SAP Overhead Cost Controlling (CO-OM) Tables

COSTCO Object: Price TotalsCO-OM
CSKVResource textsCO-OM
CSSKCost center /cost elementCO-OM
CSSLCost Center/Activity TypeCO-OM
KAPSCO Period LocksCO-OM
COEJCO Object: Line Items (by Fiscal Year)CO-OM
COSLCO Object: Activity Type TotalsCO-OM
COBKCO Object: Document HeaderCO-OM
KONRResource Prices: Help Table for Variable FieldsCO-OM
CBRKValue-Added Ranking for Business ProcessesCO-OM
CBPTText Table for Business Process MasterCO-OM
KONXOverhead Rates: Help Table for Variable FieldsCO-OM
CBPRCO-ABC: Activity Master TableCO-OM
CBPLCO-OM-ABC: Customizing Table, Process Category DefaultsCO-OM
CBDTAllocation type for business processesCO-OM
COEPCO Object: Line Items (by Period)CO-OM
CSKRResource master recordCO-OM
COSSCO Object: Cost Totals for Internal PostingsCO-OM
TKAZCO-Validation/Substitution: callup pointsCO-OM
TKB3Settings for Default RulesCO-OM
COSRCO Object: Statistical Key Figure TotalsCO-OM
COSPCO Object: Cost Totals for External PostingsCO-OM
COSCCO Object: Assignment Original Costing SheetsCO-OM
TKB6Account Determination for SettlementCO-OM
COOICommitments Management: Line ItemsCO-OM
TKA4Cost Element Characteristic GroupCO-OM
COKSCO Object: Control Data for Secondary PlanningCO-OM
COKRCO Object: Control Data for Statistical Key FiguresCO-OM
COKPCO Object: Control Data for Primary PlanningCO-OM
COKLCO Object: Control Data for Activity TypesCO-OM
COKACO Object: Control Data for Cost ElementsCO-OM
TFKBFunctional areasCO-OM
CBATBusiness Process AttributeCO-OM
CBARType of business processCO-OM
AUASSettlement Document: Totals SegmentCO-OM
AUAODocument Segment: CO Objects to be SettledCO-OM
CMDTGeneric Master Record: General HeaderCO-OM
AUFKOrder master dataCO-OM
AUAYSettlement Document: Totals KeysCO-OM
AUAWSettlement Document: Accounts for WIP SettlementCO-OM
AUAVDocument Segment: TransactionsCO-OM
AUATSettlement Document: Totals Segment Per PeriodCO-OM
AUAASettlement Document: Receiver SegmentCO-OM
AUABSettlement Document: Distribution RulesCO-OM
AUAISettlement Amounts per Depreciation AreaCO-OM
KPPTCO planning: planning area entity tableCO-OM
A139Price per Profit CenterCO-OM
A138Price per Company Code/Business AreaCO-OM
A137Price per Country/RegionCO-OM
A136Price per Controlling AreaCO-OM
AUAKDocument Header for SettlementCO-OM
A132Price per Cost CenterCO-OM
PFACTPeriod-End Partner: Log (Action-Log Information)CO-OM
TKAZEActivation of callup points for CO validation/substitutionCO-OM
TKAZTText table for TKAZ:CO validation/substitution callup pointsCO-OM
TKB08Number Ranges for Settlement DocumentsCO-OM
TFKBTName of the functional areasCO-OM
TKA52CO planner profile: profile itemsCO-OM
TKA20Sender/receivers for CO postingsCO-OM
TKA13Control Parameter Plan Reconciliation / Target=Actual IAACO-OM
TKA12Switching Structure for Cost Component SplittingCO-OM
TKAVGTransaction groupsCO-OM
TKA4ECost Element AttributeCO-OM
TKA50CO planner profile: entity tableCO-OM
KPP2KCO Planning Processor: Context of user configurationsCO-OM
TKAR2CO Resource Prices Per Cost CenterCO-OM
T811XAllocations: Fixed Selection ValuesCO-OM
TKAVKPermitted Combinations of Transaction/Cost Element CategoryCO-OM
TKAR1CO Resource Prices Valid for the Controlling AreaCO-OM
TKALVControl Parameter for Line Item Report with AAACO-OM
TKA55CO Planner Profile: Settings for Lead ColumnsCO-OM
