SAP Business Accounting (FIN-BAC) Tables

URBWFRealigner Connection to BW Field PropertiesFIN-BAC
URBWLRealigner: DataSourcesFIN-BAC
URKEYField Catalog: Document KeyFIN-BAC
URBWLFRealigner: Fields in the DataSourcesFIN-BAC
URBWLGRealigner: Status Information for DataSourceFIN-BAC
URBWLTRealigner: DataSource TextsFIN-BAC
URBWLXUR_BW: Debugging Transaction Data ExtractorFIN-BAC
URBWLYRealigner: Special Settings Read from DataSourceFIN-BAC
URBWTSRealigner: Processed Time IntervalsFIN-BAC
URCHARField Catalog: CharacteristicsFIN-BAC
URKEYFField Catalog: Key FigureFIN-BAC
CFICC0CFIN Objects for Cost CentersFIN-BAC
CFICR0CFIN Objects for Cost Center/Resource PoolFIN-BAC
CFIFA0CFIN Objects for Fixed AssetsFIN-BAC
FINACHDAccounting Document HeaderFIN-BAC
URBWLOGActivity Log Extractor for RealignerFIN-BAC
URENVIDReassignment of Derivation Strategy <-> Realigner-IDFIN-BAC
FAIBSV01Incoming/Outgoing InvoicesFIN-BAC
FAIBSV02Valuated ReceiptsFIN-BAC
FAIBSV03Logistical Goods MovementsFIN-BAC
UAIQSACTQuantity Structure: Activity NodeFIN-BAC
UAIQSINVQuantity Structure: Inventory NodeFIN-BAC
UAIQSWIPQuantity Structure: WIP NodeFIN-BAC
UAVADMINFlexible Control of ValuationFIN-BAC
URCORD01Selection Conditions in a Realignment RequestFIN-BAC
URCORD02Conversion Rules in a Realignment RequestFIN-BAC
URCORD0CRealignment RequestsFIN-BAC
URCRUN01Jobs in a Realignment RunFIN-BAC
URCRUN02Detail for Executing a RunFIN-BAC
URCRUN0CRealignment RunsFIN-BAC
FAIBSV01CRule for Balance Sheet ValuationFIN-BAC
FAIBSV01TTexts for RuleFIN-BAC
FAIBSV02CPercentage Writedown: Weighting FactorsFIN-BAC
FAIBSV04CConfiguration: Percentage Write-Down KeyFIN-BAC
FAIBSV06CGrouping by Rule (Balance Sheet Valuation)FIN-BAC
FAIBSV07CRule: Input and Output PricesFIN-BAC
FAIBSV08CRule - Special Parameters FIFOFIN-BAC
FAIBSV09CRule: Special Parameters for Market PricesFIN-BAC
FAIBSV10CRule - Special Parameters for Percentage Write-DownFIN-BAC
FAIBSV11CConfiguration: Balance Sheet Valuation Procedure AttributesFIN-BAC
FAIBSV11TConfiguration - Balance Sheet Val. Procedure DescriptionFIN-BAC
FAIBSV12CPrice RelationshipsFIN-BAC
FAIBSV13CAssignment of Valuation Procedures to Price TypesFIN-BAC
FAIBSV14CConfiguration: Application Class Market PricesFIN-BAC
FAIBSV15CPersistence Objects for Balance Sheet ValuationFIN-BAC
FAIBSV16CPrice Type Assignment for Preliminary Market PricesFIN-BAC
FAIBSV17CRule: Currency TypesFIN-BAC
FAIBSV18CWritedown Percentages to Specific Key: Range of CoverageFIN-BAC
FAIBSV19CValuation Groups: Mapping of Field NamesFIN-BAC
UAINVAPPLApplication Specifics in Period-End ClosingFIN-BAC
UAIQSCCTRQuantity Structure: Cost Center NodeFIN-BAC
UAIQSTIMEQuantity Structure: Time DimensionFIN-BAC
UREXECTRCTrace Option for Realignment RunsFIN-BAC
UROPALLOWPermitted Operations Dependent on StatusFIN-BAC
CFIORGEN0CFIN Objects for Internal OrdersFIN-BAC
CFIORMNF0CFIN Objects for Manufacturing OrdersFIN-BAC
CFIORMNT0CFIN Objects for Maintenance OrdersFIN-BAC
CFIORNTA0CFIN Objects for Network ItemsFIN-BAC
CFIORNTW0CFIN Objects for NetworksFIN-BAC
CFIORSRV0CFIN Objects for Service OrdersFIN-BAC
FINACITCRVLine Items in Cost and Revenue JournalFIN-BAC
FINACITDUELine Items in the AP/AR JournalFIN-BAC
FINACITFXALine Item in Asset JournalFIN-BAC
FINACITGENLine Items in General JournalFIN-BAC
FINACITGRILine Items in the GR/IR JournalFIN-BAC
