SAP Executive Information System (EC-EIS) Tables

TKCKKey figuresEC-EIS
TKCJJoin (view) tables for CO drill downEC-EIS
TKCCFormula ConstantsEC-EIS
COIXControlling: Info system cluster tablesEC-EIS
TKDPSystem settings for drill-down reportingEC-EIS
TKCSBasic field catalog SAP-EIS (fixed fields)EC-EIS
TKAFField catalog for AccountingEC-EIS
TKAQGeneral accounting attributesEC-EIS
T2818Master data texts: Prod. GroupEC-EIS
T281CMaster Data Texts: demoEC-EIS
T281BMaster Data Table: Strategic Business UEC-EIS
T2816Master data texts: LandEC-EIS
T281AMaster Data Table: CompanyEC-EIS
T2819Master data texts: Sales ChannelEC-EIS
T2817Master data texts: StateEC-EIS
T280HMaster data texts: RegionEC-EIS
T281IMaster data texts: town xxEC-EIS
TKAFDGeneral CO field catalog, compound characteristicsEC-EIS
TKAFAField catalog: Accounting, table assignmentEC-EIS
T28NNMaster Data Texts: &EC-EIS
T2838Master Data Texts: Customer 00EC-EIS
T2837Master Data Texts: Customer Group 00EC-EIS
T2823Master data texts: MAYOR (X)EC-EIS
T2822Master data texts: PRODUCTS (X)EC-EIS
T2821Master data texts: CITY (X)EC-EIS
T2820Master data texts: xarea (Description)EC-EIS
T281DMaster Data Table: xxrk1EC-EIS
T2815Master data texts: ContinentEC-EIS
T2814Master data texts: product groupsEC-EIS
T2813Master data texts: regionsEC-EIS
T2807Master data texts: AreaEC-EIS
T2806Master data texts: Trade channelEC-EIS
T2805Master data texts: AreaEC-EIS
T2804Master data texts: RegionEC-EIS
T2803Master data texts: ManufacturerEC-EIS
T2802Master data texts: Production groupEC-EIS
T2801Master data texts: BrandEC-EIS
T2800Master data texts: RegionEC-EIS
T27NNMaster Data Table: &EC-EIS
T2738Master Data Table: Customer 00EC-EIS
T2737Master Data Table: Customer Group 00EC-EIS
T2723Master data table: MAYOR (X)EC-EIS
T2808Master data texts: CountryEC-EIS
T2809Master data texts: PlantEC-EIS
T2812Master data texts: countriesEC-EIS
T2811Master data texts: continentsEC-EIS
T2810Master data texts: Area (Countries)EC-EIS
T280JMaster data texts: Source of dataEC-EIS
T280IMaster data texts: Product typeEC-EIS
T280GMaster data texts: DivisionEC-EIS
T280FMaster data texts: MonthEC-EIS
T280EMaster data texts: CompanyEC-EIS
T280DMaster data texts: Distribution ChannelEC-EIS
T280CMaster data texts: Customer GroupEC-EIS
T280BMaster data texts: Product GroupEC-EIS
T280AMaster data texts: DivisionEC-EIS
T2722Master data table: PRODUCTS (X)EC-EIS
TKTFRSAP-EIS, table field assignmentEC-EIS
TKEBYExceptions (reference to reporting object)EC-EIS
TKEBXAdministration of exceptionsEC-EIS
TKEBWDescription of exceptionsEC-EIS
TKEBUUse of Fields in ReportsEC-EIS
TKEBGGraphic settings for hierarchy graphicEC-EIS
TKCVSVersion table (EC-EIS)EC-EIS
TKCUMEIS: Conversion table of new fixed fields 4.0EC-EIS
TKCTULanguage Table: Key Figure Assignment GroupsEC-EIS
TKCTOLanguage Table: Formula OperatorsEC-EIS
TKCTKLanguage Table for Key FiguresEC-EIS
TKCSDBasic field catalog SAP-EIS, linked characteristicsEC-EIS
TKEBZExceptions (threshold values, colors)EC-EIS
TKEC1Comment management for characteristic attributesEC-EIS
TKEV7Language-Dependent Variant Information for Drilldown ReportgEC-EIS
TKEV6technical report information per variantEC-EIS
TKEV5Texts for variant groupsEC-EIS
TKEV4Variant groups (master data)EC-EIS
TKEV3Variant groupEC-EIS
TKEV2Background variants for drill-down reporting (text)EC-EIS
