SAP Bank Components (IS-B) Tables

ATLALimit TypeIS-B
ATLRLimit Management: Basic SettingsIS-B
TJBFField Catalog IS-B-PAIS-B
TJBSBase Field Catalog IS-B-PA (Fixed Fields)IS-B
ATLAMAllocation of limit characteristics to limit typeIS-B
ATLARCharacteristic Filter for Limit TypesIS-B
ATLATName of Limit TypeIS-B
ATLPDLimit Mgmt: Program/Screen Combinat. with Fld Selection CtrlIS-B
ATLPGLimit Product GroupIS-B
ATLSFDisplay Filters for Limit CharacteristicsIS-B
ATRMOValuation controlIS-B
BKK02Key Date for ArchivingIS-B
BKK40Current Account Master Data: GeneralIS-B
BKK42Current Account Master Data: Operative DataIS-B
BKK43BCA: Reference AccountsIS-B
BKK44Current Account Master Data: BlocksIS-B
BKK45Relationship: Current Account - Business PartnerIS-B
BKK46Current Account Master Data: Customer AppendsIS-B
BKK47BCA: Direct Debit OrdersIS-B
BKK48Control Indicator for Account BalancingIS-B
BKK50Account balanceIS-B
BKK51Subj.Fin.Pay. BalanceIS-B
BKK54Account Balance of HierarchiesIS-B
BKK55Subject to Final Payment Balance of HierarchiesIS-B
BKK56Account ResubmissionIS-B
BKK58Master Data Savings Prod: Fxd-Term Deposit, Installmnt SavgsIS-B
BKK81Bank ConditionIS-B
BKK82Bank Condition ItemIS-B
BKK83Bank Condition DeterminationIS-B
BKK84Bank Account - Individual ConditionIS-B
BKK85Bank Account - Individual Condition PositionIS-B
BKK91Value Date Transaction FiguresIS-B
BKK92Account Balancing (Interest and Charges)IS-B
BKK93Oldest Period for Return PostingIS-B
BKK94Number of ItemsIS-B
BKK95Account Specific Amount Limits for Graduated ConditionsIS-B
BKK96Account Balancing Detail DataIS-B
BKK97Acct Balancing: Posting Data (Temporary Data)(for Deletion)IS-B
BKK98Dispatch Expenses Number of ItemsIS-B
BKK99Date of Early Balancing and End Date of PeriodIS-B
BKK9APosting and Value Date Balances Carried ForwardIS-B
BKK9BValue Date Transaction FiguresIS-B
BKK9CAcct Balancing (Interest and Charges) Enhancement to BKK92IS-B
BKKA1Position Manangement: General DataIS-B
BKKA2Additional Data ChecksIS-B
BKKA4Current Account: Position Types ChecksIS-B
BKKA5Means of Payt Mgmt: Stack Mgmt - Available ChecksIS-B
BKKA6Means of Payt Mgmt: Stack Mgmt - Issued/Blocked ChecksIS-B
BKKA7Locations of a PositionIS-B
BKKA8Location-Dependent Settings in Position ManagementIS-B
BKKE1Current Account: LimitsIS-B
BKKI3Turnover Items Not Posted for Last Bank StatementIS-B
BKKI4Totals Records from Payment TransactionsIS-B
BKKI5Totals Records from Payment TransactionsIS-B
BKKI6Totals Records from Payment TransactionsIS-B
BKKITPayment ItemIS-B
BKKM1BCA: Bank Statement DataIS-B
BKKM2Account Time PeriodsIS-B
BKKM3BCA: Parameters for Mass Runs in Parallel ProcessingIS-B
BKKM4BCA: Job Table for Parallel Processing of Acct. BalancingsIS-B
BKKM5BCA: Periods of Account Balancing to be Calculated (New)IS-B
BKKSOBCA: Standing OrdersIS-B
I8100IS-B: RM Characteristics : Organisation INT/EXTIS-B
I8200IS-B: RM Characteristics : Organisation INT/EXTIS-B
JBRBPBase Portfolio DefinitionIS-B
JBROZRM Gap Opportunity Interest Rates from Single Trans. CostingIS-B
JBRPHPortfolio hierarchyIS-B
KLARPDefault Risk Line ItemsIS-B
KLEVCDetermination-Procedure-Specific SettingsIS-B
KLLRBTable for Country Risk AreasIS-B
KLREPRisk Line ItemsIS-B
KLSBVCollateral Valuation ProcedureIS-B
TJBFDField Catalog IS-B-PA, Characteristic DependenciesIS-B
TJBFEField Catalog IS-B-PA, Operating Concern AssignmentIS-B
TJBIFCommunication Table in GenerationIS-B
TJBSDCO-PA Basis Field Catalog: Dependent CharacteristicsIS-B
VTBLPLog for Single Transaction CheckIS-B
VTBLSLimits: Mapping Logical - Physical KeysIS-B
ATLPDDLimit Mgmt: Permitted Program/Screen Combinat. for Fld Sel.IS-B
ATLPDTLimit Mgmt: Texts for Program/Screen CombinationsIS-B
ATLPGTName of Limit Product GroupIS-B
ATLSCRField Selection Control for Limit TypesIS-B
ATLSF0Display Filters: Basis TableIS-B
ATLSFTDisplay Filters: Limit Characteristics (Texts)IS-B
ATLSLIPermitted Statuses for Utilization DeterminationIS-B
BKK01DBank area: Posting Date Payment Transactions/BalancingIS-B
BKK600Account Hierarchy: Account RelationshipsIS-B
BKK610Account Hierarchy: Assignment of Root Account to Tree NumberIS-B
BKK615Data for External Root Accounts Cash ConcentrationIS-B
BKK620Account Hierarchy: Amount Definitions for Cash ConcentrationIS-B
BKK621Cash Concentration: Different Amount DefintionsIS-B
BKK622Cash Concentration: Balancing Date of Last ExecutionIS-B
BKK623Enhancement Fields for Cash Concentration / HierarchiesIS-B
BKK625Assign. of Int. No. to Ext. Root Acct. for Change DocumentIS-B
BKK633Enhancement Fields for Cash Pooling / HierarchiesIS-B
BKK640Extension Fields for Comb. Flexible Balances/HierarchiesIS-B
BKK81TTexts for Bank ConditonIS-B
BKK84TTexts for Bank Account Individual ConditionIS-B
BKK8RKStandard Conditions: Retroactive Condition ChangesIS-B
BKK9AICarryforward of Interest PenaltyIS-B
BKK9IWVariant Condition FixingsIS-B
BKK9RKOldest Period for Retroactive Condition ChangesIS-B
BKKA7TTexts on the LocationsIS-B
BKKC01Gen.Ledger: Reconciliation Key Accounting DocumentsIS-B
BKKC02General Ledger: Posting Totals for FIIS-B
BKKC03Gen.Ledger: Assignment Process->IS-B
BKKC10Gen. Ledger: Balances in FI per BCA Cust.Acct. / Bal.Sh.PrepIS-B
BKKC11Gen. Ledger: BCA Balances per GL Transac. for Bal.Sh.Prep.IS-B
BKKC12Gen. Ledger: New Balances for Bal. Sheet PreparationIS-B
BKKC13Gen.Ledger: Changes GL Fields in Account MasterIS-B
BKKC20Last Balance Sheet PreparationIS-B
BKKC30Gen. Ledger: Log for Transfer Postings (Bal.Sh.Prep., etc.)IS-B
BKKCVAAdministration Table Individual Value AdjustmentIS-B
BKKNTCNotice: Partial Amount and Full Amount NoticeIS-B
BKKVRSAvailable Balance SeriesIS-B
I81NNKIS-B: RM Characteristics : &IS-B
I82NNKIS-B: RM Texts for Characteristics : &IS-B
JBDUBTText for Non-Interest-Bearing PositionsIS-B
JBNIPLALM Non Interest Profit and LossIS-B
JBRALFDue Date Scenario - ItemsIS-B
JBRBG0Gap Analysis - Global ControlIS-B
JBRBG1Gap Analysis - Control using Valuation RuleIS-B
JBRBG2Gap Analysis - Global ControlIS-B
JBRBG3Gap Analysis - Control using Valuation RuleIS-B
JBRBGRRM: Position GroupIS-B
JBRBPTBase Portfolio Definition: TextIS-B
JBRBV0VaR - Global ControlIS-B
JBRBV1VaR - Local ControlIS-B
JBRBV2VaR Simulation TypesIS-B
JBRFSZDue Date Scenario - Header InformationIS-B
JBRHKORM: Version Table: Header Information: Extended Risk ObjectIS-B
JBRKNZRM: External Key Figures for Financial ObjectIS-B
JBRKONRM: Account Balance Summarization in Base PortfolioIS-B
JBRLZBMaturity bandIS-B
JBRPBLPeriod blockIS-B
JBRPHTPortfolio hierarchyIS-B
JBRRMBAssignment of Analysis Structure to ClientIS-B
JBRSIMAssign Characteristics to ViewsIS-B
JBRSITDims textsIS-B
JBRSPHDefinition of Portfolio Hierarchy (Check Table)IS-B
KLARRCDefinition of Default Risk RuleIS-B
KLCOCUAssignment of County <-> Domestic Currency/CurrenciesIS-B
KLEGZUAssignment of TR Product/Tran. Type to CL Default Risk RuleIS-B
KLEVCTText Table in Customizing for Determination ProcedureIS-B
KLLR01Assignment of Country - Rating/Recovery Rate DeterminationIS-B
KLLR02Assignment of Country - VaR%IS-B
KLLR03Assignment of CEQ Class - CEQ in PercentageIS-B
