SAP Claims Management (FS-CM) Tables

ICLUSClaim HandlerFS-CM
ICLDOCDocument to be Sent in ClaimFS-CM
ICLIOBInsurable ObjectFS-CM
ICLNOLNotice of LossFS-CM
ICLPAYClaim PaymentFS-CM
ICLPOLPolicy SnapshotFS-CM
ICLREFCoverage Referral in ClaimFS-CM
ICSDOCDocument in ClaimFS-CM
ICSPOLPolicy SnapshotFS-CM
ICSREFCoverage Referral in ClaimFS-CM
HRP7002DB Table for Infotype 7002FS-CM
HRP7003DB Table for Infotype 7003FS-CM
HRP7004DB Table for Infotype 7004FS-CM
HRT7002Table Part Infotype 7002FS-CM
ICLALDDAssign Archive Link Document to Claim SubobjectFS-CM
ICLDIPLDistribution PlanFS-CM
ICLGUIDSingle Transactions in Claim: GUIDsFS-CM
ICLNOLPNotice of Loss ParticipantFS-CM
ICLPAYIClaim Payment ItemFS-CM
ICLPOLLLimit and Deductible in Policy SnapshotFS-CM
ICLPOLMCoverage in Policy SnapshotFS-CM
ICLPOLNAssign Insured Object to CoverageFS-CM
ICLPOLOInsured Object in Policy SnapshotFS-CM
ICLPOLSSums Insured and Calculations in Policy SnapshotFS-CM
ICLSSEQScreen in Entry ModeFS-CM
ICLTEXTShort Texts in ClaimFS-CM
ICL_ARGNegotiation ArgumentFS-CM
ICL_RBPRole-Based PerformerFS-CM
ICSALDDAssign Archive Link Document to Claim SubobjectFS-CM
ICSDIPLDistribution Plan (Shadow Table)FS-CM
ICSPARTParticipant in ClaimFS-CM
ICSPOLLLimit and Deductible in Policy SnapshotFS-CM
ICSPOLMCoverage in Policy SnapshotFS-CM
ICSPOLNAssign Insured Object to CoverageFS-CM
ICSPOLOInsured Object in Policy SnapshotFS-CM
ICSPOLSSums Insured and Calculations in Policy SnapshotFS-CM
ICSTEXTShort Texts in ClaimFS-CM
IGNBPLPBusiness Partner Auto License PlateFS-CM
TIAM000Activity Management: Application Classes - Basic DataFS-CM
TIAM110Reserved for Future Developments: Tasks in IAMFS-CM
TIAM111IAM: Activities of a TaskFS-CM
TIAM130IAM: ActivityFS-CM
TIAM140Activity Management: Navigation TargetFS-CM
TIAM150Activity Management: Task TypeFS-CM
TICL000Claim Header - Screen Sequence DeterminationFS-CM
TICL001Claim Bundle TypeFS-CM
TICL002Subtypes of Claim Bundle TypesFS-CM
TICL003Internal Claim Type VersionFS-CM
TICL004Subclaim TypeFS-CM
TICL005Internal Claim Type: Permitted Subclaim TypeFS-CM
TICL006Damage CategoryFS-CM
TICL007Insurance Line of BusinessFS-CM
TICL008Cause of ClaimFS-CM
TICL009Internal Claim Type: Permitted Cause of ClaimFS-CM
TICL010Evaluation of Witness ReportFS-CM
TICL011Generation of Internal Claim TypeFS-CM
TICL012Bundle ReasonFS-CM
TICL013Claims Management Subobject CategoryFS-CM
TICL014Type of Relationship to PolicyholderFS-CM
TICL015(Sub)Claim ComplexityFS-CM
TICL016Damage DescriptorFS-CM
TICL017Business Partner Screen Sequence DeterminationFS-CM
TICL018Reason for Current StatusFS-CM
TICL019Navigation Targets in ClaimFS-CM
TICL020Reserve TypeFS-CM
TICL021Evaluation CategoryFS-CM
TICL022Claim Item Rejection ReasonFS-CM
TICL023Damage SeverityFS-CM
TICL024Contractual Relationship between Employer and EmployeeFS-CM
TICL025Transaction Control FS-CMFS-CM
TICL026Type of EvaluatorFS-CM
TICL027Internal Claim Type: Permitted Subclaim ComplexityFS-CM
TICL028Hidden Data SetsFS-CM
TICL029Reason for Changing Claim DateFS-CM
TICL030Reserve Change ReasonFS-CM
TICL031Claim DocumentFS-CM
TICL032Roles of Permitted Recipients for Claim DocumentsFS-CM
TICL033Claim Line of BusinessFS-CM
TICL034Internal Claim Type: Claim Bundle Type AssignmentFS-CM
TICL035Claims Management Object CategoryFS-CM
TICL037Activity Management: Task TypeFS-CM
TICL038Claims Management - ActivityFS-CM
TICL039Claims Management - Assignment Activity to TaskFS-CM
TICL040Damaged Object-Screen Sequence DeterminationFS-CM
TICL041Method of SettlementFS-CM
TICL042Claim Processing ModeFS-CM
TICL043Internal Claim Type: Permitted Claim Item Rejection ReasonFS-CM
TICL044Claims Management Activity or Prompting MessageFS-CM
TICL045Internal Claim Type: Permitted Manual Task/Log EntryFS-CM
TICL046Internal Claim Type: Permitted Manual Claim DocumentFS-CM
TICL047Internal Claim Type: Permitted Claim Closure ReasonFS-CM
TICL048Internal Claim Type: Method of SettlementFS-CM
TICL049Internal Claim Type: Permitted Damage CategoryFS-CM
TICL050Internal Claim Type: Permitted Damage DescriptorFS-CM
TICL051Internal Claim Type: Permitted Damage SeverityFS-CM
TICL052Internal Claim Type: Permitted Document and Other CategoriesFS-CM
TICL053Internal Claim Type: Permitted Reserve TypeFS-CM
TICL054Claim Bundle Type - Claim Type - AssignmentFS-CM
TICL055Benefit TypeFS-CM
TICL056Internal Claim Type: Permitted Benefit TypeFS-CM
TICL057Internal Claim Type: Determination of Payment Reason GroupFS-CM
TICL058Internal Claim Type: Permitted Manual Coverage ReferralFS-CM
TICL059Reserving CategoryFS-CM
TICL060Incident Type of a ClaimFS-CM
TICL061Internal Claim Type: Facts Capture - Question SequenceFS-CM
TICL062Policy Product - Internal Claim Type - DeterminationFS-CM
TICL063Obsolete: Navigation Tree TypeFS-CM
TICL064Subclaim-Screen Sequence DeterminationFS-CM
TICL065Witness Statement TypeFS-CM
TICL066Payment ReasonFS-CM
TICL067Payment Reason GroupFS-CM
TICL068Internal Claim Type: Permitted Claim Handler GroupFS-CM
TICL069Structure of Navigation TreeFS-CM
TICL070Claim Handler GroupFS-CM
TICL071Data Sets for Which FMOD2A Is Not ExecutedFS-CM
TICL072Reserving RulesFS-CM
TICL073Reserving ParametersFS-CM
TICL074Reserving-Parameter ValueFS-CM
TICL075Reserving FieldFS-CM
TICL076Internal Claim Type: Permitted Object TypeFS-CM
TICL077Claim Line of BusinessFS-CM
TICL078Navigation Tree TypeFS-CM
TICL079Coverage ReferralFS-CM
TICL080Coverage Referral Overruling ReasonFS-CM
TICL082Reserve General Ledger Account DeterminationFS-CM
TICL083Internal Claim Type: Limit and DeductibleFS-CM
TICL084Internal Claim Type: Permitted Reason for Creating ClmItmGpFS-CM
TICL085Claims Management ClientFS-CM
TICL086Vendor Assignment: Reason for Manual EntryFS-CM
TICL087Display ProfileFS-CM
TICL088Position of Person in VehicleFS-CM
TICL089Permitted Text IDFS-CM
TICL090Topic of Claim NoteFS-CM
TICL091Communication TypeFS-CM
TICL092Participation Type of ClaimantFS-CM
TICL093SAPscript Texts for TasksFS-CM
TICL094Node Category of Navigation TreeFS-CM
TICL095Reinsurance TypeFS-CM
TICL096Permitted Function Codes for Context Menu and PushbuttonsFS-CM
TICL097Information for Workflow PD-ORGFS-CM
TICL098Control of Function Codes for Context Menu and PushbuttonsFS-CM
TICL099Coverage Referral Overruling Reason AssignmentFS-CM
TICL100Internal Claim Type - Permitted Coverage TypeFS-CM
TICL101Scope of LossFS-CM
TICL102Claim Bundle Type: Permitted Manual TaskFS-CM
TICL105Storage of Picture Files in Data Clusters (see INDX)FS-CM
TICL106Assignment Data Set - Claim Subobject CategoryFS-CM
TICL107FS-CM: BDT Screen Fields -> Internal GUI Structure FieldsFS-CM
TICL110Amount Authorizations for Payments/ReservesFS-CM
TICL111Authorization GroupsFS-CM