TKEV1Background variants for drill-down reportingEC-EIS
TKED3Key figures for object displayed in data miningEC-EIS
TKED2Data mining display objectEC-EIS
TKED1Library of results from data mining processingEC-EIS
TKEC2Comment management for fieldsEC-EIS
TKCQSAttributes of basic field catalog SAP-EIS (fixed fields)EC-EIS
TKCQDSAP-EIS: levels of multilevel attributesEC-EIS
TKCHNSAP-EIS Hierarchy nodesEC-EIS
TKCHHSAP-EIS: Hierarchy headerEC-EIS
TKCFGField groups for structure generationEC-EIS
TKCFDSAP-EIS Field Catalog, Dependencies between CharacteristicsEC-EIS
TKCFASAP-EIS Field Catalog, Aspect AssignmentEC-EIS
TKCDTData mining method textEC-EIS
TKCDOMin. homogeneousnessEC-EIS
TKCDMData mining methodsEC-EIS
TKCDBMax. homogenousnessEC-EIS
TKCDAEC-EIS/BP -> BW: Assignment DataSource -> AspectEC-EIS
TKCCOComment tablesEC-EIS
TKCHVSAP-EIS: Hierarchy variantsEC-EIS
TKCHWSAP-EIS: Hierarchy dataEC-EIS
TKCOUSAP-EIS: Key description for object classEC-EIS
TKCORSAP-EIS: Transport Attributes of Collected ObjectsEC-EIS
TKCOHSAP-EIS: Object hierarchy for object collectorEC-EIS
TKCODSAP-EIS: Object types in the object listEC-EIS
TKCKUKey Figure Assignment GroupsEC-EIS
TKCKTKey figures, Table assignment (SAP-EIS)EC-EIS
TKCKOFormula OperatorsEC-EIS
TKCKFKey Figure Formula StagesEC-EIS
TKCKCKC ApplicationsEC-EIS
TKCKAKey Figures, Aspect Assignment (SAP-EIS)EC-EIS
TKCCCEIS: Currency translation with data entry / planningEC-EIS
T2721Master data table: CITY (X)EC-EIS
T2421Parameter groups for system control parameters in SAP-EISEC-EIS
KCSLOSAP-EIS: Selection requirements for data slicesEC-EIS
KCSLASAP-EIS: assigning data slices to tablesEC-EIS
CFNNNReference structure for aspect tables SAP-EISEC-EIS
CF999example aspect 999EC-EIS
CF998example aspect 998EC-EIS
CF996profitability (rep.)EC-EIS
CF995profitab: customersEC-EIS
CF994archive exampleEC-EIS
CF899aspect 899EC-EIS
CF760MC Black SAP BelgiumEC-EIS
KCSLTSAP-EIS: data slice meaningEC-EIS
KCSLUSAP-EIS: assigning data slices to usersEC-EIS
T241ZUser profile text tableEC-EIS
T241WDescription of value typeEC-EIS
T241VData Area TextEC-EIS
T241SSender field descriptionEC-EIS
T241HText for report portfolio hierarchyEC-EIS
T241EText to sort reports into report portfolioEC-EIS
T241BDescription of Characteristic ValuesEC-EIS
T2411Description of parameter groupsEC-EIS
T2410Language table system control parametersEC-EIS
KCVARSAP-EIS: data slice variablesEC-EIS
KCSLVSAP-EIS: data slices - variables - parametersEC-EIS
CF701IDES MarketingEC-EIS
CF650Profitability 1EC-EIS
CF600HR AspectEC-EIS
CF500IDES InvestmentEC-EIS
CF050Balance sheet/P&L (FI/FILC)EC-EIS
CF006Balance SheetEC-EIS
CF005Personnel InformationEC-EIS
CF004Stock PricesEC-EIS
CF002Human ResourcesEC-EIS
CF703IDES ProfitabilityEC-EIS
CF704IDES Sales Info Sys.EC-EIS
CF720Top EIS AspectEC-EIS
CF714Strategic PlanningEC-EIS
CF712EC Integration: EVAEC-EIS
CF709Consolidation BasicEC-EIS
CF708IDES: Setup ExampleEC-EIS
CF706IDES Legal Cons.EC-EIS
CF705IDES Personnel InfoEC-EIS
CF001Profitability AnalysisEC-EIS
T2720Master data table: xarea (Description)EC-EIS
T270GMaster data table: DivisionEC-EIS
T270FMaster data table: MonthEC-EIS
T270EMaster data table: CompanyEC-EIS
T270DMaster data table: Distribution ChannelEC-EIS
T270CMaster data table: Customer GroupEC-EIS
T270BMaster data table: Product GroupEC-EIS