KLLR04Country Default ProbabilitiesIS-B
KLLR05Assignment of LEQ Class / LEQ in PercentageIS-B
KLNT01Definition of Netting GroupIS-B
KLNT02Definition of Netting Factor AssignmentIS-B
KLSI01Collateral Provision (Header)IS-B
KLSI02Collateral AgreementsIS-B
KLSI03Collateral Agreements (Items)IS-B
KLSI04Global Collateral (Items)IS-B
KLSI05Single-Transaction-Related Collateral (Item)IS-B
KLSI06Global Collateral (Assignment)IS-B
KLSI07Single-Transaction-Related Collateral (Assignment)IS-B
KLXAKTGlobal Settings for Default Risk and Limit SystemIS-B
TBKK00Cross-Bank Area SettingsIS-B
TBKK01Bank Area TableIS-B
TBKK02Check Digit Calculation Method CategoriesIS-B
TBKK03Check Digit Calculation MethodsIS-B
TBKK06Country-Specific Function Modules for BBAN AssignmentIS-B
TBKK11BCA Lists: Field Catalog for List Tool (KKBLO_FIELDCAT)IS-B
TBKK12Archiving Period (Obsolete)IS-B
TBKK13Tables/Table Groups That Can Be ArchivedIS-B
TBKK14Time Unit for BCA ArchivingIS-B
TBKK43Reference Account CategoryIS-B
TBKK47Account Status EnhancementIS-B
TBKK48Old: Permitted Products per Bank AreaIS-B
TBKK51Reasons for Account ResubmissionIS-B
TBKK60Account Hierarchy: Hierarchy TypesIS-B
TBKK61Business Transaction Events for Hierarchy MaintenanceIS-B
TBKK65Settings for Cash ConcentrationIS-B
TBKK80Condition AreaIS-B
TBKK81Bank Condition CategoryIS-B
TBKK82Bank Condition Type DifferentiationIS-B
TBKK85Bank Condition GroupIS-B
TBKK86Bank Condition Group CategoryIS-B
TBKK87Bank Condition ClassIS-B
TBKK88Field Control - ConditionsIS-B
TBKK89Internal Default for Field Control ConditionsIS-B
TBKK8ABank Condition Category - Differentiation Type AssignmentIS-B
TBKK8BCategorization Transaction Types (Item Counter)IS-B
TBKK8CCategorization Medium (Item Counter)IS-B
TBKK8DItem CounterIS-B
TBKK8EItem Counter DeterminationIS-B
TBKK8FCategory Transaction Types (Item Counter)IS-B
TBKK8GCategory Medium (Item Counter)IS-B
TBKK8HAssignment Trans. Activity Type - Charge Transaction TypeIS-B
TBKK8IAssignment Trans. Activiy Type - Interest Transacation TypeIS-B
TBKK8JDispatch Expense CounterIS-B
TBKK8KTransaction Type Category (Differentiation Type)IS-B
TBKK8LAssignment Transaction Type Category (Diff.Type)IS-B
TBKK8MTrivial AmountsIS-B
TBKK8NFeature - Charge Transaction Type AssignmentIS-B
TBKK92Interest Compensation MethodIS-B
TBKK93Object Category for Balancing (Balancing or Interest Comp.)IS-B
TBKKA1Position TypesIS-B
TBKKA2Number Issuing for PositionsIS-B
TBKKA3Guarantee Amounts for Position TypeIS-B
TBKKA4Check void reason codesIS-B
TBKKC2Assignment Process to General Ledger ProcessIS-B
TBKKE1Limit CategoriesIS-B
TBKKE2Reference LimitsIS-B
TBKKG3Transaction typesIS-B
TBKKG4Functionality GroupIS-B
TBKKG5Assignment Functions Group - Medium, Transaction TypeIS-B
TBKKG6Locking ReasonsIS-B
TBKKG7Assignment Blocking Reason - Medium, Transaction TypeIS-B
TBKKG8Old: Assignment Product -> Functionality GroupsIS-B
TBKKG9Formats for Application of FundsIS-B
TBKKH1Permitted Products per Bank AreaIS-B
TBKKI1Assignment Medium/Payment Method to ProcessesIS-B
TBKKI2Assignment GL Processes to ProcessesIS-B
TBKKM2Posting Categories for Balancing PostingsIS-B
TBKKM3Assignment Posting Categories <-> Medium/Transaction TypesIS-B
TBKKM4Assignment Trans. Type -> Business Transaction CodeIS-B
TBKKM5Dispatch Types for a Bank StatementIS-B
TBKKM6Blocking Categories for End of Day ProcessingIS-B
TBKKM7Detailed Blocking ReasonsIS-B
TBKKM8Business Transaction CodeIS-B
TBKKM9Bank Statement FormatIS-B
TBKKS1BCA: Qualifier of Payment NotesIS-B
TJBABCCO-ABC->CO-PA: Update Characteristics for Summariz.IS-B
VTBLIDLimit: Details of Utilizations (Single Records)IS-B
VTBLIELimit Utilization: Single Record per ObjectIS-B
VTBLIILimit Utiliz.: Rel. Bet. Single Record and Totals RecordIS-B
VTBLILProgram Run to Determine Limit UtilizationsIS-B
VTBLISLimit Utilization: Summarization per Limit AmountIS-B
VTBLLHLimit Management: Header Information for Limit TransferIS-B
VTBLLPLimit Management: Item Information for Limit TransferIS-B
VTBLRHReservations for Limit Amounts (Header)IS-B
VTBLRPReservations for Limit Amounts (Item)IS-B
VTBLSDGlobal Collateral: Utilizations - DetailsIS-B
VTBLSEGlobal Collateral: Single Record per ObjectIS-B
VTBLSIGlobal Collat.: Relationship Single Record - Totals RecordIS-B
ATLRMRALimit Management: Basic SettingsIS-B
ATLSLITPermitted Statuses for Utilization Determination (Texts)IS-B
ATLTKAFField Catatlog: Drilldown Reporting Link for Limit MgmtIS-B
ATSYCIIAdditional Default Settings for Risk EvaluationsIS-B
BKK9ACCInterest Accrual/Deferral (Accounts With No Result)IS-B
BKKC01CGen.Ledger: Commitments Reconciliation Key Acctg. DocumentsIS-B
BKKITAIInfo Items for Interest Penalty at BalancingIS-B
BKKITGLGen. Ledger: Payment Item DataIS-B
BKKM_TSBank statement time stampIS-B
BKKPOHDPayment Order, Header DataIS-B
BKKPOITItem in Payment OrderIS-B
BKKPONTPayment Order, Application of FundsIS-B
BKKSONTPayment Notes of Standing OrdersIS-B
BKKTERMTerm Agreement for Fixed-Term Deposit and Installmt SavingsIS-B
CE1E_B1Model BankIS-B
CE2E_B1Model BankIS-B
CE3E_B1Model BankIS-B
CE4E_B1Model BankIS-B
CEPC_FSFinancial services enhancement for Profit center masterIS-B
FIPR_VAVersion AttributeIS-B
I9AMBPKIS-B: RM Model/Include DBTab Base Portfolio DeterminationIS-B
I9AMVMKIS-B: RM Model/Include DBTab Variable CharacteristicsIS-B
JBACDLIList of conditionsIS-B
JBASIMAALM Simulation TypeIS-B
JBASIMTALM Simulation CategoryIS-B
JBASTCHStandard Conditions: Condition HeaderIS-B
JBASTCPStandard Conditions: Condition ItemIS-B
JBDLSZAType 2 Cash Flow Disturbance (Shifting of a Payment)IS-B
JBDSERVSAP Banking: Master Table for Service TransactionsIS-B
JBDUBPCProfit Center - Non-Interest-Bearing PositionIS-B
JBDUBPOPosition Items for Non-Interest-Bearing PositionIS-B
JBDUBSTSAP Banking: Non-Interest-Bearing PositionIS-B
JBDZSEKCash Flow (Effective Capital and NIM between Payment Dates)IS-B
JBDZSVOCash Flow (Volume Information)IS-B
JBDZSZTSAP Banking: Cash Flow (Interest and Repayment Schedule)IS-B
JBDZZTKStandard Customizing for Condition Field SelectionIS-B
JBRALFDDue Date Scenario: DefinitionIS-B
JBRBG2TText Table for Gap TypeIS-B
JBRBGRTRM: Position Group (Text)IS-B
JBRBRFSRM: Assignment of Valuation Rule to Due Date ScenarioIS-B
JBRBSTDRM: Base Portfolios - Single Positions (until F3.03)IS-B
JBRBSTVRM: Base Portfolio for Position ManagementIS-B
JBRCFEVCash Flow Evaluation - AssignmentIS-B
JBRDBKORM: DB Table Header Information Extended Risk ObjectIS-B
JBRDERICharacteristic Derivation Settings for Analysis StructureIS-B
JBREGSHRM Base Portfolio for Single TransactionsIS-B
JBRHFMLRM: Version Table: Formula Components for Individ.Cash FlowsIS-B
JBRIASZSettings for Utilization ScenariosIS-B
JBRINDXRM: Cluster for Storing Datasets Derived from INDXIS-B
JBRLZBDDate Entries in Maturity BandIS-B
JBRLZBPMaturity band parametersIS-B
JBRLZBTMaturity Band - TextsIS-B
JBRMZBGRM: Assignment of Transactions to Business PartnersIS-B
JBROBJ1RM: Definition of Fields/Characteristics Specific to RMIS-B
JBRPBLDPeriod Block - DefinitionIS-B
