontains position values, e.g. left, center...BC-FES
ITSTESTITS Test: Who has carried out which transactionBC-FES
ITS_CSScontains cascading style sheets (css) for generatorBC-FES
GFWCUSCUGFW Customizing: Scale (Customer Data)BC-FES
GFWCUAXUGFW Customizing: Axis (Customer Data)BC-FES
IACMIMELObsolete: INDX File for MIME Objects (Language-Dependent)BC-FES
NWBC_CFGNetWeaver Business Client ConfigurationBC-FES
GFWCUDAUGFW Customizing: Plot Area (Customer Data)BC-FES
ITS_TAGShtml-tags containerBC-FES
IACHTRCPObsolete: Entries for Language ResourcesBC-FES
IACHTRCLObsolete: Language Resources for Internet ApplicationsBC-FES
IACXU_C1Contents of TemplatesBC-FES
GFWCUDCUGFW Customizing: Display Context (Customer Data)BC-FES
IACHTMLPObsolete: Parameters for HTML Template Program NameBC-FES
GFWCUGRUGFW Customizing: Grid (Customer Data)BC-FES
IACHTMLLObsolete: INDX File for HTML Templates (Language-Dependent)BC-FES
ITS_SHOWcontains all created cssBC-FES
GFWCUDSUGFW Customizing: Data Table (Customer Data)BC-FES
GFWCUPOUGFW Customizing: Point (Customer Data)BC-FES
GFWCUVAUGFW Customizing: Value Series (Customer Data)BC-FES
IACMIMEPObsolete: Parameters for MIME Objects File & Rel. PathBC-FES
IACSERVPObsolete: Parameters for Service DescriptionBC-FES
CONTROLSSetting: Display control statusBC-FES
F4EXTACCAuthorization for external use of search helpBC-FES
GFWCUDIUGFW Customizing: Chart (Customer Data)BC-FES
BDSPHF14BDS: Files of Physical Information ObjectsBC-FES
GFWCUITUGFW Customizing: Item (Customer Data)BC-FES
IACTU_C1Content of HTML Templates (Language-Independent)BC-FES
CNTLWARNTable containing information about control restrictionsBC-FES
IACTL_C1Content of HTML Templates (Language-Dependent)BC-FES
BDSPHRI14BDS: Incoming Relationships of Physical Information ObjectsBC-FES
BDSCHKO14BDS: Check Out Data for Physical Information ObjectBC-FES
BDSCONT14BDS: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export)BC-FES
BDSLOIO14BDS: Instances of Logical Information ObjectsBC-FES
BDSPHNM14BDS: Use of Target Anchors in Physical ObjectsBC-FES
BDSLOPR14BDS: Attribute Values of Logical Information ObjectsBC-FES
BDSLORI14BDS: Incoming Relationships of Logical Information ObjectsBC-FES
BDSREPR14BDS: Relationship AttributesBC-FES
BDSPHHR14BDS: Outgoing Hyperlinks from Physical ObjectsBC-FES
BDSPHIO14BDS: Instances of Physical Information ObjectsBC-FES
IACHTMLLPObsolete: Parameters for HTML Template Program NameBC-FES
BDSPHPR14BDS: Attributes of Physical Information ObjectsBC-FES
BDSPHRE14BDS: Outgoing Relationships of Physical Information ObjectsBC-FES
BDSCHKF14BDS: File Name for Last Check-OutBC-FES
BDSLORE14BDS: Outgoing Relationships of Logical Information ObjectsBC-FES
IACORDESTTexts for RFC Destinations for IACORBC-FES
IACORSITESites for IACOR DestinationsBC-FES
IACMIMELPObsolete: Parameters for MIME Objects File & Rel. PathBC-FES
SCET_TESTTable for the Test Report for Controls: SAP_CONTROLS_TESTBC-FES
BDS_CONN14BDS: Client-Specific Link TablesBC-FES
ITSTESTRBXITS Test: Who has carried out which transactionBC-FES
BDSLOIOT14BDS: Descriptions of Logical Information ObjectsBC-FES
MCTBC_HISDStore the selections done using the matchcode OCXBC-FES
CNTLSTRINFAttributes of a streamBC-FES
CNTLSTRASCAdministration of components, A-LOBS (Ascii Large OBjectS)BC-FES
CNTLSTREAMAdministration of components, BLOBS (Binary Large OBjectS)BC-FES
IACMTXTENDExtensions Indicate a Text-Type MIME ObjectBC-FES
CNTLSTRLISControl stream listBC-FES
IACKEYCOLDObsolete: IAC: Conversion of Long Keys into Short KeysBC-FES
IACKEYCONVObsolete: IAC: Conversion of Long Keys into Short KeysBC-FES
ITS_F_LISTcontains possible framesetstyles for generatorBC-FES
ITS_STYLEScontains different styles for generatorBC-FES
IACSERVICEObsolete: Internet Application Components with ITSBC-FES
FVERSIONDBCache for file informationBC-FES
ITS_FRAMEScontains possible framesetstyles for generatorBC-FES
W3GENSTYLESW3: Generation Styles for HTML TemplatesBC-FES
PRSNAS_CACHEPersonas: cache of current settings computed for XML outBC-FES
IACXU_C_TEMPXML Templates, Temporary for Version ManagementBC-FES
NWBC_CFG_SAPNetWeaver Business Client ConfigurationBC-FES
IACTL_C_TEMPHTML Templates (Lang-Dep.), Temporary for Version ManagementBC-FES
IACTU_C_TEMPHTML Templates (Lang-Indep.), Temporary for Version ManagemtBC-FES
ITSTESTMOBARTITS Test: Test Application ITMOBILE, Test Data TableBC-FES
NWBC_NAV_TREENWBC Cache Table (Cluster Table)BC-FES
PRSNAS_ACTIVEPersonas: active flavor for a userBC-FES
NWBC_OBN_PARAMNWBC OBN Cache Table (Cluster Table)BC-FES
NWBC_C_GUI_TAGDefinition of SAPGUI Tags by CustomerBC-FES
PRSNAS_SETTINGSPersonas: Settings stored globally, for user or for flavorBC-FES
SITS_AWRT_DEBUGDebugging Entries for Function Group AWRTBC-FES
SITS_KERNEL_LOGLog Entries for KernelBC-FES
SITS_KERNEL_LOGNLog Entries for Kernel: Numbers UsedBC-FES
SITS_SERVICE_PARITS: Valid Parameters of ServiceBC-FES
NWBC_C_GUI_TAG_TText table for Custom defined Tags for DynprosBC-FES
NWBC_CFG_GUI_TAGDefinition of SAPGUI Tags which can be linked to ChipsBC-FES
NWBC_S_GUI_TAG_TText table for SAP delivered Tags for DynprosBC-FES
PRSNAS_ASSGNMNTSPersonas: Assignments of flavors to usersBC-FES
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