SAP Batches (LO-BM) Tables

WBEWActive Ingredient ValuationLO-BM
R000Condition table for derivation strategy RLO-BM
TBICSSelection Tab Titles for Batch Info. Cockpit - Standard -LO-BM
TBICFSelection Fields for Batch Information Cockpit - Standard -LO-BM
T685RConditions: Derivation => default valuesLO-BM
T685HConditions: Batches => Default ValuesLO-BM
T148ZValue table for domain ZUSCH (deactivated)LO-BM
PUROBOriginal Batch for Purchase OrderLO-BM
PROOBOriginal Batch for Production OrderLO-BM
PRDKZSLED Period IndicatorLO-BM
MCHWTBatch Worklist TypesLO-BM
MCHCLBatch Class ConversionLO-BM
KONDRConditions: Derivation strategy - data partLO-BM
TCHW1Batch-Specific Units of Measure (Proportion/Product Un)LO-BM
TFSBDSequence of Procedure for Batch DeterminationLO-BM
TCUWSCustomizing: Batch Configuration for Rel.3.0LO-BM
BNMATAssignment of Material No.-Number Range for Batch No. AssgmtLO-BM
TCUDBCustomizing Documentary BatchLO-BM
TCUCHCustomizing: Batch Configuration for Rel.3.0LO-BM
TCUCDCustomizing for Batch Documents for Rel. 4.6CLO-BM
TCUBNCustomizing: Automatic Batch Number AssignmentLO-BM
TCHW2Units of Measurement for Batch-Specific Units of MeasureLO-BM
TBICSTTexts for BIC Selection Tab Titles - Standard -LO-BM
T148ZTText table for value table T148Z (deactivated)LO-BM
TCUDRVCustomizing: Batch DerivationLO-BM
TBICSUSelection Tab Titles for Batch Information CockpitLO-BM
TBICFUSelection Fields for Batch Information CockpitLO-BM
PRDKZTLanguage-dependent texts for SLED period indicatorLO-BM
TDRVEVSearch Procedures per Derivation Time PointLO-BM
MCHWTTBatch Worklist Type TextsLO-BM
MCHUWTAssignment of User to Batch Worklist TypeLO-BM
MCHUWLUser-Specific Batch WorklistLO-BM
TBICUGBatch Information Cockpit User GroupsLO-BM
TBICFTTexts Selection Fields Batch Information CockpitLO-BM
TBICFMCross-Table Selection Fields from BICLO-BM
TBICCFSelection Fields in BIC - Conversion for AggregationLO-BM
KOTR010Sender Material NumberLO-BM
TBICACTFollow-On Actions in the Batch Information CockpitLO-BM
TBICBROBIC - Tables: Batch-Related ObjectsLO-BM
TBICSELSelection Enhancement in the Batch Information CockpitLO-BM
TBIC_SCBIC - Selection Variants: Header DataLO-BM
TBICUGTTexts for Batch Information Cockpit User GroupsLO-BM
CHVW_WMBatch Where-Used List for Documentary Batches in WMLO-BM
KONDRPRConditions: Derivation strategy - recipient item dataLO-BM
TBICSUTTexts for Batch Information Cockpit Selection Tab TitlesLO-BM
KONDRPSConditions: Derivation strategy - sender item dataLO-BM
KOTR001Material NumberLO-BM
KOTR013Receiving Material Type + Sending Material TypeLO-BM
KOTR012Receiving Material + Sending MaterialLO-BM
KOTR011Sender Material TypeLO-BM
KOTR002Material TypeLO-BM
TBICBROUBIC - Assignment Tables/User Group: Batch-Related ObjectsLO-BM
TBICSELTEnhanced Selections in Batch Information Cockpit TextsLO-BM
TBICSELUAssign User Group to Enhanced Selection: BICLO-BM
TBIC_SCTBatch Information Cockpit - Selection Criteria TextsLO-BM
TCB03_BMInternal Characteristic Numbers for PP-PI CharacteristicsLO-BM
TBICBROFBIC - Display Fields: Batch-Related ObjectsLO-BM
TBICACTUAssign User Group to Follow-Up Actions: BICLO-BM
TBICACTTFollow-Up Actions in Batch Information Cockpit: TextsLO-BM
T160MVALMessage category restriction for T160MLO-BM
CHVW_INCBatch Where-Used List- N:M Assignment for OrderLO-BM
CHVW_PREPreliminary Batch Where-used List According to Order/POLO-BM
MCHCL_MATMaterials for Batch Class ConversionLO-BM
TCUWS_APOBatch Management Proportion/Product Units & APOLO-BM
TOBJ_D_ARCBatch History: Archiving Batch HistoryLO-BM
CHVW_ARC_2Archive Index: Batch Where-Used Data by Purchasing DocumentLO-BM
CHVW_ARC_3Archive Index: Batch Where-Used Data by Plant, Mat., BatchesLO-BM
CHVW_ARC_1Archive Index: Batch Where-Used Data by Order NumberLO-BM
TBIC_SC_SOBIC - Selection Variants: Select OptionsLO-BM
TBIC_SC_PABIC - Selection Variants: ParametersLO-BM
TVBX_CBATPTax Table of Materials for Characteristic-Based ATPLO-BM
TBIC_SC_ROWBIC - Selection Variants: Free SelectionLO-BM
DRVLOG_ITEMDerivation: Item table for log fileLO-BM
TOBJ_C_TYPEBatch History: Batch-Related Object TypesLO-BM
TOBJ_D_HISTStoring last update: Date and Time for each Object TypeLO-BM
TOBJ_C_TYPETObject Types for Batch History Selection Tab : TextsLO-BM
TOBJ_C_TYPEUAssign User Group to BRO TypesLO-BM
CHVW_INC_PURBatch Where-Used List - N:M Assignment Table - Purch. OrderLO-BM
TOBJ_D_INDEXIndex Table - Batch-Related Object TypesLO-BM
DRVLOG_TRAILDerivation: Orders / purchase orders in derivation pathLO-BM
MCH_PUR_TEMPAssignment of Temporary Batch and Vendor BatchLO-BM
TOBJ_D_UPLOADTable to store Plant and Material relevant to Batch HistoryLO-BM
TOBJ_C_EVENTTEvents for Object Type : TextsLO-BM
TCUDB_PROCESSDocumentary Batch Settings - Manaual Process StepsLO-BM
TOBJ_C_ATTRIBAttributes for BRO TypeLO-BM
TCUWS_MAT_APOMaterials Batch-Specific Unit of Measure Planning & APOLO-BM
TCUDB_PRODUCTDocumentary Batch - Product (Material Type)LO-BM
DRVLOG_HEADERDerivation: Header table for log fileLO-BM
DRV_FAVORITESDerivation: Favorites for Condition Record MaintenanceLO-BM
BATCH_LOC_CHARDistribution of Batch Data - Local CharacteristicsLO-BM
TVBX_MAT_CBATPTax Table of Materials for Characteristic-Based ATPLO-BM
ALE_MCHA_OBJECTBatches to be distributed from dec. WMLO-BM
TCUDB_APPL_PROCDocumentary Batch - Application: Supported ProcessedLO-BM
DRVLOG_FIELDVALDerivation: Attributes and values (log file)LO-BM
ALE_DWM_EXCL_USRUSER to be excluded in connection with dec. WMLO-BM
TOBJ_D_INDEX_ARCBatch History: Atchive Index - Batch History by BatchLO-BM
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