TICL112Approval/Rejection Reasons with PaymentsFS-CM
TICL113Authorization Groups Claims (VIP)FS-CM
TICL114Assignment of Organizational Unit to Business AreaFS-CM
TICL119Category of Reference Location for External ServicesFS-CM
TICL120Evaluation Criterion for Vendor SelectionFS-CM
TICL121Weighting, Prioritization of Evaluation CriteriaFS-CM
TICL122Assignment of User to Tolerance GroupFS-CM
TICL123Transaction Type for Procurement ProcessFS-CM
TICL124Partner Function in Procurement SystemFS-CM
TICL125Permitted Roles per Transaction Type in Procurement ProcessFS-CM
TICL126Insurance Lines of Business and Their Procurement ProcessesFS-CM
TICL127Assignment of User: Claim System -> Procurement SystemFS-CM
TICL128Building Insurance: Sliding Replacement Cost FactorFS-CM
TICL129Details on Tolerance KeyFS-CM
TICL130Tables of Claim SystemFS-CM
TICL131Tolerance Group (Entity Table)FS-CM
TICL132Internal Claim Type: Permitted Roles for InterruptionsFS-CM
TICL133Internal Claim Type: Permitted Interruption ReasonsFS-CM
TICL134Modification Type of DeductibleFS-CM
TICL135Application Type of Limits+Deductibles in Compensation Calc.FS-CM
TICL136Data OriginFS-CM
TICL137Search and Read Method for Reading Data from ClaimsFS-CM
TICL138Claim Item Grouping CategoryFS-CM
TICL139Claim Item CategoryFS-CM
TICL140Claim Status / Subclaim StatusFS-CM
TICL142Permitted Claim Item Grouping CategoryFS-CM
TICL143Permitted Types of Claim Item Grouping CategoryFS-CM
TICL146Benefit Type AreaFS-CM
TICL150Definition of Permitted CatalogsFS-CM
TICL151Call Structure: CatalogsFS-CM
TICL152Reason for CreationFS-CM
TICL153Entity Table: Types of Claim Item Grouping CategoryFS-CM
TICL154Activity Management: Activity Grouping CategoryFS-CM
TICL155Further Specification of Reason for CreatingFS-CM
TICL157HI: Recovery/Subro IndicatorFS-CM
TICL158HI: Accident IndicatorFS-CM
TICL159Benefit Type TreeFS-CM
TICL160Generation of Benefit Type TreeFS-CM
TICL161Version of Benefit Type TreeFS-CM
TICL162Benefit Type Tree: Permitted Benefit TypeFS-CM
TICL163Benefit Type Tree: Limit and DeductibleFS-CM
TICL164Benefit Type Tree: Permitted Object TypeFS-CM
TICL165Benefit Type Tree: Definition of Payment Reason GroupFS-CM
TICL166Dependent Benefit TypesFS-CM
TICL167Benefit Type Tree: Sum Insured and Calculation RulesFS-CM
TICL170Transaction Control FS-CM-EVTFS-CM
TICL172Claim Bundle Item TypeFS-CM
TICL173Process Type: Relevant Attributes and Behavior (Obsolete)FS-CM
TICL174Subrogation Claim Type in Subrogation (To Be Deleted)FS-CM
TICL175Change Reason for Status of (Collective) SubrogationFS-CM
TICL176Definition of Category of Claim Bundle Type per TransactCodeFS-CM
TICL177Subrogation Claim Type in SubrogationFS-CM
TICL180Types of Repetitive PaymentFS-CM
TICL184Internal Claim Type: Permitted Specification of ReasonFS-CM
TICL187Internal Claim Type: Permitted Recovery/Subro IndicatorFS-CM
TICL188Internal Claim Type: Permitted Accident IndicatorFS-CM
TICL189FS-CM Subclaim Type: Permitted Benef./Services/Fees CatalogsFS-CM
TICL190FS-CM Document Types for ClaimsFS-CM
TICL191FS-CM Permitted Document Types for Claim Type/Subclaim TypeFS-CM
TICL192Claim Subobjects Created by FCODEFS-CM
TICL193BDT Handling Modules of FCODEFS-CM
TICL194Alternative Icons for Claim Item Grouping GridsFS-CM
TICL195Control of Copy Function CodesFS-CM
TICL196PDOCCATS for Function Codes in Creation and CopyingFS-CM
TICL197Navigation Tree Note Dependent on PDOCCATFS-CM
TICL198Status Changes Through FCODESFS-CM
TICL199Customizing Transport: TablesFS-CM
TICL200Processing Mode of Notice of LossFS-CM
TICL202Characteristics of Notice of Loss TransactionFS-CM
TICL204Degree of Damage per Damage CategoryFS-CM
TICL205Incident Type of a ClaimFS-CM
TICL206Damage CategoryFS-CM
TICL208Notice of Loss Category: Permitted FaultFS-CM
TICL209Notice of Loss Category: Permitted Line of BusinessFS-CM
TICL210Category of Damaged or Insured ObjectFS-CM
TICL211Type of Damaged or Insured ObjectFS-CM
TICL215Assignment Categories for Subclaim Object / AssignmentFS-CM
TICL216Assignment Categories ReflexivityFS-CM
TICL217Specify GUID Fields of Tables for Claim AssignFS-CM
TICL223Damage SeverityFS-CM
TICL231Participant RoleFS-CM
TICL240Litigation: Litigation TypeFS-CM
TICL241Litigation: Litigation IssueFS-CM
TICL242Litigation: LiabilityFS-CM
TICL243Litigation: Type of Litigation SettlementFS-CM
TICL244Litigation: Litigation SettledFS-CM
TICL245Litigation Level: Appeal ByFS-CM
TICL246Litigation Level: JurisdictionFS-CM
TICL247Litigation Level: Litigation LevelFS-CM
TICL248Litigation Level: Defense TypeFS-CM
TICL251Status of Notice of LossFS-CM
TICL252FNOL Mandatory FieldsFS-CM
TICL254Assignment Damage Category Object CategoryFS-CM
TICL260Collective Invoice Payment TypeFS-CM
TICL271Assignment Object Category to Damage DescriptorFS-CM
TICL272Permitted Participant Roles per Insurance LineFS-CM
TICL280Object Type of Product Interface: Control DataFS-CM
TICL281Field Information Product InterfaceFS-CM
TICL282Change History: Foreign Key Fields for Hierarchy StructureFS-CM
TICL283Change History: TablesFS-CM
TICL284Change History: IconsFS-CM
TICL285Distribution Plan TypeFS-CM
TICL286Participation Type in Multiple InsuranceFS-CM
TICL287Settlement Type in Multiple InsuranceFS-CM
TICL288Function Profile in Multiple InsuranceFS-CM
TICL289Functions in Multiple InsuranceFS-CM
TICL290Function Profile Determination in Multiple InsuranceFS-CM
TICL291Payment Item TypeFS-CM
TICL294FS-CM/FS-PM Interface: Field AssignmentFS-CM
TICL295FS-CM/FS-PM Interface: Field Assignment: Source/Target FieldFS-CM
TICL296FS-CM/FS-PM Interface: ParametersFS-CM
TICL297FS-CM/FS-PM Interface: Value Assignment Source/Target ValueFS-CM
TICL298FS-CM/FS-PM Interface: Value AssignmentFS-CM
TICL300Category of Damaged or Insured ObjectFS-CM
TICL301Participant RoleFS-CM
TICL302Type of Damaged or Insured ObjectFS-CM
TICL303Use of Damaged or Insured ObjectFS-CM
TICL304Real Estate Primary Building MaterialFS-CM
TICL305Watercraft Hull MaterialFS-CM
TICL306Participant Role (Display Information)FS-CM
TICL309Permitted Subobj.Types per Role (Man.Creation in Clm)FS-CM
TICL319Policy Product (Time-Independent Properties)FS-CM
TICL320Policy Product GenerationFS-CM
TICL321Policy Product VersionFS-CM
TICL322Coverage TypeFS-CM
TICL323Policy Product: Permitted Coverage TypeFS-CM
TICL325Posting Standard Fields/Values per Payment Transaction TypeFS-CM
TICL326Standard Attributes for FS-CD Insurance Object in ContractFS-CM
TICL327Standard Attributes for FS-CD Insurance Object in ClaimFS-CM
TICL328Entity Table for Naming Standard Posting DataFS-CM
TICL330General Parameters f.Collectns/Disbursements System (FS-CD)FS-CM
TICL332Usage of Claim ItemFS-CM
TICL333Tax Calculation in Invoice ItemsFS-CM