FINACITINVLine Items in the Material Inventory JournalFIN-BAC
FINACITTAXLine Items in the Tax JournalFIN-BAC
FINACITWIPLine Items in the WIP JournalFIN-BAC
UAINVT2000Characteristics of Inventory and WIP ViewsFIN-BAC
UAINVT3020Aspect for Mapping Table New Accounting <-> R/3 FunctionsFIN-BAC
UAINVT4000Configuration Status of Inventory/WIP for Accounting SystemsFIN-BAC
UREXECTRCITrace Option for Realignment RunsFIN-BAC
URPARALLELPersonalization for Parallelization of RealignmentsFIN-BAC
CFIOCONSI0CFIN Objects for ConsignmentFIN-BAC
CFIOGMVMT0CFIN Objects for Material Documents (GR-Based IV)FIN-BAC
CFIOSENTR0CFIN Objects for ServicesFIN-BAC
FINACITCASHLine Items in the Cash JournalFIN-BAC
UAINVDEBCRHDocument for Revaluation Through Material Debit/CreditFIN-BAC
UAINVDEBCRIDocument Item for Revaluation Through Material Debit/CreditFIN-BAC
UAINVREVALHDocument for INV Price Change and Inventory RevaluationFIN-BAC
UAINVREVALIDocument Item for Inventory Price Change and RevaluationFIN-BAC
UAINVREVCOHHeader Table for Tracking the Revaluation RunsFIN-BAC
UAIQSPURORDQuantity Structure: Purchasing NodeFIN-BAC
UREXECFLOCOParallelized Process ControlFIN-BAC
URREALIGNERRealigner Entity TableFIN-BAC
UAIQSVERSIONQuantity Structure: VersionFIN-BAC
UAIQS_SNDRCVQuantity Structure: Valuated Quantity StructureFIN-BAC
UAV0PRICE001Price Table with Period DependencyFIN-BAC
UAV0PRICE002Price Table with Date DependencyFIN-BAC
UAV0PRICE003Price Table with Period DependencyFIN-BAC
UAV0PRICE004Price Table with Date DependencyFIN-BAC
UREXECFLOCOXDrag Temporarilly for Chunk NumbersFIN-BAC
CFIORPURITM0CFIN Objects for Purchase Order ItemsFIN-BAC
CFIPVLOCPRD0CProduct Depending on Company/LocationFIN-BAC
UAIDETAILDATATrace Option for Realignment RunsFIN-BAC
UAINVTMAPPINGMapping Table New Accounting <-> R/3 FunctionsFIN-BAC
UAIQSEDGETYPEQuantity Structure: Edge Type (of Sender/Rec. Relationship)FIN-BAC
UAIQSITEMCTRLQuantity Structure: Control Table ItemsFIN-BAC
UAIQSVERSIONTText for Quantity Structure VersionFIN-BAC
UAIQS_BALANCEQuantity Structure: Beginning/Ending Inventories and ValuesFIN-BAC
UAV0PRICE001HPrice History Table with Period DependencyFIN-BAC
UAV0PRICE002HPrice History Table with Date DependencyFIN-BAC
UAV0PRICE003HPrice History Table with Period DependencyFIN-BAC
UAV0PRICE004HPrice History Table with Date DependencyFIN-BAC
URREALIGNER01Attribute RealignerFIN-BAC
UAINV_BTACOGSCAdditional Business Trans Categories for Revaluation of COSFIN-BAC
UAINV_DERIVECODerivation for Revaluation CO-PA StructureFIN-BAC
UAI_ABGRIR_BTABusiness Trans. Categories of Transactional GR/IR ClearingFIN-BAC
UROBJNR_NR_SUBSubobjects of the Number Range for the Object NumberFIN-BAC
CON_ACC_TACTIVEActivate Inventory Accounting in ClientFIN-BAC
FINB_TNOASS_NROAssignment of Accounting System to Number Range ObjectFIN-BAC
UAINV_CTRLCOGSCControl Revaluation Cost of SalesFIN-BAC
UAINV_DYNRELACTActivation of Dynamic Price ReleaseFIN-BAC
UAINV_DYNRELCUSCustomizing for Dynamic Price ReleaseFIN-BAC
UAI_ABGRIR_GUIDGUIDs for Transaction-Based GR/IR ClearingFIN-BAC
CFIPVLOCPRDBTC0CProduct Depending on Company/Location/BatchFIN-BAC
CONACCDATASOURCEDataSources Inventory AccountingFIN-BAC
UAI_ABGRIR_ACTIVActivation of Transaction-Based GR/IR ClearingFIN-BAC
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