SAP Basic Data and Tools (EHS-BD) Tables

TCG06EHS: Assignment TableEHS-BD
RMSDXRMS: Data Repository for User SettingsEHS-BD
RMWBC_20RMS-WB: Registration of a Service GroupEHS-BD
RMWBA_80RMS-WB: Structure for FavoritesEHS-BD
RMWBA_81RMS-WB: Object Key for FavoritesEHS-BD
RMWBC_10RMS-WB: Object Type ManagementEHS-BD
RMWBC_15RMS-WB: Behavior for Data Element - Object TypeEHS-BD
RMWBC_21RMS-WB: Registration of a Service GroupEHS-BD
RMWBC_22Toolbars for a Service GroupEHS-BD
RMWBC_25RMS-WB: Assignment Between Service Group and a TransactionEHS-BD
RMWBC_40RMS-WB: Tree Format LayoutEHS-BD
RMWBC_41RMS-WB: Layout HierarchyEHS-BD
RMWBC_20TRMS-WB: Registration of a Service GroupEHS-BD
RMWBC_40TRMS-WB: Tree Format LayoutEHS-BD
EHSBC_LS03EHS-BAS: **OBSOLETE** Basic Settings for Language SupportEHS-BD
EHSBC_LS01EHS: **OBSOLETE** Front End Op. Sys. Code Page AssignmentsEHS-BD
EHSBC_ST01EHS-BAS: Assignment: Status Profile to Object TypeEHS-BD
EHSBC_ST02EHS-BAS: System Status ProfilesEHS-BD
EHSBC_ST03EHS-BAS: Illegal Transitions to the System Status ProfilesEHS-BD
EHSBC_ST04EHS-BAS: Insert Transition for User Status in System StatusEHS-BD
EHSBT_STPREHS-BAS: Central status logEHS-BD
EHSBT_PHRNOFlag Table for Phrase ID in First DatabaseEHS-BD
EHSBC_VAI_ACEHS-BAS: Definition of Application AreaEHS-BD
EHFNDC_CI_IPTable contains the configuration of the integration pointsEHS-BD
EHSBC_TMSTMPEHS-BAS: Time Stamp of Last Possible Change (See Doc.)EHS-BD
EHSBC_RC_PARAEHS: Technical ParametersEHS-BD
EHFNDI_CI_IPIDTable defines the IDs for the integration pointsEHS-BD
EHSBC_VAI_USEXEHS-BAS: Application-Area-Dependent ImplementationsEHS-BD
EHSBC_BUF_PROTEHS-BAS: Object Change Log (see Documentation)EHS-BD
EHSBT_RC_GRPSHMEHS: Table for Storing Substance Group in Shared MemoryEHS-BD
EHSBC_RC_FIPARAEHS: Parameters for Selecting ConstraintsEHS-BD
EHSBC_RC_CONSTREHS: Definition of ConstraintsEHS-BD
EHSBC_RC_ADPARAEHS: Composition ParametersEHS-BD
EHSBC_RC_COMTYPTEHS: Text Table of Composition TypeEHS-BD
EHFNDC_CI_IPCHARconfiguration of characteristics for integration pointEHS-BD
EHFNDD_CI_USRDEFCluster table for user specific settingsEHS-BD
EHSBC_RC_ADPARATEHS: Text Table for Composition ParametersEHS-BD
EHSBC_RC_COMTYPSEHS: Specification Types of Composition TypeEHS-BD
EHSBT_RC_EXPLSHMEHS: Table for Storing Explosion Result in Shared MemoryEHS-BD
EHSBT_RC_ESTRHSHEHS: Table f. Storing Substs w. Constraints in Shared MemoryEHS-BD
EHSBC_VAI_AC_NAMEHS-BAS: Language-Specific Name of Application AreaEHS-BD
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