TICL340Suppress Functions GroupFS-CM
TICL341Functions to Be SuppressedFS-CM
TICL345Office Integration Business Object Cat. -> Corresp.TemplatesFS-CM
TICL346Office Integration: Additional Template AttributesFS-CM
TICL347Office Integration: Assignment of Field Name to TemplateFS-CM
TICL349Claim Documents: Assignment of Text Objects and Text IDFS-CM
TICL350Name of Diagnosis CatalogFS-CM
TICL351Diagnosis catalogFS-CM
TICL352Diagnosis LocalizationFS-CM
TICL353Diagnosis: Permitted LocalizationFS-CM
TICL354Severity of DiagnosisFS-CM
TICL355Diagnosis: Permitted SeverityFS-CM
TICL357Permitted MorphologyFS-CM
TICL358Excoriation DiagnosedFS-CM
TICL359Diagnosis: Permitted ExcoriationFS-CM
TICL360Diagnosis TypeFS-CM
TICL361Diagnosis Origin Category: Permitted Diagnosis TypeFS-CM
TICL362Diagnosis GroupFS-CM
TICL363Diagnostic CertaintyFS-CM
TICL366State of Teeth: Dental DiagnosisFS-CM
TICL367Planning: Dental TreatmentFS-CM
TICL368Permitted Treatment with Teeth and FindingsFS-CM
TICL369Diagnosis-Specific Additional AttributesFS-CM
TICL370Diagnosis-Specific AttributesFS-CM
TICL371Internal Claim Type: Permitted Diagnosis CatalogsFS-CM
TICL380Employer PayrollFS-CM
TICL381Industry CodeFS-CM
TICL382Employment StatusFS-CM
TICL383Employee Marital StatusFS-CM
TICL384Employee Marital StatusFS-CM
TICL385Nature of InjuryFS-CM
TICL386Employee Marital StatusFS-CM
TICL387on Type"FS-CM
TICL388Initial Treatment CodeFS-CM
TICL389Loss Condition - ACTFS-CM
TICL390Loss Conditions - Type of LossFS-CM
TICL391Loss Conditions - Type of RecoveryFS-CM
TICL392Loss Conditions - Type of CoverageFS-CM
TICL393Loss Conditions - Type of SettlementFS-CM
TICL394Employee Occupation CodeFS-CM
TICL395Manual Classification CodeFS-CM
TICL396Object or Substance That Directly Injured the EmployeeFS-CM
TICL397Body Part CodeFS-CM
TICL401FS-CM: Benefits/Services/Fees CatalogsFS-CM
TICL402FS-CM: Benefits/Services/Fees Catalog VariantsFS-CM
TICL403FS-CM: Item Type Usage Benefits/Services/Fees CatalogsFS-CM
TICL404FS-CM: Item Type Benefits/Services/Fees CatalogsFS-CM
TICL405FS-CM: Attributes in Benefits/Services/Fees CatalogsFS-CM
TICL406FS-CM: Attribute Usage Benefits/Services/Fees CatalogsFS-CM
TICL420FS-CM: Subobjects for Benefits/Services/Fees CatalogsFS-CM
TICL421FS-CM: Access to Benefits/Services/Fees Catalog SubobjectsFS-CM
TICL450FS-CM: Benefits/Services/Fees Catalog Transaction ControlFS-CM
TICL451FS-CM: Benefits/Services/Fees Catalogs Screen Seq.Determin.FS-CM
TICL460Workers Compensation - Disability ClassFS-CM
TICL500Insurance Distribution ChannelFS-CM
TICL550Tax RolesFS-CM
TICL551Tax Payment TypeFS-CM
TICL553Relationship of Payment Type to Main/Sub-TransactionFS-CM
TICL554Assignment of Claim BP Roles and Tax BP RolesFS-CM
TICL555Withholding Tax Rates Dependent on Payment Type / Tax RoleFS-CM
TICL556Tax GroupFS-CM
TICL557Combination of Tax Role and ParticipantFS-CM
TICL560Assignment: Insurance LOB <-> Payment Processing CategoryFS-CM
TICL561Category for Processing Payments in Direct InputFS-CM
TICL570Category of Claim Bundle TypeFS-CM
TICL700Enhance Search EventsFS-CM
TICL701Search IntegrationFS-CM
TICL800Versions for Pseudo Group Selection (Suppl. Reserves)FS-CM
TICL801Entity Table: Pseudo Group (Suppl. Reserves)FS-CM
TICL802Entity Table: Reserve GroupFS-CM
TICL804Reserving Characteristics Group INDGROUP (From <-> To)FS-CM
TICL805Method for Calculating Supplemental ReservesFS-CM
TICL806Entity Table: Pseudo Group (Suppl. Reserves)FS-CM
TICL807Suppl. Reserves: Specify Origin of History DataFS-CM
TICL808Reserve Group, Application Years -> Application MethodFS-CM
TICL809Method for Calculating Supplemental ReservesFS-CM
TICL810Method for Applying Supplemental ReservesFS-CM
TICL811Reserve Group, Appl.Years -> MethodFS-CM
TICL813Reserves GroupFS-CM
TICL814Reserve Group / IndicativesFS-CM
TICL815Suppl. Reserves: Specify Origin of History DataFS-CM
TICL816Limit Determination Method for RATIO MethodFS-CM
TICL817Suppl. Reserves: Specify Origin of Claim DataFS-CM
TICL818Suppl. Reserves: Specify Output of Claim DataFS-CM
TICL819Reserve Type for Supplemental ReservesFS-CM
TICL820Entity Table: Product GroupFS-CM
TICL821Entity Table: Line of InsuranceFS-CM
TICL822Entity Table: CoverageFS-CM
TICL823Entity Table: StateFS-CM
TICL824Entity Table: Regional OfficeFS-CM
TICL825Entity Table: Company CodeFS-CM
TICL826Line of Insurance/Coverage: Permitted Combination Suppl.ResFS-CM
TICL827CoCde/Ins.Line/RegOff/State: Permitted CombinationsFS-CM
TICL828Entity Table: Business UnitFS-CM
TICL829Entity Table: Class CodeFS-CM
TICL830Entity Table: Operational Area (Possibly Function Area)FS-CM
TICL831Entity Table: Collective Account Based on Chart of AccountsFS-CM
TICL832Entity Table: G/L Account (Chart of Accts and Coll.Account)FS-CM
TICL833Entity Table: Reinsurance CategoryFS-CM
TICL834CoCde/State/LineProd/Coverage: Permitted CombinationsFS-CM
TICL840Allocation of Indicatives to Reserve Group TypesFS-CM
TICL841ResGpType/ResGp -> Indicative ValuesFS-CM
TICL842Reserve Cluster Allocation (IBNR)FS-CM
TICL843Allocation: Reserve Group Cluster to Reserve GroupsFS-CM
TICL845Reserves for Allocation per Reserve GroupFS-CM
TICL846Definition of Driver IndicativesFS-CM
TICL847Assignment of Reserve Groups to Reserve Group ClustersFS-CM
TICL848IBNR: Loss/Expense PercentagesFS-CM
TICL849IBNR: Loss/Expense PercentagesFS-CM
TICL850IBNR: Loss/Expense Percentage RateFS-CM
TICL856Reserving per Reserve Group ClusterFS-CM
TICL857Reserve Amount with Plus/Minus Sign Without Decimal PlacesFS-CM
TICL858Distribution Percentages for Incident YearsFS-CM
TICL859Cost Allocation Percentage Rates for Incident YearsFS-CM
TICL860Reserve Group CategoryFS-CM
TICL861Reserve Group: General FeaturesFS-CM
TICL862Indicative NameFS-CM
TICL864Reserve Group ClusterFS-CM
TICL865Expense Calculation RuleFS-CM
TICL866Reserve Group DefinitionFS-CM
TICL867Version for Reserve Group ClusterFS-CM
TICL868Entity Table: Reserve Group ClusterFS-CM
TICL869Definition of Version of Reserve Group ClusterFS-CM
TICL870Distribution Percentages for Incident YearsFS-CM
TICL872Reserve Type for Supplemental ReservesFS-CM
TICL873Sequence of Procedures for ReservingFS-CM
TICL902Only Valid Through Release 4.71: Action Called by EventFS-CM
TICL917Register Workflows for Standard ActionFS-CM
TICL920Conversion of DDIC Category to ABAP CategoryFS-CM
TICL921Claim Control EventFS-CM
TICL926For BRF: Create Message ActionFS-CM
TICL927For BRFplus: Texts for Message Action (TICL926)FS-CM
TICL928For BRF: Tasks/Prompting ActionFS-CM
TICL929For BRFplus: Texts for Tasks Action (TICL928)FS-CM
TICL930For BRF: Coverage ReferralFS-CM
TICL931For BRFplus: Texts for Coverage Referral (TICL930)FS-CM
TICL932BRF: WorkflowFS-CM
TICL933For BRF: DocumentsFS-CM
