SAP Guided Procedure (BC-GP) Tables

EUP_TSP_REQGuided Procedure Transport RequestsBC-GP
EUP_BSP_IV_CTXTemp table to hold the input value context.BC-GP
EUP_BSP_OV_CTXTable for bsp co output data. Used by j2ee to get the outputBC-GP
EUP_TSP_STXT_ENGuided Procedure Shorttexts (original language English)BC-GP
EUP_TSP_STXT_DEGuided Procedure Short Texts (Original Language German)BC-GP
EUP_TSP_REQ_TXTGuided Procedure Transport Request TextsBC-GP
EUP_TSP_LTXT_ENGuided Procedure Longtexts (orginal language English)BC-GP
EUP_TSP_LTXT_DEGuided Procedure Long Text (Original Language German)BC-GP
EUP_BSP_RSL_STSThe result states associated with the bsp output context.BC-GP
EUP_TSP_REQ_CONTGuided Procedure Transport Request ContentBC-GP
EUP_BSP_CFG_PROPStores the configuration properties for the input value ctx.BC-GP
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