SAP Logistics Information System (LIS) (LO-LIS) Tables

MCLIKey Figures in Information LibraryLO-LIS
MCS0Reference Structure for Generating Info StructuresLO-LIS
MCS1Model Structure for Info Structures with Initial VAKEYLO-LIS
MCS2Sample Structure for Structural Information - Info StructureLO-LIS
MCSAFile for saving selection versions (AUSTAB)LO-LIS
MCSIFile for Storage of Selection Versions (INDX)LO-LIS
MCY1Objects: Early WarningLO-LIS
MCYAEarly Warning: ExceptionsLO-LIS
MCYBObjects: Early WarningLO-LIS
MCYCKey Figures: Early WarningLO-LIS
MCYDEarly Warning: Groups of ExceptionsLO-LIS
MCYEEarly Warning: Trend Analysis RequirementsLO-LIS
MCYFEarly Warning: Exception TextsLO-LIS
MCYMObjects: Early WarningLO-LIS
MCYTEarly Warning: Exception TextsLO-LIS
S001SIS: Customer StatisticsLO-LIS
S002SIS: Sales Office StatisticsLO-LIS
S003SIS: SalesOrg/DistCh/Division/District/Customer/ProductLO-LIS
S004SIS: Product/Sales Organization/Distribution ChannelLO-LIS
S005SIS: Shipping Point/Route/Forwarding Agent/Receiving CountryLO-LIS
S006SIS: Sales Rep/SalesOrg/DistCh/Division/Customer/ProductLO-LIS
S008Communications Table SD -> CO/ProjectsLO-LIS
S009CAS: Last DocumentsLO-LIS
S011PURCHIS: Purchasing Group StatisticsLO-LIS
S013PURCHIS: Statistics for Vendor EvaluationLO-LIS
S014CAS Document InformationLO-LIS
S015Subsequent Settlement: EvaluationLO-LIS
S016SIS: Sales activitiesLO-LIS
S017SIS: Sales promotionsLO-LIS
S018SIS: Address list for sales promotionLO-LIS
S019SIS: Address counterLO-LIS
S021SFIS: Order Item Data for MaterialLO-LIS
S022SFIS: Order Operation Data for Work CenterLO-LIS
S023SFIS: Totals Records for MaterialLO-LIS
S024Totals Records for Work CenterLO-LIS
S025SFIS: Run ScheduleLO-LIS
S026Material UsageLO-LIS
S027Product CostsLO-LIS
S028Reporting Point StatisticsLO-LIS
S031Statistics: Movements for current stocksLO-LIS
S032Statistics: Current Stock and Grouping TermsLO-LIS
S033Statistics: Movements for Current Stock (Individual Records)LO-LIS
S034INVCO: Movements (Batches)LO-LIS
S035Statistics: Batch StocksLO-LIS
S038All Key Figures for Batch AnalysisLO-LIS
S039Statistics: Inventory ControllingLO-LIS
S051Shipment routesLO-LIS
S052Means of transportationLO-LIS
S053Shipment: shipping dataLO-LIS
S054Stages of shipmentLO-LIS
S055Shipment: materialsLO-LIS
S060Model Structure for Info Structures with Initial VAKEYLO-LIS
S066Open orders: credit managementLO-LIS
S067Open deliveries/billing documents (KM)LO-LIS
S069Material StatisticsLO-LIS
S072Individual Records for Inspection LotLO-LIS
S073Cumulative Delivered QuantitiesLO-LIS
S074Subsequent Settlement: OperativeLO-LIS
S076Sales & Operations PlanningLO-LIS
S077STRPS: MovementsLO-LIS
S079STRPS: Movements + StockLO-LIS
S080Purchasing: MovementsLO-LIS
S081Purchasing: StockLO-LIS
S082Purchasing: Movements + StockLO-LIS
S083Material: MovementsLO-LIS
S084Material: StockLO-LIS
S085Material: Movements + StockLO-LIS
S090WM: Stock placements/removalsLO-LIS
S091WM: Quantity flowsLO-LIS
S092Resource Requirements: MaterialLO-LIS
S093Resource Requirements: MaterialLO-LIS
S096Distribution ScenarioLO-LIS
S097QM notifications: material analysisLO-LIS
S098QM notifications: vendor analysisLO-LIS
S099QM notifications: customer analysisLO-LIS
S100Problems: Material AnalysisLO-LIS
S102Problems: Vendor AnalysisLO-LIS
S103Problems: Customer AnalysisLO-LIS
S104Customer StatisticsLO-LIS
MCKZSKey figure views in Logistics ControllingLO-LIS
MCLIKGrouping of Classifying Attributes in LILLO-LIS
MCLILClassifying Attribute Texts in LILLO-LIS
MCLIMClassifying Group Texts in LILLO-LIS
MCLIPInfo Set Assignment in LILLO-LIS
MCLITKey Figure TextsLO-LIS
MCLIVDefault Values in LILLO-LIS
MCRMKLIS selection versions: CharacteristicsLO-LIS
MCRSVSelection versions: Header dataLO-LIS
MCYATEarly Warning: Exception TextsLO-LIS
S001ES001 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S002ES002 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S003ES003 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S004ES004 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S005ES005 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S006ES006 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S011ES011 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S012ES012 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S013ES013 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S015ES015 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S016ES016 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S017ES017 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S018ES018 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S019ES019 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S021ES021 - Structure informationLO-LIS