TICL934For BRF: Control PredicateFS-CM
TICL935BRF: PredicateFS-CM
TICL936Profile: Predicate ClassFS-CM
TICL937For BRF: Control Predicate: Texts for Tasks (TICL934)FS-CM
TICL938BRF Event: Context FieldsFS-CM
TICL939BRF Events in ICL - Additional DataFS-CM
TICL940Only Valid Through Release 4.71: Rule SetsFS-CM
TICL941Line of an "Old Rule"FS-CM
TICL942For BRF: Activity Management: EventsFS-CM
TICL943Rules in Claims Management SystemFS-CM
TICL944Rules in Rule Sets in Claims Management SystemFS-CM
TICL945Obsolete: Events and Their "Determine Assignment" ClassesFS-CM
TICL946Trigger in Rule SetsFS-CM
TICL947BRFplus: Prompting Texts - Display Sequence (Header Data)FS-CM
TICL950Claim Bundle: Task or Prompting MessageFS-CM
TICL951Claim Bundle - ActivityFS-CM
TICL952Claim Bundle - Assignment of Task -> ActivityFS-CM
TICL953Navigation Targets in a Claim BundleFS-CM
TICL955For BRF: Control PredicateFS-CM
TICL961BRF/ICLE: Rules in Events - Only Through 472FS-CM
TICL962BRF/ICLE: Rule Sets: Rules in Events - Only Through 472FS-CM
TICL963BRF/ICLE: Rules in EventsFS-CM
TICL964BRF/ICLE: Rule Sets: Rules in EventsFS-CM
TICLSRCSettings for BDT SearchFS-CM
TIGN200Search ApplicationFS-CM
TIGN210Category of a SearchFS-CM
TIGN221Settings for Search Criteria in a SearchFS-CM
TIGN222Default Values for Optional Search Criteria for a SearchFS-CM
TIGN225Settings for Display Fields of a BDT SearchFS-CM
TIGN230Settings for Searches in a Search SequenceFS-CM
TIGN235Logical Linking of Search Sequence Hit ListsFS-CM
TIMP000IMP: Application Classes - Basic DataFS-CM
TIMP100IMP: Application Class (Client-Specific Features)FS-CM
TIMP110IMP: Trigger CategoriesFS-CM
TIMP111IMP: Trigger Types - Alternative Runtime ClassesFS-CM
TIMP120IMP: Registration of Observers for Trigger CategoriesFS-CM
TIMP130IMP: Permitted Parameters per Trigger Cat.f.IMP_PARAMETERS_1FS-CM
TIMP140IMP: No Apparent Usage - Purpose UnclearFS-CM
ICLBUT01External Services: Additions to Business PartnerFS-CM
ICLDOCALAttachments to Outbound DocumentsFS-CM
ICLEALDDAssignment of Archive Link Document to Claim BundleFS-CM
ICLNOLAUNotice of Loss VehicleFS-CM
ICLNOLDONotice of Loss: Damaged ObjectFS-CM
ICLNOLHONotice of Loss BuildingFS-CM
ICLPAYEEAdditional PayeeFS-CM
ICLPOLBFBenefit Types in Policy SnapshotFS-CM
ICLPOLPDCovered Driver in Policy SnapshotFS-CM
ICLTOUCHClaims Objects Selected for ProcessingFS-CM
ICL_ARGSNegotiation Arguments (Shadow Table)FS-CM
ICL_NEGSNegotiation (Shadow Table)FS-CM
ICL_SRBPRole-Based Performer (Shadow Table)FS-CM
ICSDOCALAttachments to Outbound CorrespondenceFS-CM
ICSEALDDAssign Archive Link Document to Claim SubobjectFS-CM
ICSPAYEEAdditional PayeeFS-CM
ICSPOLBFBenefit Types in Policy Snapshot (Shadow Table)FS-CM
ICSPOLPDCovered Driver in Policy SnapshotFS-CM
TBSFC000Facts Capture: Question SequenceFS-CM
TBSFC001Facts capture: QuestionFS-CM
TBSFC002Facts Capture: AnswerFS-CM
TBSFC003Structured Facts Capture ApplicationFS-CM
TBSFC004Facts Capture CategoryFS-CM
TIAM000TActivity Management: Application ClassFS-CM
TIAM110TActivity Management: Tasks - TextsFS-CM
TIAM130SActivity Management: System ActivityFS-CM
TIAM130TActivity Management: Activity - TextsFS-CM
TIAM140TActivity Management: Navigation Target - TextsFS-CM
TIAM150TActivity Management: Task Type - TextsFS-CM
TICL001TClaim Bundle Types TextFS-CM
TICL002TSubtypes of Claim Bundle Types - TextFS-CM
TICL003TVersion of Internal Claim Type TextFS-CM
TICL004TSubclaim Type TextFS-CM
TICL006TDamage Category TextFS-CM
TICL007TInsurance Line of Business TextFS-CM
TICL008TCause of Claim - TextFS-CM
TICL010TEvaluation of Witness Report TextFS-CM
TICL011TGeneration of Internal Claim Type TextFS-CM
TICL012TBundle ReasonFS-CM
TICL013TClaims Management Subobject Category TextFS-CM
TICL014TType of Relationship to Policyholder TextFS-CM
TICL015T(Sub)Claim Complexity TextFS-CM
TICL016TDamage Descriptor TextFS-CM
TICL018TReason for Current Status - TextFS-CM
TICL019TNavigation Target TextFS-CM
TICL020TReserve Type TextFS-CM
TICL021TEvaluation Category TextFS-CM
TICL022TClaim Item Rejection Reason TextFS-CM
TICL023TDamage Severity TextFS-CM
TICL024TContractual Relationship Between Employee and Employer TextFS-CM
TICL026TEvaluation Basis TextFS-CM
TICL029TReason for Changing Claim Date - TextFS-CM
TICL030TClaim Reserve Change Reason TextFS-CM
TICL031TClaim Document - TextFS-CM
TICL033TClaim Line of Business - TextFS-CM
TICL035TClaims Management Object Category - Text TableFS-CM
TICL036TProcess TextFS-CM
TICL037TActivity Management: Activity Grouping Category - Text TableFS-CM
TICL038TClaims Management - Activity - TextFS-CM
TICL041TMethod of Settlement TextFS-CM
TICL042TClaim Processing Mode - TextFS-CM
TICL044TClaims Management: Task/ Message TextFS-CM
TICL055TBenefit Type TextFS-CM
TICL059TReserve Category TextFS-CM
TICL060TIncident Type of a Claim - TextFS-CM
TICL063TObsolete: Navigation Tree Type - TextFS-CM
TICL065TWitness Report Type TextFS-CM
TICL066TTransaction Reason TextFS-CM
TICL067TReason for Payment-Group-TextFS-CM
TICL070TClaim Handler Group TextFS-CM
TICL077TClaim Line - TextFS-CM
TICL078TNavigation Tree Type - TextFS-CM
TICL079TCoverage Referral TextFS-CM
TICL080TCoverage Referral Overruling Reason TextFS-CM
TICL081TFault TextFS-CM
TICL086TVendor Assignment: Reason for Manual Entry: TextFS-CM
TICL088TPosition of Person in Vehicle: TextFS-CM
TICL089TPermitted Text ID - TextsFS-CM
TICL090TTopic of Claim NoteFS-CM
TICL091TCommunication Method - TextFS-CM
TICL092TParticipation Type of Claimant - TextFS-CM
TICL094TClaim Processing SubmodeFS-CM
TICL095TReinsurance TypeFS-CM
TICL101TScope of Claim TextFS-CM
TICL111TUser Groups for AuthorizationsFS-CM
TICL112TRejection Reasons with PaymentsFS-CM
TICL113TAuthorization Groups ClaimsFS-CM
TICL119TName for Reference Location Category for Ext.ServicesFS-CM
TICL120TEvaluation Criterion TextFS-CM
TICL123TTransaction Type Text for Procurement ProcessFS-CM
TICL131TText Table 820TFS-CM
TICL134TModification Type of Deductible: TextFS-CM
TICL135TApplication Type of Limits+Deductibles in Compensation Calc.FS-CM
TICL136TName: Data OriginFS-CM
TICL137TSearch and Read Method for Reading Data from ClaimsFS-CM
TICL138TClaim Item Grouping CategoryFS-CM
TICL139TName: Claim Item CategoryFS-CM
TICL140TClaim Status / Subclaim StatusFS-CM
TICL146TBenefit Type AreaFS-CM
TICL152TText Table for Creation ReasonFS-CM
TICL153TText Table for Type of Procurement Document CategoryFS-CM
TICL155TText Table for Further Specification of Reason for CreatingFS-CM
TICL157THI: Text for Recovery/Subrogation IndicatorFS-CM
TICL158THI: Text for Accident IndicatorFS-CM
TICL160TGeneration of Benefit Type Tree - TextFS-CM
TICL161TVersion of Benefit Type Tree - TextFS-CM
