SAP Global Trade (LO-GT) Tables

A163Number/MaterialLO-GT no.LO-GT
M000Master Table for Portfolio DeterminationLO-GT
TCOMDefinition of CommoditiesLO-GT
WBGTGlobal Trade: Generic Document InformationLO-GT
WBITAssociation Item at Step LevelLO-GT
KONHMPortfolio Determination - Data PartLO-GT
T685MPortfolio Processing: Portfolio TypesLO-GT
TB2BVTrading Contract: Schema for Fields to be CheckedLO-GT
TB2BWTrading Contract: Schema for Fields to be CheckedLO-GT
TCOMAAssignment of Material Number to CommodityLO-GT
TCOMTCommodity DescriptionLO-GT
TPOSTPortfolio Determination: Control TableLO-GT
TWGTAGlobal Trade Management: Control TableLO-GT
TB2BCHBatch Search Procedure: Determination in Trading contractsLO-GT
TB2BECGT: purchase organization company code assignmentLO-GT
TB2BP1Price change groupLO-GT
TB2BP2Price Change Group: Permitted StructuresLO-GT
TB2BP3Price Change Group: Possible FieldsLO-GT
TB2BP4Price change groupLO-GT
TB2BS1Trading Contract: Replication Fields (Not Ready for Input)LO-GT
TB2BS2Trading Contract: Replication GroupLO-GT
TB2BVTTrading Contract: Text Table for TB2BVLO-GT
TPOFOAPortfolio: Define ResponsibilityLO-GT
TPOFOBResponsibility GroupLO-GT
TPOFOCResponsibilitiy Group, Responsibility DefinitionLO-GT
TPOSTTPortfolio Determination: Control TableLO-GT
TWBEXPTrading Expenses: Expense TypeLO-GT
WCOCOFCondition Contract: Document Flow DataLO-GT
WCOCOHCondition Contract: HeaderLO-GT
WCOCOICondition Contract: Eligible PartnerLO-GT
WCOCOPCondition Contract: Partner AssignmentLO-GT
KOTM001Responsiblities for Material GroupsLO-GT
KOTM003Material: Position Relevance determinationLO-GT
T6B2_CBWCB: Assignment of Chargeback Relevance to Cond. Type GroupLO-GT
TB2BADDGlobal Trade: Define Additional Data for Object CategoriesLO-GT
TB2BCPATrading Contract: Copy ControlLO-GT
TB2BP4TPrice Change Group DescriptionLO-GT
TB2BS2TTrading Contract: Text Table, Incompleteness GroupLO-GT
TEWMODEMode of the Step of a Business ProcessLO-GT
TEWSTEPBusiness Process StepLO-GT
TEWTYPETrading Execution Workbench TypeLO-GT
TPOFOATPortfolio: Responsibility DescriptionLO-GT
TPOFOBTResponsibility GroupLO-GT
TWB2BCMGT: Copying methods on business data levelLO-GT
TWB2HCMGT: Copying methods on header levelLO-GT
TWB2HCRGT: Copy Requirements on header levelLO-GT
TWB2ICMGT: Copying methods on item levelLO-GT
TWB2ICRGT: Copy Requirements on item levelLO-GT
TWB2PCMGT: Copying methods on header levelLO-GT
WBASSOCGlobal Trade: Association TableLO-GT
WBCUMULGlobal Trade: Aggregation TableLO-GT
TASSTYPEGlobal Trade: Association Types N:M ProcessingLO-GT
TB2BE_CSTrading Contract: Contract Settlement controlLO-GT
TEWCHECKClasses that Perform ChecksLO-GT
TEWGROUPGrouping of Business Process StepsLO-GT
TEWMODETMode of the Step of a Business Process: TextsLO-GT
TEWSTEPTStep of the Business Process: TextsLO-GT
TEWTYPETTrading Exection Workbench Type: TextsLO-GT
