SAP Special Purpose Ledger (FI-SL) Tables

GB01Classes for Boolean FormulasFI-SL
GB02Valid ClassesFI-SL
GB03Validation/Substitution UserFI-SL
GB31Validation/Substitution Callup PointsFI-SL
GB90Boolean Formula Header for Rules and Boolean FunctionsFI-SL
GBC1Configuration for the Boolean Rule ProcessorFI-SL
GLP0Local Logical General Ledger Plan Line ItemsFI-SL
GLP1Local Logical General Ledger Plan Line ItemsFI-SL
GLP2Global Special Purpose Ledger Plan Line Item TableFI-SL
GLS1Local Logical General Ledger Actual Line ItemsFI-SL
GLS2Global logical Consolidation line itemsFI-SL
GLT0G/L account master record transaction figuresFI-SL
GLT1Local General Ledger Summary TableFI-SL
GREPReport Writer: File of Stored ReportsFI-SL
GRIXReport Writer: Directory of Stored DataFI-SL
GRRTReport Writer: Runtime information for generated programsFI-SL
SETSSets - Contents (before Release 2.2)FI-SL
T022FI-SL Activity: Fixed DataFI-SL
T800Report Writer: ReportsFI-SL
T807Rollup SequenceFI-SL
T80UFI-SL: Control Table for User ExitsFI-SL
T820Planning ParametersFI-SL
T822Planning Parameter ClassesFI-SL
T881Ledger MasterFI-SL
T882Company Code/Ledger AssignmentFI-SL
T883User Table FieldsFI-SL
T886FI-SL ActivitiesFI-SL
T887Activity/Ledger/CCode InformationFI-SL
T888Field Movement Header TableFI-SL
T889FI-SL Document TypesFI-SL
T890FI-SL: Boolean FormulasFI-SL
T893Ledger Selection ConditionsFI-SL
T894FI-SL and FI-LC VersionsFI-SL
T895Local Fiscal Year-Dependent Version ParametersFI-SL
GB011Rule Manager: 2D Structures in the Boolean ClassesFI-SL
GB01CClasses for Boolean Formulas for CustomersFI-SL
GB02CCustomer Message IDs for ValidationsFI-SL
GB02TBoolean Logic: Text Table for Boolean ClassesFI-SL
GB03TValidation/Substitution Application Area TextFI-SL
GB31CBoolean Rules: Form Pool Naming RangeFI-SL
GB31TValidation/Substitution Callup Point TextFI-SL
GB901Boolean Formula DataFI-SL
GB903Mapping of shortname and SETID of sets used in boolean expr.FI-SL
GB905Usage of Boolean RulesFI-SL
GB906Rule: Usage of Rules in RulesFI-SL
GB907Rule: Usage of Rules in SubstitutionsFI-SL
GB908Rule: Usage of Rules in ValidationsFI-SL
GB90TTexts for Boolean FormulasFI-SL
GB91TTexts for validationsFI-SL
GB921Substitution ConditionsFI-SL
GB922Substitution ConstantsFI-SL
GB925Usage of SubstitutionsFI-SL
GB92TTexts for SubstitutionsFI-SL
GB931Validation ActivitiesFI-SL
GB935Usage of ValidationsFI-SL
GB93TTexts for ValidationsFI-SL
GLOO1Object Table for FI-SL Table GLTO1FI-SL
GLOO2Object Table for GLT02: GlobalFI-SL
GLOO3Object Table for FI-SL Table GLTO3FI-SL
GLPO1Plan Line Items for Object TableFI-SL
GLPO2Plan Line Items for Object Table GlobalFI-SL
GLPO3Plan Line Items for Object TableFI-SL
GLSO1FI-SL Line Item Table with Objects for GLTO1FI-SL
GLSO2FI-SL Table with Objects, Structure corresponds to GLS2FI-SL
GLSO3FI-SL LI Table with Objects for GLTO3FI-SL
GLTO1FI-SL Table with Objects, Structure Corresponds to GLT1FI-SL
GLTO2FI-SL Table with Objects, Structure Corresponds to GLT2FI-SL
GLTO3FISL Table with Objects, Amounts and Quantities in Format P9FI-SL
T000CTable for Installing FI-SL CustomizingFI-SL
T000GCross-Client FI-SL PostingsFI-SL
T001CValid Posting Periods for Global CompaniesFI-SL
T022FFormat Table (Grouping of the Sender Tables)FI-SL
T022TFI-SL Activities: TextFI-SL