TICL172TClaim Bundle Item Type (Text)FS-CM
TICL173TProcess Type: Text (Obsolete)FS-CM
TICL174TSubrogation Claim Type in Subrogation (Text)FS-CM
TICL175TReason for Changing Status of (Collective) Subrogation: TextFS-CM
TICL177TSubrogation Claim Type in Subrogation (Text)FS-CM
TICL180TType of Repetitive Payment TextFS-CM
TICL190TFS-CM Document Types for ClaimsFS-CM
TICL200TNotice of Loss Processing Mode TextFS-CM
TICL205TIncident Type of Claim - TextFS-CM
TICL206TDamage Category TextFS-CM
TICL210TCategory of Damaged or Insured Object TextFS-CM
TICL211TType of Damaged or Insured ObjectFS-CM
TICL212TFault TextFS-CM
TICL215TCategory Text for Subclaim Object / AssignmentFS-CM
TICL223TDamage Severity TextFS-CM
TICL231TParticipant Role TextFS-CM
TICL240TLitigation: Litigation TypeFS-CM
TICL241TLitigation: Litigation IssueFS-CM
TICL242TLitigation: LiabilityFS-CM
TICL243TLitigation: Type of Litigation SettlementFS-CM
TICL244TLitigation: Litigation SettledFS-CM
TICL245TLitigation Level: Appeal ByFS-CM
TICL246TLitigation Level: JurisdictionFS-CM
TICL247TLitigation Level: Litigation LevelFS-CM
TICL248TLitigation Level: Defense TypeFS-CM
TICL251TStatus of Notice of LossFS-CM
TICL260TText for Usage of Claim ItemFS-CM
TICL271TDescription Damage Descriptor per Object CategoryFS-CM
TICL284TChange History: TextsFS-CM
TICL285TDistribution Plan Type (Texts)FS-CM
TICL286TParticipation Type in Multiple Insurance (Texts)FS-CM
TICL287TSettlement Type in Multiple Insurance (Texts)FS-CM
TICL288TFunction Profile in Multiple Insurance (Texts)FS-CM
TICL290TFunction Profile Determination in Multiple Insurance (Texts)FS-CM
TICL291TPayment Item Type (Texts)FS-CM
TICL297TFS-CM/FS-PM Interface: Value Assignment Source/Target ValueFS-CM
TICL298TFS-CM/FS-PM Interface: Value Assignment (Texts)FS-CM
TICL300TCategory of Damaged or Insured Object TextFS-CM
TICL301TParticipant Role TextFS-CM
TICL302TType of Damaged or Insured ObjectFS-CM
TICL303TUse of Damaged or Insured Object TextFS-CM
TICL304TReal Estate Primary Building Material TextFS-CM
TICL305TWatercraft Hull Material TextFS-CM
TICL320TPolicy Product Generation TextFS-CM
TICL321TPolicy Product Version TextFS-CM
TICL322TCoverage Type TextFS-CM
TICL325TText Table for Postg Std Fields/Values per Payt Transn TypeFS-CM
TICL326TText Table for Std.Attrib. for FS-CD Ins Object in ContractFS-CM
TICL327TText Table for Std Attributes for FS-CD ClaimFS-CM
TICL328TText Table for Entity Table for Naming Standard Posting DataFS-CM
TICL332TText for Usage of Claim ItemFS-CM
TICL333TTax Calculation in Invoice ItemsFS-CM
TICL340TSuppress Functions GroupFS-CM
TICL350TTexts for Diagnosis Catalog NameFS-CM
TICL351TTexts for Diagnosis CatalogFS-CM
TICL352TTexts for LocalizationFS-CM
TICL354TTexts for SeverityFS-CM
TICL356TTexts for MorphologyFS-CM
TICL358TTexts for ExcoriationFS-CM
TICL360TTexts for Diagnosis TypeFS-CM
TICL362TTexts for Diagnosis GroupFS-CM
TICL363TText for Diagnostic CertaintyFS-CM
TICL364TTexts for DepartmentsFS-CM
TICL365TTexts for Interruptions (Reasons)FS-CM
TICL366TTexts for State of Teeth (Dental Diagnosis)FS-CM
TICL367TTexts for Planning (Dental Treatment)FS-CM
TICL369TTexts for Diagnosis-Specific Additional AttributesFS-CM
TICL380TEmployer PayrollFS-CM
TICL381TIndustry CodeFS-CM
TICL382TEmployment StatusFS-CM
TICL383TEmployee Marital StatusFS-CM
TICL384TEmployee Marital StatusFS-CM
TICL385TNature of InjuryFS-CM
TICL386TEmployee Marital StatusFS-CM
TICL387TIndustry CodeFS-CM
TICL388TInitial Treatment CodeFS-CM
TICL389TLoss Condition - ACTFS-CM
TICL390TLoss Conditions - Type of LossFS-CM
TICL391TLoss Conditions - Type of RecoveryFS-CM
TICL392TLoss Conditions - Type of CoverageFS-CM
TICL393TLoss Conditions - Type of SettlementFS-CM
TICL394TEmployee Occupation CodeFS-CM
TICL395TManual Classification CodeFS-CM
TICL396TObject or Substance That Directly Injured the EmployeeFS-CM
TICL397TLoss Condition - ACTFS-CM
TICL401TFS-CM: Benefits/Services/Fees Catalogs - TextsFS-CM
TICL402TFS-CM: Texts for Benefits/Services/Fees Catalog VariantsFS-CM
TICL404TFS-CM: Texts for Item Type Benefits/Services/Fees CatalogFS-CM
TICL405TFS-CM: Texts for Benefits/Services/Fees Catalog AttributesFS-CM
TICL420TFS-CM: Texts for Benefits/Services/Fees Catalog SubobjectsFS-CM
TICL460TWorkers Compensation - Disability Class - Text TableFS-CM
TICL500TInsurance Sales Channel - TextFS-CM
TICL550TTax Roles TextFS-CM
TICL551TTax Payment Type TextFS-CM
TICL556TLong Text Tax GroupFS-CM
TICL561TCategory for Processing Payments in Direct Input - TextFS-CM
TICL570TCategory of Claim Bundle TypeFS-CM
TICL700TDescription of Search EventFS-CM
TICL800TVersions for Pseudo Group Selection (Suppl. Reserves)FS-CM
TICL801TPseudo GroupFS-CM
TICL802TText Table Business UnitFS-CM
TICL804TReserving Characteristics GroupFS-CM
TICL805TMethod for Calculating Supplemental ReservesFS-CM
TICL809TMethod for Calculating Supplemental ReservesFS-CM
TICL810TMethod for Calculating Supplemental ReservesFS-CM
TICL814NMaintenance of Indicatives for Subset of Reserve GroupFS-CM
TICL814OMaintenance of Subsets of Reserve GroupFS-CM
TICL820TText Table 820TFS-CM
TICL821TText Table 820TFS-CM
TICL822TText Table 820TFS-CM
TICL823TText Table StateFS-CM
TICL824TText Table 824TFS-CM
TICL825TText Table: Suppl. Reserves Company CodeFS-CM
TICL828TText Table Business UnitFS-CM
TICL829TText Table Business UnitFS-CM
TICL830TText Table Operational AreaFS-CM
TICL831TText Table Collective AccountFS-CM
TICL832TText Table G/L AccountFS-CM
TICL833TText Table Reinsurance CategoryFS-CM
TICL860TName of Reserve Group TypeFS-CM
TICL861TName of Reserve Group TypeFS-CM
TICL862TName of Reserve Group TypeFS-CM
TICL863TName of IBNR DriverFS-CM
TICL865TName of IBNR DriverFS-CM
TICL866TName of Reserve Group TypeFS-CM
TICL868TReserve Group ClusterFS-CM
TICL869TName of Reserve Group TypeFS-CM
TICL871TName of Reserve Group TypeFS-CM
TICL873TDescription of Sequence of Procedures for ReservingFS-CM
TICL917TRegister Workflows for Standard Action - TextFS-CM
TICL921TClaim Control EventFS-CM
TICL936TProfile: Predicate Class - TextFS-CM
TICL950TClaim Bundle Message TextFS-CM
TICL951TClaim Bundle - Activity - TextFS-CM
TICL953TNavigation Target TextFS-CM
TIGN200TDescription of a Search ApplicationFS-CM
TIGN210TDescription of the Category of a SearchFS-CM
TIGN220TDescription of a SearchFS-CM
TIGN235TDescription of the Logical LinkFS-CM
TIMP000TIMP: Application ClassFS-CM
TIMP110TIMP: Trigger CategoriesFS-CM
ICLBUT01AExternal Services: Assigned Insurance Lines of BusinessFS-CM
ICLBUT01MExternal Services: Category and Make for Damaged ObjectFS-CM
ICLCLAIMAClaim-Claim Object AssignmentFS-CM
ICLCLAIMBException Table Payment Amount AuthorizationsFS-CM
ICLDENTALDental Diagnosis and Dental TreatmentFS-CM