JBRPHGERM: Portfolio Hierarchy: Generation DataIS-B
JBRRMBMAssignment of Characteristics to Analysis StructuresIS-B
JBRRMBTText Table for Analysis StructureIS-B
JBRSAEVAssign Balance Type to Yield Curve for EvaluationIS-B
JBRSARTBalance Type for Characterizing an Account BalanceIS-B
JBRSHKNNodes in Portfolio HierarchyIS-B
JBRSIMZSimulated Interest - DefinitionIS-B
JBRSPHTDefinition of Portfolio Hierarchy (Text Table)IS-B
JBRSVKORM: Header Table of SDTFT for Saved DatasetsIS-B
JBRVRCAAssignment of Flow Type to RM Cash Flow TypeIS-B
JBRVREGSummarization RuleIS-B
JBRVRSAAssignment of Summarization Rule to Balance TypeIS-B
JBSSICHRegulatory Reporting - CollateralIS-B
JBSSKB1IS-B: Additional FI account info.(Regulatory Reporting)IS-B
JBSSPARRegulatory Reporting - SavingsIS-B
JBSSTEUTable for Dynamic Field Allocation ControlIS-B
JBTBRELRelevance Indicator for Flow TypesIS-B
JBTKABCAssignment of CO-ABC Templates to Costing RulesIS-B
JBTKRETCosting Rule TextsIS-B
JBTOBJ1Segment Table for Financial Transactions, STC PartIS-B
JBTOBJPCommission Fields for Financial TransactionsIS-B
JBTOZGWWeighting of Opportunity Interest RateIS-B
JBTVERFCosting Procedure in IS-B Based on Detailed ConceptIS-B
JBTVERTCosting Procedure TextsIS-B
KLARPOSLine Items for Default RiskIS-B
KLBEPOSLine Items for the Risk of the PositionIS-B
KLCLUSTCluster for Distributed Data UseIS-B
KLEVDEFDefinition of Determination ProceduresIS-B
KLEXTKZAllocate Ext. Key Figures to Int. Key Figure CategoriesIS-B
KLFAZ01Facilities (Header)IS-B
KLFAZ06Facility TypeIS-B
KLFAZ07Facility Type - Limit Product Group AssignmentIS-B
KLINTNRCredit Limit: Admin. of Internal Key for Check TransactionsIS-B
KLNT01TText Table for KLNT01IS-B
KLNT02TText Table for KLNT02IS-B
KLPARAMCredit Limit: Tab for Controlling Ext. Default Risk RatesIS-B
KLREPOSRisk Line ItemsIS-B
KLRRDEFMaintainance of Values for Recovery RatesIS-B
KLSI01TCollateral Provision (Header) Text TableIS-B
KLSIARTCollateral TypeIS-B
KLXCMRTCM Data for Risk Objects Derived from Cash ManagementIS-B
RMDRCLBCallback for DerivationIS-B
T003_FSDocument TypesIS-B
TBKK00TSettings Independent of Bank Area, Dependent on LanguageIS-B
TBKK01AAdditional Bank Keys for Bank AreaIS-B
TBKK01BAssign Business Partner To Bank KeyIS-B
TBKK01DBank Area: Account for Payment TransactionsIS-B
TBKK01ECpD-accounts for different processesIS-B
TBKK01FBank Area: Transfer FI General LedgerIS-B
TBKK01TTexts for Bank AreasIS-B
TBKK02TTexts for Check Digit Calculation Method CategoriesIS-B
TBKK030Check Digit Calculation MethodsIS-B
TBKK03AParameters for Modulo Methods of Check Digit CalculationIS-B
TBKK10TBCA Lists: TextsIS-B
TBKK13TText Table for Tables/Table GroupsIS-B
TBKK14TText Table for Time Unit BCA ArchivingIS-B
TBKK43TTexts for Reference Account CategoryIS-B
TBKK47TTexts for Account Status EnhancementsIS-B
TBKK51TTexts on Account Resubmission ReasonsIS-B
TBKK60TAccount Hierarchy: Hierarchy Type TextsIS-B
TBKK80ABank Area - Condition Area (old)IS-B
TBKK80BAccount Type - Condition Area (old)IS-B
TBKK80CBasic Settings Condition Area (old)IS-B
TBKK80TTexts for Condition AreasIS-B
TBKK81TTexts for Bank Condition CategoryIS-B
TBKK82TTexts for Bank Condition Type DifferentiationIS-B
TBKK85TTexts for Bank Condition GroupIS-B
TBKK86TTexts for Bank Condition Group CategoryIS-B
TBKK87TTexts for Bank Condition ClassIS-B
TBKK8AIAssignment of Transaction Type - Interest Penalty TA TypeIS-B
TBKK8DSDynamic BalancesIS-B
TBKK8DTText Table Item CounterIS-B
TBKK8FTTexts for Category Transaction Types (Item Counter)IS-B
TBKK8GTTexts for Category Medium (Item Counter)IS-B
TBKK8IWPeriods for Interest Guarantee for OffersIS-B
TBKK8JTText Table for Dispatch Expense CounterIS-B
TBKK8K2Transaction Type Category 2 (Diff. Type)IS-B
TBKK8KTTexts for Transaction Type Category (Diff.Type)IS-B
TBKK8L2Assignment Transaction Type Category 2 (Diff. Type)IS-B
TBKK92TPooling Method TextIS-B
TBKK93TTexts for Object Category for BalancingIS-B
TBKKA1TTexts for Position TypesIS-B
TBKKA4TCheck void reason code textsIS-B
TBKKC04Actions on GL ProcessIS-B
TBKKC05Action during PostingIS-B
TBKKE1TTexts for Limit CategoriesIS-B
TBKKE2TTexts for Reference LimitsIS-B
TBKKG10Assignment of Recipient Payment Details for ProductIS-B
TBKKG1TText Table for MediaIS-B
TBKKG2TText Table for FeaturesIS-B
TBKKG31Return Reason, Assigned Transaction TypesIS-B
TBKKG32Transaction Type Offsetting Posting Inter. Initiated PTIS-B
TBKKG33Transaction Types: Notification of ReturnsIS-B
TBKKG34Transaction Types: Payment Notes for ReturnsIS-B
TBKKG3TText Table for Transaction TypesIS-B
TBKKG4TTexts for Functions GroupsIS-B
TBKKG52Assignment Functions Group -> FunctionsIS-B
TBKKG6TTexts for Blocking ReasonsIS-B
TBKKG72Assignment Blocking Reason -> FunctionsIS-B
TBKKG9TText Table Formats Payment NotesIS-B
TBKKIBUBCA / Int. Payment Transactions: Buttons to HideIS-B
TBKKIDCBCA: Document TypesIS-B
TBKKIDFBCA: Defaults for TransactionIS-B
TBKKIDTBCA/Internal Payment Trans.: Control Table for Dialog CallupIS-B
TBKKIFSField Status Control (Internal Payment Transactions)IS-B
TBKKIFVFunction Variants for Document Type and ActivityIS-B
TBKKIO1Posting Day Shift Forward for Automatic Forward OrdersIS-B
TBKKM2TTexts for Posting Categories for Balancing PostingsIS-B
TBKKM5TTexts for Dispatch Types Bank StatementIS-B
TBKKM6TText table for Blocking Reasons in End of Day ProcessingIS-B
TBKKM7TText Table for Blocking ReasonsIS-B
TBKKM8TTexts on the Business Transaction CodesIS-B
TBKKM9TTexts on the Bank Statement FormatsIS-B
TBKKS1TBCA: Text Table for Qualifier of Payment NotesIS-B
TKEXYWFValue Field Name <-> Value Field KeyIS-B
VTBLPECPosting Deadline per Overnight RunIS-B
VTBLSLALimit Type: Summarization of the Characteristic ValuesIS-B
VTBLSTCTransactions to be Updated per Determination RunIS-B
VTBLVILInterim Limits for LimitsIS-B
VTVBWCFAssignment of Flow Types to Cash Flow IndicatorIS-B
BCAREVPOOriginal PO and additional POs from currency swapIS-B
BKK42ENQCurrent Account: Block FieldsIS-B
BKK42_CCBCA Account Master Data: Currency ChangeoverIS-B
BKK62_CCValue Date Transaction Figures for Cash ConcentrationIS-B
BKK9B_CCValue Date Transaction Figures for Cash ConcentrationIS-B
BKKBENCHBenchmark ResultsIS-B
BKKITADRPayment Item: Address of Transferring PartyIS-B
BKKITENQBlocked Payment ItemsIS-B
BKKITNTCNotice: Payment Item with Notice Lock Period > 0IS-B
BKKITPREParked Payment ItemsIS-B
BKKITTMPPlanned Payment ItemsIS-B
BKKM2_NPnonperiodic runs for periodic applicationsIS-B
BKKMRESTObjects of a Mass Run for PostprocessingIS-B
BKKMWORKObjects of a Mass Run being EditedIS-B
BKKNTTMPPayment Notes of Planned Payment ItemsIS-B
BKKPOMNDPayment order Enriched with Mandate detailsIS-B
BKK_RATEMaster Data for Installment SavingsIS-B
GAPCLUSTCluster for Distributed Data UseIS-B
JBAPLANVALM Planning VariantIS-B
JBASIMAPALM Simulation Type: ParametersIS-B
JBASIMATALM Simulation Type: TextsIS-B
JBASIMTTALM Simulation Category: TextsIS-B
JBDI0000Template Structure for Generated Qty Table in STC for ABCIS-B
JBDOBJZUSTC Additional Data for Financial ObjectIS-B
JBKLBESTCredit Limit: Characteristics for Position ObjectsIS-B
