SAP Industry-Specific Component Public Sector (IS-PS) Tables

DPSOBContract Object in Collection and DisbursementIS-PS
FMOPBLDocument Reference IS-PS <=> IS-PS-CAIS-PS
TFMCA008Company Code-Dependent Indicator for SubtransactionsIS-PS
TFMCA007Account Determination ID for Contract ObjectsIS-PS
TFMCA006Interpretation Selection Values Application of FundsIS-PS
TFMCA005Versions for Plan and Sample DocumentsIS-PS
TFMCA_BIBasic Settings for BI ExtractorsIS-PS
TPSOB002Screen Sequence for Each Object Type and Hierarchy LevelIS-PS
TFMCA003Invoice TypesIS-PS
TFMCA002Definition: Tolerance for Inbound Correspondence Due DateIS-PS
TPSOB001Definition: Type of Contract ObjectIS-PS
DFMCAINVInvoice in IS-PS-CA: Header DataIS-PS
TFMCA001Status for Generation of Inbound CorrespondenceIS-PS
TFMCA004Parameters for Main/Sub-TransactionsIS-PS
TFMCA_OIPublic Sector-Specific Trigger FilteringIS-PS
PSSCD_NCDNet Calculation Document Header DataIS-PS
PSSCD_GPDGross Payment Document Header DataIS-PS
TFMCA007TAccount Determination ID for Contract Objects - TextsIS-PS
TFMCA005TTexts for Versions for Plan and Sample DocumentsIS-PS
TFMCA003TInvoice Types TextsIS-PS
TFICA_DEFSamples for Contract Account TypesIS-PS
TFACT_CATFact Category DefinitionIS-PS
PSSCD_GEDGross Entitlement Determination Header DataIS-PS
DFMCAALOTWrite-Off of Documents with ApprovalIS-PS
DFMCAILOTPSCD: Approval List Installment PlansIS-PS
DFMCADLOTDocument ResubmissionIS-PS
TPSOB_DEFSamples for Contract Object TypesIS-PS
TPSOB001TTexts: Contract Object TypesIS-PS
PSSCC_DDTDeduction TypeIS-PS
TFMCA001TStatus for Inbound Correspondence: TextsIS-PS
TFACT_CATTFact Categories TextsIS-PS
PS4SC_MASSSocial Services: Customizing for Mass RunIS-PS
TFACT_SETTFacts Set DescriptionIS-PS
TFMCA_FORMCustomizing Table for FormsIS-PS
DFMCA_CRPAApproval List for Document ChangesIS-PS
PSSCD_LINKLink Table for PSSC objectsIS-PS
TFMCATUNITDefine Time Units for Time SlicesIS-PS
TFMCA_LINKSCustomizing Table for LinksIS-PS
TFMCA_LOGAPApplications that create messages for tax calculationIS-PS
PSSCC_DDT_TDeduction Type DescriptionIS-PS
TFMCA_TC_RCCustomizing Table for Reason Code for Tax CasesIS-PS
DFMCA_CORELData Table for RelationshipIS-PS
DPSOBTYP_CSAttributes for Citizen Service ProductsIS-PS
TFMCA_RCODECustomizing Table for Reason CodeIS-PS
DFMCA_FORMSData Table for Tax FormsIS-PS
TFACT_TYPETFact Type DescriptionIS-PS
TFMCA_TC_SCCustomizing Table for Status Codes for Tax CasesIS-PS
TFMCA_AR_FBArchiving Residence Time for Form BundleIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF880BRF: Calculate Interest - IIIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF900BRF: Form Bundle Accounting Data UpdateIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF891BRF: Business Partner Determination from FormIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF890BRF: Business Partner Determination from FormIS-PS
DPSOB_BP_ACCData for Contract Object for Each Partner & Cont. Acct Cat.IS-PS
DFMCA_RETURNData Table for Tax ReturnsIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF870BRF: Create/Update RelationshipIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF860BRF: Check RelationshipIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF901BRF: Form Bundle Accounting Data UpdateIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF910BRF: Create Tax NumberIS-PS
DFMCA_RM_RQARisk Question Answer DataIS-PS
DFMCA_PT_JURJurisdiction CodesIS-PS
TFMCA_TC_SCTText Table for Status Codes for Tax CasesIS-PS
DFMCA_FPF_BILog of Mass Activities for Delta UpdateIS-PS