ICLDIPLITDistribution Plan ItemFS-CM
ICLIOBOCCInsurable Object OccurrenceFS-CM
ICLITEMDDDamaged Object - Damage Descriptor - AssignmentFS-CM
ICLITEMEVClaim Item EvaluationFS-CM
ICLITEMREDamaged Real EstateFS-CM
ICLITEMSVSalvage Item EvaluationFS-CM
ICLITEMWADamaged WatercraftFS-CM
ICLNOLPDRNotice of Loss: DriverFS-CM
ICLNUMBERTable for Number AssignmentFS-CM
ICLPARTSPParticipant: VendorFS-CM
ICLPARTWCParticipant, Additional Info.: Workers CompensationFS-CM
ICLPOLOPEInsured EquipmentFS-CM
ICLPOLOREInsured BuildingFS-CM
ICLPOLOWAInsured WatercraftFS-CM
ICLPROPMAMake of Insurable ObjectFS-CM
ICLPROPMOInsurable Object ModelFS-CM
ICLPROPTYInsurable Object CategoryFS-CM
ICLSPAPPTAppointment with VendorFS-CM
ICLSUPRESResults of Reserve CalculationFS-CM
ICL_CTREXRelevant FS-CM Tables for TREX IntegrationFS-CM
ICL_NEGITOffer / DemandFS-CM
ICL_RIRUNRI-Run Administration TableFS-CM
ICL_WCMPDFS-CM: Item Data Workers CompensationFS-CM
ICL_WCMPHWorkers Comp - Header DataFS-CM
ICSCLAIMAClaim - Claim Subobject AssignmentFS-CM
ICSCLAIMBException Table Payment Amount AuthorizationsFS-CM
ICSCLAUSEClauses (Shadow Table)FS-CM
ICSDIPLITDistribution Plan Item (Shadow Table)FS-CM
ICSITEMDDDamaged Object - Damage Descriptor - AssignmentFS-CM
ICSITEMEVClaim Item EvaluationFS-CM
ICSITEMREDamaged Real EstateFS-CM
ICSITEMSVSalvage Item EvaluationFS-CM
ICSITEMWADamaged WatercraftFS-CM
ICSPARTSPClaim Participant: VendorFS-CM
ICSPARTWCWorkers Compensation: Additional Info on Claim ParticipantFS-CM
ICSPOLOPEInsured EquipmentFS-CM
ICSPOLOREInsured BuildingFS-CM
ICSPOLOWAInsured WatercraftFS-CM
ICSSPAPPTAppointment with VendorFS-CM
ICSVISIONEyeglass PrescriptionFS-CM
ICS_WCMPDFS-CM: Item Data Workers CompensationFS-CM
ICS_WCMPHWorkers Comp - Header DataFS-CM
TBSFC000TFacts Capture: Question Sequence TextFS-CM
TBSFC001TFacts Capture: Question TextFS-CM
TBSFC002TFacts Capture: Answer TextFS-CM
TBSFC003TStructured Facts Capture Application TextFS-CM
TBSFC004TFacts Capture Category TextFS-CM
TIAM130STActivity Management: Activity - TextsFS-CM
TICL001_2Claim Bundle TypeFS-CM
TICL016_2Damage Descriptor / Type of Damaged ObjectFS-CM
TICL044_2Task/Log Entry: Claim Type Specific Navigation TargetFS-CM
TICL052_2Assignment Text Module to CategoryFS-CM
TICL068_2Internal Claim Type: Permitted Claim Handler GroupFS-CM
TICL068_3Internal Claim Type: Permitted Claim Handler GroupFS-CM
TICL068_4Internal Claim Type: Permitted Claim Handler GroupFS-CM
TICLB_LOGLog of RenamingFS-CM
TICLWF002Object CategoryFS-CM
TICLWF003Object Category - EventFS-CM
TICLWF004Object Category - Event - ParameterFS-CM
ICLALAERESCurrent Reserves (Settlement Expenses (ALAE) and Losses)FS-CM
ICLBPCLAIMArchived ICLPARTOCC Entries per Business PartnerFS-CM
ICLCCEVPAYClaim Bundle - Payment SumFS-CM
ICLCCEVRESClaim Bundle - Reserve SumFS-CM
ICLDRIVER1Example 1 for IBNR Driver TableFS-CM
ICLDRIVER2Example 2 for IBNR Driver TableFS-CM
ICLINDRESAClaim-Independent Reserve - Case Reserve - AssignmentFS-CM
ICLINDRESCClaim-Independent Reserve-Cumulative Reserve-AssignmentFS-CM
ICLINDRESIClaim-Independent ReserveFS-CM
ICLITEMEVAClaim Item: Actual Cash Value ValuationFS-CM
ICLITEMEVBClaim Item: Daily Rate ValuationFS-CM
ICLNOLDOAUNotice of Loss: Damaged VehicleFS-CM
ICLNOLDOBINotice of Loss: Injured PersonFS-CM
ICLNOLDORENotice of Loss: Damaged VehicleFS-CM
ICLNPROPMAMake of Insurable ObjectFS-CM
ICLNPROPMOInsurable Object ModelFS-CM
ICLPARTOCCParticipant OccurrenceFS-CM
ICLPROCUREClaim Item GroupingsFS-CM
ICLPROFILEProfile of True Predicates of a BRF RunFS-CM
ICLSCWCOMPWorkers Comp - Benefits CatalogFS-CM
ICLSERVCATFS-CM: Benefits/Services/Fees CatalogsFS-CM
ICLSUBCLCLObsolete - Internal Claim Types, Contracts of Int.Claim TypeFS-CM
ICLULAERESCurrent Reassigned Reserves (ULAE)FS-CM
ICLULAERUNTimestamp for a ULAE Reserve Calculation RunFS-CM
ICLUSCNTXTUser Context in Claim ApplicationsFS-CM
ICLX_CROLEClaims Facade: RolesFS-CM
ICL_NEGITSOffer / Demand (Shadow Table)FS-CM
ICL_SUBROGSubrogation/Recovery (Header)FS-CM
ICSCCEVENTShadow Table Claim BundleFS-CM
ICSCCEVPAYClaim Bundle - Payment SumFS-CM
ICSCCEVRESClaim Bundle - Reserve SumFS-CM
ICSITEMEVAClaim Item: Actual Cash Value ValuationFS-CM
ICSITEMEVBClaim Item: Daily Rate ValuationFS-CM
ICSLITITEMLitigation LevelsFS-CM
ICSPARTOCCClaim Participant OccurrenceFS-CM
ICSPROCUREClaim Item GroupingsFS-CM
ICSSUBCLCLInternal Claim Types, Contracts of Internal Claim TypeFS-CM
ICS_SUBROGSubrogation/Recovery (Header): Shadow TableFS-CM
TICLB_900CBRFplus Object RenamingsFS-CM
ICLBPBUNDLEArchived ICLCCEVENTB Entries per Business PartnerFS-CM
ICLCAREREP1Data on Care RequestFS-CM
ICLCAREREP2Data on CaregiverFS-CM
ICLCCEVENTBClaim Bundle - Participant OccurrenceFS-CM
ICLCCEVENTLClaim Bundle - Location Address - AssignmentFS-CM
ICLCCEVENTPClaim Bundle - Policy - AssignmentFS-CM
ICLCCEVENTRClaim Bundle - Region - AssignmentFS-CM
ICLCCEVENTUClaim Bundle - Assigned Claims SumFS-CM
ICLCCEVENTZClaim Bundle - Postal Code - AssignmentFS-CM
ICLDOCUMENTInbox Document: AttributesFS-CM
ICLEBULKSBRColl.Subro/Recovery SettlementFS-CM
ICLHISTDATASuppl. Reserves: History DataFS-CM
ICLSCATTRIBFS-CM: Attribute Values for Benefit/Service/Fees Catlg ItemsFS-CM
ICLSERVCATTFS-CM: Benefits/Services/Fees Catalogs TextsFS-CM
ICLX_CROLETClaims Facade: Name of RolesFS-CM
ICL_CCDLOCKMaintenance: Collection Lock Reasons for Automatic CreationFS-CM
ICL_CNEGFRMForm of Negotiation - CustomizingFS-CM
ICL_CNEGPRTNegotiation Partner - CustomizingFS-CM
ICL_CNEGTYPNegotiation: Type of NegotiationFS-CM
ICSACTIVITYActivity in the ClaimFS-CM
ICSCCEVENTBClaim Bundle - Participant OccurrenceFS-CM
ICSCCEVENTLClaim Bundle - Location Address - AssignmentFS-CM
ICSCCEVENTPClaim Bundle - Policy - AssignmentFS-CM
ICSCCEVENTRClaim Bundle - Region - AssignmentFS-CM
ICSCCEVENTUClaim Bundle - Assigned Claims SumFS-CM
ICSCCEVENTZClaim Bundle - Postal Code - AssignmentFS-CM
ICSEBULKSBRShadow Table Collective Subrogation/Recovery SettlementFS-CM
ICS_TAX_HDRTax Header (Shadow Table)FS-CM
ICS_TAX_ITMTax Item (Shadow Table)FS-CM
IMP_OBJECTSIMP: Objects for Mass ProcessingFS-CM
TICLB_GR_ACNew Group Names for ActionsFS-CM
TICLB_GR_EXNew Group Names for ExpressionsFS-CM
TICLCHECK01Check Register Including Check Number AssignmentFS-CM
ICLCLAIMDATASuppl. Reserves: Claim FileFS-CM
ICLEACTIVITYTasks in Claim BundleFS-CM
ICLNOLPARTRORole Notifier ParticipantFS-CM
ICLSUBOBJRELClaim Subobject - RelationshipsFS-CM
ICL_CBENTYPXMaintenance: Benefit Type AttributesFS-CM
ICL_CCONTEXTContext-Dependent FS-CM Data SelectionFS-CM
ICL_CDRGSEVTText Table for SeverityFS-CM
ICL_CMAP_CFAMaintenance: Mapping Tool: Field AssignmentFS-CM
ICL_CMAP_CTSMaintenance: Target StructureFS-CM
ICL_CMAP_CVAMaintenance: Value AssignmentFS-CM