TGTMCONDCondition Types with Special Properties in GTMLO-GT
TWB2BCMTGT: Copying methods on business data levelLO-GT
TWB2DICCGT: Copy Control for Difference Calculation CorrectionsLO-GT
TWB2HCMTGT: Copying methods on header level (Text)LO-GT
TWB2HCRTGT: Copy Requirements on header level (Text)LO-GT
TWB2ICMTGT: Copying methods on item level (Text)LO-GT
TWB2ICRTGT: Copy Requirements on item level (Text)LO-GT
TWB2PCMTGT: Copying methods on header levelLO-GT
WB2CLINKHedging IndexLO-GT
WB2_C_PRpricing aspectLO-GT
T6B2F_WCBCondition Contract: Allowed Condition Types/Tables per GroupLO-GT
TASSGROUPGlobal Trade: Association GroupLO-GT
TASSLOCKAGlobal Trade Association Management: Define Lock ReasonLO-GT
TASSLOCKBGlobal Trade Association Management: Lock GroupLO-GT
TASSLOCKCAssociation Management: Lock Group - Defined Lock ReasonsLO-GT
TASSTYPETGlobal Trade: Association Type DescriptionLO-GT
TASS_LINKAssociation Management: Associated Process Step AssignmentLO-GT
TB2B_VC_AConfigurability of Item Categories in Trading ContractLO-GT
TB2B_VC_BConfiguration in TC: Fields That Can Be Changed ManuallyLO-GT
TEWACTIONClasses That Perform Subsequent ActionLO-GT
TEWCHECKTTexts: Classes that Perform ChecksLO-GT
TEWFILTERClasses That Filter Out Documents Before DisplayLO-GT
TEWGROUPTGrouping of Business Process StepsLO-GT
TEWSELECTInitial Step in Data SelectionLO-GT
TEWVTCODEVariant Transactions of an Action ClassLO-GT
TTXZI_WB2Text copy control: from Trading Contract to Purchase orderLO-GT
TWB2DIGRPGT: Copy Group for Creation of Diff. Calculation CorrectionLO-GT
TWBEXSTEPAssignment of TEW Step to Expense Document TypeLO-GT
WB2_C_CCSGlobal Customizing Condition Contract SettlementLO-GT
WB2_C_PRTtext table for pricing aspectsLO-GT
WB2_C_RMGTrading Contract: Changeable Field GroupLO-GT
TASSGROUPTGlobal Trade: Association Group DescriptionLO-GT
TASSLOCKATGlobal Trade Association Management: Lock Reason DescriptionLO-GT
TASSLOCKBTGlobal Trade Association Management: Lock Group DescriptionLO-GT
TEWACTIONTClasses That Perform Subsequent ActionLO-GT
TEWENHANCEClasses for Data EnhancementLO-GT
TEWFILTERTClasses That Filter Documents Out Of Display: TextsLO-GT
TEWSTEP2CLAssignment to Classes that Perform ActionLO-GT
TEWSTEP2OPClassification of an OperationLO-GT
TEWTCGROUPTrading Contract GroupsLO-GT
TWB2DIGRPTGT: Copy Group for Creation of Diff. Calculation CorrectionLO-GT
TWB2HEDGETWB2C: Description of Hedging TypesLO-GT
TWBACCTYPETrading Expense: Accounting TypeLO-GT
TWBEXCLASSTrading Expenses: ClassificationLO-GT
TWCBCPGRPTWCB: Copy Control Group - TextsLO-GT
TWCBTXTGRPText Determination ProcedureLO-GT
WB2_C_BOMPProfile for BOM ItemsLO-GT
WB2_C_RMGFTrading Contract: Risk Group Fields (Ready for Input)LO-GT
WB2_C_RMGTAdjustment Group descriptionLO-GT
TB2BE_MATCHTrading Contract: Matching Group assignment to Contract typeLO-GT