TKA54CO Planner Profile: Planning Layout Default SettingsCO-OM
TKA53CO planner profile: entry screen for pre-parameterizationCO-OM
TSC0KText table for splitting methodsCO-OM
TKAVTTransaction group namesCO-OM
KPPTTCO Planning: Text table for entity table. planning areasCO-OM
TKA51CO Planner Profile: Basic ConfigurationsCO-OM
T811RAllocation table for receiver assignmentsCO-OM
TKA11Control Parameters for Iterative Price CalculationCO-OM
TKA10Master Data Table, Price IndicatorsCO-OM
TKA09Basic Settings for VersionsCO-OM
T811KAllocations: Key FieldsCO-OM
T811JAllocations: Information for Field GroupsCO-OM
T811IAllocation Information for key fieldCO-OM
T811HAllocations Data Field DescriptionsCO-OM
T811GField Groups for Allocation CycleCO-OM
PFFLDPeriod-End Partner: Organizational Log InformationCO-OM
T811FAllocations: Element TableCO-OM
PFMSGPeriod-End Partner: Log (Message Handler Information)CO-OM
PFPARPeriod-End Partner: Processing ParametersCO-OM
PFSELPeriod-End Partner: Selection CriteriaCO-OM
T811EAllocations: Save Results List and NamesCO-OM
PFSWPPeriod-End Partner: Log (Workflow Log Information)CO-OM
T811DAllocations: Document NumbersCO-OM
T003NNumber Ranges for Order TypesCO-OM
T003OOrder TypesCO-OM
T003POrder Type DescriptionsCO-OM
T811LAssessments/Distributions: Long TextCO-OM
T811MAllocations: Text for Field GroupsCO-OM
T811PCycle Run GroupCO-OM
TKA07Fiscal-Year Dependent Version ParametersCO-OM
TK01HTime-based CO master dataCO-OM
PFLOGPeriod-End Partner: LogCO-OM
TBO02Language-dependent values for the object classCO-OM
T823ZRevaluation percentages (plan)CO-OM
T823PRevaluation percentages (plan)CO-OM
T823KRevaluation key fieldsCO-OM
T823DRevaluation document numbersCO-OM
T823CRevaluation groupsCO-OM
PFALVPeriod-End Partner: Log (ALV Information)CO-OM
PFBTCPeriod-End Partner: Log (Batch Information)CO-OM
T811ZAllocations: Data for Runtime AnalysisCO-OM
PFFCTPeriod-End Partner: FunctionsCO-OM
T811TAllocations: Table InformationCO-OM
T811SAllocations: SegmentsCO-OM
T811CAllocations: CyclesCO-OM
TSC0JTable of Splitting MethodsCO-OM
TKT10Master table texts for price indicatorsCO-OM
TKT09Texts for versions in master tableCO-OM
TKT05Cost center type textsCO-OM
TSC0BText Table for StructuresCO-OM
TKT03Stat. key figure textsCO-OM
TKSVDSpecial Valuation Date SettingsCO-OM
TKSRTTexts for cost center summarizationCO-OM
TKSR5Field transfers for cost center summarizationCO-OM
TKSR4Summarization - sequence informationCO-OM
TKSR3Summarization - value typeCO-OM
TKSR2Summarization - versionsCO-OM
TKSR1Summarization - header dataCO-OM
TKSP1CUA control CO-CCA master dataCO-OM
TKSKAAccount classification for account intervalsCO-OM
TKSF0CUA control function modulesCO-OM
TKSBZLine Structure VariantsCO-OM
TKSBVDefault Values for LayoutsCO-OM
TKT12Switching Structure for Cost Component SplittingCO-OM
TKT50CO planner profiles: TextsCO-OM
TSC0ITable of selection criteria for rulesCO-OM
TSC0HText table for splitting rulesCO-OM
TSC0GTable of splitting rulesCO-OM
TSC0FTable of assignments with splitting rulesCO-OM
TSC0EText table for assignmentsCO-OM
TSC0DAssignment TableCO-OM
TSC0CTable of selection criteria for assignmentsCO-OM
TSC0ATable of StructuresCO-OM
TRFBTLanguage-dep. values for reference document typeCO-OM
TKZX9Credit objects for tgt=act. cost elements per BUKRS/GSBERCO-OM
TKZX3Credit objects for overhead cost elements per BUKRS/GSBERCO-OM