JBKLOBJ1Segment Table for Financial Transactions, CL PartIS-B
JBRADKEYTransaction DifferentiationIS-B
JBRALFDTTexts for Due Date Scenario - DefinitionIS-B
JBRASAVTFO Integration: Required/Optional Save for SEM ApplicationsIS-B
JBRBGRPORM Position Groups: ItemsIS-B
JBRBPCFVRM: BP Update Administration for Cash FlowsIS-B
JBRBPGENRM: ABAP Sequences as Template for BP GenerationIS-B
JBRBPKSVRM BP Update Administration for Account BalancesIS-B
JBRBPWPVRM: BP Update Administration for Positions/SecuritiesIS-B
JBRBV2_TText Table for Table JBRBV2 (VaR Type)IS-B
JBRCFARTCash flow typeIS-B
JBRCFKAPRM: Aggregated Capital Commitment Cash Flows per BPIS-B
JBRDBFMLRM: Formula Components for Individual Cash FlowsIS-B
JBRHHIERRM: Version Table for Hierarchy Structure xDTFT/DTFTIS-B
JBRHKOETRM: Version Table Header, HIERA and BEST Ext.Cat.Prim.Trans.IS-B
JBRHOPTIRM: Version Table OPTI Extended Category of Primary Trans.IS-B
JBRIASZDDefinitions of Utilization ScenariosIS-B
JBRLQSZDSettings for Liquidation ScenariosIS-B
JBRLQSZHDefintions of Liquidation ScenariosIS-B
JBROZAKTRM Gap Determination of Nominal OI from Single Trans.CostingIS-B
JBRPBLDTTexts for Period Block - DefinitionIS-B
JBRPHARCRM: Archiving Data for Portfolio HierarchiesIS-B
JBRPHDEFDefinitions Used to Derive Portfolio HierarchyIS-B
JBRRHBLTEnd-Node Structure of a Risk Hierarchy (Risk Factors)IS-B
JBRRHKNTNode Structure of a Risk HierarchyIS-B
JBRRMBBFAnalysis StructureIS-B
JBRSARTTText Table for Balance TypesIS-B
JBRSIHIMHierarchy of CharacteristicsIS-B
JBRSIMZTTexts for Simulated Interest PaymentsIS-B
JBRSVFMLRM: CF Formula Table for Cat. Prim.Trans. for Saved DatasetsIS-B
JBRSVRBRAssignment of View and Summarization Rule to Valuation RuleIS-B
JBRUBSTVRM: Base Portfolio - Management of Non-Int-Bearing PositionsIS-B
JBRVBRSARM: Summarization for Balances (with Valuation Rule)IS-B
JBRVMKBRRM: Template for Tables I73xxxx with Valuation RuleIS-B
JBRVRDEFSummarization Rule - Default SettingIS-B
JBRVREGTTexts for Summarization RuleIS-B
JBSSAMOBRegulatory Reporting - Grouping ObjectsIS-B
JBSSTSICControl Table for Formatting CollateralIS-B
JBSWPOFFOpen, Non-Fulfilled Spot Securities Transactions (RR)IS-B
KLABEPOSLine Items for the Risk of the PositionIS-B
KLARRCRSDefinition of Default Risk RuleIS-B
KLBBASIDCalculation Base IDIS-B
KLBESTZUAssignment of Product Type to CL Default Risk RuleIS-B
KLBEWFAKDefine Valuation Factor DeterminationIS-B
KLEVDEFTText Table for the Definition of Determination ProceduresIS-B
KLFAZ06TFacility Type TextIS-B
KLGEWFAKWeighting Factor for Settlement RiskIS-B
KLINTORGInternal Organizational UnitIS-B
KLREGDEFDefinition of Variable Assignment RuleIS-B
KLSIARTTText Table for Collateral TypeIS-B
KLSIPRIOCollateral PriorityIS-B
RMDRTYPEDerivation TypeIS-B
TBKK8BOTText Table BonusIS-B
TBKK8DSTText Tables Dynamic BalancesIS-B
TBKK8K2TTexts for Transaction Type Category (Diff.Type)IS-B
TBKKC03TTexts on ProcessesIS-B
TBKKC04TText Actions on GL ProcessIS-B
TBKKC05TText Table for Action during PostingIS-B
TBKKCACTGeneral Ledger TransactionIS-B
TBKKCASSGL Account AssignmentIS-B
TBKKCCLRTransfer Posting Balance Sheet Preparation GLIS-B
TBKKCGRPGeneral Ledger GroupIS-B
TBKKCORRBCA: Table showing if Correspondence is ActiveIS-B
TBKKCRBDSwitch On RBD-IVA solutionIS-B
TBKKCTTPAssignment PT Transaction Type / GL TransactionIS-B
TBKKG31TReturn ReasonIS-B
TBKKG34KTransaction Types: Payment Notes for Returns W/o Sequ.No.IS-B
TBKKG34PPayment Notes for Returns, Text Symbols for SAPscriptIS-B
TBKKG34WDisplay of Currency for ReturnsIS-B
TBKKHYCDPossible View Types Change Documents Account HierarchiesIS-B
TBKKICTRAmount Authorization/Dual Control Payment ItemsIS-B
TBKKIDCTText Table Document TypesIS-B
TBKKIHB1In-House Bank ID from Payment Notes in Bank StatementIS-B
TBKKIHB4FI Data for Manual Outgoing Payments In-House BankIS-B
TBKKIHB5Payt Method Determination HQ FI for Payment In-House BankIS-B
TBKKIHB6Dispatcher per Account NumberIS-B
TBKKIHB7Assignment BTC <-> Posting Category IHCIS-B
TBKKIRCVControl of the Recipient Bank Detail IdentificationIS-B
TBKKI_01Field StatusIS-B
TBKKI_02Function VariantIS-B
TBKKI_03Field Groups in Payment Item/Payment OrderIS-B
TBKKI_04Field Status Resulting from ActivityIS-B
TBKKI_05Field Status Resulting from Document TypeIS-B
TBKKI_06Field Modifications for Payment OrderIS-B
TBKKM_TSControl for Time Stamp SynchronizationIS-B
TBKKOCTRAmount Authorization/Dual Control Payment OrderIS-B
TBKK_AKTBDT Field Modification According to Account StatusIS-B
TBKK_BKSControl of Bank Control KeyIS-B
VTBLMCIDValues for customer characteristicsIS-B
VTBLM_SFOnly up to 4.63: Permitted Charact. for Displ. Filter ATLSFIS-B
VTBLSTABLimit Management: Administration of Generated TablesIS-B
BKK42_NTCMaster Data for Notice and AllowancesIS-B
BKKMPARUNData for Current Runs of an Application ProcessIS-B
BKKOVR_HDHeader Table Administration Accts with Tolerated OverdraftIS-B
BKKPOGISAEDI Payments: Reporting Data to Clearing, Segm. E1IDMU5IS-B
BKKPOGISHEDI Payments: Reporting Data to Clearing, Segm E1IDKU6IS-B
BKKPOGISLEDI Payments: Reporting Data to Clearing, Seg. E1IDT02IS-B
BKKPOGISPEDI Payments: Reporting Data to Clearing, Segm. E1EDLA1IS-B
BKKPOREFAReferences for EDI Payments, Position, Amount SegmentIS-B
BKKPOREFDReferences to EDI Payments, Item, Date SegmentIS-B
BKKPOREFLReferences for EDI Payments, Header data, Long TextsIS-B
BKKPOREFNReferences for EDI Payments, Header Data, Doc.Number SegmentIS-B
BKKPOREFRReferences for EDI Payments, Position, Ref. Data SegmentIS-B
CFAFOIACTFO Integration - ActivationIS-B
JBACDLITYCondition List TypesIS-B
JBACDLI_TDescription of Condition ListIS-B
JBAFOKOKOCondition HeaderIS-B
JBAFOKOPOCondition ItemsIS-B
JBAMPGPARALM Market Price Weighting: ParametersIS-B
JBAPLANVTALM Planning Variant: Text TableIS-B
JBASAKOKOCollective Conditions, Condition HeaderIS-B
JBDMKFGDTRisk Object: Required/Optional ControlIS-B
JBDMKSECUAddition to Req./Opt.Control for Security Class DataIS-B
JBDOBJEURAdditional Fields for Finance Object (EURO Conversion)IS-B
JBDUBPCGRProfit Center Group - Non-Interest-Bearing PositionIS-B
JBFTPDOCNSAP Banking: document management table for FTPIS-B
JBRABREG0RM: Control of Write-Down Rules via Evaluation TypeIS-B
JBRABREG1RM: Write-Down Rule-Specific ControlIS-B
JBRABREG2RM: Control of Write-Down Rules via Evaluation TypeIS-B
JBRABREG3RM: Write-Down Rule-Specific ControlIS-B
JBRALM_ICALM: Parameters for Tab "Individual Calculations"IS-B
JBRAMOUNTRM: Account Balance Summarization in Base PortfolioIS-B
JBRANTYPERM: Evaluation Category (Internal for Program Generation)IS-B
JBRBDSLFNRM-BDS: Run Number DefinitionIS-B
JBRBEWREGValuation Rules for Evaluations (Per Object)IS-B
JBRBPCFKNRM: Aggregated Capital Commitment Cash FlowsIS-B
JBRBPCFVNRM: BP Update Management for Cash FlowsIS-B
JBRBPCFZNRM: Aggregated Interest Commitment Cash FlowsIS-B
JBRBPFARTRM: Update Type for Objects per ViewIS-B
JBRBRIASZAssignment of Utilization Scenario to Valuation RuleIS-B
JBRBRLQSZAssignment of Liquidation Scenario to Valuation RuleIS-B
