SAP Consolidation (FI-LC) Tables

GLT2Consolidation totals tableFI-LC
GLT3Summary Data Preparations for ConsolidationFI-LC
MCDXCompressed Consolidation transaction dataFI-LC
T850Company data for ConsolidationFI-LC
T851Changes in InvestmentsFI-LC
T853Company statusFI-LC
T854Financial statement items for consolidationFI-LC
T855Reasons for inclusion in consolidationFI-LC
T856Transaction TypesFI-LC
T857Line layout of data entry formsFI-LC
T858Consolidation versionsFI-LC
T859Data entry formsFI-LC
T85AFirst additional fieldFI-LC
T85BSecond additional fieldFI-LC
T85CThird additional fieldFI-LC
T85YAdditional Field CategoryFI-LC
T863Consolidation standard reportsFI-LC
T865Intercompany EliminationFI-LC
T866Elimination of IC profit/loss: FS itemsFI-LC
T867Product groupsFI-LC
T868Elimination of IC profit and lossFI-LC
T869Consolidation methodsFI-LC
T870Consolidation method assignmentFI-LC
T871Changes in investee equityFI-LC
T872Equity Holdings AdjustmentsFI-LC
T873Hidden reservesFI-LC
T874Elimination of hidden reservesFI-LC
T875Asset transfers within the groupFI-LC
T876Consolidation document typesFI-LC
T877Consolidation activity groupsFI-LC
T879Standard textsFI-LC
T884Currency translationFI-LC
FILCAFI-LC: Actual journal entry table with 2 object tablesFI-LC
FILCCFI-LC: Transaction-related fields for table FILCTFI-LC
FILCOFI-LC: Acct assign.fields (Object-TrPartner) for table FILCTFI-LC
FILCPFI-LC: Plan line items for object tableFI-LC
FILCTFI-LC: Global totals table with 2 object tablesFI-LC
T850ACompany sort criteriaFI-LC
T850BBusiness segmentsFI-LC
T850CBusiness segments: textsFI-LC
T850DAssignment of business segmentFI-LC
T850FUpload methodsFI-LC
T850GUpload Methods: TextsFI-LC
T850HUpload Methods: Field CatalogsFI-LC
T850IVersion-dependent assignment: Company/data import + validtnFI-LC
T850KCompany correspondence dataFI-LC
T850STax ratesFI-LC
T850ZLayout: FS chart of accountsFI-LC
T852GSubgroup companiesFI-LC
T852NConsolidation frequenciesFI-LC
T852OConsolidation frequencies: TextsFI-LC
T852PConsolidation PeriodsFI-LC
T852USubgroup companiesFI-LC
T852VVersion-dependent subgroup characteristicsFI-LC
T853KSubgroup statusFI-LC
T854SSelected FS itemsFI-LC
T854TFinancial statement item textsFI-LC
T854UFS item short textsFI-LC
T855TReasons for inclusion in consolidationFI-LC
T856TTransaction type textsFI-LC
T856XTransaction type groupsFI-LC
T856YTransaction type groups: TextsFI-LC
T857AColumn layout of data entry formFI-LC
T857DData entry form groups: NamesFI-LC
T857EData entry form groups: TextsFI-LC
T857FData entry form bundlingFI-LC
T857NValidation groupsFI-LC
T857OValidation groups: TextsFI-LC
T857PValidation RulesFI-LC
T857SColumn layout for data entry form: NamesFI-LC
T857TColumn layout for data entry form: TextFI-LC
T857XLine layout for data entry form: NameFI-LC
T857YLine layout for data entry form: TextFI-LC
T858IVersions for Consolidation integrationFI-LC
T858TConsolidation version textsFI-LC
T859TData entry form titleFI-LC
T85ATFirst additional field: TextsFI-LC
T85BTSecond additional field: TextsFI-LC
T85CTThird additional field: TextsFI-LC
T85S1FI-LC: Assignment of first add. fld to second add. fldFI-LC
T85S2FI-LC: Assignment of second add. fld to third add. fldFI-LC
T85YTAdditional field type: TextsFI-LC
T862KStandard reports: HeadingsFI-LC
T862LStandard reports: Header textsFI-LC
T862QStandard reports: Column layoutFI-LC
T862RStandard reports: Column layout textsFI-LC
T862SStandard reports: Column layoutFI-LC
T862TStandard reports: HeadersFI-LC
T862XStandard reports: Line layoutFI-LC
T862YStandard reports: Line layout textsFI-LC
T862ZStandard reports: Line layoutsFI-LC
T863BReport groupsFI-LC
T863CReport groups: NamesFI-LC
T863DReport groups: TextsFI-LC
T863IReports for Interactive ReportingFI-LC
T863TReport titlesFI-LC
T863VValuations: TextsFI-LC
T863XSelections for reportingFI-LC
T863YINDX datasetsFI-LC
T863ZSelection: Document statusFI-LC
T866ZElimination of IC P/L: Assignment of additional fieldsFI-LC
T867TProduct group textsFI-LC
T868BElimination of IC profit/loss: Inventory management co.sFI-LC
T868LElimination of IC profit/loss: Vendor dataFI-LC
T869TConsolidation of investments methodsFI-LC
T872IPeriodic entry for affiliated companiesFI-LC
T875CChanges in depreciationFI-LC
T875DAsset transfersFI-LC
T875EChange in depreciation of asset transfersFI-LC
T876BDocument typesFI-LC
T876TConsolidation document type textsFI-LC
T876VValidation of Consolidation documentFI-LC
T877KConsolidation activity groups: NamesFI-LC
T877LConsolidation activity groups: TextsFI-LC
T879PData transfer directoriesFI-LC
T880BValuation methodsFI-LC
T880GConsolidation companiesFI-LC
T884BAssignment valuation methods to company codesFI-LC
T884FTranslation Differences: Additional Account AssignmentFI-LC
T884HHistorical currency translationFI-LC
T884KExchange rate indicator for currency translationFI-LC
T884MCurrency translation methods used in ConsolidationFI-LC
T884RExchange rate indicator referencesFI-LC
T884SSets used in currency translationFI-LC
T884TCurrency translation method table: TextsFI-LC
TGSBKConsolidation business areasFI-LC
TGSBLText table for TGSBKFI-LC
TKMGBBusiness area consolidation: SD assignmentsFI-LC
TLMGBBusiness area consolidation: MM assignmentsFI-LC
TSTGCConsolidation test dataFI-LC
GSBLCABusiness area consolidation: deviating recordsFI-LC
EWULC02FI-LC: Ledgers for conversionFI-LC
EWULC03FI-LC: Companies for conversionFI-LC
EWULC04FI-LC: Settings for euro conversion adjustmentsFI-LC
GLS2IDXIndex table for FI-LC document clusterFI-LC
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