TEWBUSSTATTTEW: STEP Business Status DescriptionLO-GT
TEWENHANCETClasses for Data EnhancementLO-GT
TEWSCEN2ACKAssignment of Association Check ClassesLO-GT
TEWSCEN2CHKAssignment of Check ClassesLO-GT
TEWSCEN2ENHAssignment to Classes that Perform EnhancementLO-GT
TEWSCEN2FLTAssignment of Classes that Perform FilteringLO-GT
TEWSTEP2ENHEnhancement Class for StepLO-GT
TEWSTEP2FLTFilter Class for StepLO-GT
TEWSTEP2OPTClassification of an OperationLO-GT
TEWTCGROUPTTrading Contract GroupsLO-GT
TSTATUSCALCTrading Contract: Text Table Status InformationLO-GT
TSTATUSCUSTTrading Contract: Table of Status FieldsLO-GT
TWBACCTYPETTrading Expense: Accounting TypeLO-GT
TWBEXCLASSTTrading Expenses: ClassificationLO-GT
TWBPOSTTYPETrading Expenses: Posting TypeLO-GT
TWCBCHKGRPTChecking Group TextsLO-GT
TWCBCPCTYPEWCB: Copy Control for Condition TypesLO-GT
TWCBCPPRSCHWCB: Copy Control Pricing ProcedureLO-GT
TWCBGENCHKEAssgnmnt of Check Classes f. Customer Checks on Table FieldsLO-GT
TWCBGENCHKIAssignmnt of Check Classes f. Standard Check on Table FieldsLO-GT
TWCBTXTGRPTText Determination ProcedureLO-GT
WB2TRANSFERData Transfer Global TradeLO-GT
WB2_C_BOMPTProfile description for Risk ItemsLO-GT
WB2_C_BVTABRebates: Business Volume TablesLO-GT
WB2_C_HEDGEPortfolio Determin. for Position Relevance: Control TableLO-GT
WB2_C_PO2TCCopy Control Purchase Order to Trading ContractLO-GT
WB2_C_SO2TCCopy Control Sales Order to Trading ContractLO-GT
WB2_D_PRASPTrading Contract: pricing aspectsLO-GT
WBCPM_C_SCLCPM Status Calculation ClassLO-GT
TEWASSOCHECKClasses That Perform Checks By AssociationLO-GT
TEWSCENARIOTBusiness Scenario: TextLO-GT
TEWSTEP2PARAParameters for ActionLO-GT
TEWSTEPGROUPGrouping of Business Process StepsLO-GT
TEWTARGETSELInitial Step of Data Selection for Target DocumentsLO-GT
TTCTYP2HEDGEWB2C: Assignment of Trading Contract Type - Hedging TypeLO-GT
TWBPOSTTYPETTrading Expenses: Posting TypeLO-GT
TWBVBDDETMETTrading Expense:Vendor Billing Document Determination MethodLO-GT
TWCBCATEGORYCondition Contract CategoryLO-GT
TWCBCPRULE_MWCB: Purchasing-Side Copy ControlLO-GT
TWCBFEATURESCondition Contract: Control TableLO-GT
TWCBFSGROUPFFields for Field Status GroupLO-GT
TWCBFSGROUPTText Field Status GroupLO-GT
TWCBTXTGRPIDText Types in Determination ProcedureLO-GT
WB2_C_BVB_FCRebates: Business Volume Base - Field CombinationLO-GT
WB2_C_BVTABTRebates: Business Volume Tables - TextLO-GT
WB2_C_CAT2PRassignment of pricing categories to comm. item cat.LO-GT
WB2_C_COMSUBcommodity item categoryLO-GT
WB2_C_FREEZEGroup of frozen fieldsLO-GT
WB2_C_HEDGETPortfolio Determin. for Position Relevance: Control TableLO-GT
WB2_C_PMR_INCCS: Settings PMR inbound for Condition ContractLO-GT
WB2_C_TC_CONCondition consolidation: Control tableLO-GT
WB2_D_BUSVOLRebates: Business VolumeLO-GT
WB2_D_COMSUBTrading Contract: commodity sub itemsLO-GT
