SAP Agency Business (Global Trade) (LO-AB) Tables

TMFKAgency Business: Billing Document TypesLO-AB
TMFSAgency Business: Blocking ReasonsLO-AB
TMKVAgency Business: Calculation Schema TransactionLO-AB
TMPAAgency Business: Control Data Profit SimulationLO-AB
TMPRAB: Posting RulesLO-AB
TMSBAB: Settlement BlocksLO-AB
TMTEAB: Transfer EventsLO-AB
TMTGAB: Transfer GroupsLO-AB
TMTRAB: Transfer RulesLO-AB
TMZRAgency Business: Payment TypesLO-AB
WBPAAgency Business: Business Partner AssignmentLO-AB
WBRCAgency Business: ComplaintsLO-AB
WBRDAgency Business: Bank Data Suspense AccountLO-AB
WBRFDocument flow vendor billing document/settlement requestLO-AB
WBRKAgency business: HeaderLO-AB
WBRLAgency business: Item in document listLO-AB
WBRPAgency business: ItemLO-AB
WBRRAB-RRLE: Extended Remuneration List Data for Agency DocumentLO-AB
TAGCOAB: Control of Agency Business ProcessingLO-AB
TMCPFVendor billing document: copy controlLO-AB
TMFK1Price Change GroupLO-AB
TMFK2Agency Business: Communication TablesLO-AB
TMFK3Price Change Group: Possible FieldsLO-AB
TMFK4Price Change GroupLO-AB
TMFKTAgency Business: Document Type TextsLO-AB
TMFSGField status groupsLO-AB
TMFSTAgency Business Blocking Reasons TextsLO-AB
TMIVGTexts: Invoice Check GroupsLO-AB
TMKSFCalculation schema, vendor billing documentLO-AB
TMKVTAgency Business: Calculation Schema Transaction TextsLO-AB
TMLFGAgency Business: Transaction ReasonsLO-AB
TMPA1Agency Business: Profit GroupLO-AB
TMPA2Agency Business: Application Status of the Profit AnalysisLO-AB
TMPA4Agency Business: Profit Analysis Status GroupLO-AB
TMPA5Agency Business: Profit Analysis Status Group - Appl.StatusLO-AB
TMPATAgency Business: Texts for Profit Simulation TypeLO-AB
TMRRLAB-RRLE: Assign Remuneration List Groups to Billing TypeLO-AB
TMSBTAB: Texts Settlement BlocksLO-AB
TMTETAB: Transfer Event TextsLO-AB
TMTGTAB: Transfer Group TextsLO-AB
TMTSSAB: Source Structures for Data TransferLO-AB
TMTTSAB: Target Structures for Data TransferLO-AB
TMVMTAB: Article Number Type - VendorLO-AB
TMZRTAgency Business: Payment Type TextsLO-AB
WBRFNDocument Flow of Reference Document to Agency DocumentLO-AB
WBRREAB-RRLE: Extended Remuneration List Data for External Doc.LO-AB
TCWBCOAB-CWB: Control of Complaints ProcessingLO-AB
TCWBCRAB-CWB: Reasons for ComplaintLO-AB
TCWBCSAB-CWB: Complaints StatusLO-AB
TMCSGRColumn Sorting GroupLO-AB
TMFK4TTexts of the Price Change GroupLO-AB
TMFKTGAB: Transfer Groups for Billing TypeLO-AB
TMFSGFFields for Field Status GroupLO-AB
TMFSGTFields Field Status GroupsLO-AB
TMIDTCAB: Identification Object Categories CustomerLO-AB
TMIDTVAB: Identification Object Categories VendorLO-AB
TMIVAGAssignment GroupsLO-AB
TMIVGTInvoice Check GroupsLO-AB
TMIVRGAssignment Invoice Check Groups for Condition Type GroupLO-AB
TMIVTGTolerance GroupsLO-AB
TMLFGTAgency Business: Transaction Reasons TextsLO-AB
TMPA1TTexts for Profit GroupLO-AB
TMPA2TAgency Business: Application Status DescriptionLO-AB
TMPA4TAgency Business: Status Group Description TextLO-AB
TMPR_TAB: Texts - Posting RulesLO-AB
TMVMTTAB: Texts Category Vendor's Material NumberLO-AB
TRRLCGAB-RRLE: Condition Type GroupsLO-AB
TRRLRGAgency Business: Remuneration List GroupsLO-AB
TWLFEXDetermination of Transaction Type for Intrastat DeclarationLO-AB
WBRCCFAgency Business: Complaints - Change FieldsLO-AB