JBRCFARTTTexts for Description of Cash Flow TypeIS-B
JBRCFZINSRM: Aggregated Fixed-Interest Cash Flows per BPIS-B
JBRDBHIERRM: DB Table for Hierarchy Structure xDTFT/DTFTIS-B
JBRDBKOETRM: DB Table Header, HIERA and BEST Extended Cat.Prim.Trans.IS-B
JBRDBOPTIRM: DB Table OPTI Extended Category of Primary TransactionIS-B
JBRFSZABSAbsolute Due Date Scenario, ParametersIS-B
JBRFSZRELRelative Due Date Scenario, ParametersIS-B
JBRHABESTRM: Version Table for ABEST FieldsIS-B
JBRHBEWEGRM: Version Table BEWEG for Extended Cat. of Primary Trans.IS-B
JBRIASZDTDescriptions for Utilization ScenariosIS-B
JBRLQSZHTTexts for Liquidation ScenariosIS-B
JBRMSGSELRM: Indicators that control the Filter for MessagesIS-B
JBRRHKNTTTexts (only used for data definitions)IS-B
JBRRMTKEFRM: Copy of CO-PA Field CatalogIS-B
JBRRMTKESRM: Base Field Catalog CO-PA Fix.Char./Basic Key FiguresIS-B
JBRSHBAUMTree Structure of Nodes in a Portfolio HierarchyIS-B
JBRSICRITRestrictions for SubviewsIS-B
JBRSVHIERRM: Hierarchy Structure Table of xDTFT for Saved DatasetsIS-B
JBRSVKOETRM: Header Table of Cat. of Prim. Trans for Saved DatasetsIS-B
JBRSVMSEGRM: Val. Parameters of Cat.of Prim. Trans.for Saved DatasetsIS-B
JBRSVOPTIRM: Option Data Table of Cat. Prim. Trans for Saved DatasetsIS-B
JBRSVRCFKAssignment of View and Summarization Rule to Cash Flow Ind.IS-B
JBRVBRDEFRM: Default Setting for Summarization (with Valuation Rule)IS-B
JBSUNPACKControl Table for Conversion of CHAR to NUMC (SAMBA)IS-B
JBTAUSVERDisbursement Procedure (Loans) - CustomizingIS-B
JBTBACKUPBackup Table for Saving TablesIS-B
KLARRZU01Assign BCA Product to Default Risk Rule, Limit Prod GroupIS-B
KLARRZU02Define Default Risk Rule, Limit Product Group for AccountsIS-B
KLARRZU03Assign DRR and Limit Product Group to BCA Product (New)IS-B
KLARRZU04Variable Transaction: Assign DRR to Limit Product GroupIS-B
KLARRZU05Risk Object: Assign Default Risk Rule, Limit Product GroupIS-B
KLAUSFWKTDefault Risk ProbabilitiesIS-B
KLBBASIDTText Table for KLBBASID: Calculation BaseIS-B
KLBEWFAKTDefine Valuation Factor DeterminationIS-B
KLCLUSTERCluster for Distributed Data UseIS-B
KLFORMIDTText Table for KLDORMID: FormulasIS-B
KLLRDEF01Definition of Country Risk RatingIS-B
KLLRDEF02Definition of Credit Equivalent Class (CEQ Class)IS-B
KLLRDEF03Definition of Loss Equivalent Class (LEQ Class)IS-B
KLMWAERBDDetermination of MVC and RCPIS-B
KLORDERZUAssign Prod. Type to CL DRR for Sec. Order and For.Sec.IS-B
KLPREHLOGPersistent Error HandlingIS-B
KLSIFDUMKDefinition of Required/Optional Fields for EDT of CollateralIS-B
KLSIPRIOTText Table for Collateral PriorityIS-B
LMSDCIACTIntegrated Limit Check in CFM: ActivationIS-B
RMDRTYPETRM: Derivation Type (Text)IS-B
TBKK01_CCBank Area: Currency ChangeoverIS-B
TBKK80BASBasic Settings ConditionsIS-B
TBKKAUDITSwitch off audit trail functionalityIS-B
TBKKBENCHGlobal Settings for BCA BenchmarkIS-B
TBKKCACTTText GL TransactionIS-B
TBKKCGRPTText General Ledger GroupIS-B
TBKKHYCDATable with Clear Texts on Change ActionsIS-B
TBKKHYCDTText Table for TBKKHYCD - No. of Change Docs HierarchiesIS-B
TBKKIAUTHAmount Authorization/Dual Control Payment ItemsIS-B
TBKKIPROCBCA: Processes for Payment TransactionsIS-B
TBKKI_01TText Field StatusIS-B
TBKKI_02AFunction Variant InferenceIS-B
TBKKI_02TDescription of Function VariantIS-B
TBKKI_03TField group nameIS-B
TBKKI_RCVControl of the Recipient Bank Detail IdentificationIS-B
TBKKMDISPIntervals for Parallel ProcessingIS-B
TBKKMHOSTServer Used for Parallel ProcessingIS-B
TBKKNUMRGNumber of Number Ranges per Bank AreaIS-B
TBKKOAUTHAmount Authorization/Dual Control Payment OrderIS-B
TBKKTIMETDescription for Time UnitsIS-B
TBKKTRACEExtended Output for Error Analysis?IS-B
TBKK_AKT1BDT Field Modification According to Accouunt Status Part 1IS-B
TBKK_AKT2BDT Field Modification According to Account Status Part 2IS-B
TBKK_JUMPFields for Jump (Supported in BKK_JUMP)IS-B
VTBLMCID0Permitted IDs for Free CharacteristicsIS-B
VTBLMCIDTValues for customer characteristics (texts)IS-B
AMORTCLUSTCluster for Distributed Data Usage in ALM: P+L ResultsIS-B
BCKKLFAZ01Backup for FacilitiesIS-B
BKK45_CORRCorrespondence Receiver AdministrationIS-B
BKKCNOITGLTable of Items not Updated on the AccountIS-B
BKKMACCUNRBlocked Objects of a Mass RunIS-B
BKKMBALNOTBCA: Balance Notification DataIS-B
BKKMDISPHDHeader Data for DispatcherIS-B
BKKMHEADERHeader data for parallel processing (temporary data)IS-B
BKKMINTERVInterval data for parallel processing (temporary data)IS-B
BKKSO_PACKSaving Packages for Standing Order PostingIS-B
FINSTA_POSTable for FINSTA Items (Used, e.g.,in CREATE_FINSTA)IS-B
FIPR_PRODVVersion of a Prodcut, Master DataIS-B
HIER_TEXT2Hierarchy InformationIS-B
JBACDPERTYPermitted Condition Types for List TypesIS-B
JBALMDLADMALM: Administration Information for Detailed LogsIS-B
JBALMDLLOCALM: Higher-Level Data of Detailed LogIS-B
JBAPHKMERKALM Assignment of Characteristics to PH NodesIS-B
JBAPLANPARALM Assignment of Planning Parameters to Planning VariantIS-B
JBDTDALLVTAssignment of Transaction Differentiations/DescriptionIS-B
JBRACCOUNTRM BP Update Administration for Account BalancesIS-B
JBRBDSLFNARM-BDS: Index for P+L Data in the Archive FileIS-B
JBRBDSLFNBRM-BDS: Archive Information per RunIS-B
JBRBDSLFNCRM-BDS: Calculation Basis per Run NumberIS-B
JBRBEWREGTValuation Rules for Evaluations (Texts)IS-B
JBRBPGENUEGenerated Views for an RM AreaIS-B
JBRCHARSELRM: Assignment of Parameter Names to CharacteristicsIS-B
JBRDBBEWEGRM: DB Table BEWEG Extended Category of Primary TransactionIS-B
JBRDBKOMIGRM: Migration Table for Corrections to Generic TransactionIS-B
JBRDBRTEXTRM: DB Table for External Risk ObjectIS-B
JBRDBSIMLFRM: Table of Simulation Run NumbersIS-B
JBRDIFTKEFRM Compared to CO-PA - Fields that are to be changedIS-B
JBRGENPROGRM: Table of Generated ProgramsIS-B
JBRINDXCATRM: Cluster for Storing Datasets, Catalog EntriesIS-B
JBRINDXKATRM: Cluster for Storage of Datasets, CatalogIS-B
JBRNAMESPCRM: (Sub-)Namespaces for GenerationIS-B
JBRNODETXTAll Information for Display of HierarchiesIS-B
JBROBJDIFFObject Differentiation Key : Value SetIS-B
JBRPHBAUMSStorage of Portfolio HierarchyIS-B
JBRRMTKEFDRM: Copy of CO-PA Field Catalog, Characteristic DependenciesIS-B
JBRRMTKESDRM: Base Field Catalog CO-PA, Characteristic DependenciesIS-B
JBRSVABESTRM: Header Table SDTFT (Additional Info.) for Saved DatasetsIS-B
JBRSVADOKURM-SA: Table for Documentation in Generated Reports 39-42IS-B
JBRSVBEWEGRM: Flow Table for Cat. of Prim. Trans. for Saved DatasetsIS-B
JBRSVGAPHDRM: Header Data (Saved Gap Evaluation Results)IS-B
JBRSVSTATERM: Administration Table for Saved Datasets (Backtesting)IS-B
JBRSZTABDBALM: Scenarios Used in a Simulation RunIS-B
JBRTKCHABKRM: Backup Table for Characteristic HierarchiesIS-B
JBRUEBPROGGenerated Programs for Analysis StructureIS-B
JBRUPGRADERM: Administration of Release Changes and Autom.ConversionsIS-B
JBRVBRSPEZRM: Specific Settings for Summarization(with Valuation Rule)IS-B
JBRZUORDNTRM: Assignment of Base Portfolios to PH End NodesIS-B
JBSREFTEX1Reference Texts for SAMBA (Loans of 1 Million Plus)IS-B