WB2_D_STRINGLogistical string,circle and washoutLO-GT
WBCPM_C_VIEWCPM Definition of View TypesLO-GT
EAGLT_CONFIRMstore UUID of confirmation to test asynchronous servicesLO-GT
TEWACTIONMULTAssignment of Action Class to Several Document TypesLO-GT
TEWASSOCHECKTTexts: Classes that Perform Checks by AssociationLO-GT
TEWVTCODE_TMPVariant Transactions of an Action ClassLO-GT
TPROFIT2_CALCTrading Contract:LO-GT
TPROFIT2_CUSTTrading Contract: Table of Status FieldsLO-GT
TPROFIT_POPUPDefine Simulated Exchange Rate Index (Profit Simulation)LO-GT
TSTATUSCALC_TTrading Contract: Text Table Status InformationLO-GT
TSTATUSCUST_TTrading Contract: Table of Status FieldsLO-GT
TSTATUSFIELDSTrading Contract: Table of Status FieldsLO-GT
TWB2HEDGECURRHedge for Each CurrencyLO-GT
TWB2HEDGEPARTBusiness Partner for Each Company CodeLO-GT
TWCBCATEGORYTText Condition Contract CategoryLO-GT
TWCBCHAINCHKEAssignment of Check Classes for Customer Checks on ChainsLO-GT
TWCBCHAINCHKIAssignment of Check Classes for Standard Chain ChecksLO-GT
TWCBCONTRTYPECondition Contract TypeLO-GT
TWCBGENCHKI_RReuse: Table Field Check ClassesLO-GT
TWCBGENCOCHKEAssignmnt of Check Classes f. Customer Check on Cndtn FieldsLO-GT
WB2_C_BVB_FCFRebates: Business Volume Base - Field Combination - FieldsLO-GT
WB2_C_BVB_FCTRebates: Business Volume Base - Field Combination - TextsLO-GT
WB2_C_CAT2COMassignment of commodity item category to TC item categoryLO-GT
WB2_C_COMSUBTcommodity item categoryLO-GT
WB2_C_COND_TRCondition TransformationLO-GT
WB2_C_EXP_DOCCustomizing Header Table for ExpenseLO-GT
WB2_C_EXP_MAPExpense Document Mapping tableLO-GT
WB2_C_FREEZETGroup of frozen fieldsLO-GT
WB2_C_PF_CHKGPre-Check group definition for ProcessingLO-GT
WB2_C_PF_MTHDMethod definition for Processing of Follow-on documentLO-GT
WB2_C_PF_TYPEType definition for Processing of Follow-on documentLO-GT
WB2_C_PO2TC_IItem Copy Control Purchase Order to Trading ContractLO-GT
WB2_C_SO2TC_IItem Copy Control Sales Order to Trading ContractLO-GT
WBCPM_C_QTY_TCPM Calculation Type for Quantity (Description)LO-GT
WBCPM_C_SCL_TCPM Status Calculation Class DescriptionLO-GT
WBCPM_C_STY_TCPM Calculation Type for Status (Description)LO-GT
TEWDEFAULTSTEPDefault Business Process StepLO-GT
TPROFIT_POPUP2Define Index Simulation in Profit SimulationLO-GT
TPROF_SIM_TYPEProfit Simulation TypeLO-GT
TWBCLASSASSIGNTrading Expenses: Assignments to Expense ClassesLO-GT
TWBPOSTYPGROUPTrading Expenses: Posting Type GroupLO-GT
TWCBCHAINCOCKEAssgnmt o. Chck Classes f. Cust. Chcks on Cust. Flds in ChnsLO-GT
TWCBCHAINREUSEDefine reuse key for chain checksLO-GT
TWCBCONTRTYPETCondition Contract Type TextsLO-GT
TWCBFIELDREUSEDefine reuse key for field checksLO-GT
WB2_C_BVB_TYPERebates: Business Volume Base TypeLO-GT
WB2_C_BVTAB_AFRebates: Business Volume Amount FieldsLO-GT
WB2_C_BVTAB_SCRebates: Business Volume - Split Critera for SettlementLO-GT