DFMCA_WIHEADAdditional Data for Workflow ItemIS-PS
DFMCA_BRFFEXGenerated Expressions for Form FieldsIS-PS
TFMCA_TC_RCTText Table for Reason Codes for Tax CasesIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF920BRF: Update Business Partner Industry CodeIS-PS
TFMCA_BRF217BRF: Parameter for Settings Inbound Corresp. to CompletedIS-PS
PSSCC_ARCH01Social Services - Global Archiving SettingsIS-PS
PSSCC_ARCH02Social Services - Residence Time for SXP DocumentsIS-PS
TFMCA_BRF300BRF: Parameters for Address Check (Fields)IS-PS
TFMCA_BRF290BRF: Parameters for Address CheckIS-PS
TFMCA_BRF280BRF: Charge Rate for Calculating Charges and InterestIS-PS
TFMCA_BRF260BRF: Parameter for Calculating Charges and InterestIS-PS
TFMCA_BRF251BRF: Line (Token) of SAP Formula - SFOBUEV001IS-PS
TFMCA_BRF250BRF: Normal Rules for FieldsIS-PS
TFMCA_BRF236BRF: Check Rules for Form FieldsIS-PS
TFMCA_ACT_RCAssign Reason Code to Amendment Actions in FPFIS-PS
TFMCA_BRF222BRF: Parameters for Refund Line ItemsIS-PS
TFMCA_BRF221BRF: Parameters for Calculation Line ItemsIS-PS
TFMCA_BRF219BRF: Parameter for Billing Document HeaderIS-PS
TFMCA_BRF218BRF: Parameter for Setting BlocksIS-PS
TFMCA_BRF210BRF: Header Parameter for Definition of Rules for FormIS-PS
TFMCA_BRF215BRF: Parameter for Revenue DistributionIS-PS
TFMCA_BRF310BRF: Multiplication with durationIS-PS
TFMCA_BRF320BRF: Aggregation over Time SlicesIS-PS
TFMCA_BRF350BRF: Parameters for FactsIS-PS
PSSCC_ARCH03Social Services - Residence Time for NCD DocumentsIS-PS
PSSCC_ARCH04Social Services - Residence Time for DBA DocumentsIS-PS
TFMCA_REFUNDMain/Subtransaction for Refund ItemsIS-PS
TFMCA_RCODETCustomizing Table for Texts for Reason CodeIS-PS
TFMCA_RC2REVReason Code Link <--> Revenue TypesIS-PS
TFMCA_PREPAYMain and Subtransaction for Open ItemsIS-PS
TFMCA_PHASETCustomizing Table for Lang.-Dependent Texts Form ViewsIS-PS
PSSCC_GE_CEXGross Entitlement Calculation ExitIS-PS
PSSCC_GP_SXPSSP Type Attributes for Gross Payment Item DeterminationIS-PS
TFMCA_LINKSTCustomizing Table for Language-Dependent Texts for ServicesIS-PS
PSSCC_SWITCHSocial Services SwitchesIS-PS
TFMCA_BRF220BRF: Form Fields and Generated ExpressionsIS-PS
TFMCA_ACTIONAmendment ActionsIS-PS
TFMCA_BRF351BRF: Parameters for FactsIS-PS
TFMCA_BRF216BRF: Parameter for Inbound Correspondence RequestIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF580BRF: Parameters for Activating TOBLIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF480BRF: Parameters for Turnaround Letter in Form ProcessingIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF470BRF: Parameters for Confirmation Letter in Form ProcessingIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF460BRF: Parameters for Updating Context StructureIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF450BRF: Action - Property Tax AmountIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF400BRF : Parameters for Facts of Property TaxIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF200BRF: Parameters for Writing Values in XML NodesIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF190BRF: Parameters for Generating CorrespondenceIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF182BRF: Parameter for Accessing Context Data with Where ConditnIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF181BRF: Parameters for Value Request with Name of XML NodeIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF180BRF: Parameters for Value Request with Name of XML NodeIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF179BRF: Literal as Message Variable (for Subactions)IS-PS