S022ES022 - Structural informationLO-LIS
S023ES023 - Structure informationLO-LIS
S024ES024 - Structural informationLO-LIS
S026ES026 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S027ES027 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S028ES028 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S032ES032 - Structural informationLO-LIS
S033ES033 - Structural informationLO-LIS
S034ES034 - Structure InformationLO-LIS
S038ES038 - Structural informationLO-LIS
S039ES039 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S050ES050 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S051ES051 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S052ES052 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S053ES053 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S054ES054 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S055ES055 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S064ES064 - Structural informationLO-LIS
S068ES068 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S069ES069 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S074ES074 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S076ES076 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S077ES077 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S078ES078 - Structural InformatonLO-LIS
S079ES079 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S080ES080 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S081ES081 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S082ES082 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S083ES083 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S084ES084 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S085ES085 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S086ES086 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S087ES087 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S090ES090 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S091ES091 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S092ES092 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S093ES093 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S094ES094 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S096ES096 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S097ES097 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S098ES098 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S099ES099 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S100ES100 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S102ES102 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
S103ES103 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
MCCMDETax table, Copy ManagementLO-LIS
MCCMFOTax table, Copy Management formulasLO-LIS
MCKZSFKey figures for key figure viewLO-LIS
MCKZSTTexts for key figures of the key figure viewLO-LIS
MCRSVTLogistics Controlling: Texts for selection versionsLO-LIS
MCSLOGFile for saving logsLO-LIS
MCSMETMethods for Reassignment of Statistical DataLO-LIS
MCEXLOGFile for saving logsLO-LIS
MCPRVERGeneration Version of LIS ProgramsLO-LIS
MCSIDIRDirectory of MCSI EntriesLO-LIS
MCSMETTTexts for Methods to Transform LIS Statistical DataLO-LIS
MCSSZENLIS Data management scenariosLO-LIS
MCEXHASHLO Extraction - Memory Tabele for Hash ValuesLO-LIS
MCSCMVARLIS Copy Management: Control Table for Variant MaintenanceLO-LIS
MCSHIERBTree for general hierarchyLO-LIS
MCSHIERKHeader of general hierarchyLO-LIS
MCSLISEFLIS Inbound Interface: Control Information (Fields)LO-LIS
MCSLISEHLIS Inbound Interface: Control Information (Headers)LO-LIS
MCSSZENVMethod references to LIS Data Management scenariosLO-LIS
S001BIW1S001BIW1 * SIS: Customer StatisticsLO-LIS
S001BIW2S001BIW2 * SIS: Customer statisticsLO-LIS
S002BIW1S002BIW1 * SIS: Sales office statisticsLO-LIS
S002BIW2S002BIW2 * SIS: Sales office statisticsLO-LIS
S003BIW1S003BIW1 * SIS: SaleOrg/Dist.Channel/Divisn/Distrct/Cust/ProLO-LIS
S003BIW2S003BIW2 * SIS: SaleOrg/Dist.Channel/Divisn/Distrct/Cust/ProLO-LIS
S004BIW1SIS: Product/Sales Organization/Distribution ChannelLO-LIS
S004BIW2SIS: Product/Sales Organization/Distribution ChannelLO-LIS
S005BIW1S005BIW1 * SIS: Ship.Pnt/Route/Forw.Agent/Recipient CountryLO-LIS
S005BIW2S005BIW2 * SIS: Ship.Pnt/Route/Forw.Agent/Recipient CountryLO-LIS