T030CGlobal Standard Account TableFI-SL
T800AFI-SL tablesFI-SL
T800BGenerated Archive and Database Reports for FI-SL TablesFI-SL
T800DFields for Master Data CheckFI-SL
T800GFlexible general ledger installation checkFI-SL
T800MFI-SL: Fixed Field MovementsFI-SL
T800OObject management FI-GL/FI-SLFI-SL
T800SFI-SL Set Table (before Release 4.0)FI-SL
T800TReport Writer: Texts for ReportsFI-SL
T800VRW: VariablesFI-SL
T800WRW: Texts for Parameter ContentsFI-SL
T800XFI-SL Set Line Texts (before Release 4.0)FI-SL
T800YFI-SL Set Texts (before Release 4.0)FI-SL
T801AReport Writer: Exceptions in Row/Column CoordinatesFI-SL
T801BReport Writer: Texts for Logical RowsFI-SL
T801CReport Writer: Parallel Report WindowsFI-SL
T801DReport Writer: Row/Column CharacteristicsFI-SL
T801EReport Writer: Selection SetsFI-SL
T801FReport Writer: Rest Blocks (Rows, Columns)FI-SL
T801GReport Writer: SectionsFI-SL
T801HReport Writer: Parallel ReportsFI-SL
T801KReport Writer: LibrariesFI-SL
T801LReport Writer: Library FieldsFI-SL
T801MReport Writer: Rows/ColumnsFI-SL
T801NReport Writer: Library TextsFI-SL
T801PReport Writer: Key Figures for LibrariesFI-SL
T801QReport Writer: Key Figures for LibrariesFI-SL
T801RReport Writer: Standard Layouts (Language-Dependent Part)FI-SL
T801SReport Writer: Cell AssignmentFI-SL
T801TReport Writer: Texts for Parallel ReportsFI-SL
T801UReport Writer: Standard Layouts (Language-Independent Part)FI-SL
T801VReport Writer: Standard Layout TextsFI-SL
T801WReport Writer: Standard Layout - Lang.-Dependent (new)FI-SL
T801XReport Writer: Standard Layout - Lang. Independent (new)FI-SL
T802AReport Writer: Definition of Receiver ReportsFI-SL
T802BReport Writer: Receiver Report Control ( part 1 )FI-SL
T802CReport Writer: Receiver Report Control (part 2)FI-SL
T802DABAP Receiver Programs for Report WriterFI-SL
T802GSets: VariablesFI-SL
T802TSets: Short Descriptions of VariablesFI-SL
T803AReport Writer: Key Figure Blocks (Header)FI-SL
T803BReport Writer: Key Figure Blocks (Descriptions)FI-SL
T803CReport Writer: Key Figure Blocks (Rows)FI-SL
T803DReport Writer: Key Figure Blocks (Row/Column Texts)FI-SL
T803EReport Writer: Key Figure Blocks (Columns)FI-SL
T803FReport Writer: Key Figure Blocks (Formulas)FI-SL
T803GReport Writer: Key Figure Blocks (Cells in Formulas)FI-SL
T803HReport Writer: Row FormulasFI-SL
T803IReport Writer: Row Formulas / TextsFI-SL
T803JReport Writer: Report GroupsFI-SL
T803LReport Writer: Entries in Report GroupsFI-SL
T803TReport Writer: Report Group TextsFI-SL
T803VReport Writer: Generated program versionsFI-SL
T803ZObsolete: Report UsageFI-SL
T804AReport Writer: File DescriptionFI-SL
T804BReport Writer: Key figuresFI-SL
T804CReport Writer: Special FieldsFI-SL
T804DReport Writer: Texts of Data Field DescriptionsFI-SL
T804EReport Writer: Summary of TablesFI-SL
T804FReport Writer: Key FiguresFI-SL
T804GReport Writer: Texts for Key FiguresFI-SL
T804HReport Writer: Database Fields for ExitsFI-SL
T804IReport Writer: Supported LanguagesFI-SL
T804JReport Writer: Read module for table class SFI-SL
T804TTexts for reporting tableFI-SL
T807HRollup Header InformationFI-SL
T807RFI-SL Rollup: History of ExecutionsFI-SL
T807TFI-SL Rollup textsFI-SL
T80UTFI-SL: Control Table for User ExitsFI-SL
T810ASet usage in sets (before Release 4.0)FI-SL