DFMCA_BRF178BRF: Message Variables (for Messages in Subactions)IS-PS
DFMCA_BRF177BRF: Assignment of Messages to SubactionsIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF176BRF: Parameters for Creating BRF Messages: Parameter fIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF175BRF: Literal as Message Variable (for Subactions)IS-PS
DFMCA_BRF481BRF: Parameters for Turnaround Letter in Form ProcessIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF490BRF: Parameters for Creation Workflow in Form ProcessingIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF570BRF: Parameters for Creating Contract ObjectIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF561BRF: Customizing Include for DPSOBIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF560BRF: Parameters for Facts SelectionIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF551BRF: Customizing Include for FKKVKPIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF550BRF: Parameters for Processing Contract AccountIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF542BRF: Create Address for Business PartnerIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF541BRF: Additional Address FieldsIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF540BRF: Create Address for Business PartnerIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF533BRF: Correspondence Recipient for Contract object assignmentIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF532BRF: Exemption Period for Contract ObjectIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF531BRF: Customizing Include for DPSOB_BP_ACCIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF530BRF: Parameters for Assigning Contract ObjectIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF520BRF: Parameters for Deregistration of Tax ObligationIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF510BRF: Parameters for Creating Tax ObligationIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF500BRF: Parameters for Status CheckIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF174BRF: Message Variables (for Messages in Subactions)IS-PS
DFMCA_BRF173BRF: Assignment of Messages to SubactionsIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF172BRF: Parameters for Creating MessagesIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF110Text Name and Text ID for Additional ItemIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF102BRF: Parameters for Additional ItemsIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF101Parameters for Additional ItemsIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF100Parameters for Additional ItemsIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF090BRF: Parameter for Settings Inbound Corresp. to CompletedIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF080BRF: Parameter for Interest CalculationIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF071BRF: Parameter for Charge CalculationIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF070Parameter of Context InformationIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF061BRF: Parameter for Checking Address Data (Address Info)IS-PS
DFMCA_BRF060Parameter of Context InformationIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF051BRF: Parameter for Checking Address DataIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF050Parameter List of Expressions Accessing ContextIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF040BRF: Parameter for Checking Bank Data (Address Info)IS-PS