TCWBCRTAB-CWB: Complaints Reason TextsLO-AB
TCWBCSTAB-CWB: Complaints Status of TextsLO-AB
TMCSGRFFields Column Sorting GroupLO-AB
TMCSGRTTexts Column Sorting GroupLO-AB
TMIDTCTAB: Texts Identification Object Categories CustomerLO-AB
TMIDTVTAB: Texts Identification Object Categories VendorLO-AB
TMIVAGFAssignment GroupsLO-AB
TMIVAGTAssignment GroupsLO-AB
TMIVRGTTexts Invoice Check Groups for Condition Type GroupLO-AB
TMIVTGTTolerance GroupsLO-AB
TPORRFCAB Portal: RFC DestinationsLO-AB
TRRLCGFAB: Assign Condition Type to Condition Type GroupLO-AB
TRRLCGTAgency Business: Text Table for TRRLCGLO-AB
TRRLRGFAssign Condition Type Groups to Remuneration List GroupsLO-AB
TRRLRGTAgency Business: Text Table for TRRLRGLO-AB
TWLF_IRIncompleteness ReasonsLO-AB
TWUF_TRCall-Up of a TransformationLO-AB
IFW_ITEMInvoice forecasting itemLO-AB
TCWBCRBTReason for Complaint - Billing typesLO-AB
TCWBCRCFAB-CWB: Reasons for Complaint - Change FieldsLO-AB
TINTRRFCIntrastat AB: RFC DestinationsLO-AB
TMPRX_MGAB: Proxy Mapping Group for eSOA ServicesLO-AB
TMRRL_FIAB-RRLE: Assignmt of Remuneration List Groups to FI Doc TypeLO-AB
TMRRL_SDAB-RRLE: Assgnmt of Remuneratn List Grps to SD Billing TypeLO-AB
TMZR_PRXAB: Payment Types for eSOA ServicesLO-AB
TPORLISTAB Portal: Fields for List OutputLO-AB
TWLF_IRTTexts Incompleteness ReasonsLO-AB
TWUF_TRPParameters of a TransformationLO-AB
WBINTRSTAgency Business : Intrastat Relevant dataLO-AB
LOP_C_CATLogistical Option CategoryLO-AB
LOP_C_GRPGroup for Logistical Option CategoriesLO-AB
TB2BWEBSTTrading Contract Web StatusLO-AB
TCWBCRCFTAB-CWB: Reasons for Complaint - Change FieldsLO-AB
TMPRX_DEFAB: Default Data for eSOA ServicesLO-AB
TMPRX_DETAB: Determination of Mapping Data for eSOA ServicesLO-AB
TPORLIST1AB Portal: List Output Agency Documents: Possible FieldsLO-AB
TWUF_TRCPParameters of a ConditionLO-AB
TWUF_TR_CClient-Dependent: Call-Up of a TransformationLO-AB
IFW_HEADERInvoice forecasting headerLO-AB
LOP_C_CATTDescription Logistical Option CategoryLO-AB
LOP_C_GRPTDescription of Group for Logistical Option CategoriesLO-AB
LOP_C_MAINLogistical Option: General SettingsLO-AB
TB2BWEBSTTTrading Contract Web Status Text TableLO-AB
TMPRX_IDNTAB: Define an Identification SchemeLO-AB
TMPRX_MG_TAB: Proxy Mapping Group Texts for eSOA ServicesLO-AB
TWLFEDIMAPEDI: Assignment Table Between IDoc and Application FieldsLO-AB
TWUF_APPLTText ApplicationLO-AB
TWUF_TRP_CClient-Dependent: Parameters of a TransformationLO-AB
LOP_C_CAT_IFields of Logistical Option CategoryLO-AB
PPE_C_GROUPPricing and Payment Event GroupsLO-AB
TMPRX_DEF_TAB: Default Data Texts for eSOA ServicesLO-AB
TMPRX_IDN_TAB: Identification Scheme Texts for eSOA ServicesLO-AB
TWUF_TRCP_CClient-Dependent: Parameters of a ConditionLO-AB
WLFD_IVRHDRAgency Bus.: DB table for Invoice Request HeaderLO-AB
WLFD_IVRITMAgency Bus.: DB table for Invoice Request ItemLO-AB
WLF_C_MSGIDIDoc Monitor: Message ID (View cluster maintenance)LO-AB
WZRE_C_APPLApplication That Uses the Posting EngineLO-AB
WZRE_C_DATANecessary Data to Create Agency DocumentsLO-AB
IFW_WORKLISTInvoice forecasting worklistLO-AB
PPE_C_EVENTSPricing and Payment EventsLO-AB
PPE_C_GROUPTPricing and Payment Event Group DescriptionLO-AB
TMZR_PRX_GRPAB: Mapping Group for eSOA-ServicesLO-AB
