SAP Profit Center Accounting (EC-PCA) Tables

A142Dependent on materialEC-PCA
PATNPartner number/organizational unitEC-PCA
CEPCProfit Center Master Data TableEC-PCA
A143Dependent on material groupEC-PCA
A141Dependent on material and receiver profit centerEC-PCA
T8A60Representative MaterialsEC-PCA
T8A62Activate Representative MaterialEC-PCA
T8A50Acct determination of P+L acct for chrg off valuation diff.EC-PCA
T8A40EC-PCA: Transfer Statistical Key FiguresEC-PCA
T8A30EC-PCA: Define Additional AccountsEC-PCA
T8A20Special handling for goods movements between profit centersEC-PCA
T8A10EC-PCA: Substitution for SD: DependencyEC-PCA
T8A00Account Determination for Profit Center AccountingEC-PCA
GLSPCProfit Center Accounting: Line ItemsEC-PCA
GLPPCProfit Center Accounting: Plan line itemsEC-PCA
GLPCOEC-PCA: Object Table for Account Assignment ElementsEC-PCA
GLPCCEC-PCA: Transaction AttributesEC-PCA
GLPCAEC-PCA: Actual Line ItemsEC-PCA
CEPCTTexts for Profit Center Master DataEC-PCA
TPVAR1Variants for Finding Transfer PricesEC-PCA
TPVAR2Variants for Transfer Pricing: Assign Pricing ProcedureEC-PCA
T895PCAEC-PCA: Fiscal-Year Dependent Version ParametersEC-PCA
T886PCAEC-PCA: ActivitiesEC-PCA
TCVPROFCurrency and Valuation ProfilesEC-PCA
TPVAR1TVariants for Finding Transfer Prices: TextsEC-PCA
CMDT_PCGeneric Master Record: Profit Center EnhancementsEC-PCA
TCVPROFDCurrency and Valuation Profiles - DetailEC-PCA
TCVPROFTCurrency and Valuation Profiles - TextsEC-PCA
TKA00PCAEC-PCA: Control of actual data transferEC-PCA
TKE1PP51EC-PCA: Application-Specific Extension to TKA51EC-PCA
TPCA_ALECompany Code/Field Transfer PCA (ALE)EC-PCA
T894TPCAEC-PCA: Texts for plan versionsEC-PCA
TTP_CONDControl: Conversion of Condition Values for TPEC-PCA
PCA_SCMOIndex from Schedule Manager Run to Corresponding ExtractsEC-PCA
KE1_WU_VBPCA Where-Used List: Sales DocumentsEC-PCA
KE1_WU_BPPCA Where-Used List: Cost CentersEC-PCA
KE1_WU_PSPCA Where-Used List: ProjectsEC-PCA
KE1_WU_ORPCA Where-Used List: OrdersEC-PCA
KE1_WU_COPCA Where-Used List: Cost Centers/ProcessesEC-PCA
KE1_WU_IMPCA Where-Used List: Real Estate ObjectsEC-PCA
KE1_WU_KSPCA Where-Used List: Cost CentersEC-PCA
T8A_ALLOCPostprocessing of Allocations for BS Accts in Profit CentersEC-PCA
ARC_IPC_ITArchive index table for FI-SL line itemsEC-PCA
PCBWA_USERBW Extraction: Last Extracted User for Profit CenterEC-PCA
CEPC_BUKRSAssignment of Profit Centers to a Company CodeEC-PCA
KE1_WU_ANLPCA Where-Used List: AssetsEC-PCA
T8A_BILANZControl Parameter for Balance Sheet Accounts in Profit CtrsEC-PCA
T8APP_ACCTEC-PCA: Acct Determination in Planning (Derive or Valuate)EC-PCA
KE1_WU_KTRPCA Where-Used List: Cost ObjectsEC-PCA
KE1_WU_MATPCA Where-Used List: MaterialEC-PCA
T8APP_HRKFTValue of field HRKFT in profit center planningEC-PCA
T8APP_KALKTTexts for Costing Keys EC-PCAEC-PCA
T8APP_GLPCMEC-PCA: Plan Costs from Material Costing for Rep. MaterialEC-PCA
KE1_WU_ITEMPCA Where-Used List: ItemizationEC-PCA
KE1_WU_FCATPCA Where-Used List: Field CatalogEC-PCA
T8A_COMPRESSEC-PCA: Summarization fields for EC-PCA documentEC-PCA
T8APP_HRKFTTTexts for values of field HRFKT in profit center planningEC-PCA
KE1_WU_RUNIDPCA Where-Used List: RunsEC-PCA
KE1_WU_TABCATPCA Where-Used List: Table CatalogEC-PCA
KE1_WU_SELOPTPCA Where-Used List: Selection TableEC-PCA
CMDT_PC_BUKRSGeneric Master Record: Company Code Assign. for Profit Cent.EC-PCA
KE1_WU_RUNID_TPCA Where-Used List: Run NamesEC-PCA
KE1_WU_IM_ITEMPCA Where-Used List: Itemization for Real EstateEC-PCA
T8A_NO_COMPRESSEC-PCA: Fields that cannot be summarizedEC-PCA
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