DFMCA_BRF030BRF: Parameter for Checking Bank DataIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF020BRF:Parameters for Context Data with Progressive CalculationIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF111Text Name and Text ID for Additional ItemIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF112BRF: Text Name and Text ID for Additional ItemsIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF171BRF: Progressive CalculationIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF170BRF: Progressive CalculationIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF169BRF: Start Workflow Action - ContainerIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF168BRF: Start Workflow Action - Basic DataIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF160Period RequestIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF152BRF: Parameters for Calculation Line ItemsIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF151BRF: Parameter for Billing Document HeaderIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF150Text Parameters for Billing LineIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF141BRF: Parameter for Setting BlocksIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF140Table for Reserved Structure IDsIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF131BRF: Parameter for Inbound Correspondence RequestIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF130BRF: Line category for FMCA_BRF130IS-PS
DFMCA_BRF121BRF: Parameter for Implicit RegistrationIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF120Text Name and Text ID for Additional ItemIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF010BRF: Parameters for Tax Return DataIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF640BRF: Check Card NumberIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF610BRF: Clear Inbound Correspondence RequestIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF710BRF: Offset Period KeyIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF620BRF: Check IdentificationIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF740BRF: Read Period KeyIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF630BRF: Check Bank AccountIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF730BRF: Read Tax LiabilitiesIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF720BRF: Statute of LimitationsIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF651BRF: Customizing Include for FKK_BP_SELECTIONIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF700BRF: Check Registration StatusIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF123BRF: Parameter for Implicit RegistrationIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF691BRF: Read Contract Object (Facts Data)IS-PS
DFMCA_BRF690BRF: Read Contract ObjectIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF680BRF: Filing Obligation DeregistrationIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF670BRF: Filing Obligation RegistrationIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF660BRF: Contract Account ReadingIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF650BRF: Business Partner ReadingIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF750BRF: Address CheckIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF760BRF: Read LocationIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF820BRF: Address AutocorrectionIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF591BRF: Process Business Partner (Other fields of BUT000)IS-PS