ICL_CMAP_SFAMaintenance: Field AssignmentFS-CM
ICL_CMAP_STSMaintenance: SAP Target StructureFS-CM
ICL_CMAP_SVAMaintenance: Field AssignmentFS-CM
ICL_CNEGFRMTForm of Negotiation (Texts) - CustomizingFS-CM
ICL_CNEGPRTTNegotiation Partner/s (Texts) - CustomizingFS-CM
ICL_CNEGTYPTNegotiation: Texts on Type of NegotiationFS-CM
ICL_CPROCDOCInternal Claim Type: Manual Claim Document per CIG CategoryFS-CM
ICL_CRBPTASKRBP: Assignment of Task to RoleFS-CM
ICL_CRESPROFReserve Profile Determination in Multiple InsuranceFS-CM
ICL_CRFCDESTMaintenance: RFC TargetsFS-CM
ICL_CRPTTYPEReport Types for Regulatory ReportingFS-CM
ICL_CSRV_CTXAssign Context to Service 'Read Insurance Claim'FS-CM
ICSEACTIVITYTask in Claim Bundle Shadow TableFS-CM
ICS_FUND_HDRShadow Table for Funds (ICL_FUND_HDR)FS-CM
ICS_FUND_ITMShadow Table for Fund Items (ICL_FUND_ITM)FS-CM
ICS_LOAN_ITMShadow Table for Loan Items (ICL_LOAN_ITM)FS-CM
TICL814_TESTReserve Group / IndicativesFS-CM
TICLB_AC_NEUNew and Old Names for ActionsFS-CM
TICLB_BUTTONDisplay/Hide Update and Undo ButtonsFS-CM
TICLB_EX_NEUNew and Old Names for ExpressionsFS-CM
TICLB_GR_NEWNew Group Names with DescriptionFS-CM
TICLB_RS_NEUNew and Old Names for Rule SetsFS-CM
ICLC_MTASKINGClaims Parallel Processing ControlFS-CM
ICLPARTSP_EXTExternal Services ExtensionFS-CM
ICLSERVCATXLTBenefits/Services/Fees Catalogs: Texts w.Unrestricted LengthFS-CM
ICLSUBCLFRAUDResult from Check SystemFS-CM
ICLULAEACCRESAdditional Reserve Amounts at Claim Year and Coverage LevelFS-CM
ICLULAECOVRESDetermined Additional Reserve Amounts at Coverage LevelFS-CM
ICLULAEREPPAYReported Settlement ExpensesFS-CM
ICL_ACTN_1000BRFplus : Tasks (Customizing)FS-CM
ICL_ACTN_2000BRFplus : Coverage Referral (Customizing)FS-CM
ICL_ACTN_3000BRFplus : Document Proposal (Customizing)FS-CM
ICL_ACTN_4000BRFplus : Document Proposal (Customizing)FS-CM
ICL_ACTN_4001BRFplus : Document Proposal (Customizing)FS-CM
ICL_AGENT_COMCommunication Table for Process AgentFS-CM
ICL_CCNTRVDATMaintenance: Determine Contract Validity DateFS-CM
ICL_CEVENTINGMaintenance: Event Registration of SubobjectsFS-CM
ICL_CINSTSERVOrder Type - Transaction TypeFS-CM
ICL_CLAUSETXTLong Texts for ClausesFS-CM
ICL_CMAP_CFATMaintenance: Field Assignment (Texts)FS-CM
ICL_CMAP_CVATMaintenance: Value Assignment (Texts)FS-CM
ICL_CMAP_SFATMaintenance: Field Assignment (Texts)FS-CM
ICL_CMAP_SVATMaintenance: Value Assignment (Texts)FS-CM
ICL_COVREASONMaintenance: Overruling ReasonFS-CM
ICL_CPOLSNTYPNew Policy Snapshot: Node Categories for Overview TreeFS-CM
ICL_CPRBENTYPMaintenance: Certain Benefit TypesFS-CM
ICL_CRBPOMASTRBP-OM Assignment Strategy: NameFS-CM
ICL_CRBPOTYPEObject Type of PerformerFS-CM
ICL_CRBPPRORORBP: Assignment of Role to ProfileFS-CM
ICL_CRESPROFTReserve Profile Determination in Multiple Insurance (Texts)FS-CM
ICL_CSUBCLASSFS-CM Classes That Allow Substitution with Customer ClassesFS-CM
ICL_DISAB_HDRImpairment HeaderFS-CM
ICL_PRIVILEGESpecial Rights (Benefit/3rd Party Rights) in Benefit SplitFS-CM
ICL_RBPOMASRRRBP-OM Counter for Assignment Strategy "Round Robin"FS-CM
ICL_RBPOMASWBRBP-OM Workload for Assignment Strategy "Workload Balancing"FS-CM
ICL_TAXBENTYPMaintenance: Benefit Type for TaxFS-CM
ICL_WCMPD_SCHFS-CM: Item Data Workers CompensationFS-CM
ICSPARTSP_EXTExternal Services ExtensionFS-CM
ICSSUBCLFRAUDResult from Claims Check SystemFS-CM
ICS_CLAUSETXTLong Texts for Clauses (Shadow Table)FS-CM
ICS_DISAB_HDRImpairment Header (Shadow Table)FS-CM
ICS_PRIVILEGESpecial Rights (Shadow Table)FS-CM
ICS_WCMPD_SCHFS-CM: Scheduled Workers CompensationFS-CM
TICLB_EXCEL_TTemporarily for Excel ImportFS-CM
ICLCLAIMASSIGNLink: Claim Subobject - Claim SubobjectFS-CM
ICLEXPLANATIONProfile of Boolean Expressions of a BRF RunFS-CM
ICLULAEDRIVER1Reported Distribution Key 1FS-CM
ICLULAEDRIVER2Reported Distribution Key 2FS-CM
ICLULAEPERCENTDetermined Percentage and Additional Reserve AmountsFS-CM
ICLX_CNODETYPEBusiness Object Node Categories of 'Claims Facade'FS-CM
ICL_ACTN_1000ABRFplus : Tasks (Application)FS-CM
ICL_ACTN_1000SBRFplus : Tasks (System)FS-CM
ICL_ACTN_2000ABRFplus : Coverage Referral (Application)FS-CM
ICL_ACTN_2000SBRFplus : Coverage Referral (System)FS-CM
ICL_ACTN_3000ABRFplus : Document Proposal (Application)FS-CM
ICL_ACTN_3000SBRFplus: Document Proposal (System)FS-CM
ICL_ACTN_4000ABRFplus : Document Proposal (Application)FS-CM
ICL_ACTN_4000SBRFplus: Document Proposal (System)FS-CM
ICL_ACTN_4001ABRFplus : Document Proposal (Application)FS-CM
ICL_ACTN_4001SBRFplus: Document Proposal (System)FS-CM
ICL_BRFP_TRACEINDX-Like Table for BRFplus TraceFS-CM
ICL_CBENPRWAIVMaintenance: Premium Exemption for Benefit TypeFS-CM
ICL_CBENTPFINDBenefit Type DeterminationFS-CM
ICL_CCEVENTINGCustomizing: Event Registration of SubobjectsFS-CM
ICL_CCLAIMTYPXMaintenance: Enhancement of Internal Claim TypeFS-CM
ICL_CIMPLCLASSMaint.:Assignment of Interfaces to Classes To Be ImplementedFS-CM
ICL_CIOBDETAILDefine Detail Views for Insured ObjectsFS-CM
ICL_CMANREASONMaintenance: Reason for Manual CreationFS-CM
ICL_CMAP_CFATFMaintenance: Field/Target Field AssignmentFS-CM
ICL_CMAP_CFATSMaintenance: Field - Target Structure AssignmentFS-CM
ICL_CMAP_CVASVMaintenance: Assign Sourche/Target FieldFS-CM
ICL_CMAP_INTFAMaintenance: InterfaceFS-CM
ICL_CMAP_SFATFMaintenance: Field/Target Field AssignmentFS-CM
ICL_CMAP_SFATSMaintenance: Field/Target Structure AssignmentFS-CM
ICL_CMAP_SVASVMaintenance: Target/Source Value AssignmentFS-CM
ICL_CNEGSTLFRMForm of Settlement - CustomizingFS-CM
ICL_CNOPRODUCTObsolete: Scenario Without FS-CM Product CustomizingFS-CM
ICL_CNOTE_TYPEInternal Claim Type: Permitted Topic of Claim NoteFS-CM
ICL_COVREASONTMaintenance: Overruling Reason (Texts)FS-CM
ICL_CPCFPO2DOCPrint Objects per DocumentFS-CM
ICL_CPOLSNTYPTNew Policy Snapshot: Node Category for Overvw Tree TxtTableFS-CM
ICL_CPOLSTREE1Overview of Policy in Policy Snapshot: Node InformationFS-CM
ICL_CPOLSTREE2Overview of Policy in Policy Snapshot: TextFS-CM
ICL_CPOLSYSTEMMaintenance: Policy SystemsFS-CM
ICL_CPRCBENTYPMaintenance: Benefit Type for Premium CreditFS-CM
ICL_CRBPCLTYPERBP: Assignment of Profile to Claim Type and Subclaim TypeFS-CM
ICL_CREMUNTYPERemuneration CategoryFS-CM
ICL_CSTATEPENSMaintenance: Statutory PensionFS-CM
ICL_CTAXBENTYPMaintenance: Assignment of Tax Type to Benefit TypeFS-CM
ICL_CTRESTRICTDefine Time Restrictions for LimitsFS-CM
ICL_CWCMP_CTLGAssignment of Disabilility Class - Benefit CatalogsFS-CM
ICL_CWTHDRWSEQMaintenance: Withdrawal Sequence IDFS-CM
ICL_CWTHDRWSQTMaintenance: Define Sequence of WithdrawalFS-CM
ICL_CWTHDRWTYPMaintenance: Withdrawal TypeFS-CM
ICL_IBNRDIRECTEntries for "Direct" IBNR Reserve DefinitionFS-CM
ICL_INVSTG_LOGClaim Investigation MessagesFS-CM