TKZU9Credit objects for target/actual cost elementsCO-OM
TKZU4Surcharge Base - Cost Center / Activity TypeCO-OM
TKZU3Overhead CreditCO-OM
TKZU2Overhead Base OriginCO-OM
TKZU1Overhead Base Cost ElementsCO-OM
TKZSLOverhead KeyCO-OM
TKSBTDisplay Variant TextsCO-OM
TKSBSFields for Line StructureCO-OM
TKB7CPseudonyms for Field NamesCO-OM
TKB7BText Table for Field Name PseudonymsCO-OM
TKB7APseudonyms for Field NamesCO-OM
TKB5EAllocation structureCO-OM
TKB5DText Table for Settlement AssignmentCO-OM
TKB5CSettlement AssignmentCO-OM
TKB5BText Table for allocation StructureCO-OM
TKB5AAllocation structureCO-OM
TKB4EOriginal Settlement StructureCO-OM
TKB4DText Table for Original Settlement AssignmentCO-OM
TKB4COriginal Settlement AssignmentCO-OM
TKB4BText Table for Source StructureCO-OM
TKB4AOriginal Settlement StructureCO-OM
TKB2CDefault Rules for Posting RulesCO-OM
TKB2BText Table for Default Posting RulesCO-OM
TKB2ADefault Rules for Posting RulesCO-OM
TKB1BText Table for Settlement KeysCO-OM
TKB8ALanguage-Dependent Values for Settlement TypeCO-OM
TKB8BExchange Rate Type for CO SettlementCO-OM
TKSBRField Selection for Special Functions (List Display)CO-OM
TKSBLList Classes for Display VariantsCO-OM
TKSBCShort Description of Totals VariantsCO-OM
TKSBBTotals VersionsCO-OM
TKSB0Transaction control COCO-OM
TKSA0Administration for Cost Center AccrualCO-OM
TKP02Budget manager for ordersCO-OM
TKP01Persons in charge of availability controlCO-OM
TKOFAControl table for field-selection group namesCO-OM
TKO09Allocation Group DescriptionsCO-OM
TKO08Processing groups for ordersCO-OM
TKO04Order Status DescriptionsCO-OM
TKO03Order statusCO-OM
TKO01Control parameters for order typeCO-OM
TKLCORules for taking over classification dataCO-OM
TKB9DText Table for Assignments in Profitability AnalysisCO-OM
TKB9BText Table for PA Transfer StructuresCO-OM
TKB1ASettlement ProfileCO-OM
KPP2DCO planning: directory of generated dumpsCO-OM
CBDTTAllocation type for business processes text tableCO-OM
COANZIndex of Objects With Down Payments/RequestsCO-OM
COSSDCO Object: Settled Secondary Cost TotalsCO-OM
COSRVVariants (characteristics) for LIS performance measuresCO-OM
COSPRCO Objekt: Enhancement to COSP for Dependency PlanningCO-OM
COSLDCO Object: Activity Type Totals - of Which SettledCO-OM
COSPDCO Object: Settled Primary Cost TotalsCO-OM
COBRASettlement Rule for Order SettlementCO-OM
CBRKTText table of sequence of value added for business processesCO-OM
COBRBDistribution Rules Settlement Rule Order SettlementCO-OM
COEJLCO Object: Line Items for Activity Types (by Fiscal Year)CO-OM
COEJRCO Object: Line Items for Stat. Key Figures (by Fiscal Year)CO-OM
KPP0RCO planning: directory of generated reportsCO-OM
COEJTCO Object: Line Items for Prices (by Fiscal Year)CO-OM
COEPLCO Object: Line Items for Activity Types (by Period)CO-OM
COEPRCO Object: Line Items for Stat. Key Figs (by Period)CO-OM
COACTList of possible actions for authorizationsCO-OM
COTPLCO-ABC Template Master DataCO-OM
COFISActual line items for reconciliation ledgerCO-OM
COFIPSingle plan items for reconciliation ledgerCO-OM
COFITTotals Records for Reconciliation LedgerCO-OM
COEPTCO Object: Line Items for Prices (by Period)CO-OM
KONR1Resource Prices: Help Table for Variable FieldsCO-OM
CBARTType of business processCO-OM
CBATTBusiness Process AttributeCO-OM