DFMCA_BRF590BRF: Process Business Partner (General Information)IS-PS
DFMCA_BRF810BRF: Create/Update Card IDIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF831BRF: Revenue DistributionIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF830BRF: Revenue DistributionIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF800BRF: Create/Update Bank Details IDIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF790BRF: Trigger Transaction for Status ChangeIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF600BRF: Process Business Partner (Identity Information)IS-PS
DFMCA_BRF772BRF: Parameters for Facts SelectionIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF850##BRF: Derive inco type from form typeIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF840BRF: Business Partner RelationshipIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF771BRF: Customer Include for LocationIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF770BRF: Create LocationIS-PS
TFMCA_TC_TYPECustomizing Table for Tax Case TypesIS-PS
TFMCA_BP_IMPLBP related interface implementationIS-PS
DFMCA_RM_RCATRisk category dataIS-PS
TFMCA_ACT_FPFAssign Amendment Action to Form Bundle ProcessIS-PS
TFMCA_EXC_LVLCustomizing Workflow Item: Exception LevelIS-PS
TFMCA_EXC_MSGCustomizing Workflow Item: Exception MessageIS-PS
TFMCA_TF_FORMCustomizing Table for Table FormsIS-PS
DFMCA_PT_JURTJurisdiction CodesIS-PS
DFMCA_BUPR_TAData Table for Tax Advisor RelationshipsIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF_MSGTax Calculation and Validation: Error MessagesIS-PS
TFMCA_TF_UI_LCustomizing Table for Table Form Line Item Table UIIS-PS
TFMCA_COV_001Business Partner Overview:Definition of Additional FunctionsIS-PS
TFMCA_ACTIONTAmendment Action DescriptionIS-PS
TFMCA_COV_002Business Partner Overview: ConfigurationIS-PS
TFMCA_COV_003Business Partner Overview: Definition of Tab PagesIS-PS
TFMCA_COV_PARIS-PS-CA: Parameter Cluster Builder Business Partner EnvironIS-PS
DFMCA_RM_RPRFRisk Profile Transaction DataIS-PS
DFMCA_FPF_HISFPF: Form Processing HistoryIS-PS
TFMCA_TF_UI_HCustomizing Table for Table Form Header Table UIIS-PS
DFMCA_TC_PERSData Table for Periods of Tax CaseIS-PS
TFMCA_FPF_ACTFPF: Activity that Calls BRFIS-PS
TFMCA_AMD_SRCAmemdment Source of ChangeIS-PS
TFMCA_RM_RPRFRisk Profile Configuration in Tax Revenue ManagementIS-PS
PSSCD_GPDITEMGross Payment Docment Item DataIS-PS
TFMCA_RM_QPRFQuestion Answer Profile used in TRM Risk ManagementIS-PS
PSSCD_GEDITEMGross Entitlement Determination Item DataIS-PS
DFMCA_WIHEADHAdditional Data for Workflow Item (History)IS-PS
TFMCA_RM_RCATRisk Category in Risk ProfileIS-PS
TFMCA_ISR2REVCustomizing Table for Revenue Type for ISR ScenarioIS-PS
TFMCA_RM_RCPEWeighting Percentage Settings for Risk CategoryIS-PS
TFMCA_RM_WPERValidity Periods for Weighting Percentage for Risk ProfileIS-PS
PSSCD_NCDITEMNet Calculation Document ItemIS-PS
TFMCA_REV2FPFFPF: relationship between revenue type and form bundle typeIS-PS
TFMCA_REV2PERDefine Tax Periods for Revenue TypesIS-PS
TFMCA_STATLIMStatute of LimitationIS-PS
PSSCC_BPROG_TBenefit Program DescriptionIS-PS
PSSCC_DBA_ETTDecision Basis: Entity TypeIS-PS
PSSCC_DBA_MDLDecision Basis ModelIS-PS
PSSCC_SDP_ITMSocial Deduct Plan Item Type: Transaction Control ParametersIS-PS
TFMCA_FPF_RULEFPF: Processing Rule for a Form Bundle TypeIS-PS
TFMCA_TF_UI_LTText Table for Table Form Line Item Table UIIS-PS
TFMCA_TPOV_SELTaxpayer Overview Selection Customizing TableIS-PS