ICL_REGREP_LOGRegulatory Reporting LogFS-CM
ICL_SUBROGITEMSubrogation/Recovery ItemFS-CM
ICSCLAIMASSIGNShadow Table Link: Claim Subobject - Claim SubobjectFS-CM
ICS_SUBROGITEMSubrogation/Recovery Item: Shadow TableFS-CM
TICL110_RESTYPAmount Authorizations Reserves (per Reserve Type)FS-CM
TICLB_AC_TNAMETables with ActionsFS-CM
TICLB_EXCEL_T2New and Old Names and Short Descriptions for Rule SetsFS-CM
TICLB_EX_TNAMETables for ExpressionsFS-CM
TICLB_GR_TNAMETable with Group NamesFS-CM
TICLB_RS_TNAMETables for Rule SetsFS-CM
ICLEXPLANATIONCValues of Expressions per Claim -Explanation (Cluster TableFS-CM
ICLULAECCCDERESSpecified CDE Reserves at Company Code LevelFS-CM
ICLULAECFFACTORSpecified CDE Reserves at Company Code LevelFS-CM
ICLX_CNODETYPETBO Node Categories of 'Claims Facade': NameFS-CM
ICL_CASSTCLTYPEAssign Link Types to an Internal Claim TypeFS-CM
ICL_CA_BENTPGRPAssignment of Benefit Types to Benefit Type GroupsFS-CM
ICL_CBACKASSIGNLink Type of Reverse DirectionFS-CM
ICL_CCIMPLCLASSICL: Customizing Interfaces for Implementing ClassesFS-CM
ICL_CMANREASONTMaintenance: Reason for Manual Creation (Texts)FS-CM
ICL_CMAP_CINTFAMaintenance: InterfaceFS-CM
ICL_CMAP_CTSASSMaintenance: Assign Source/Target StructureFS-CM
ICL_CMAP_CVASVTMaintenance: Assign Source Values (Texts)FS-CM
ICL_CMAP_INTFATMaintenance: Interface (Texts)FS-CM
ICL_CMAP_STSASSMaintenance: Target/Source Structure AssignmentFS-CM
ICL_CMAP_SVASVTMaintenance: Value Assignment (Texts)FS-CM
ICL_CNEGSTLFRMTForm of Settlement (Texts) - CustomizingFS-CM
ICL_CNOTE_CTYPEInternal Claim Type: Permitted Communication TypeFS-CM
ICL_CPCFDOCTYPEAssignment Category per DocumentFS-CM
ICL_CPCFICT2DOCPermitted Internal Claim Types for DocumentsFS-CM
ICL_CPCFPOBJECTPrint Objects and Data Collection ClassesFS-CM
ICL_CPOLSTREE1TOverview of Policy in Policy Snapshot: Node InformationFS-CM
ICL_CPOLSTREE2TOverview of Policy in Policy Snapshot: TextFS-CM
ICL_CPOLSYSTEMTMaintenance: Policy Systems (Texts)FS-CM
ICL_CPRIVLGUCATSpecial Rights Category and Its UsageFS-CM
ICL_CPROFILE_BTBenefit Processing Profile at Coverage Category LevelFS-CM
ICL_CPROFILE_EPBenefit Processing Profile at Elementary Product LevelFS-CM
ICL_CPROFILE_PRBenefit Processing Profile at Product LevelFS-CM
ICL_CRBPOMCRITEAssignment: RBP Event / RBP-OM CriterionFS-CM
ICL_CRBPOMCRITTRBP-OM Assignment Criteria: NameFS-CM
ICL_CREMUNTYPETRemumeration Category (Text Table)FS-CM
ICL_CSTATEPENSTMaintenance: Statutory Pension (Texts)FS-CM
ICL_CSUBROGREASSubrogation/Recovery ReasonFS-CM
ICL_CSUBROGTYPEType of Subrogation/RecoveryFS-CM
ICL_CWAITREASONReasons for Changing Waiting PeriodsFS-CM
ICL_CWTHDRWSEQTMaintenance: Withdrawal Sequence (Texts)FS-CM
ICL_CWTHDRWTYPTMaintenance: Withdrawal Type (Texts)FS-CM
ICL_IBNRCLUSTERReserve Cluster Allocation (IBNR)FS-CM
ICL_POINTVALUESFS-CM: Benef./Services/Fees Catalogs - Points per SubserviceFS-CM
ICL_SCWCOMP_DTHWorkers Comp - Benefits Catalog (Death)FS-CM
ICL_SCWCOMP_SCHWorkers Comp - Benefits Catalog (Scheduled)FS-CM
ICL_WC_RWB_LTXTBenefits/Services/Fees Catalogs: Text with Unrestricted LgthFS-CM
ICS_WAIT_PERIODShadow Table for Waiting Periods (ICL_WAIT_PERIOD)FS-CM
TICLB_STATISTICCounter of Updates/UndosFS-CM
ICLCLAIMDATA_OUTSuppl. Res.: Reserving Results at Indicative LevelFS-CM
ICLEEXPLANATIONCValues of Expressions per Bundle-Explanation (Cluster Table)FS-CM
ICLIBNRHEALTHCLUCases, Quantities, and Costs (Totalled) at Evaluation LevelFS-CM
ICLIBNRHEALTHDETQuantities and Costs (Totalled, if Nec) at Single Case LevelFS-CM
ICLIBNRHEALTHDRIStandard Driver for Single Case LevelFS-CM
ICLIBNRHEALTHSTAStatistics: Cases, Quantities and Costs at Evaluation LevelFS-CM
ICLNOLDODESCASSNDamage Descriptors per ObjectFS-CM
ICLPARTCANCELLEDParticipant Created Temporarily and Creation CancelledFS-CM
ICLX_CASSIGNMENTBO Node Assignment CategoriesFS-CM
ICLX_CASSIGNMNTTBO Node Assignment Categories: NameFS-CM
ICLX_PARTICIPANTError Table for Participants with XI InputFS-CM
ICL_BENSPLIT_HDRBenefit Split (Onetime)FS-CM
ICL_BENSPLIT_ITMBenefit Split Item (One-Time)FS-CM
ICL_BENSPPER_HDRBenefit Split (Periodic)FS-CM
ICL_BENSPPER_ITMBenefit Split Item (Periodic)FS-CM
ICL_CBENTYPEGRPTBenefit Type Groups: NameFS-CM
ICL_CBRFPLUS_MIGDefine Rule Tool for EventFS-CM
ICL_CCONTEXT_FLDContext-Dependent FS-CM Data Selection - FieldsFS-CM
ICL_CCONTEXT_FLTContext-Dependent FS-CM Data Selection - TablesFS-CM
ICL_CCONTEXT_TXTContext-Dependent FS-CM Data Selection - TextFS-CM
ICL_CFLDSTATE_FCMaintenenace: Status-Dependent Changeability of FCodesFS-CM
ICL_CFLDSTATE_STMaintenenace: Status-Dependent Changeability of FieldsFS-CM
ICL_CITEM_RFCHCKItem: Data Set Relevance for Extensive Required Field CheckFS-CM
ICL_CMAP_CINTFATMaintenance: Interface (Texts)FS-CM
ICL_CNOTE_TEMPL1Internal Claim Type: Permitted Text TemplatesFS-CM
ICL_CPCFPOBJECTTText Table for Print ObjectsFS-CM
ICL_CPOLPRDOVRRLOverride Policy Product DataFS-CM
ICL_CPRIVLGTYPETText: Special Rights TypeFS-CM
ICL_CPRIVLGUCATTText: Special Rights CategoryFS-CM
ICL_CPROC_RFCHCKClaim Item Grouping: Data Set Relevant for Ext.RqrdFld CheckFS-CM
ICL_CPROFFUND_PRMaintenance: Benefit Processing Profile for Fund ProductsFS-CM
ICL_CPROFILE_BTTBenefit Processing Profile at Cov.Cat.Level: NamesFS-CM
ICL_CPROFILE_EPRBenef.Processing Profile Elem.Prod.Level: Assgnd SubclmTypesFS-CM
ICL_CPROFILE_EPTBenefit Proc.Profile Elementary Product Level: NamesFS-CM
ICL_CPROFILE_PRIBenefit Processing Profile Product Level: Claim Type Defin.FS-CM
ICL_CPROFILE_PRRBenefit Processing Profile Prod.Level: Assigned Subclm TypesFS-CM
ICL_CPROFILE_PRTBenefit Processing Profile at Product Level: NamesFS-CM
ICL_CPROPTYPEASGCustomizing Table: Assignment of PropType to Int.Claim TypeFS-CM
ICL_CRBPOMACTIVERBP: Activation of Automatic Performer Assignment via OMFS-CM
ICL_CRBPOMASEXECAssignment: RBP-OM Strategie / Strategy ClassFS-CM
ICL_CREGREP_RPRTContext and Trigger Details for ReportsFS-CM
ICL_CRPTTYPE_TXTText Table for Report TypeFS-CM
ICL_CSERVCATCHARProperties of Benefits CatalogFS-CM
ICL_CSUBCLASS_CSCustomer Classes That Enhance FS-CM ClassesFS-CM
ICL_CSUBROGREASTName of Subrogation/Recovery ReasonFS-CM
ICL_CSUBROGTYPETName of Subrogation/Recovery TypeFS-CM
ICL_CTRESTRICT_TText Table for Time Restriction of LimitsFS-CM
ICL_CWAITREASONTMaintenance: Waiting Period Change Reason (Texts)FS-CM
ICL_IBNRCLUSTERTAll Data for Reserve Group ClustersFS-CM
ICS_BENSPLIT_HDRBenefit Split (Shadow Table)FS-CM
ICS_BENSPLIT_ITMBenefit Split Item (Shadow Table)FS-CM
ICS_BENSPPER_HDRBenefit Split (Shadow Table)FS-CM
ICS_BENSPPER_ITMBenefit Split Item (Shadow Table)FS-CM
IMP_PARAMETERS_CIMP: Data Cluster for ParametersFS-CM
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