KPP0VCO planning: Assignment layout <-> validationCO-OM
CBPLTCO-OM-ABC: Text Table, Process Category DefaultsCO-OM
KONX1Overhead Rates: Help Table for Variable FieldsCO-OM
CDMMTTexts to cost driver variantsCO-OM
COSBDCO Object: Total of variances/accruals, of which settledCO-OM
T811PTCycle Processing Group: TextsCO-OM
T811KLAllocations: Determines When CElem/Acty Type Obj. SelectedCO-OM
COMEBRCO Interface: Control Puffer Refresh During Online ErrorsCO-OM
T811PCResults of Checks of Assignments for Cycle Run GroupsCO-OM
TKB5ALAllocation: Assessement Cost Elements for Alloc. StructureCO-OM
T811ZCCycles for Runtime AnalysisCO-OM
TKALV1Additional AAA Field Catalog InformationCO-OM
TKALV2Additional AAA Field Catalog InformationCO-OM
TKA12ZSwitching Structure: Cost Component Iteration and AssignmentCO-OM
COTPLPCO-OM-ABC: Items in Process TemplateCO-OM
TKA09VVersion Table: Separate Bus. Transactions for Delta VersionCO-OM
COTPLRCO-OM-ABC: Master Data Extension, Process Template (Reports)CO-OM
COTPLSCO-ABC: Source Text for Formulas in TemplateCO-OM
COTPLTCO-OM-ABC: Descriptive Text for Process TemplateCO-OM
CRVAR2Variants for CO Resources: Assign Costing SheetsCO-OM
T811ZTCycles for Runtime AnalysisCO-OM
CRVAR1Variants for CO Resource Price DeterminationCO-OM
T811IAAllocations: CustomizingCO-OM
T811DAAllocations: Dependent Document NumbersCO-OM
SMCOOMSpecific CO-OM Data in Monitor (See Schedman_specific_coom)CO-OM
COACTVAssign transaction, activity to CO_ACTIONCO-OM
TKSR1HSummarization log (header)CO-OM
COACTTText of Authorization Check ActivitiesCO-OM
TKZUTRTransport Overhead RecordsCO-OM
COACTAAssignment of actions to authorization objectsCO-OM
TKSR3HSummarization log - value typesCO-OM
TKSR4HSummarization log - sequence informationCO-OM
TKZSLTName of Overhead KeyCO-OM
TKSR2HSummarization log - versionsCO-OM
T811DHAllocations: Header FieldsCO-OM
PFFCTTPeriod-End Partner: Functions (Text)CO-OM
TKRSTRTransport Resource PricesCO-OM
COFIO2Transaction-dependent fields for reconciliation ledgerCO-OM
KPP1REKPP: Relationship InstancesCO-OM
COFIO1Object Table for Reconciliation Ledger COFITCO-OM
T811EDGeneration Data"CO-OM
T811DSAllocations: Document Numbers for Segment Reverse/RebookCO-OM
AUFLAY1Layouts for the OrdersCO-OM
AUFLAY0Entity Table: Order LayoutsCO-OM
COTPLPTCO-OM-ABC: Texts for Items in Process TemplateCO-OM
AUFLAY2Order Master Data Maintenance: Tab NamesCO-OM
TKB10SAStrategies for Automatic Generation of SETTC - HeaderCO-OM
AUFLAY3Assignment Subscreens: Screens for Order Master Data Maint.CO-OM
CMDT_CCGeneric Master Data: Cost Center EnhancementsCO-OM
TKB10SBStrategies - COBRB FieldsCO-OM
COFUNC1CO-OM-ABC: Functions in ClassCO-OM
COFUNC2CO-OM-ABC: Function DefinitionsCO-OM
COFUNCLCO-OM-ABC: Language-Dependent FunctionsCO-OM
COO0SFNCO object planning: interfaces, application function modulesCO-OM
COOI_PIBW CO-OM: Commitment Management: Deleted Line ItemsCO-OM
COPARAMCO-OM-ABC: Function ParametersCO-OM
CMDT_BPGeneric master record business process enhancementsCO-OM
TKB10SCPossible Strategies for Each Sender TypeCO-OM
TKB10STText Table: StrategiesCO-OM
TKB10SDStrategies on Automatic Generation of SETC - DetailCO-OM
COTPLFCCO-OM-ABC: Process Template Control Blocks (TYPE TPLIC_BCB)CO-OM
COTPLFPCO-OM-ABC: Formula Parameter Lists for Process TemplateCO-OM
CRVAR1TVariants for CO Resource Price Determination: TextsCO-OM