WB2_C_COND_TRTCondition TransformationLO-GT
WB2_C_FREEZE_Ffrozen fieldsLO-GT
WB2_C_FREEZE_HHeader: Group of frozen fieldsLO-GT
WB2_C_PF_CHKGTPre-Check group description for ProcessingLO-GT
WB2_C_PF_CL_CHPre-Check class definition for ProcessingLO-GT
WB2_C_PF_CL_EXExecution and Check class definition for ProcessingLO-GT
WB2_C_PF_MTHDTMethod description for Processing of Follow-on documentLO-GT
WB2_C_PF_TB2BEProcessing of Follow-on document type assignment to TC typeLO-GT
WB2_C_PF_TYPETType description for Processing of Follow-on documentLO-GT
WB2_D_STRING_HHeader: Logistical string,circle and washoutLO-GT
WB2_D_TESTDATATestdata informationLO-GT
WB2_MAP_FIELDSTrading Contract: Mapping of Fields to Follow-On DocumentsLO-GT
WBCPM_C_IVTY_ICPM Calc Types per Status Type (for Item)LO-GT
WBCPM_C_QTY_CLCPM Calculation Type for QuantityLO-GT
WBCPM_C_STATUSCPM Status (of an item in the Status List)LO-GT
WBCPM_C_STA_TPCPM Calc Types per Status Type (for Header)LO-GT
WBCPM_C_STY_CLCPM Calculation Type for StatusLO-GT
WBCPM_C_VIEW_TCPM View Type DescriptionLO-GT
WBCPM_C_VTY_CLCPM Calculation Type for ValueLO-GT
WCB_GUID2VBELNMapping from GUID to Billing Document NumberLO-GT
IFW_C_RELEVANCYItem Relevancy Determination based on Portfolio ManagementLO-GT
MC46GT0ASOSETUPStorage: BW Setup for MC46GtasoLO-GT
MC46GT0GTMSETUPStorage: BW Setup for MC46GtasoLO-GT
MC46GT0HEDSETUPStorage: BW Setup for MC46Gt0HEDLO-GT
TASS_ALLOC_STEPAssociation Mngt: Special Treatment at Business Process LvlLO-GT
TEWDOC2DATATYPEMapping from Document Category to Data TypeLO-GT
TLOG_ASSOC_UNITAssociation Management: Logical Association UnitsLO-GT
TPROFIT2_CALC_TTrading Contract:LO-GT
TPROFIT2_CUST_TTrading Contract: Table of Status FieldsLO-GT
TPROFIT_POPUP_TText Table For TPROFIT_POPUP (Profit Simulation)LO-GT
TPROF_SIM_TYPE2Profit Simulation Type 2 DefinitionLO-GT
TSTATUSCALC_TEWTrading Contract: Text Table Status InformationLO-GT
TSTATUSCUST_POPAssignment Table for Profit Simulation in Trading ContractLO-GT
TWB2MATCHINGFLDTrading Contract: Matching Field DefinitionLO-GT
TWB2MATCHINGGRPTrading Contract: Matching Group DefinitionLO-GT
TWB2MATCHINGSTRTrading Contract: Matching key structure name definitionLO-GT
TWB2MATCHINGTBLTrading Contract: Matching Source table definitionLO-GT
TWB2MATCHINGTYPTrading Contract: Matching Type DefinitionLO-GT
TWBEXCLASSGROUPGrouping of Expense ClassLO-GT
TWBPOSTYPASSIGNAssignment Of Posting Type To Posting Type GroupLO-GT
TWBPOSTYPGROUPTTrading Expenses: Posting Type GroupLO-GT
TWCBCHAINCHKI_AAssign check category to reuse keyLO-GT
TWCBCHAINCHKI_RReuse: Standard Chain Checks Check ClassesLO-GT
TWCBCHAINREUSETDefine reuse key for chain checksLO-GT
TWCBCONTRTYPE_LCondition Contract Type - local customizingLO-GT
TWCBCPGRPASSIGNWCB: Assignment of Billing Type to Copy GroupLO-GT
TWCBFIELDREUSETDefine reuse key for field checksLO-GT