TFMCA_COV_001TText Table for TFMCA_COV_001IS-PS
TFMCA_LATE_AMDTax Return Late AmendmentIS-PS
TFMCA_RET_IMPLReturn related interface implementationIS-PS
TFMCA_PARA_FLDBRFplus: Static method call parameters customizingIS-PS
TFMCA_PEN_CODECustomizing Table for Penalty CodesIS-PS
TFMCA_RM_QPRFQQuestion Definition for Question Anwer ProfileIS-PS
TFMCA_RM_QPRFAAnswer Definition of Question Answer ProfileIS-PS
TFMCA_REV2PSOBDefine Revenue Types for Contract Object TypesIS-PS
TFMCA_BRFEVENTAssign Revenue Types to BRF EventsIS-PS
TFMCA_COREL_UIUI Setting for Relationship MaintenanceIS-PS
TFMCA_REMINDERReminder Letter for Inbound Corresp.IS-PS
TFMCA_FPF_ACTTText Table: ActivityIS-PS
TFMCA_TF_FMTYPCustomizing Table for Assignment of Table Form to Form TypeIS-PS
TFMCA_TC_TYPETText Table for Tax Case TypesIS-PS
TFMCA_SERVICESCustomizing Table for ServicesIS-PS
TFMCA_COV_PARTIS-PS-CA: Parameter Cluster Builder Business Partner EnvironIS-PS
TFMCA_ECMD_DEFDefinition of Template Structure for ECMDIS-PS
TFMCA_STA_METHBRFplus: Static method call customizingIS-PS
TFMCA_FORMTYPECustomizing Table for Form TypesIS-PS
TRM_PT_LEANHISBRFPlus trace referenceIS-PS
TFMCA_FORMPROCCustomizing Table for Form-Based ProcessesIS-PS
TFMCA_ECMD_ENTTemplates for Simplified Master Data Creation (ECMD)IS-PS
TFMCA_TF_FORMTText Table for Table FormsIS-PS
TFMCA_FPF_RLGRFPF: Processing Variant for a Form Bundle TypeIS-PS
TFMCA_COV_002LBusiness Partner Overview: Config. List of Addnl FunctionsIS-PS
TFMCA_COV_002TBusiness Partner Overview: Tab ConfigurationIS-PS
TFMCA_FPF_HOBJFPF: Form Processing History - Object TypeIS-PS
TFMCA_COV_003TText Table for TFMCA_COV_003IS-PS
TFMCA_COV_CLUBIS-PS-CA: Set Hierarchy Cluster Builder Business Part. EnvirIS-PS
TFMCA_FPF_HACTFPF: Form Processing History - ActivityIS-PS
TFMCA_FPF_FBTTForm Bundle Type - TextIS-PS
TFMCA_RM_RPBPRBusiness Parnter Role Assignment to Risk ProfileIS-PS
TFMCA_TF_UI_HTText Table for Table Form Header Table UIIS-PS
TFMCA_RM_RPFBTRisk Profile Assignment to Form Bundle TypesIS-PS
TFMCA_EXP_METHBRFplus: Assign static methods to expression typeIS-PS
PSSCC_DDT_RANKRanking of Deduction TypesIS-PS
PSSCC_DBA_TYPEDecision Basis TypesIS-PS
DFMCA_TAX_CASEData Table for Tax CasesIS-PS
DFMCA_TF_CST_HHeader Table of Consolidated Sales Use Tax Member ScheduleIS-PS
DFMCA_TF_CST_LLine Item Table of Consolidated SUT Member ScheduleIS-PS
DFMCA_TF_UET_LLine Item Table of Unemployment TaxIS-PS
DFMCA_TF_WHT_LLine Item Table of Withholding TaxIS-PS
PSSCD_SXP_ELIGEligibility PeriodsIS-PS
PSSCC_ITM_PROCDeduction Plan Item Process CategoriesIS-PS
PSSCC_DBA_ITEMDecision Basis: Item Control ParametersIS-PS
DFMCA_RET_DOCSDFKKDOC Documents and Tax Returns LinkIS-PS
DFMCA_RETURN_OData Table for Tax ReturnsIS-PS
DFMCA_RETURN_MData Table for Additional Accounting Data in ReturnIS-PS
TFMCA_BILL_ACTCheck of Bill Fact TypeIS-PS
DFMCA_BUPR_TA2Data Table for Tax AdvisorIS-PS
TFMCA_ASGNREASCustomizing Workflow Item: Assignment ReasonIS-PS
TFMCA_AMD_SRCTAmemdment Source of ChangeIS-PS
PSSCC_SWITCH_TSocial Services SwitchesIS-PS
TFMCA_ACT_LISTAmendment Action ListIS-PS
TFMCA_ACT_ITEMAmendment Action ItemsIS-PS
TFMCA_ACT_ASGNAssignement of Amendment Actions to Action ListIS-PS
DFMCA_NOTE_ATTNote Attributes for Process ObjectsIS-PS
TFMCA_FPF_WFRSNForm Bundle Type - Workflow ReasonIS-PS
TFMCA_COREL_TYPCustomizing Table: Relationship CategoryIS-PS
TFMCA_PEN_CODETText Table for Penalty CodesIS-PS
PSSCC_GE_MCHECKGross Entitlement Manual CheckIS-PS
TFMCA_METH_PARABRFplus: Static method call parameters customizingIS-PS
