SAP Handling Unit Management (LO-HU) Tables

P000Conditions for Packing ObjectLO-HU
VEPOPacking: Handling Unit Item (Contents)LO-HU
VEKPHandling Unit - Header TableLO-HU
TVTYPackaging Material TypesLO-HU
VEVWWhere-Used List for Handling UnitsLO-HU
HURESTentative Reservation of HU ItemsLO-HU
TVEGRMaterial Group: Packaging MaterialsLO-HU
KONDPConditions: Packing Object Data SectionLO-HU
TVTYTPackaging Material Types: DescriptionsLO-HU
TERVHAllowed Packaging Materials for each Mat.Group f. Pckg.MatlsLO-HU
PACKKPPacking Object HeaderLO-HU
HUMSEGReference-HU-Item for Material Doc.Item that was Posted LastLO-HU
PACKPOPacking Object ItemLO-HU
TVEGRTMaterial Group: Packaging Materials: DesignationsLO-HU
KOTP210Material/plant/storage locationLO-HU
PACKKPSTexts for Packing Object Header (PACKPO)LO-HU
THUBEW3HU Movement Types for Packing and Unpacking with Posting ChgLO-HU
THUBEW2HU: Movement Types for Stock Category Posting ChangeLO-HU
KOTP110Material/Ship-To Party/UseLO-HU
KOTP100Material/ship-to partyLO-HU
HUEXIDVTable with key 'external ID'LO-HU
HUSSTATIndividual Status for Each Handling UnitLO-HU
HUSTOBJInformation about HU Status ObjectLO-HU
KOTP003Material/Ship-To Party/Unloading PointLO-HU
KOTP004Material/Ship-To Party/Shipping TypeLO-HU
HUPAST_TPacking Station ProfileLO-HU
CHUWMPUTPicking Parameter for HUs from WM for Picking ProfileLO-HU
HUINV_HDRHandling Unit: Phys. Inv. Document HeaderLO-HU
CHUPDPARAParameters in a Packing Transaction ProfileLO-HU
CHUCHKPROFHU Check Profile: Assign Error Code HU Item to Error Stat.HULO-HU
CHUPDPARATPacking Transaction Customizing: Application NameLO-HU
HUINV_ITEMHandling Unit: Physical Inventory Document ItemLO-HU
THUWBEVENTDefinition of Possible Events for HU Goods MovementsLO-HU
THUWBBWARTMovement Type per HU Goods Movement EventLO-HU
HUMSEG_SERSerial Numbers for the HUMSEG TableLO-HU
THUINVBWARTBWART for Posting Inventory Differeneces with HUsLO-HU
HUINV_SERNRHandling Unit Phys. Inv. Doc. - Serial Numbers for ItemLO-HU
CHUCHKPROFTLanguage Table HU Check ProfileLO-HU
HUWM_LOAD_PROTLog Table of Initial Data Transfer for Subsequent PostingLO-HU
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