SAP ERP Logistik Integration (LO-INT) Tables

TMS_C_TRAExt. Transport Manag.: Determination of Transfer Relev. TRALO-INT
TMS_C_SLSExt.Transport Manag.: Determination of Transfer Relevance SDLO-INT
TMS_C_SHPExt. Transport Manag.: Determination of Transfer Relev. SHPLO-INT
TMS_C_PURExt. Transport Manag.: Determination of Transfer Relev. PURLO-INT
TMS_C_STOHOLSTO: Handover Loc depending on supply. plant & receiv. plantLO-INT
L2TC_COMP_EXPRaw exposure aggregation rulesLO-INT
TMS_C_CONTROLExt. Transport Management: Transfer ControlLO-INT
TMBR_C_CST_DISMap Cond.Types in MM to Cond.Types in Agency BusinessLO-INT
LOGTRM_RDP_ITMRisk Distribution Plan: ItemLO-INT
LOGTRM_RDP_HDRRisk Distribution Plan: HeaderLO-INT
L2TC_CONDICOMMCondition type - Commodity ID MappingLO-INT
TMBR_C_SHIP_MAPTM integration: TM shipper to ERP vendorLO-INT
L2TC_RDP_PROF_TRisk Distribution Plan: Profile text tableLO-INT
TMS_C_CONTROL_TExt. Transport Management: Transfer Control Key Text TableLO-INT
L2TC_SETTINGS_VARaw-Exposure Update for Sales Documents: General SettingsLO-INT
L2TC_IM_RELEVANTExp. from Material Stock: Relevance SettingsLO-INT
L2TC_IM_SETTINGSExp. from Material Stock: General SettingsLO-INT
L2TC_RDP_PROFILERisk Distribution Plan: Profile tableLO-INT
L2TC_SETTINGS_PORaw-Exposure Update for Purchase Order: General SettingsLO-INT
L2TC_ADJUST_CONDCondition type - Commodity ID Mapping ItemsLO-INT
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