T811UTable Information Allocation Sender/Receiver RelationshipFI-SL
T820FPlanning Parameters: Field Group InformationFI-SL
T820TPlanning Parameter DescriptionsFI-SL
T822TPlanning Parameter Class DescriptionsFI-SL
T830AFI-SL Master Record TableFI-SL
T830BFI-SL Master Record TableFI-SL
T830DFI-SL Master Record TableFI-SL
T831AFI-SL Master data textFI-SL
T831BFI-SL Master Record TableFI-SL
T831DFI-SL Master data textFI-SL
T881TFI-SL Ledger textFI-SL
T881WPossible Combinations of Currency Keys in FI-SLFI-SL
T881ZAdditional Ledger with Special Calculation TypeFI-SL
T882CGlobal Company-Ledger Assignment in FI-SLFI-SL
T883SFI-SL User TablesFI-SL
T883TDescriptions of FI-SL user tablesFI-SL
T884CControl Balance Carried ForwardFI-SL
T886AActivity/Ledger InformationFI-SL
T886BActivity/Ledger/CCode InformationFI-SL
T886CActivity/Ledger/Company InformationFI-SL
T887CActivity/Ledger/Company InformationFI-SL
T888MFI-SL Field AssignmentsFI-SL
T888TFI-SL Field Assignment TextsFI-SL
T889ANumber Ranges for Document Types for Local ObjectsFI-SL
T889BNumber Ranges for Document Types for Global ObjectsFI-SL
T889CFI-SL Document Types - Global Company IDsFI-SL
T889TDocument Type TextsFI-SL
T891BValidation for Special Purpose Ledger / Company CodeFI-SL
T891CValidation for Special Purpose Ledger / Global CompanyFI-SL
T892BSubstitution for Special Purpose Ledger / Company CodeFI-SL
T892CSubstitution for Special Purpose Ledger / Global CompanyFI-SL
T892URollup SubstitutionFI-SL
T894TFI-SL and FI-LC Version TextsFI-SL
T895CGlobal Fiscal Year-Dependent Version ParametersFI-SL
TGUMSFI-SL: Convert TablesFI-SL
GB921TSubstitution: Text Table for Substitution StepsFI-SL
GGREFAExample for Global FI-SL Line Items (Actual)FI-SL
GGREFCExample for Global FISL Objct Table 2 (Transactn Attributes)FI-SL
GGREFOExample for Global Object Table 1 (Object/Partner)FI-SL
GGREFPExample for Global FI-SL Line Items (Plan)FI-SL
GGREFTExample for Global FI-SL Summary TableFI-SL
GLIDXAIndex to Find FI-SL Documents Based on AWKEYFI-SL
GLIDXBLine-item index for FI-SL BUKRSFI-SL
GLIDXCLine Item Index for FI-SL Global CompanyFI-SL
GLREFAExample for Local FI-SL Line Items (Actual)FI-SL
GLREFCExample for Loc. FISL Objct Table 2 (Transaction Attributes)FI-SL
GLREFOExample for Local Object Table 1 (Object/Partner)FI-SL
GLREFPExample for Local FI-SL Line Items (Plan)FI-SL
GLREFTExample for Local FI-SL Summary TableFI-SL
GLREFUExample for FI-SL Rollup Line Items (Actual)FI-SL
GLREFVExample for Rollup FI-SL Line Items (Plan)FI-SL
SETO2NTables and Set Names for Sets in New Storage FormFI-SL
SMFISLSpec. FI-SL Data in Monitor (See Schedman_specific_fisl)FI-SL
T022FTTexts for Formats used in FI-SLFI-SL
T803VPReport Writer: Generated program versionsFI-SL
T804BTReport Writer: Texts for basic key figuresFI-SL
T889TEDocument Type TextsFI-SL
TRWLVHList of variants for FI-SL line item reports (header)FI-SL
TRWLVLList of variants for FI-SL line item reports (fields)FI-SL
GLFUNCAActual Line Items Table for Cost of Sales AccountingFI-SL
GLFUNCCObject Table 2 for Cost of Sales AccountingFI-SL
GLFUNCOObject Table 1 for Cost of Sales AccountingFI-SL
GLFUNCPPlan Line Items Table for Cost of Sales AccountingFI-SL
GLFUNCTTotals Table for Cost of Sales AccountingFI-SL