S006BIW1S006BIW1 * SIS: Sales Rep/SalesOrg/DistCh/Division/Customer/LO-LIS
S006BIW2S006BIW2 * SIS: Sales Rep/SalesOrg/DistCh/Division/Customer/LO-LIS
S011BIW1S011BIW1 * PURCHIS: Purchasing Group StatisticsLO-LIS
S011BIW2S011BIW2 * PURCHIS: Purchasing Group StatisticsLO-LIS
S012BIW1S012BIW1 * PurchasingLO-LIS
S012BIW2S012BIW2 * PurchasingLO-LIS
S013BIW1PURCHIS: Statistics for Vendor EvaluationLO-LIS
S013BIW2S013BIW2 * PURCHIS: Statistics for vendor evaluationLO-LIS
S091BIW1S091BIW1 * WM: Quantity flowsLO-LIS
S091BIW2S091BIW2 * WM: Quantity FlowsLO-LIS
MCRSV_USRSelection version: Assigned distribution lists or usersLO-LIS
MCSHIERBTTexts for general hierarchy treeLO-LIS
MCSLISEHTLIS Inbound Interface: Control Information (H): TextsLO-LIS
MCDYNTYPENScreen Types for LIS GenerationLO-LIS
MC12_PUFFERInterim Buffering for MC12 Deltas?LO-LIS
MCSCMFIELDSDefinition of field processing category in LIS Copy MgmtLO-LIS
MC03BF0SETUPSave BW Reorganization for MC03BF0LO-LIS
MC03BX0SETUPBW Stock Initialization Storage for MC03BF0LO-LIS
MC03UM0SETUPSave BW Reorganization for MC03UM0LO-LIS
MC08TR0TKSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC08TR0TKLO-LIS
MC08TR0TSSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC08TR0TSLO-LIS
MC47M_0BVSETUPFolder: BW Setup for MC47M_0BVLO-LIS
MCEX_DELTA_DOCDelta Update Logistics ExtractionLO-LIS
MCEX_DELTA_UPDDelta Update Logistics ExtractionLO-LIS
MC02M_0ACCSETUPFolder: BW Setup for MC02M_0ACCLO-LIS
MC02M_0CGRSETUPBW-Rebuild for MC02M_0CGR StorageLO-LIS
MC02M_0SCNSETUPBW-Rebuild for MC02M_0SCN StorageLO-LIS
MC02M_0SGRSETUPBW-Rebuild for MC02M_0SGR StorageLO-LIS
MC04PE0ARBSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC04PE0ARBLO-LIS
MC04PE0COMSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC04PE0COMLO-LIS
MC04PE0MATSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC04PE0MATLO-LIS
MC04PK0KANSETUPKanban Setup table for MC04PK0MATLO-LIS
MC04P_0ARBSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC04P_0ARBLO-LIS
MC04P_0COMSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC04P_0COMLO-LIS
MC04P_0MATSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC04P_0MATLO-LIS
MC06M_0ITMSETUPFolder: BW Setup for MC06M_0ITMLO-LIS
MC08TR0FKPSETUPStorage BW Reorganization for MC08TR0FKPLO-LIS
MC08TR0FKZSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC08TR0FKZLO-LIS
MC08TR0TLPSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC08TR0TLPLO-LIS
MC11VA0HDRSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC11VA0HDRLO-LIS
MC11VA0ITMSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC11VA0ITMLO-LIS
MC11VA0KONSETUPStorage BW Reconstruction for MC11VA0KONLO-LIS
MC11VA0SCLSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC11VA0SCLLO-LIS
MC11VA0STHSETUPBW New Structure Store for MC11VA0STHLO-LIS
MC11VA0STISETUPBW New Structure Store for MC11VA0STLO-LIS
MC11V_0ITMSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC11V_0ITMLO-LIS
MC11V_0SCLSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC11V_0SCLLO-LIS
MC11V_0SSLSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC11V_0SCLLO-LIS
MC12VC0HDRSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC12VC0HDRLO-LIS
MC12VC0ITMSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC12VC0ITMLO-LIS
MC12VC0SCLSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC12VC0SCLLO-LIS
MC13VD0HDRSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC13VD0HDRLO-LIS
MC13VD0ITMSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC13VD0ITMLO-LIS
MC13VD0KONSETUPStorage BW Reconstruction for MC13VD0KONLO-LIS
MC40RP0REVSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC04PE0ARBLO-LIS
MC43RK0CASSETUPBW Reorganization Store DUMMY for POS CashierLO-LIS
MC44RB0RECSETUPBW Reorganization Store DUMMY for POS Sales Receipt DataLO-LIS
MC45PD0LSTSETUPFolder: BW Setup for MC45PD0LST (Posting List)LO-LIS
MC45VD0LSTSETUPFolder: BW Setup for MC45VD0LST (Settlement Vendor)LO-LIS
MC45VS0LSTSETUPFolder: BW Setup for MC45VD0LST (Settlement Vendor)LO-LIS
MC45W_0HDRSETUPFolder: BW setup for MC45W_0HDRLO-LIS
MC45W_0ITMSETUPFolder: BW Setup for MC45W_0ITMLO-LIS
MC45W_0LSTSETUPFolder: BW Setup for MC45W_0LSTLO-LIS
MCEX_DELTA_BACKBackup Table for Logistics Extraction Queues (MCEX*)LO-LIS
MC05Q1_INSPSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC05Q1_0INSP (Check Results)LO-LIS
MC05Q2_INSPSETUPBW Reorganization for MC05Q2_0INSP (Inspection Results)LO-LIS
MCEX_COLLR_INDEXIndex for Executed Logistics Extraction Collective RunsLO-LIS
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