CSKSTPLTemplate Assignment for Cost CentersCO-OM
KPP1PHFKPP: Files for logical info objectsCO-OM
HRP1209Infotype 1209 DB TableCO-OM
KBEROBJSettings for authorization objects in Cost Center AccountingCO-OM
T811VRSSpecification of Version Change for CyclesCO-OM
COTPLFVCO-OM-ABC: Formula Value Lists for Process TemplateCO-OM
COTPLFSABC: Sources of Formulas in a TemplateCO-OM
T811ED2Allocations: All Internal Tables and StructuresCO-OM
COPARAMLCO-OM-ABC: Language-Dependent Parameter NamesCO-OM
TKB10STASender TypesCO-OM
TKB10STTText Table: Sender TypesCO-OM
KPP1LOIOKPP: Instances for Logical Information ObjectsCO-OM
COTPLACTCO-OM-ABC: Values for Activation Column in Process TemplateCO-OM
REPPARMSReporting CO-OM : User settingsCO-OM
COINCTRLCO Interface: Control ParametersCO-OM
REPPINDXCO-OM Reporting: Field Catalog for Screens for User SettingsCO-OM
T811MESSAllocations: Message ControlCO-OM
REPPSCRNCO-OM Reporting: Screens for User Settings MaintenanceCO-OM
KPP1CHKFKPP: File name of last check-outCO-OM
REPPTABSCO-OM Reporting: Tabs for Screens from REPPSCRNCO-OM
KPP1CHKOKPP: Check-out data for a physical information objectCO-OM
RKOCLMIGAssign field names in CI_AUFK to characteristic namesCO-OM
COPLNTYPExternal Planning SourcesCO-OM
TKB10SSAPossible System Status for Each Sender TypeCO-OM
TKB10SLTText Table: Strategy SequencesCO-OM
TKB10SLCSettings for Automatic Generation of SETCCO-OM
KPP1PHHRKPP: Outgoing hyperlinks of physical objectsCO-OM
COTPLDEFTemplate: Definitions for ClassesCO-OM
TKASC_RTActivate Realtime Overhead for Business TransactionsCO-OM
KPP1PHIOKPP Instances for Physical Information ObjectsCO-OM
KPP1PHNMKPP: Use of Target Anchors in Physical ObjectsCO-OM
KPP1PHPRKPP: Attributes of physical info objectsCO-OM
KPP1PHREKPP: Outgoing relationships of physical info objectsCO-OM
KPP1PHRIKPP: Incoming relationships of physical info objectsCO-OM
COTPLCLTTemplate environment textsCO-OM
CMDT_ADRGeneric Master Record: AddressCO-OM
KPP1REPRKPP: Relationship attributesCO-OM
TKB10SLBStrategy Sequences for Automatic Generation of SETC - DetailCO-OM
TKB10SLAStrategy Sequences for Automatic Generation of SETC - HeaderCO-OM
TKA52_OMCOOM Planning: Appl.-Spec. Profile Item Attachment (TKA52)CO-OM
KPP1LOPRKPP: Attribute values of logical information objectsCO-OM
REPPAPPLReporting CO-OM : Applications for use of user settingsCO-OM
KPP1LOREKPP: Outgoing relationships of logical info objectsCO-OM
KPP1LORIKPP: Incoming relationships of physical info objectsCO-OM
KPP1CONT1KPP: Document contents table (import/export)CO-OM
ABC_F4TABCO-ABC: Table for Subdividing F4 Data ElementsCO-OM
SELARTDEFSelection Type: DefinitionCO-OM
T811FLAGSAllocations: Global Control FlagsCO-OM
KPP1LOIOTKPP: Descriptions of logical information objectsCO-OM
REPPTABSTCO-OM Reporting: Tab Text for Screens from REPPSCRNCO-OM
CMDT_TEXTGeneric Master Record: TextsCO-OM
COENV_RELAssignment of Environments to Sub-EnvironmentsCO-OM
COPLNCTRLControl Data for Planning SourceCO-OM
KBEROBARTCustomizing Interval Entry for RESPAREACO-OM
COTPLAPPLTemplate applicationsCO-OM
COMDTPLANManager's Desktop: Planning Layout per FcodeCO-OM
COSRVAPPLApplication Component to Which LIS Variants BelongCO-OM
COTPLACTTCO-OM-ABC: Texts for Entries in Activation ColumnCO-OM
COVP_OBJNRTemporary Table to Store Object NumbersCO-OM
COENV_COPYFunctions copied from sub environments to main environmentsCO-OM