TFMCA_PARA_FLDTBRFplus: Static method call parameters customizing TextIS-PS
TFMCA_FPF_RLACTFPF: Assign Processing Variant to ActivityIS-PS
TFMCA_FPF_RLGRTFPF: Processing Variant for a Form Bundle TypeIS-PS
TFMCA_INCORR_RLTime-Dependent Definition of Enhanced Inbound CorrespondenceIS-PS
PSSCC_SWITCHVALSocial Services SwitchesIS-PS
TFMCA_FPF_RLGRAFPF: Assign Rule to Processing VariantIS-PS
TFMCA_PHASE_ADDAttributes for Form ViewsIS-PS
TFMCA_INCORR_PRPreprints for Inbound CorrespondenceIS-PS
TFMCA_SERVICESTCustomizing Table for Language-Dependent Text for ServicesIS-PS
DFMCA_RISK_PROFData Table for Risk ProfilesIS-PS
DFMCA_PT_CF_ADDAdditional values of cashflow (Property Tax)IS-PS
DFMCA_OP_REFDOCItems in contract account document of a Form BundleIS-PS
DFMCA_INCORR_CRGenerated Inbound Correspondence Request for Category/PeriodIS-PS
DFMCA_FORM_VERSVersions of Form DataIS-PS
TFMCA_TOBL_IMPLTOBL related interface implementationIS-PS
TFMCA_TPOV_SELTTaxpayer Overview Taxpayer Selection Customizing TextsIS-PS
TIVXACDRVTYPRELAssign Revenue Type to Condition TypeIS-PS
TFMCA_SCEN_VIEWCustomizing Table for Form ViewsIS-PS
DFMCA_PT_LGLDSCParcel Legal DescriptionIS-PS
TFMCA_PT_LD_FMTFormat of Customizing Legal DescriptionIS-PS
TFMCA_FORMPROCCFPF: Form-Based Process and Variant ConfigurationIS-PS
TFMCA_PT_TAXR_TCustomizing of Tax Rates (text)IS-PS
PSSCC_DBA_ETT_TDecision Basis: Entity Type Text TableIS-PS
TFMCA_REGSTATUSCustomizing Table for Processing StatusIS-PS
DPSOB_BP_ACC_RLRules for Generating Categorized Inbound CorrespondenceIS-PS
TFMCA_RISK_TYPECustomizing Table for Risk TypesIS-PS
DPSOB_BP_ACC_EXException Control for Contract Obj./Inbound CorrespondenceIS-PS
DFMCA_CORRM_ICRTemp table for saving enhanced ICR setting for manual corr.IS-PS
TFMCA_FPF_RCODEFPF: Connections between Reason Code and Form Bundle TypesIS-PS
TFMCA_FPF_HOBJTFPF: Form Processing History - Object TypeIS-PS
TFMCA_ACTN_0014TRM BRF+: Customizing Table for Check MessageIS-PS
TFMCA_COV_CLUBTIS-PS-CA: Set Hierarchy Cluster Builder Business Part. EnvirIS-PS
PSSCD_INDEX_SSPIndex Table for Gross Recalculation Mass RunIS-PS
TFMCA_ACTN_0010TRM BRF+: Customizing Table for ScenarioIS-PS
TFMCA_FORMTYPETCustomizing Table for Language-Dependent Texts Form TypesIS-PS
TFMCA_ACTN_0013TRM BRF+: Customizing Table for Check ActionIS-PS
TFMCA_ACTN_0012TRM BRF+: Customizing Table for Check ConditionIS-PS
TFACT_SET_PARTTFact Set Part DescriptionIS-PS
TFMCA_BRFP_DOBJBRF+ Dataobject Mapping TableIS-PS
TFMCA_BRFP_EXPRBRF+ Expression for phase conceptIS-PS
TFMCA_ACTN_0011TRM BRF+: Customizing Table for FormfieldIS-PS
TFACT_SET_ABTYPRevenue Types assigned to Fact Set PartsIS-PS
TFMCA_CORRM_ICRCustomizing table of enhanced ICR setting for manual corr.IS-PS
PSSCD_FDT_TRACEFDT: Indx-typed table for Lean TraceIS-PS
TFMCA_ACT_LISTTAmendment Action List DescriptionIS-PS
TFMCA_FPF_HACTTFPF: Form Processing History - ActivityIS-PS
TFMCA_ACT_ITEMTAmendment Action Item TextIS-PS
TFMCA_ASGNREASTCustomizing Workflow Item: Assignment Reason (Text)IS-PS
TFMCA_COV_CLUBHIS-PS-CA: Hierarchy Cluster Builder Business Partner EnvironIS-PS
TFMCA_FORMPROCTLanguage-Dependent Texts for Form-Based ProcessesIS-PS
DFMCA_TF_MFT_D_HHeader Table of Motor Fuel Tax Disbursement ScheduleIS-PS
TFMCA_ACTN_0010ATRM BRF+: Application Table for ScenarioIS-PS
TFMCA_ACTN_0010STRM BRF+: System Table for ScenarioIS-PS
DFMCA_TF_MFT_R_HHeader Table of Motor Fuel Tax Receipts ScheduleIS-PS
DFMCA_TRACE_0100TRM BRF+: Indx-typed table for Lean TraceIS-PS