GLFUNCURollup line item tables with function area for IDESFI-SL
GLFUNCVRollup plan line items table with function area for IDESFI-SL
RWSLINEReport Writer Data for the Set LineFI-SL
SETCLSTSet Class DescriptionsFI-SL
SETDATASets - Contents (before Release 4.0)FI-SL
SETDTELSets: Representative data elementsFI-SL
SETLEAFValues in SetsFI-SL
SETNODELower-level sets in setsFI-SL
T800AISDirectory of InfoSource structures for FI-SL tablesFI-SL
T800DOMFixed exitsFI-SL
TLDGRPTLedger Group Texts (FI-SL)FI-SL
TRWLVHTList of variants for FI-SL line item reports (texts)FI-SL
GLT0_BAKG/L Account Master Record Transaction FiguresFI-SL
GLT0_DIFDelta Table: G/L Account Master Transaction FiguresFI-SL
GRIX_AUTReport Writer: Values of Adjustment-Related CharacteristicsFI-SL
GRIX_SELReport Writer: Selection parameters for stored dataFI-SL
GRIX_TXTReport Writer: Texts for stored dataFI-SL
GRIX_VARReport Writer: Variable for a report group versionFI-SL
SETEXITSExits for Formula VariablesFI-SL
SETLINETShort Description of Set LineFI-SL
GRIX_SRCHFields for finding Report Writer extractsFI-SL
GRIX_VARPVariation parameters for extracts (Report Writer)FI-SL
RWSHEADERReport Writer Data for Set HeaderFI-SL
SETCLS_CDChange document indicator per set classFI-SL
SETEXITSTDescription of Exits for Formula VariablesFI-SL
SETHEADERSet Header and DirectoryFI-SL
T800HISTHLog Tables for Program Runs in FI-GL or FI-SL: HeaderFI-SL
T800HISTPLog Tables for Program Runs in FI-GL or FI-SL: ItemsFI-SL
T881IS_PIAssignment of TT/SI DataSource for FI-SL Ledger (Plug-In)FI-SL
T886TCODEFI-SL: Monitor Procedure - TransactionFI-SL
ARC_IDX_ITArchive index table for FI-SL line itemsFI-SL
SETHEADERTShort Description of SetsFI-SL
SETUSE_BERSet Use in Authorizations (Area of Responsibility)FI-SL
SETUSE_REPSet Use in Reports and LibrariesFI-SL
T800AIS_PIDirectory of BW Structures for FI-SL TablesFI-SL
T802GU_SETUse of Variables in SetsFI-SL
T802GU_VARUse of Variables in Formula VariablesFI-SL
T804FU_SETUse of Key Figures in Key Figure SetsFI-SL
TLDGRP_MAPAssignment of Ledgers to Ledger GroupsFI-SL
GRW_HISTORYReport Writer Changes historyFI-SL
HDB_SETNODENode view for SLT hierarchy replicationFI-SL
T881_KEYFIGFI-SL: Key Figures per LedgerFI-SL
GREP_VARCHARReport Writer: Varied extract characteristicsFI-SL
HDB_SETLEAF1Leaf view for SLT hierarchy replication (primary)FI-SL
HDB_SETLEAF2Leaf view for SLT hierarchy replication (secondary)FI-SL
SETHANA_HIERStatus of set hierarchies in HANAFI-SL
T800A_KEYFIGFI-SL: Key Figures for Table GroupFI-SL
T803VP_TRANSReport Writer: Generated Program Versions for TransportFI-SL
SETHANACLASSESHierarchy classes with HANA accelelerationFI-SL
SETHANA_STATUSStatus of set hierarchies in HANAFI-SL
SETHEADERTRANSChanges Made to Sets by TransportsFI-SL
GRW_DEL_OBJECTSReport Writer Deleted ObjectsFI-SL
SETHANAHIER0101Hierarchy table for Cost Center GroupsFI-SL
SETHANAHIER0102Hierarchy table for Cost Element GroupsFI-SL
SETHANAHIER0103Hierarchy table for Order GroupsFI-SL
SETHANAHIER0106Hierarchy table for Profit Center GroupsFI-SL
SETHANAHIER0109Hierarchy table for Account GroupsFI-SL
FAGL_CUS_GENINFONew General Ledger Accounting: Generation Status (Customer)FI-SL
SETHANA_HVIEW__TGeneration template for HANA hierarchy viewsFI-SL
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