T270AMaster data table: DivisionEC-EIS
T2709Master data table: PlantEC-EIS
T2708Master data table: CountryEC-EIS
T2707Master data table: AreaEC-EIS
T2706Master data table: Trade channelEC-EIS
T2705Master data table: AreaEC-EIS
T2704Master data table: RegionEC-EIS
T2703Master data table: ManufacturerEC-EIS
T2702Master data table: Production groupEC-EIS
T270HMaster data table: RegionEC-EIS
T270IMaster data table: Product typeEC-EIS
T270JMaster data table: Source of dataEC-EIS
T271IMaster data table: town xxEC-EIS
T271DMaster Data Table: xxrk1EC-EIS
T271CMaster Data Table: demoEC-EIS
T271BMaster Data Table: Strategic Business UEC-EIS
T271AMaster Data Table: CompanyEC-EIS
T2719Master data table: Sales ChannelEC-EIS
T2718Master data table: Prod. GroupEC-EIS
T2717Master data table: StateEC-EIS
T2716Master data table: LandEC-EIS
T2715Master data table: ContinentEC-EIS
T2714Master data table: product groupsEC-EIS
T2713Master data table: regionsEC-EIS
T2712Master data table: countriesEC-EIS
T2711Master data table: ContinentEC-EIS
T2710Master data table: Area (Countries)EC-EIS
T2701Master data table: BrandEC-EIS
T2700Master data table: RegionEC-EIS
T242ISender informationEC-EIS
T242NReport composed of individual windowsEC-EIS
T242XSAP-EIS: Data Transfer: Origin ParametersEC-EIS
T242WValue typesEC-EIS
T242PWindow managementEC-EIS
T242VData area (previously version)EC-EIS
T242SSAP-EIS: Collection programs and sender structuresEC-EIS
T242HHierarchies in report portfolioEC-EIS
T242ESort reports into report portfolioEC-EIS
T242DData transfer controlEC-EIS
T242ZHierarchy indexEC-EIS
T242BCharacteristic values per characteristicEC-EIS
T778P2Plan versionsEC-EIS
TRSTHVBRST directory of hierarchiesEC-EIS
TRSTHCBRST directory of hierarchy classesEC-EIS
KCVARTSAP-EIS: data slice variable meaningsEC-EIS
TKCBOREC-EIS: Assignment DDIC - Objects in BOREC-EIS
RSTHIXCluster Table for Hierarchy InterfaceEC-EIS
TRKB1UTable with "Customizing settings" for drilldown reportingEC-EIS
TKCFGFFields of the field groups for structure generationEC-EIS
TKCFTGLanguage table for field groupsEC-EIS
TKCODTSAP-EIS: Texts for object types in object listEC-EIS
TKCMPVEC-BP: Parameterization for Automatic Planning RunsEC-EIS
TKCOHWSAP-EIS:Criteria for finding dep. objects for obj. collectorEC-EIS
TKCKUKKey figure assignment to groupsEC-EIS
KCK899comments for 899EC-EIS
KCK710Comments for FPIEC-EIS
KCK996comments for 996EC-EIS
TKCHNTSAP-EIS: Hierarchy node textsEC-EIS
KCK999comment table 999EC-EIS
TKCHVTSAP-EIS: Description of hierarchy variantsEC-EIS
TKCHHTSAP-EIS: Texts for hierarchy headerEC-EIS
TKCVSTVersion texts (EC-EIS)EC-EIS
TKCMPVTEC-BP: Parameterization Texts for Planning RunsEC-EIS
TRSTHVTBRST Texts for hierarchiesEC-EIS
TRSTHCTBRST texts for hierarchy classesEC-EIS
TRSTHV_VPBRST Repository of Hierarchies - Virtual InfoProviderEC-EIS
TKCTABFIEEC-EIS: Table-specific field propertiesEC-EIS
COIX_DATAControlling: Info system cluster tablesEC-EIS
TKEBU_VARWhere-Used List of Variables in ReportsEC-EIS
TKEB_LAYOUTUser-spec. Layout Info. for Drilldown Rep(invalid from 4.6C)EC-EIS
COIX_DATA40Cluster table infosystemEC-EIS
TAPPLCLASSHIEApplication Classes in the Hierarchy InterfaceEC-EIS
TAPPLCLASSHIETText Table for the Hierarchy Application ClassesEC-EIS
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