TFMCA_PT_TAXCONDCustomizing for Tax Conditions (Property Tax)IS-PS
TFMCA_ACTN_0011ATRM BRF+: Application Table for FormfieldIS-PS
TFMCA_ACTN_0011STRM BRF+: System Table for FormfieldIS-PS
DFMCA_TF_MFT_R_LLine Item Table of Motor Fuel Tax Receipts ScheduleIS-PS
DFMCA_TF_MFT_D_LLine Item Table of Motor Fuel Tax Disbursement ScheduleIS-PS
TFMCA_CORRM_ICR0Customizing table of enhanced ICR setting for manual corr.IS-PS
TFMCA_ACTN_0012ATRM BRF+: Application Table for Check ConditionIS-PS
DFMCACD_FORMDATAForm Data for Change ObjectIS-PS
DPSOB_UPDOWNLOADContract Object: Mapping Up and DownloadIS-PS
TIVXACDREVTYPRELAssign Revenue Type to Condition TypeIS-PS
TFMCA_TRANSTYPETCustomizing Table for Texts for Transaction TypesIS-PS
TFMCA_TRANSTYPESTransaction Type for Tax ProcessingIS-PS
DFMCA_FORM_CONTSData Table for Data Container KeyIS-PS
TFMCA_ACTN_0014STRM BRF+: System Table for Check MessageIS-PS
TFMCA_ACTN_0014ATRM BRF+: Application Table for Check MessageIS-PS
DFMCA_INV_TXT_PAText Parameter for Additional Item on Billing DocumentsIS-PS
TFMCA_ACTN_0013STRM BRF+: System Table for Check ContentIS-PS
TFMCA_ACTN_0013ATRM BRF+: Application Table for Check ContentIS-PS
DPSOB_BP_ACC_CORCorrespondence Control for Contract ObjectIS-PS
DFMCA_RETURN_KSVTable for Conversion in Migration WorkbenchIS-PS
DFMCA_BUPR_TA2EMElement of Tax AdvisorIS-PS
TFMCA_ACTN_0012STRM BRF+: System Table for Check ConditionIS-PS
TFMCA_COREL_TYPTText Table: Relationship CategoryIS-PS
TFMCA_PT_TAXRATECustomizing of Tax Rates (Property Tax)IS-PS
TFMCA_RISK_TYPETText Table for Risk TypesIS-PS
TFMCA_FPF_FBTCONForm Bundle Type - ConfigurationIS-PS
TFMCA_INCORR_PRTDescription on Forms for Inbound CorrespondenceIS-PS
TFMCA_INCORR_RVPAssignment of Inbnd Corresp. Category to VKTYP and PSOBTYPIS-PS
TFMCA_FPF_BRFPAPFPF: determination of BRF+ application and functionIS-PS
PSSCC_MSG_FILTERInformation about Filtering of MessagesIS-PS
PSSCC_ITM_PROC_TText Table for Deduction Plan Item Process CategoriesIS-PS
TFMCA_METH_PARATBRFplus: Static method call parameters customizing TextIS-PS
TFMCA_INCORR_PERPeriod Definition for Inbound CorrespondenceIS-PS
TFMCA_INCORR_FRMRelationship Between Inbound Corr. Category and Form TypeIS-PS
PSSCC_PMNT_FAM_TDescription for payment familiesIS-PS
TFMCA_FPF_ST2ACTFPF: Assign Status of a Form Bundle to FPF ActivityIS-PS
TFMCA_FPF_FBTTRATransaction type for form bundlesIS-PS
TFMCA_FPF_TRANTTText of Transaction TypesIS-PS
TFMCA_FPF_WFRSNTForm Bundle Type - Workflow ReasonIS-PS
PSSCD_SXP_CUST_HSXP Customer Include (Header)IS-PS
PSSCD_SXP_CUST_ISXP Customer Include (Item)IS-PS
TFMCA_REGSTATUSTCustomizing Table for Processing StatusIS-PS
PS4SD_STATUS_DOCSocial Services: Status - Trigger Table for Document StatusIS-PS
PS4SD_FIKEY_TEMPSocial Services: Reconciliation Key Root and SetIS-PS
PS4SC_STATUS_RULSocial Services: Status - Message Document RulesIS-PS
PS4SC_STATUS_DISSocial Services: Status - Deactivate Message TransferIS-PS
DPSOB_UPDWNLOAD2Contract Object: Mapping DownloadIS-PS
DPSOB_BP_ACC_PERPeriods for Inbound Correspondence (AP/Accting Cntct Object)IS-PS
TFMCA_ACTLS_ASGNAssignment of Action List to StatusIS-PS
TFMCA_ACTIT_ASGNAssignement of Amendment Items to Amendment ActionIS-PS
TFACT_TYPE_PARTTFact Type Part DescriptionIS-PS
TFMCA_FORMFIELDSCustomizing Table for Specific Form FieldsIS-PS
PSSCD_SXP_PAYM_RSXP Additional Payment RecipientsIS-PS
TFMCA_FACT_ST_PAFact Set Assignment to Parcel FunctionIS-PS
PSSCC_DBA_MDL_ETDecision Basis: Assignment of Entity Type to DBA ModelIS-PS
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