COTPLAPPLTTemplate application textsCO-OM
SELARTDEFTSelection type: Definition (text table)CO-OM
KCR_T_CCATData Model for Cost Center/Activity TypeCO-OM
COTPLCLASSTemplate environmentsCO-OM
COSB_VTYPECode conversion OLTP (value type, RA category) in BIWCO-OM
CBPR_ALLOCControl Table for Business Process AttributesCO-OM
KCR_T_APPLAllowed Data Types for Application TypeCO-OM
COTPLKONSTConstants for Parallel Processing of Template AllocationCO-OM
TKSVD_CONFActivate Document Date = Work Date in CO confirmationsCO-OM
COTPLDEFTCTable Control Assignments: FieldsCO-OM
ABC_FTREETCO-ABC: Texts for Tree StructureCO-OM
ARCU_COIT1Residence Times for CO Line ItemsCO-OM
COHIERARCHCO-OM-ABC: Hiearchy Graphic for FunctionsCO-OM
ASACCESS01Activate Automatic Archive Access via SAP ASCO-OM
COSP_VTYPEConversion of OLTP (Value Type, Bus. Trans.) in BIWCO-OM
KCR_T_LINKAssignment of Link to Data (Double-Concatenated List)CO-OM
BWOM_RHIERBCT-CO: Report Row HierarchiesCO-OM
KCR_T_BPRCData Model for Business ProcessCO-OM
BWOMA_USERBW Extraction: Last Extracted User for Cost CentersCO-OM
KCR_T_RSRCiPPE Resources (Test Environment)CO-OM
BPXX_VTYPEConvert OLTP Bus. Trans. to BIW Bus. Trans. (Budget Tables)CO-OM
COTPLTABLETemplate: Valid Tables in Environment MaintenanceCO-OM
COTPLDEFCOLTemplate columnsCO-OM
COTPLCOLUMNTemplate columntypesCO-OM
TKSVD_VRGNGAssign Valuation Date Profile to Business TransactionsCO-OM
LIS_CONTROLSettings for LIS Key Figure AdoptionCO-OM
OMIS_IS_PIDAllocation of InfoSource to InfoSourceViewer ProGIDCO-OM
BWOM_RHIERTBCT-CO: Texts for Report Row HierarchiesCO-OM
COTPLTABLETCO-ABC: Valid Tables in Template Environment (lang-dependnt)CO-OM
BWOM2_SAFETYBW CO-OM: Float After Production For Determ. of Time StampCO-OM
COINT_TKB6TPControlling Integration: Account Determination for RepostingCO-OM
COTPLDEFCOLTTemplate column texts per classCO-OM
BWOM2_TIMESTBW CO-OM: Timestamp Table for Delta ExtractionCO-OM
COTPLDEFCELLTemplate Cell ControlCO-OM
COTPLCOLUMNTTemplate column default texts (if not in COTPLDEFCOLT)CO-OM
COTPLLINETYPETemplate linetypesCO-OM
KCR_T_MAPPINGMapping of Resource/Application to LinkCO-OM
COTPLCLASS_NAInvalid Template EnvironmentsCO-OM
KCR_T_CCAT_TDData Model for Cost Center/Activity Type - Time-DependentCO-OM
COTPLDROPDOWNDropDown-Listbox Values for Template columnsCO-OM
COINT_TPOST_ITControlling Integration: Reposting: Line ItemsCO-OM
COINT_TPOST_HDControlling Integration: Reposting: Header DataCO-OM
COVP_DELTA_LOGLog of COVP Delta Queue for Error AnalysisCO-OM
COTPLLINETYPETTemplate line type textsCO-OM
QISR_CREQ_SCENChangeRequest@Web: Scenarios for Each Master Data ObjectCO-OM
KCR_T_RSRC_TEXTiPPE Resource: Text (Test Environment)CO-OM
REALTIME_CUSTOMTable for realtime customizingCO-OM
COHIERARCH_USERCO_ABC : Function Trees (activation user-dependent)CO-OM
KCR_T_CO_OBJECTReferenced Controlling ObjectsCO-OM
COTPLDEFLINETYPTemplate line types per applicationCO-OM
BWOM_RHIER_LINEBCT-CO: Rows for Report Row HierarchiesCO-OM
KCR_T_APPL_TEXTAllowed Data Types for Application Type: TextCO-OM
LWM_RS_VAR_DATAVariance Monitors for SAP Real SpendCO-OM
BWOM_RHIER_LINETBCT-CO: Row Texts for Report Row HierarchiesCO-OM
LWM_RS_NOTE_ACTNActions on notesCO-OM
LWM_RS_LINE_DATALine Item Monitors for SAP Real SpendCO-OM
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