TWCBRESTRICTCATClasses That Determine Restrictions (with Category)LO-GT
TWCBRESTRICTIONClasses That Determine RestrictionsLO-GT
WB2_C_BVB_TYPETRebates: Business Volume Base Type - TextLO-GT
WB2_C_BVTAB_ADDRebates: Business Volume Tables - additional tablesLO-GT
WB2_C_CALC_QLTYAnnouncement of ProcedureLO-GT
WB2_C_COND_CALLAssignment of a class per condition typeLO-GT
WB2_C_COND_QLTYAnnouncement of Condition TypesLO-GT
WB2_C_PF_ACTIONAction code definition for Processing of Follow-on documentLO-GT
WB2_C_PF_CL_CHTPre-Check class description for ProcessingLO-GT
WB2_C_PF_CL_EXTExecution and Check class description for ProcessingLO-GT
WB2_C_PF_TYPACTType & Action definition for Processing of Follow-on doc.LO-GT
WB2_D_ASGT_DISTAssignment distributionsLO-GT
WB2_D_BVB_SETTLCCS: Snapshot Business Volume Base Data used for settlementLO-GT
WB2_D_SETTL_CALRebates: Settlement CalendarLO-GT
WB2_D_SHD_PRASPPricing aspects of shadow itemsLO-GT
WB2_MAP_CONTROLGT: Generation Status for Field MappingLO-GT
IFW_C_RELVANCY_TText: Item Relevancy Determination based on PMLO-GT
TB2BCPA_MATCHINGTrading Contract: Matching Group assignment for CopyLO-GT
TEAGLT_PURPOSE_MAssign Condition Type to Condition PurposeLO-GT
TLOG_ASSOC_UNITTAssociation Management: Name Of Logical Association UnitsLO-GT
TPROF_SIM_GROUPTText Table for Profit Simulation GroupLO-GT
TPROF_SIM_TYPE2TProfit Simulation Type 2 Definition TextLO-GT
TSTATUSCUST_PROFTrading Contract: Table of Status FieldsLO-GT
TSTATUSCUST_PR_TTrading Contract: Table of Status FieldsLO-GT
TSTATUS_SCENARIODefine The Scenario To Calculate Open Order/DeliveryLO-GT
TWB2MATCHINGGRPTTrading Contract: Matching Group DefinitionLO-GT
TWB2MATCHINGTYPGTrading Contract: Matching Type assignment to Matching GroupLO-GT
TWB2MATCHINGTYPTTrading Contract: Matching Type Definition textLO-GT
TWBEXCLASSGROUPTGrouping of Expense ClassLO-GT
TWCBPROXYDEFAULTDefault Data for Proxy CallLO-GT
WB2_C_ACCR_GROUPRebates: Accruals GroupLO-GT
WB2_C_ACCR_GROUTRebates: Accruals Group - TextsLO-GT
WB2_C_ACCR_KSCHLRebates: Accruals : Settlement conditon typesLO-GT
WB2_C_BVBTYPE_FCRebates: Assignment Fieldcombinations to BusVolBase TypeLO-GT
WB2_C_BVTAB_ADDRRebates: Additional Business Volume Tables - remove columnsLO-GT
WB2_C_PF_ACTIONTAction code description for Processing of Follow-on documentLO-GT
WB2_C_PF_CHKG_CHPre-Check order in CheckGrp for Processing of Follow-on doc.LO-GT
WB2_C_PF_MTHD_EXExecution order in Method for Processing of Follow-on doc.LO-GT
WB2_C_PF_MTHD_PMExecution Paramter in Method for Processing of Follow-on docLO-GT
WB2_D_BUSVOLBASERebates: Business Volume Base for Condition ContractLO-GT
WBCPM_C_STA_TP_TCPM Status Type DescriptionLO-GT
WBCPM_C_VIEW_STPCPM Status Types per View TypeLO-GT
WBCPM_C_VTY_CL_TCPM Calculation Type for Value (Description)LO-GT
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