JBSREFTEX2Reference Texts for SAMBA (Large-Scale and Corporate Loans)IS-B
JBSREFTEXTText Table for SAMBA Reference Text TableIS-B
JBTAUSVERTDisbursement Procedure (Loans) - Customizing (Texts)IS-B
JBTBEWWERTAssignment of Flow Type to Value FieldsIS-B
JBTBEWZUSAAdditional Information for Flow TypesIS-B
JBTSPREADSOpportunity Interest Rate Markups and MarkdownsIS-B
JBTTABNAMETable Name of Customizing TableIS-B
KCD_TYPADDEDT: Additional Specifications for Certain Trans. CategoriesIS-B
KLADDONFAKDetermination of the Add-On FactorIS-B
KLLRDEF01TText Table for Country Risk RatingIS-B
KLLRDEF02TText Table for Credit Equivalent Class (CEQ Class)IS-B
KLLRDEF03TText Table for the Loss Equivalent ClassIS-B
KLMAXLIMITLimit per Product Type/Transaction TypeIS-B
KLRECEIVERUser-Recipient RelationshipIS-B
KLREPISRUNCross-Client Conversion Reports: Trigger Once OnlyIS-B
KLSDCPARAMCredit Limit: Controlling External Default Risk Rates (NEW)IS-B
KLSDCPROT0Log Generation for Single Transaction Check: Meta DataIS-B
KLSDCPROT1Log Gen. for Single Transaction Check: Header InformationIS-B
KLSDCPROT2Log Generation for Single Transaction Check: ItemsIS-B
KLSDCPROT3Log Gen. for Single Transaction Check: Result in ALV FormatIS-B
KLSDCPROTSStatus of Log of Single Transaction CheckIS-B
KLSI01_BAKBackup for Euro Changeover for Collateral Provision (Header)IS-B
KLSI02_BAKBackup for Euro Changeover for Collateral AgreementsIS-B
KLSI03_BAKBackup for Euro Changeover for Collateral Agreements (Items)IS-B
KLSI04_BAKBackup for Euro Changeover for Global Collateral (Items)IS-B
KLSI05_BAKBackup for Euro Changeover for Single-Tran.-Rel. CollateralIS-B
KLSI06_BAKBackup for Euro Changeover for Global Collateral (Assignmt)IS-B
KLSI07_BAKBackup for Euro Changeover for Single-Tran.-Rel. CollateralIS-B
KLSIBESARTCollateral Valuation Control TypeIS-B
KLTAGENDSFSelection Filter for End-of-Day ProcessingIS-B
KLTERMFINDDate Determination RulesIS-B
KLZUEXTOBJAssignment of External Administration Key to Object NumberIS-B
RTP_US_ACCLinking table between a retirement plan and an accountIS-B
RTP_US_BENBeneficiary table for a retirement planIS-B
RTP_US_RMDRequired minimum distributionIS-B
RTP_US_TOTTotal amounts for a retirement planIS-B
TBCATDAUTHTime Deposit: Interest Dependent AuthorityIS-B
TBCA_IHCAKDetermine rate type for currency swapIS-B
TBCA_IHCCCCurrency swap for IHCIS-B
TBKK8DURATText Table for TermsIS-B
TBKKAUTGRPAuthorization GroupsIS-B
TBKKIPROCTBCA: Text Table for Payment Transaction ProcessesIS-B
TBKKI_VDATLimits for value date in back dated postingsIS-B
TBKKMCHAINChains in End of Day ProcessingIS-B
TBKKMEVENTEvents in Parallel ProcessingIS-B
TBKKSOAUTHAmount Authorization/Dual Control Standing OrderIS-B
ATLCHAR_MRMAnalysis Characteristics Relevant for LimitsIS-B
BCAREVPO_BSPayment Items and Add. Payment Orders fm Curr. Convers. (AS)IS-B
BCA_US_COMPBCA US specific settingsIS-B
BCA_US_HOLDHold Amounts Which Affect Available BalanceIS-B
BKKARCHDATETo Date of ArchivingIS-B
BKKC12_ITEMGL: New Balances for Balance Sheet Preparation (Items)IS-B
BKKCORRITEMAuxiliary Table: Payment Items for AdjustmentsIS-B
BKKITRETRELPayment Item Return to be releasedIS-B
BKKMPARUNHDGeneral Data for Mass Runs (Header)IS-B
BKKMREPCURRData for End of Day Processing ReportsIS-B
BKKMREPORTSData for End of Day Processing ReportsIS-B
BKKPOHD_TMPPlanned Payment Order, Header DataIS-B
BKKPOIT_TMPItems in Planned Payment OrderIS-B
BKKPONT_TMPPlanned Payment Order, Payment DetailsIS-B
BKKSO_PAORNBCA: Payment Orders of a Standing OrderIS-B
BKKTERMPPRCTerm Agreements in Postprocessing StatusIS-B
BKK_FA_USEDUtilization of AllowanceIS-B
BKK_MIN_DEPMinimum Deposit for Each ProductIS-B
EGP24BREAKSBreakpoints for Testing 24-Hour Capability of STCIS-B
FIPR_VA_FLDVersion Attribute Category FieldIS-B
JBACDLITY_TName of Condition List Type"IS-B
JBALMDLADMTALM: Text Definitions for Detailed LogsIS-B
JBALMDLGLOBALM: Higher-Level Data of Detailed LogIS-B
JBNIPL_DATAALM Non Interest Profit and Loss DataIS-B
JBRABREGTABRM: Write-Down Rule for P+L EvaluationIS-B
JBRBDSGUV10RM-BDS: P+L Distribution in Blocks of TenIS-B
JBRBDSZZFLGReport Data Memory: Activation of Time Measurement BackupIS-B
JBRBRALM_ICALM: Parameters for Tab "Ind. Calcs." Valuation Rule specif.IS-B
JBRDBRTBSTDRM: Position for Extended Risk ObjectIS-B
JBROBJDIFFTObject Differentiation Key : Value SetIS-B
JBRSVGAPERRRM Gap: Error for Saved Gap Evaluation ResultsIS-B
JBRSVGAPHD2RM: Header Data (Saved Gap Evaluation Results)IS-B
JBRSVGAPRESRM: Saved Gap Evaluation ResultsIS-B
JBRSVPHBAUMRM: Portfolio Hierarchy for Saved Datasets (Backtesting)IS-B
JBRSVPHTEXTRM: Portfolio Texts for Saved Datasets (Backtesting)IS-B
JBR_US_ACCTBalance Sheet Account KeyIS-B
KLCMMAPPINGMapping Table for CM and Business PartnerIS-B
KLDATESHIFTShift Validity Date of Settlement Risk for FX OptionIS-B
KLFILLCHECKPermitted Risk Filter Combinations for End-of-Day ProcessingIS-B
KLRISKBEGINStart Date for Risk CalculationIS-B
KLRISKSENSIDefinition of Risk SensitivityIS-B
KLRRFINDDEFDefinition of Recovery RateIS-B
KLSDCTRPASSAssignments to Single Transaction Check ProductIS-B
KLSDCTRPDEFSTC Transaction Control: DefinitionIS-B
KLTAGENDSF1Table for View Maintenance for End-of-Day ProcessingIS-B
RTP_US_HISTRetirement plan history and audit tableIS-B
RTP_US_PLANRetirement plan data (US enhancement)IS-B
TBKKAUTGRPTAuthorization Groups: TextsIS-B
TBKKC_BUKRSBCA Locally Duplicated Values for Corresponding FIIS-B
TBKKG2_DATESettings for Date Calculation for Periodic FeatureIS-B
TBKKG3_TERMTransaction Type Customizing for Term ObjectsIS-B
TBKKHLDAUTHAmount Authorization/Permanent HoldsIS-B
TBKKMCHAINTShort Description on End of Day Processing ChainsIS-B
TBKKMETHODTTexts on Methods in BCAIS-B
TBKKMNEXTDTIncrease Next Date for Bank Statement TableIS-B
TBKKMPAAPPLApplication Categories in Parallel ProcessingIS-B
TBKKOBJECTTTexts on Objects in BCAIS-B
TBKKOBJMETHObjects - Methods AssignmentIS-B
TBKK_REASONReasons for account closure/reactivationIS-B
TBKK_REPENQLock Table for Double Processing of Reports in BCAIS-B
TRTP_US_GENGeneral data for a retirement planIS-B
TZBZ_FS_CALCalendar enhancement for Financial servicesIS-B
BKK40_ENQ_HYDummy Block Table for Accounts for Hierarchy CreationIS-B
BKKARCHDATEFArchived Periods per Archiving RunIS-B
BKKC20_BPRUNTable that Saves Currently Running Balance Sheet PreparationIS-B
BKKCORRACCNTAuxiliary Table: Accounts for AdjustmentsIS-B
BKKITTMP_DELPlanned Payment Items - CompletedIS-B
BKKMAPPLDATAApplication Parameter for Parallel Process. (Cluster Table)IS-B
BKKMDISPJOBSJobs Started by DispatcherIS-B
BKKMDISPLOOPData on Interval GroupsIS-B
BKKMDISPTASKData on Parallel TasksIS-B
BKKMPERSMNGTPersistence Management for Process ObjectsIS-B
BKKMWORKLCNTNumber of Objects in Parallel ProcessingIS-B
BKKOVR_ACCNTItem Table: Accounts with Tolerated OverdraftIS-B
BKKPAYMEX_HDHeader Table of EFT Management: Outgoing Payt TransactionsIS-B
BKKPAYMEX_ITEFT Management: Items in Outgoing Payment TransactionsIS-B
BKKPAYMIN_HDHeader Table of EFT ManagementIS-B
BKKPAYMIN_ITTable of Imported ItemsIS-B