TWUF_CHECK_CClient-Dependent: Field CheckLO-AB
TWUF_MAPPINGGroup of Field AssignmentsLO-AB
WB2B_REPORTS"Reports @ Web"LO-AB
WCAT_CONDGRPCondition group for cost allocationLO-AB
WCAT_PROFILECost allocation profileLO-AB
WLFD_IVRHDRTAgency Bus. : DB table for Invoice Request Header TextLO-AB
WLF_C_CHK_CLAssign Classes to a Check GroupLO-AB
WZRE_CONFIRMstore UUID of confirmation to test asynchronous servicesLO-AB
WZRE_C_APPLTApplication That Uses the Posting EngineLO-AB
IFW_C_UI_CUSTIFW UI: Customizing Classes for IFW ReportLO-AB
LOP_C_TXTGRPTDescription of Group for Text IDLO-AB
LOP_D_LIST_HDOption list headerLO-AB
LOP_D_LIST_ITOption list itemsLO-AB
PPE_C_EVENTSTPricing and Payment Events DescriptionLO-AB
TB2BMAPSTATUSTrading Contract - Mapping of Appl. to Web status valuesLO-AB
TWUF_PACKAGESPackages of Package GroupLO-AB
WCAT_CONDGRPTCondition group for cost allocation (texts)LO-AB
WCAT_PROFILETCost allocation profile (texts)LO-AB
IFW_C_STAT_DEFIFW customizing: status definitionLO-AB
IFW_C_STAT_OFFIFW customizing: status offsetLO-AB
LOP_C_DECL_CATDeclaration date categoryLO-AB
LOP_C_DECL_GRPGroup for Declaration Date CategoryLO-AB
LOP_C_GRP_ASGNAssign Logistical Option Categories to GroupLO-AB
PPE_C_EVENTS_AAcronyms for Pricing and Payment EventsLO-AB
TB2BWEBPROFILETrading Contract Web Profile TableLO-AB
TMZR_PRX_GRP_TAB: Mapping Group for eSOA-Services - DescriptionLO-AB
TWLF_DATA_NASTCustomizing Data Procurement Message OutputLO-AB
TWUF_MAPPING_CClient-Dependent: Group of Field AssignmentsLO-AB
WCAT_C_PAYTYPEPlanned Reb. Var.: Payment Types for Customer Billing TypesLO-AB
WCAT_V_PAYTYPEPlanned Reb. Var.: Payment Types for Vendor Billing TypesLO-AB
WLF_C_AU2WRARTAssign Payment Types to Returns Order TypesLO-AB
WLF_C_CHK_GRPTDescription texts Check GroupLO-AB
IFW_C_BILL_TYPEBilling document type for provisional invoiceLO-AB
IFW_C_COND_TYPECondition type for invoice forecasting worklistLO-AB
IFW_C_DATE_RULEIFW: Maintainance of Determination Rule for Date TypesLO-AB
IFW_C_STAT_DEFTIFW customizing: status definition textLO-AB
IFW_C_STAT_ICONIFW customizing: status icon quick infoLO-AB
IFW_C_STAT_PRIOPriorities for IFW status iconsLO-AB
LOP_C_DECL_ASGNAssign Declaration Date Categories to GroupLO-AB
LOP_C_DECL_CATTDescription of Declaration Date categoryLO-AB
LOP_C_DECL_GRPTDescription of Group for Declaration Date CategoryLO-AB
LOP_D_MASTER_HDOption list header as master dataLO-AB
LOP_D_MASTER_ITOption List items as master dataLO-AB
MC45W_0CWBSETUPStorage: BW Rebuild for MC45W_0CWBLO-AB
IFW_C_STAT_CONTRIFW customizing: Status controlLO-AB
PPE_C_GROUP_ASGNAssign Events to Pricing and Payment Events GroupLO-AB
SWLF_UC_EVT_CTRLAB: Outbound Event registration for Use CasesLO-AB
TWLF_ARC_DOCTYPEArchiving: Document Number --> WDTYPLO-AB
TWLF_DOCTYPE_AISArchiving: Assignment WDTYP --> AIS StructureLO-AB
TWLF_WRART_LFARTAB: Allowed Combinations Payment Type / Billing TypeLO-AB
WLF_C_CHECKUSERTDescription texts for IDOC editorLO-AB
WLF_C_IDOC2STRUCMapping From IDOC Segment To Maintenance StructureLO-AB
WLF_C_IDOC2STRUTDescription texts for IDOC editorLO-AB
WLF_C_MSGID_TCODIDoc Monitor: Determination Message to maintenance transact.LO-AB
WZRE_C_POSTTYPETExternal Posting TypesLO-AB
WZRE_C_POST_TYPEExternal Posting TypesLO-AB
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