BKK_EST_CONDCondition Fixing typesIS-B
BKK_OPD_PRIOProcessing Priority of Payment Items in OPDIS-B
CE4E_B1_ACCTModel BankIS-B
CE4E_B1_FLAGModel BankIS-B
CE4E_B1_KENCModel BankIS-B
FIPR_PRODUCTProduct, Master DataIS-B
FIPR_VA_FLDMVersion Attribute Category Field: Multiple Value FieldsIS-B
JBACFART2KNZALM Assignment of CF Type to CF Indicator for Simulated ROsIS-B
JBALMCTRL_01ALM Control Table for General List Tool FieldsIS-B
JBALMCTRL_02ALM Control Table for List Tool FieldsIS-B
JBRABREGTABTRM: Write-Down Rule for P+L Simulation (Texts)IS-B
JBRCFART2KNZCash flow typeIS-B
JBRHCOMBEWEGhRM: Version Table BEWEG for Extended Cat. of Primary Trans.IS-B
JBRKNZTYPTABDefinition of Basic Key Figure CategoriesIS-B
JBROZPROTPOSRM Gap: Log Information from OI Determination (Items)IS-B
JBRSVGAPHEADRM: Header Data (Saved Gap Evaluation Results)IS-B
JBRSVGAPRES2RM: Saved Gap Evaluation ResultsIS-B
JBRSVGAPSZENRM Gap: Scenarios for Stored Gap Evaluation ResultsIS-B
KLORDERZUARRAssign Prod. Type to CL DRR for Sec. Order and For.Sec.IS-B
KLRISKSENSITText Table for KLRISKSENSI (Risk Sensitivity)IS-B
KLRRFINDDEFTDefinition of Recovery Rate DeterminationIS-B
TBCA_US_DEA1Maintain Escheat AttributesIS-B
TBKKG1_TCODEAssignment Transaction to MediumIS-B
TBKKG3_TCODEAssignment Activity to Transaction TypeIS-B
TBKKMOBJECTSObjects of Parallel ProcessingIS-B
TBKKMPAAPPLTTexts on Application Categories in Parallel ProcessingIS-B
TBKKMPAEVENTAssignment Events <-> Application CategoriesIS-B
TBKKMREPORTSReports Called Up in End of Day ProcessingIS-B
TBKKSEPA_ORDCustomizing for ordering party SEPAIS-B
TBKKSEPA_RCVRecipient party oriented Customizing for SEPAIS-B
TBKKSEPA_USEMandate usage Customizing-SEPAIS-B
TBKK_CHG_RCVChange the receiver account Paymex_deIS-B
TBKK_CLS_BALSettings for accnt. balancing date during accnt. closureIS-B
TBKK_PO_AUTOOnline Behavior for Automatic Forward OrderIS-B
TRTP_US_CONTContribution codes for a retirement planIS-B
TRTP_US_DFLTDefault values for screen input fieldsIS-B
TTD_COND_MAPTime Deposit Conditions to Treasury ConditionsIS-B
TTD_FLOW_MAPTime Deposit to Treasury Flow MapIS-B
BCA_US_BKK44ACurrent account master data: Amount-dependent blocksIS-B
BCA_US_BKK_TDBCA: Time deposit account dataIS-B
BCA_US_BUT000US Specific Enhancements to BPIS-B
BCA_US_OD_RELAccounts - US specific overdraft relation detailsIS-B
BKK45_HISTORYHistory Table for Table BKK45IS-B
BKKBENCHACBALBenchmark Results Account BalancingIS-B
BKKMPARUNKEYSKey Issue for Processes in Parallel ProcessingIS-B
BKKMPROCESSESProcesses (in End of Day Processing)IS-B
BKKMREPCURRHDHeader Data on End of Day Processing ReportsIS-B
BKK_DIALOG_CFCheck Table Field NamesIS-B
FIPR_PARTPRODAssignment Version Partial ProductIS-B
FIPR_PRODUCTTProduct DescriptionIS-B
FIPR_VA_VALUEVersion Attribute Category ListIS-B
JBACDLI_RFACCSource of Condition List from Reference AccountIS-B
JBAPLANPARLZBALM Assignment of Planning Parameters to Planning VariantIS-B
JBASIMLZBSAVEALM: Maturity-Band-Dependent ParametersIS-B
JBRDBCOMBEWEGRM: DB Table BEWEG Extended Category of Primary TransactionIS-B
JBRDBRTBSTDIIRM: Position for Generic Transaction; Additional DataIS-B
JBRDBRTBSTDPORM: Position Items of Extended Risk ObjectsIS-B
JBRKNZTYPTABTKey Figure CategoriesIS-B
JBROZPROTKOPFRM Gap: Log Information from OI Determination (Header)IS-B
JBRSVCOMBEWEGRM: Flow Table for Cat. of Prim. Trans. for Saved DatasetsIS-B
JBRSVPHZUORDNRM: Assignment of PH->BP for Saved Datasets (Backtesting)IS-B
J_1BBRANCH_FSBranch with local calendar informationIS-B
KLRATINGRRFZUAssignment of Rating to Recovery Rate DeterminationIS-B
NIHC_DB_RINSTRouting InstructionsIS-B
TBCA_BESTKONTBal. Sheet Accts for Currency SwapIS-B
TBKKAUTGRPOBJAuthorization Group ObjectsIS-B
TBKKMLOCKAPPLRelevant Application TypesIS-B
TBKKMOBJECTSTText Table on Objects of Parallel ProcessingIS-B
TBKKMREPCHAINConcatenation of End of Day Processing ReportIS-B
TBKKMREPORTSTDescriptions of Reports in End of Day ProcessingIS-B
TBKKNTC_REKEYMaintenance of Notice ReasonsIS-B
TBKKNTC_RETXTNotice: Notice Reason TextsIS-B
TBKKTRMMINDEPMinimum Deposit for Each TermIS-B
TBKK_EST_CONDText table for Condition TypesIS-B
TBKK_PAR_MODEMethod for Assigning the NumbersIS-B
TBKK_REASON_TText table for account closure/reactivation reasonIS-B
TBKK_SDD_DAYSDate Determination for SEPA Direct Debit OrdersIS-B
TRTP_US_BP_EDSpecial business partner roles for an ESAIS-B
TRTP_US_CONTTContribution codes for a retirement planIS-B
TRTP_US_DISTTIRS Distribution codesIS-B
TRTP_US_D_RELIRS Distribution codesIS-B
TRTP_US_FSTATField status for screen fieldsIS-B
TRTP_US_JLIFEJoint life expectancyIS-B
TRTP_US_SLIFESingle life expectancyIS-B
TRTP_US_TRANSWitholding transaction type informationIS-B
AFWCH_DRS_SAMPSample Customizing for Derivation (Steps)IS-B
BCA_US_BC_ADDRAddresses Associated with Bank ChequesIS-B
BCA_US_HLD2RELHold Records which have not been released - Dual ControlIS-B
BCA_US_OD_PLANAccount master data: Overdraft planIS-B
BKK45_DISP_MAPMap Format and Dispatch Type to Dispatch ControlIS-B
BKKARCHDATEBUFTemporary Database Buffer for Admin. of Archived PeriodsIS-B
BKKBENCHBKSTATBenchmark Results Bank StatementIS-B
BKKMDISPINTERVInterval Data for Parallel ProcessingIS-B
BKKMHEADERCURRFlow data for interval scheduling (parallel processing)IS-B
BKKMPABANKAREABank Areas in Parallel ProcessingIS-B
BKKMPROCESSRELPredecessor<-> Successor Relationships in End of Day Proc.IS-B
BKKSO_VAR_AMNTStanding Order: Variable AmountsIS-B
BKK_4EYES_CLOSAccount Closure Principle of Dual ControlIS-B
BKK_OPD_IT_EXTExternal Item Selection Table - Outgoing Payment DispatcherIS-B
BKK_OPD_IT_PRIAssignment of Processing Priorities for External Items - OPDIS-B
BKK_OPD_PRIO_TProcessing Priority of Payment Items in OPD (Text Table)IS-B
BKK_OPD_RCN_ACReconciliation Accounts for Outgoing Payment DispatcherIS-B
BKK_PE_DB_ITEMStore Asynchronous Posting Response for ItemsIS-B
BKK_PXPO_ORDERCollective Payment OrderIS-B
FIPR_VA_FLDVALVersion Attribute Category Field: Value RestrictionIS-B
FIPR_VA_VALUE2Version Attribute Category MatrixIS-B
JBAPLANELASAVEALM: Maturity-Band-Dependent ParametersIS-B
JBRALMPARASAVEALM: Evaluation ParametersIS-B
JBTSPREAD_METHProcess for Markups or MarkdownsIS-B
JBT_VAL_AR_ACTActivate TRM Valuation Area in SEM PAIS-B
RTP_US_BP_PLANBusiness partners associated with a retirement planIS-B
TBCA_IHC_BKKRSBank Area as In-House Cash CenterIS-B
TBCA_OD_METHODMethod of Overdraft protection transferIS-B
TBCA_US_H_TYPEHold Types TableIS-B
TBCA_US_R_HOLDRefrence adjustment types that can be createdIS-B
TBKKAUTGRPOBJTAuthorization Group Objects: TextsIS-B
TBKKG1_TCODEPMAssignment Transaction to Payment MethodIS-B
TBKKG2_DATE_PLSettings for Date Calculation in Planned OrdersIS-B
TBKKMPATECHSETTechnical Settings for Parallel ProcessingIS-B
TBKKNTC_NTCAMTNotice: Calculation of Available AmountIS-B
TBKK_4EYES_NTCNotice: Dual Control for Each Bank Area/Product/CategoryIS-B
TBKK_CLEAR_RELAssignment: Bank Key to Clearing Center IDIS-B
TBKK_CTRY_ZEROCountrys with account numbers with leading zerosIS-B
TBKK_DIALOG_CFCustomizing Table: Customer Fields DefinitionIS-B
TBKK_PAR_WPTYPMethod for Assigning the NumbersIS-B
TBKK_PAYNT_TYPTable for Payment Notes CategoriesIS-B
TBKK_SCRN_FLDSCustomizable Screen fields of BCAIS-B
TBKK_TXTKEY_DEAssignment: Text Key -> Transaction TypeIS-B
TFIPR_ATTRTREEAttribute HierarchyIS-B
TFIPR_ATTRTYPEAttribute CategoryIS-B
TFIPR_SETTCOMBFeature CombinationIS-B
TJBP_DIST_DERIAdditions to Derivations in DistributionIS-B
TJBR_US_ACCT_TCustomizing Table for Balancing Account TextsIS-B
TRTP_US_AMNTIDAmount identifierIS-B
TRTP_US_AM_CATPosting categories and Amount ID's assignmentIS-B
TRTP_US_DIST_SIRS Distribution codesIS-B
TRTP_US_LIM_IDContribution limits for a retirement planIS-B
AFWCH_DRSF_SAMPSample Customizing for Derivation (Fields for Steps)IS-B
AFWCH_DRST_SAMPSample Customizing for Derivation (Texts for Steps)IS-B
BCA_PO_CHEQ_RELPayment order and Cheque relationship for BankingIS-B
BCA_US_DEA_ESCHEscheat Accounts DataIS-B
BCA_US_DEA_HISTCorrespondence HistoryIS-B
BCA_US_OD_TRANSTransaction details for Overdraft protectionIS-B
BKKMDISPOBJECTSObjects in Parallel ProcessingIS-B
BKKMPARUNOBJGRPObject Groups per Mass RunIS-B
BKKPAYMEX_PYNOTPayment Notes in Outgoing Payment TransactionsIS-B
BKKPAYMIN_PYNOTBCA: Table of Payment NotesIS-B
BKKPOHD_TMP_DELPlanned Payment Order, Header DataIS-B
BKKPOIT_TMP_DELItems in Planned Payment OrderIS-B
BKKPONT_TMP_DELPlanned Payment Order, Payment DetailsIS-B
COMBINATIONS_IRCombinations of Company Code/Securities ID for Issuer RiskIS-B
JBR_US_ACCT_MAPBalancing AccountIS-B
JBTKREG_SPREADSMarkups/Markdowns on Opportunity InterestIS-B
J_1BBRANCH_HOLISpecial local holidays for the branch are maintained in thisIS-B
KLLIMITEXCEEDEDManagement of Exceeded Limits per Product/Transaction TypeIS-B
KLREL_LIMITID_TText Table for Limit IDsIS-B
KLREL_LIMIT_ASSAssignment of Relative Limits to Portfolio Hierarchy NodesIS-B
NIHC_DB_PO_PNTASource Document for Incoming Payment OrdersIS-B
NIHC_DB_PO_RINFReference/Note to Payee InformationIS-B
NIHC_DB_PO_STATStatus of Payment OrderIS-B
TBCACHCKDIGPROCCheck Digit Calculation ProcedureIS-B
TBCA_OD_METHODTDescription for overdraft protection methodsIS-B
TBCA_US_CAL_INDCust. table for maintaining Calculation indicatorsIS-B
TBCA_US_DEA_ADDProperty Addition CodesIS-B
TBCA_US_DEA_CORDormancy Correspondence CodesIS-B
TBCA_US_DEA_DEDCross Reference Escheat Deduction CodesIS-B
TBCA_US_DEA_DELEscheat Property Deletion CodesIS-B
TBCA_US_DEA_PROCross Reference Escheat Property CodesIS-B
TBCA_US_DEA_REFEscheat Account Closure Reference DataIS-B
TBCA_US_DEA_RELCross Reference Escheat Relationship CodesIS-B
TBCA_US_H_TYPETTexts For Hold TypesIS-B
TBCA_US_PAY_AMTOverdraft transaction sequence for ProductsIS-B
TBCA_US_R_HOLDTText table for reference tableIS-B
TBKKCBUSAREACLRClearing accounts for business area changeIS-B
TBKKE_FOUR_EYESLimits: Validity of Principle of Dual ControlIS-B
TBKK_DC_DCL_REARelease Procedure: Key for Rejection ReasonsIS-B
TBKK_DIA_ACC_BLDialog Display Payment Transaction BlocksIS-B
TBKK_EMP_OBJMTHObject Methods Checked for Authorization Employee AccountsIS-B
TBKK_PAR_MAXNUMNumber of Maximum Possible Numbers per ApplicationIS-B
TBKK_PRNTE_TOLRPrenote Tolerance RangeIS-B
TBKK_REP_OBJMTHObject Methods for Authorizations Periodic TasksIS-B
TBKK_VALDAT_TOLTolerance Days for Value Dts in Incoming Payment Trans.(DTA)IS-B
TFIPR_ATTRTYPETDescription Attribute CategoryIS-B
TFIPR_KEYPREFIXPrefix for Attributes and ProductsIS-B
TFIPR_PRODAREATDescription Product RangeIS-B
TFIPR_PRODTYPETDescription Product CategoryIS-B
TRTP_US_AGE_LIMAge limits for contributions made to a retirement planIS-B
TRTP_US_AMNTIDTAmount identifierIS-B
TRTP_US_LIM_IDTDescription for contribution limit code of a retirement planIS-B
BCA_US_MEM_ITEMSMemo item tableIS-B
BKKARCPERIODFILEArchived Periods per Archive FileIS-B
BKKMINTVAREAHOSTInterval areas processed with priority by hostIS-B
BKKMPABANKAREAHDBank Areas in Parallel Processing (Header Data)IS-B
BKK_ACCL_DC_REASAccount Closure: Rejection Reasons for ReleaseIS-B
BKK_ACCL_DC_REATAccount Closure: Texts on Rejection ReasonsIS-B
BKK_PAR_INTERVALAssigned IntervalsIS-B
BKK_PRNTE_REFENQPrenote Refernce Id EnqueueIS-B
CFAFOIACT_DETAILFO Integration: Selection of DetailsIS-B
CFAFOIACT_DETL_1FO Integration: Selection of Details (Valuation Area)IS-B
JBASIMPARASAVEDBALM: Additional Information when Saving Sim. TransactionsIS-B
JBDFTPASSIGNMENTSAP Banking: Assignment of value fields to cost elementsIS-B
JBTSPREAD_METH_TProcess for Markups or MarkdownsIS-B
JBT_FTP_CALC_TRASettings for Tranches for Calculation of Opp. Int. RateIS-B
J_1BBRANCH_HOLITSpecial local holidays for the branch are maintained hereIS-B
SAVID_DELTA_STATStatus of Delta UpdateIS-B
TBCACHCKDIGPROCTText Table for Check Digit Calculation ProcedureIS-B
TBCA_US_BCSTACKSConfiguration of Stacks used for Bank ChecksIS-B
TBCA_US_BC_TCODETransaction Type: Bank ChecksIS-B
TBCA_US_CAL_INDTDescription for Calculation indicatorsIS-B
TBCA_US_DEA_ADDTEscheat Property Addition Codes DescriptionIS-B
TBCA_US_DEA_CORTDormancy Correspondence Codes DescriptionIS-B
TBCA_US_DEA_DEDTDeduction Codes Text DescriptionIS-B
TBCA_US_DEA_DELTEscheat Property Deletion Codes DescriptionIS-B
TBCA_US_DEA_PROTProperty Type Codes Text DescriptionIS-B
TBCA_US_DEA_RELTRelationship Codes Text DescriptionIS-B
TBCA_US_TRAN_SEQOverdraft transaction priority sequence for ProductsIS-B
TBKK_4EYES_G_NTCNotice: Dual Control for Each Bank Area/Product/CategoryIS-B
TBKK_CLS_OBJ_TMNSettings for accnt. dependant objects during account closureIS-B
TBKK_DC_DCL_REATRelease Procedure: Texts for Rejection ReasonsIS-B
TBKK_DC_NTC_AUTHNotice: Amount AuthorizationIS-B
TBKK_DIALOG_CF_DCustomizing Table: Predefined Values for Customer FieldsIS-B
TBKK_EMP_OBJMTHTTexts Object Methods Auth. Employee AccountsIS-B
TBKK_PAYNT_TYP_TText Table for Payment Notes CategoriesIS-B
TBKK_PRENOTE_RESMaintain Residence Time for BKKPRENOTE ArchivingIS-B
TBKK_PRNTE_TYP_TPrenote Type DescriptionIS-B
TBKK_REA_CLASS_TText table for the reason classIS-B
TBKK_REP_OBJMTHTTexts Object Methods Authorizations Periodic TasksIS-B
TBKK_SCRN_FLDS_TText able for screen fields of BCAIS-B
TBKK_SCR_FLD_LISTable for screen field namesIS-B
TBKK_TRNSTYPE_DEAssignment Transaction Type -> Text KeyIS-B
TFIPR_ATTRIBUTETDescription AttributeIS-B
TJBA_PREP_FACTORPrepayment CPR factors used by prepayment BADI -SAP standardIS-B
TJBD_GPAN_RCH_PTObject-Specific Pakage Templates for GPAN_ARCHIS-B
TJBD_GPN_RCH_CSTObject-Specific Customizing for GPAN_ARCHIS-B
TJBR_GPTP_RCHCSTObject-Specific Customizing for GPTP_ARCHIS-B
TJBR_GPTP_RCH_PTObject-Specific Package Templates for GPTP_ARCHIS-B
TRTP_US_CONT_DATContribution dates for a retirement planIS-B
TRTP_US_CONT_LIMContribution limits for a retirement planIS-B
TRTP_US_CONT_TYPContribution limits for a retirement plan typeIS-B
TRTP_US_DIST_PERDistribution period (For Use by Owners)IS-B
TRTP_US_PLANTYPEType of retirement planIS-B
TRTP_US_PLANTYPTType of retirement planIS-B
TRTP_US_PLAN_INFPlan information for a type of retirement planIS-B
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